femtis supports counseling centers

Period underwear for education programs

Karlsruhe, 26.03.2019. femtis supports the educational programs of family counseling centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by providing period panties free of charge.

Family Counseling Centers make an important contribution in the field of youth sexual education with topics like body image, sexuality and puberty.

In workshops, girls and young women will learn everything about the changes in their bodies and the exciting events during the cycle. In addition to well-known hygiene products, such as pads and tampons, sustainable alternatives ,such as period underwear or menstrual cups, are presented in this context. Girls should be informed about menstruation and the cycle and feel safe.

femtis supports these counseling centers by providing high quality period panties for workshops, courses and events free of charge.

Judith Barensteiner from femtis adds: "Counceling centers have already requested support from us in the past. Now we are making this offer official and are happy to be able to contribute to the education of girls through the free provision of period panties ".

If they are interested, employees of family counseling centers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can contact femtis directly.

About femtis: femtis is Germany's first online shop for period underwear. The comfortable and sustainable period panties by femtis effectively protect against stains and, thus, provide a safe feeling during menstruation.

Website: https://www.femtis.de

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Press contact: Judith Barensteiner
Phone +49 30 577 100 10
E-mail: info@femtis.de
Web: www.femtis.de

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