Period Underwear FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions

What is femtis period underwear and how does it work?

femtis period panties are briefs that absorb your menstrual blood. They either replace disposable period products or are worn in addition to tampons, sanitary napkins or menstrual cups. All panties are equipped with a multi-layered protection area, which absorbs the blood and thus optimally protects you during menstruation.

Why is femtis period underwear so comfortable?

femtis panties are elastic and soft and feel like your favorite underwear. At the crotch, cotton is always used as the layer next to the skin. In addition the lace waistband of the ALWA and KARI panties are super soft.

Why is femtis period underwear sustainable?

A menstruating person consumes about 10,000 - 17,000 tampons or pads in the life, depending on individual needs. Reusable period underwear from femtis reduces the consumption of disposable hygiene products and is thus a good alternative or supplement. femtis period panties thus protect the environment and lets you save money at the same time.

How much fluid can be absorbed by femtis period underwear?

The absorbency of femtis period panties varies depending on the model: from 1 tampon (5 ml) to 3 tampons (15 ml) worth. Select the femtis model according to the desired absorbency. We recommend trying the panties for the first time at home to see how they work for your flow.

Can femtis period underwear be used with period products or menstrual cups?

Of course, you can use femtis panties in combination with tampons, pads, etc. or menstrual cups, but femtis pariod panties offer reliable protection even without disposable period products.

How do I choose the right femtis panties size?

Find out all about femtis panties sizes here.

What materials do femtis panties consist of?

The exact material composition can be found in the respective product offer (at the lower end of the product information page).

Do femtis period panties contain silver or other biocides?

The vagina is the most sensitive and absorbent part of your body. femtis is the first German period panty supplier whose panties are free of silver and other biocides, because these can endanger your health and the environment. With proper care femtis briefs remain fresh, without silver and biocides. In particular, the following ingredients are not included in femtis briefs:

  • Nanosilver, microsilver, silver chloride: According to the Federal Environment Agency of Germany biocides such as silver in clothing can cause allergic reactions, impair the skin's own bacterial flora and contribute to the resistance development of pathogens.

  • Zinc pyrithione: According to OEKO-TEST Germany, the antimicrobial agent is suspected of endangering the ability to replicate.

The German news magazine FOCUS also recommends: "Buyers should also make sure that period underwear is ... free of silver and other biocides".

Are there any odors?

Thanks to the femtis layer system, your period is safely absorbed, you stay dry and fresh. There are no odors such as with sanitary napkins.

How many years do the panties last?

With proper care femtis panties have a lifespan like conventional underwear. Washable biocides such as silver chloride, which require a mandatory change after two years from other suppliers, do not exist at femtis.

Do femtis panties contain organic cotton?

Yes, the innermost layer of our panties consists of certified organic cotton, very soft and breathable.

Are femtis panties vegan?

Some animals are bred especially for their raw materials. It is important for us that our panties do NOT contain materials of animal origin such as merino wool. femtis period panties are 100% vegan.

Does femtis use merino wool?

No, we do not use merino wool for three reasons: 1. Merino sheep wear more wool due to the unnatural breeding. These sheep suffer from heat problems and diseases, even if they are sheared 'mulesing free'. 2. Merino wool is very sensitive (gentle cycle with wool detergent recommended), therefore, for hygienic reasons, not very suitable for period underwear. 3. Merino wool magically attracts clothes moths, holes are the result.

Does femtis use MicroModal?

No, we do not use modal fibers. Modal is a synthetically produced synthetic fiber that is often advertised as sustainable. But Modal or MicroModal has a decisive disadvantage: to produce an elastic material from beech wood, manufacturers use a whole range of chemicals, a process that not only uses chemicals but also a lot of energy and water. Find out more at UTOPIA (with English translation by Google).

Do I wear polyester on my skin at femtis?

No, femtis does not use polyester for fabrics that come into contact with your skin. Femtis always uses certified organic cotton as the innermost layer.

Why is there no "Bamboo-Collection" at femtis?

femtis does not sell underwear made from "bamboo fibers". Find out the reasons here (with English translation by Google): https://natur-ratgeber.de/textilien-aus-bambusfasern-verbrauchertaeuschung/.

Has the skin tolerance of the femtis panties been tested?

Yes, the accredited research institute Dermatest®, Gesellschaft für allergologische Forschung mbH, Münster, Germany, has checked the innermost protective layer of our panties. Result: The femtis panties were awarded with the Dermatest seal "very good".

Are the femtis panties test winners?

Yes, femtis is period underwear test winner. The fitness and lifestyle magazine SHAPE has tested period underwear. femtis emerged as the period underwear test winner and darling of the editorial team, find out more here.

Is there a comparison chart for femtis panties?

Yes, the product comparison allows you to compare all period panties models directly based on different characteristics.

Are femtis period panties also suitable for teens?

Yes, all femtis period panties are suitable for teens. Our period panty models that are especially popular with teens are marked with with the TEENs' CHOICE label, find more information here.

How should I wash and care femtis panties?

Wash out directly by hand after use with cold water (not hot), do not rub, then wash with machine at maximal 40 degrees (also with other dark laundry possible). No fabric softener, no bleaching, no ironing, not dryer suitable. Hang to dry.

Can femtis panties also be washed on the full wash cycle? Can I use all-purpose detergents?

femtis is the only German period underwear supplier whose panties are washable not only on the delicate cycle, but also on the full cycle. Another special feature of femtis is that you can use all-purpose detergents (with an even stronger disinfection). The combination of full cycle and all-purpose detergents ensures maximum hygiene and cleanliness.

Can I additionally disinfect the femtis panties?

Yes, just add half a cup of white table vinegar (5% acid) to machine wash. The vinegar has an antibacterial effect, even at low temperatures. Another advantage: the tried and tested natural product is easily biodegradable. Hygienic rinser are also possible, but please note the environmental impact here.

What is the included ZIP bag for?

Each panty comes in a leakproof zipper bag, which you can use to carry used panties on the go.

Is femtis period underwear pleasant to wear in warm months?

Yes, femtis period underwear is breathable, very well tempered and therefore very comfortable to wear even in warm months. Wool, which can store heat on the body, is not used in femtis panties.

Can others see that I am wearing a period panty?

femtis period panties are designed like any other regular panties. Although period panties are slightly thicker than normal underwear, but not so thick that you can see them through your clothes.

Can I also wear period underwear for incontinence or light bladder leakage?

Yes, femtis panties are also suitable for light bladder leakage and incontinence.

Can I also wear femtis period underwear after childbirth?

Yes, femtis period panties are also ideal for postoperative bleeding. They are softer and less irritating than disposable liners and pads. During the puerperium, the panties should be changed every 4 hours.

Can I use femtis period underwear when I sweat?

Yes, the innermost layer of the protection area wicks moisture away from the skin. Plus, the panties are breathable across all layers, making you feel dry and fresh, no matter how hot it gets.

How fast does femtis deliver?

femtis delivers fast. Payed orders placed before 10 am are guaranteed to be shipped the same day by Deutsche Post or DHL (Mon-Fri, except public holidays).

Can I try on femtis panties?

The right fit is crucial for period underwear. That's why you can try on femtis panties over other underwear and convince yourself. If they don't fit perfectly, you can simply exchange or return them.

How long can I check femtis underwear?

femtis will accept returns and exchanges within 30 days after receipt of the panties.

What makes exchange and return so simple and fair at femtis?

If you want to exchange or return panties, you simply use the form that is enclosed with your shipment (without an extra application and without the obligation to buy a specific return label). We process your return in just three working days! Find out more here.

Is femtis also socially engaged?

Social commitment is central to femtis. We not only support the work of the Endometriosis Association Germany e.V. and educational programs for young people at family counseling centers, but also promote roller derby in Germany. Find out more here.

Why does femtis advertise without feminism?

For us, equality is an honest concern that should not be misused for marketing purposes. We therefore do not advertise with feminism (so-called "femvertising"). We believe that the benefits of our period underwear should speak for themselves.

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