femtis - socially engaged

Social commitment is central to femtis. We not only support educational programs for young people, but also promote the Roller Derby in Germany.

femtis supports youth sexual education

Family counseling centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland make an important contribution in the field of youth sexual and menstrual education with topics like body image, sexuality and puberty.

In workshops, girls learn about their bodies and the exciting events of the cycle. In addition to conventional hygiene products such as pads and tampons, sustainable alternatives such as period underwear or menstrual cups are presented in this context. Girls should be informed about menstruation and the cycle and feel safe.

femtis supports counseling centers with period panty donations for workshops, courses and events.

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femtis promotes Roller Derby League

Roller Derby is a dynamic full-contact sport played on quad skates as a team, much like rugby but without a ball. This type of sport, most played by women, involves team spirit, fairness, but also individuality.

Since 07.10.2019, femtis has been supporting the rocKArollers, Karlsruher's first roller derby team, which plays in the 1st Bundesliga. In doing so, femtis finances teambuildings and also equips the team with period underwear.

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