Period underwear from femtis - that's what our customers say

Here you can find out more about customers who have tested our period underwear. We appreciate any feedback, please let us know what you think!

Our daughter is excited

Family L. on 16.09.19

„Our almost 13-year-old daughter is excited about the period panties. They are absorbent and extremely practical for sports. Greetings from Switzerland“

Without silver - that convinces!

Malin T. (28 years) on 14.09.19

„Dear femtis team, thank you for these great panties. Especially on my lighter flow days, when tampons or menstrual cups aren't necessarely needed, they help me a lot. A great alternative to pads, as the panties are much more "breathable" in the intimate area. Also great that your products are made without silver or other biocides. This unique feature convinced me to buy your product instead of somewhere else. Great! Keep it up!“

Carefree day and night

Agnes W. (18 years) on 10.09.19

Hello dear femtis team, I ordered my first panty (Insa) a short while ago and I am already totally convinced! I was able to fall asleep relaxed with the panty and it fits very well. The panty absorbes all fluids, you can be carefree throughout the whole day (or night). The size was perfect too. I am very happy to have found an environmentally friendly and comfortable alternative. Bit by bit, I will get more and more panties and will completely change to this alternative. Unfortunately they are not cheap ...(but worth every euro!) Thanks a lot for offering this product, keep it up !!

The panties feel good

Miriam W. (27 years) on 06.09.19

„I ordered the femtis panties to avoid producing piles of garbage every month and I'm really thrilled. The panties feel good and after a while you forget that you are wearing „special panties“. I felt safe throughout and at no time did I have a wet feeling. The washing is also easy and I will definitely order more panties. I am already recommending them diligently!“

Just perfect

Kristin K. (44 years) on 03.09.19

„I am totally enthusiastic about the panties. No leaking, no dirty edges because something went wrong. You hardly notice your period, as if it weren't there! I will order more models now, because they are just perfect. Very good quality, easy to wash! Keep up the good work! “

Nice models!

Christina I. (32 years) on 02.09.19

„Dear Femtis-Team, I discovered the period panties by chance. I was curious and ordered 3 pairs for testing - the sizing chart is a perfect match. I am also thrilled about the different and beautiful models that are available. No more unnecessary garbage that would otherwise be produced every single month. (Environmentally friendly!) And they are super comfortable. I'm about to place my 2nd order. Even more models would be great! :)“

You feel extremely safe!

Maria S. (35 years) on 30.08.19

"Hi, I ordered ALWA in a pack of 5 and already used them for 2 periods. You really feel safe. Since I do free bleeding, I used pads occassionaly. Now I do not even have that garbage anymore. Even while running it was great. I'll treat myself to another set soon! THANK YOU! Because they are super comfortable and good for the environment, I often recommend you and talk to other women about it .... 😄“

Especially great without biocides!

Sonja B. (41 years) on 28.08.19

"Dear Ones, I have tested 3 of your panties during my current period for the first time and I'm totally happy with the first attempts! I used a menstrual cup for safety on the first evening, because we were on a longer concert, but I can only say that I am extremely positively surprised by the absorption capacity of the slips in combination with the great optics! It really did not feel wet or uncomfortable, the absorbency is just great. I also think it's great that you work without biocides. Although I can not say how things will develop regarding the smell, so far I'm really very satisfied! The only problem I have now is that I have too many choices among the pretty models ;-) I just ordered another 8 pairs, because I actually want to get by without any other hygiene products as much as I can.“

Never a wet feeling!

Melanie R. (28 years) on 16.08.19

"Yesterday I got my period and for the first time I wore a period panty. And I love it! I can not manage with tampons or with menstrual cups and used washable pads up till now. However, these don't stay in place, constantly slip and interfere with tight clothing. When wearing it, the period panty feels like any other normal panty and is also presentable. I've worn one for a whole day, never had a wet feeling and nothing leaked out. Thanks, that will make my period easier in the future."

Young girls feel safe

Karin K. (46 years) on 06.08.19

"Dear team, we are thrilled, the panties are mostly used at night by my daughter, so that nothing spills, which, unfortunately, was often the case. A big relief for our laundry mountains since we use your panties. Even now, on vacation, a blessing and also worn during the day. Young girls can feel comfortable and safe. Great, we say THANK YOU!"

Everything was dry and clean

Carina M. (33 years) on 04.08.19

"I ordered 4 of your ALWA menstrual panties and I'm totally satisfied with them. On some days, I wore the panties the whole time (I would describe the strength of my bleeding as medium). Everything was dry and clean on the outside. The wearing comfort is great, you definitely have a better feeling than with sanitary napkins, where you often think you're sitting in a wet diaper. Environmentally friendly and good for the vaginal flora - I think that's great. I will recommend it !!!"

Am thrilled!

Stefanie K. (33 years) on 01.08.19

"I'm thrilled! Last week I tried period underwear for the first time. I had ordered your panty INSA and it was tested immediately. The panty lasted really long. No damp feeling, no smell, unbelievable. "

Just awesome!

Sandra S. (43 years) on 31.07.19

"These panties are just awesome. I can really recommend them. Whether for weak or strong periods, you feel comfortable all around. What is promised - is also kept, they are worth every single EURO! Recommendation GUARANTEED ☺☺“

Intensively tested

Carolin (37 years) on 28.07.19

"Hello dear femtis team, after three months of testing, I think I got a good impression. Thank you for the great product! Especially during the night a great 'back-up', without a 'nasty surprise' in the morning to wake up to and to fall asleep safely / calm: Thank you 👍 Best regards and keep it up!“

Better by far

Elisabeth K. (22 years) on 10.07.19

"I was pleased to open my second package today. So now I already own 6 panties. I was even able to convince my friend of the benefits of the panties (she uses them as backup at night to be able to sleep better and not to have to get up several times during the night), and she already enjoys them a lot. I have to say that, as a vulvodynia patient, you make life so much easier. While everyone was raving about the menstrual cup, I sat there for a long time wondering what was wrong with me, and whether it would eventually be possible to survive my period without itching, stinging and pain in my vaginal area. I do not tolerate pads or panty liners, and the chronic pain makes inserting a tampon or a mens cup unthinkable. Since I'm a fan of environmentally friendly solutions, I was very happy when I read about your panties available in Germany. Especially on weak days they are great, because then nothing dries out (tampons), nothing that is stuck in your underwear slips (pads) and you look stylish anyway. Oh yes, I also have Thinx panties, but I like yours better by far, as they absorb more blood and go much further up the back, protecting much better while sleeping."

Reduces stress and saves time

Ida P. (21 years) on 10.07.19

"Dear team of femtis, I wanted to thank you very much. I think your product is great and it reduces a lot of stress and saves time. I have already recommended it to several friends. For me, the period means a lot of stress. The period panties made it all easier for me this month. Your product has been able to live up to all your promises throughout the day, despite heavy bleeding. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have won a very satisfied and enthusiastic customer."

Absorbent and discreet

Tanja S. (38 years) on 09.07.19

"As I use the hormone spiral, I only have a very weak period . With period underwear, I do not use any additional period hygiene products anymore! Great that I can protect the environment, save money and I don't have to insert anything of which I don't know the exact composition. I think your panties are very good, because they are comfortable, absorbent and discreet."

Highly recommended!

Claudia (39 years) on 30.06.19

"I never would have expected how liberating period panties would be to wear. I bought the panty INSA to test it, because I was not sure if it would fit my lifestyle. I used the period panty for the first time on a very hot summer day (34 degrees) and almost forgot that I had my period. The period panties are very comfortable, keeping a cool temperature, 0 smells, 0 sounds, 0 leaks, 100% comfort. I had been wearing the panties all day and only realized how much they had absorbed when I cleaned them with water. After frustrated and unsatisfactory experiences with pads, tampons and menstrual cups, I am happy to say that I have finally found the perfect solution. I highly recommend the femtis Period Panties."

You feel much freer

Kelly Sue L. (21 years) on 20.06.19

"I recently ordered the model INSA in size S. The delivery was extremely fast. The panty is super comfortable and very soft on the inside. Before, I used washable pads and, compared to these, period panties are pretty thin. One feels freer and not as if wearing period underwear. I think it's great that you brought the period panties to Germany!"

No smell!

Margarete R. (22 years) on 11.06.19

"I'm excited about the femtis period panties. Since tampons and menstrual cups could never really convince me, and I no longer tolerate pads lately, I simply tried them out and have since been 100% convinced. At first, I was a bit worried that the panty would not last, especially over the first night, which is always especially strong for me and has ruined my bedding many times. However, my fear was completely unfounded. Even on strong days or nights, I manage with the model ALWA very well and feel even safer than with all the products that I've tried before. For those who are used to thongs, it may take some getting used to. Compared to a normal panty, the wearing comfort hardly differs though: no rustling, no panty lines and no feeling of wearing a diaper. Above all, no smell! In fact, I did not expect this high comfort. I had to search a long time, but now I've finally found the right solution to be able to live quite carefree during my days."

Fast shipment

Claudia B. (51 years) on 27.05.19

"Very cooool. Today, the goods were already shipped out.. Then I can test the panties soon, I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for the quick message, all the best for your business, may many women enjoy the pants !!!"

Very accommodating

Diana W. (37 years) on 22.05.19

"Honestly, I'm so pleased with such a quick and accommodating decision from femtis. I will certainly continue to be a customer and also recommend you to my friends. I hope that many more people will discover this alternative and environmentally friendly method and find their way to femtis. I wish femtis continued success!"

No worries about stains

Sofia R. (18 years) on 10.04.19

"I use the period panties for the last days of my period, when the flow is lighter. They are also great for sports, because you do not have to worry about stains in your leggings. The femtis panties are very comfortable and provide very good protection."

Perfect for the menopause

Dorothea M. (52 years) on 18.03.19

"I'm in my menopause. My bleeding is very irregular and strong. Since I do not like pads or panty liners at all, femtis period underwear helps me to master everyday life perfectly."

Pleasant for sports

Anna H. (27 years) on 14.02.19

"I bought the period slip INSA, which is made of cotton and very comfortable for sports activities. I have greatly reduced the use of tampons and panty liners and now mainly use femtis period panties. The care is super easy, I can only recommend the panties!"

My daughter feels safer now

Sandra B. (44 years) on 08.01.19

"I bought femtis period panties for my daughter because her period is still quite irregular. With the period panties, it just feels safer when your period starts off unexpectedly. Due to the modern cut, it can't be noticed at all that she wears a period panty."

I love my femtis!

Maren (25 years) on 27.12.18

"I love my femtis period panties and wish I had discovered them much earlier. I use a panty set with different models. With femtis period panties, I finally have peace of mind and feel free, even on heavy flow days."

No more stains!

Carmen (35 years) on 16.11.18

"Since I use my menstrual cup together with femtis panties, I have no stains, great! The order processing went smoothly, ordered today and delivered tomorrow."

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