About femtis period underwear

Hi, this is Judith from femtis. Thank you for your interest in femtis. Find out more about what drives us and what we stand for.

Our Mission: The Period Revolution

femtis revolutionizes your period. Our mission: The most convenient and sustainable period product. This is why we develop and sell intelligent period underwear, since 2018, via Germany's first online shop for period panties. Our panties save tons of waste and offer you new freedom, without annoying tampons or pads. With femtis period underwear, your period is more relaxed and sustainable than ever before!

Not only has my experience as a medical device manager contributed to the development of our period underwear, but also the recommendations of textile and health experts. Form the start, it was important to us that our panties should not contain biocides like silver. This is not only good for your health, but also good for the environment!

In the meantime, thousands of menstruating people use our period panties and the number increases every day. We greatly appreciate the feedback we receive, it contributes to the further development and optimization of our panties. However, we are never satisfied with what we have achieved, we are constantly working on improving our products and services!

Our values

The following values are guidelines for our work:


Sustainability is a key concern for us. Femtis period underwear saves tons of waste, which is created by disposable period products. Our period panties are a real zero waste product that we produce without harmful substances, such as silver, and with an eco-certified membrane.


We focus on fair, pollution-free production of our period underwear and fair wages and working conditions for our employees. Likewise, offering fair prices to you is also important for us.


We only use high-quality materials for our period underwear, carefully selected and tested.


Our panties are 100% vegan and are therefore produced without animal suffering. This has been independently tested and certified: all of our panties have the "PETA Vegan certified" seal.


Unfortunately, the period is still considered a taboo topic. Through an open communication and a natural attitude femtis wants to contribute to the social education.

Advertising without feminism

For us, equality is an honest concern that should not be misused for marketing purposes. We therefore do not advertise with feminism (so-called "femvertising"). We believe that the benefits of our period underwear should speak for themselves.

Social commitment

Social engagement is central for us. For example, we support education programs for teens and young people at family counseling centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Best service

At femtis, you are at the heart of all our activities. Whether it is fast shipment with same-day dispatch guarantee, our telephone hotline or email feedback within 24 hours, we are there for you!

Best regards,

Judith & team

Phone +49 30 577 100 10 | mail@femtis.de

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