Period underwear reviews: That's what our customers say

Here you can find out more about customers who have tested our period panties. We appreciate any feedback, please let us know what you think!

The panties hold tight

Nadine F. on 26.09.20

"A best friend tried your panties after the childbirth and you lose a lot of blood, etc. Everything kept tight. She took your pantiesin May 2020 as an alternative to giant pads. Since your baby always preferred to sleep on her, changing the pads turned out to be a pain. She looked for an alternative on the Internet and found you. She told me and I was super skeptical. Then she surprised me and simply bought a pair of panties from you. I've tried it and I'm absolutely thrilled. Especially on the 2nd day, since my vein operation on my leg, the heparin injection that was administered as a result it still runs very fluid for 2 days. The panty holds tight. I wear the ALWA in size XL. I ordered a second one straight away and will order the others too.

Thank you 🙏

Eva van T. (57 years) with daughter (13 years) on 25.09.20

" I just want to say how glad and grateful I am that I found Femtis for my daughter. She is thirteen and got her period this summer. Since she has a mental developement delay and a light autism diagnose the handling of changing the sanitary pad really was a hassle. She couldn't handle it her self and also had difficult to know when it was time for changing. I bought several of the pants Lene in size XXS and they are just perfect! Couldn't be better! Next time I will buy a lighter one to combine with. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏

Finally something really simple!

Eva D. (19 years) on 25.09.20

"I bought the model Lene and I am super satisfied. It is made of cotton and therefore very comfortable for me. I wear it for 8 hours and it works great, finally something really simple!

Suffer from endometriosis - these panties are a big relief

Jennifer G. (35 years) on 24.09.20

"I could now test the panties! They are awesome! Since I suffer from endometriosis, tampons and cups are an additional agony and pads are just as terrible, but these panties are a big relief, nothing pinches. No unpleasant smell, no leaking! I already recommended them to my girlfriend! These panties will stay my only choice! The fast shipping is also great. Many thanks.

With the JULE I get through the days comfortably and safely

Viktoria K. (25 years) on 24.09.20

"I have now been able to test the Jules a few times and was absolutely thrilled. No more tampons or pads, with period underwear you can do without them completely. It doesn't slip like conventional pads, it stays tight even at night and is super comfortable. Above all, there is no odor formation. You just feel good and most importantly, by doing without pads and tampons you are doing something good for the environment. An absolute purchase recommendation, which I was now able to convince my siblings of. I also ordered two more pairs of Jules. Thank you for your products.

Never want to go without it again

Svea M. (20 years) on 24.09.20

"After trying your period underwear, I was just amazed! Shipping and ordering were quick and easy, the period underwear fits great and thanks to the size chart it was very easy to find the right size. At first I was a bit skeptical about the smell because I had bad experiences with cloth pads, but I wasn't disappointed in this regard either: I didn't notice any unpleasant smells even on strong days. Another huge plus is that nothing goes wrong. So far I always had to use a towel or something similar at night. Put it underneath so as not to ruin my bed linen (which woman doesn't know that), but everything held tight even at night and on heavy days. In addition, the period panties are really eye-catching. It is not at all noticeable that it is not normal underwear. In summary: I never want to go without it again. Your period underwear is beautiful, environmentally friendly and absorbs everything without exception. There is a large selection of panties for days of different strengths and I look forward to trying more models. So this will definitely not have been the last period underwear I ordered from you! Thank you for these great products!

Always totally uncomplicated with you!!

Sonja M. on 24.09.20

"Dear Femtis team, you are simply great! In all respects! Your panties are great and I just have to praise the excellent service! Always perfectly organized! Even with problems you are just great and it is always totally uncomplicated for you! I can recommend you with a clear conscience!!! Thank you so much! Keep it up!

I like the sustainable concept

Eva L. (28 years) on 24.09.20

"I recently ordered the ALWA and KARI period panties. As soon as I unpacked, I was thrilled about the great quality of the panties. Not only do they feel good, they look great too. Since my period is only of medium strength, I have opted for these two panties. I like to use them as a backup to my cup, but also without other menstrual products. I like the sustainable concept.

Already ordered 6 Insa for my daughter

Diana S. (47 years) with daughter on 22.09.20

"I have ordered period panties from you twice for my daughter within a very short time. The first time I ordered an Insa panty to try and since my daughter was so thrilled, I ordered another 5 pieces in the next order. The panty feels very soft, you can hardly feel it, it doesn't rustle and it doesn't feel like a Pampers either, which is very important to my daughter. She had a middle period and wore the slip on the second day of bleeding for about 10 hours and nothing leaked out, my daughter is completely thrilled and would be happy to have more panties. Greetings from Altenstadt, keep it up!

Much more ecological to invest in period underwear

Svenja G. (30 years) on 22.09.20

"I discovered your great period underwear in pleasant, ecological quality and I am very satisfied after wearing it for the first time. I can absolutely confirm the best service with a same-day shipping guarantee - I was thrilled, especially since I just had my period and was able to test the LENE immediately. The friendly and attentive service not only sent me the LENE underpants, but also sent me directly the invoice and exchange form. Positive feedback on the price too! It's just so much more ecological to invest in period underwear ... I used to wear menstrual cups and cotton pads, but these slip easily when worn. I no longer have the problem with LENE, very pleasant. Especially at night a good feeling and good protection.

No more slipping pads

Annette K. (21 years) on 22.09.20

"Dear Femtis team, I am very satisfied with your products! I like the KARI model best because it fits perfectly and does not cut into the buttocks or stand out. Compared to washable pads, I am pleased that the underwear does not slip and does not cause any discomfort. Thank you so much!

The absence of silver convinced me

Laura N. (30 years) on 21.09.20

"After I had had enough of having to be afraid of "running out" at night even at 30, I took inspiration from social media and started looking for suitable period underwear. After a long search and comparison, femtis convinced me above all by not using silver. I have been using my period panties for a few months now and I can no longer imagine a period without them! In the beginning, they were only intended as a backup for the menstrual cup, but now I love them as the only protection during my period. Not only are they incredibly comfortable and give me the security I need, they also look like normal underwear and help me avoid waste! Thank you!

Money well invested

Maria S. (22 years) on 21.09.20

"I ordered one of your panties a month ago and was finally able to try them out (it was rare that I was looking forward to my period so much ;-))! I am just thrilled! I already have a cup and washable sanitary napkins and now also my panty and I like it very much. It's super practical because you don't have to insert anything that you just don't want sometimes and you don't have to insert anything extra into your panty. Plus, you just forgot for a while that you have your days because it really feels like a bit thicker underpants. What I really like is that it smells zero and also has a nice design. All in all, I am really completely satisfied and could imagine investing my money so wisely again.

I like Kari best

Stephanie L. (28 years) on 21.09.20

"Great underwear! I bought 3 of them and was initially skeptical whether I would feel like in cycling shorts ... But the reinforced areas are much thinner than expected. At the same time, I feel safe because the back is well reinforced. It doesn't feel "wet" either, even if it should be changed soon ... I like Kari best, the panty fits very well and looks pretty!

Good for the environment, for my body and my soul

Rahel P. (23 years) on 20.09.20

"I received my first Femtis underwear two weeks ago. I had my period this week and tried the Lene model right away! Conclusion: I felt more comfortable during my period than ever before. Femtis is the solution to all of my period problems. In the future, I will no longer have to ask myself whether the tampon needs to be changed, whether you have packed enough tampons, or how / where you can dispose of the tampon. The day of the test completely convinced me and I am definitely ready to finally part with tampons and spend my period with the cozy and protective Femtis panties. I never thought the panties would be found sexy, but even in that regard, I got positive feedback. Good for the environment, for my body and my soul! Thank you.

I know that I can rely on them

Ulrike B. (34 years) on 20.09.20

"After thinking about it for a long time, I recently ordered the Insa and Lene period panties and tried them out at home ... one at night and the other on the busiest day, so that I know whether I can rely on them outside. The answer is very clearly yes :-) They are comfortable, do not slip and can absorb a lot. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and vegan, which is also very important to me. I am totally thrilled and wish I would have dared to buy your panties sooner.

Great experience

Mia R. (26 years) on 20.09.20

"I would like to inform you that the first nights and days with the underwear were a really great experience. Nothing leaked and the underwear is very comfortable. I love it. I would have liked to know about it earlier. I am definitely thrilled.

Investment in me

Frederike S. (34 years) on 19.09.20

"I'm thrilled. Yesterday I had the “strongest” day of my period and everything was great (nothing went through, etc.). I feel very comfortable with my Femtis and already (3 days after receipt) I am completely happy about this investment, this investment in me - ♥ Thank you.

Overjoyed since 5 cycles

Nadine B. (32 years) on 19.09.20

"For the last 5 cycles I have already enjoyed your period underwear. I use Lene, Alwa and Lynn and I am overjoyed. I really rarely felt this comfortable and safe during my period.

Wear it also without a menstrual cup

Nina D. (37 years) on 19.09.20

"I am thrilled about LENE! I am a mother of two and have a copper coil and accordingly bleed quite heavily. “Actually” I only wanted the menstrual panties as an addition to the menstrual cup, to be protected if something goes wrong. But now I'm so thrilled about function and comfort that I can wear the panties without a menstrual cup. Even on the stronger days, everything is well received and nothing goes wrong. Also super comfortable and carefree at night. I will definitely try other models!

You're doing yourself and the environment a favor

Vivian S. (34 years) on 18.09.20

"After an operation on the abdomen, I made my thoughts about tampons, pads and the like and so I came across period panties. After some initial skepticism, I read it myself, then just had to decide which website I would like to order from. And I chose femtis because I found that femtis has the prettier models. I decided on the Meja model. And what can I say, never again without it! I wonder how I could live without them for so long. They are just as comfortable to wear as a second skin. The fabric is so nice and soft and noble. The panties just look chic. And most importantly, no leakage, just fantastic and I had very heavy bleeding on the day of the test. And there is no unpleasant smell either. I am so thrilled that I immediately recommended it to my friends, work colleagues, mother and sister. You save money, time and, above all, you are doing yourself and the environment a favor. I will definitely order some more from you. Many greetings and keep up the good work.

A great invention

Veronika F. (32 years) on 18.09.20

"I bought the Insa from you and was very skeptical at first. And I have to say, I think it's great! It's super comfortable and you feel very comfortable with it. One does not have the feeling that one is wearing a pad and the feeling of "sitting in the wet" did not occur either. You have the impression that you are just wearing normal panties. I am happy to recommend you! This is a great invention! And above all, finally something environmentally friendly :)

Super comfy!

Caterina B. (29 years) on 18.09.20

"I finally got my first panties purchase (btw very quick to get to NL and... with eco package as well!) - even if without period I just tried them on and sizes are perfect, super comfy! I cannot wait to try them officially in few days!!! I am sure they will bring a huge and great revolution in my period times! Big thanks for your products and professionality!!

Super satisfied with it

Kelly C. (39 years) on 18.09.20

"Blissful panty; is very comfortable and is still a bit sexy with the hazy collar. Super satisfied with it and perfect service. You get what you see.

Tight even with restless sleep

Klara S. (22 years) on 17.09.20

"I've been thinking about trying out menstrual panties for a long time, but the high price always put me off. Then I came across your brand, ordered three panties and was very excited. Now I had the opportunity to test the underwear and I'm just blown away. The panties sit great, the material feels very comfortable on the skin and, above all, they hold so incredibly tight! I was really convinced that even my restless sleep and all the rolling around did not lead to leakage. Thank you so much!

Exchange also TOP!

Eva B. (44 years) on 17.09.20

A few weeks ago I ordered 7 panties from you. I found the ordering process very straightforward, and the shipment was pleasantly quick. When the 7 panties were there, I tried them on (with another panty on, of course!) And found that the LYNN and LENE models are absolutely perfect for me, because I like the material and the fit best. As a result, I returned 5 of the panties I had ordered and had 2x LYNN and 1x LENE delivered to me, so that I have a set of 3x LYNN and 2x LENE. When the briefs were used for the first time about 2 weeks later, I made the following experiences: They fit perfectly, nothing slips unintentionally. No unpleasant smells. They actually hold up as hoped and advertised by you. I was unsure for the first two days and used an additional insert made of toilet paper, I won't do that next time. The exchange process went very smoothly, and I received my reimbursement of the difference between ordered and kept and subsequently delivered panties from you within a few days, which I also thought was TOP!

I would love to just wear your panties

Julia R. (21 years) on 16.09.20

"I recently came across your panties after I discovered that it is actually possible to live sustainably and reduce waste during your period, which immediately inspired me. That's why I ordered a few different panties right away and I have to say, they are incredibly comfortable to wear, I would like to just wear your briefs, regardless of whether you have a period or not! The fabric is pleasantly soft and still allows air, although it is totally leak-proof. At first I was a little bit wary of what it would be like at night, as my period is usually stronger at night than during the day, but was thrilled when I found out after the first night that nothing had leaked. The washing of the panties also works great, I can't really complain about anything, I just want to say thank you for producing these great products, they really helped me and I will recommend them to all my friends!

Everything is vegan and without biocides

Denise R. (30 years) on 16.09.20

"I have recently become the proud owner of 3 Femtis panties (Kari, Alwa, Svea) and use them as a supplement to the menstrual cup. I was actually very satisfied with the cup. However, on my busiest days, it happens that the cup leaks a bit. And on the weaker days, I don't actually need the volume of the cup. Period underwear is perfect for this. I can only recommend Femtis (I already have it to friends), I now feel more secure and sexy at the same time. In choosing Femtis, it was also decisive for me that everything is vegan and without biocides. The service at Femtis is also unbeatable - the shipping is super fast and if something is not what you want, we also react very quickly (I had a small mistake at the tip of the Svea). Thank you so much!

Were not satisfied with anything until I found you

Franziska W. (27 years) on 16.09.20

"I would like to thank you very much. I have been looking for a safe and pleasant way to get through "my days" for years. Starting with tampons, which are firstly uncomfortable and secondly also treated with chemicals, to pads that cause even more rubbish than the former, to menstrual cups. But I wasn't 100% satisfied with anything. Until now. I came across you by chance and was immediately thrilled. First of all because of the sustainable idea that is carried through to the end. Then because of the great design that makes me feel beautifully packaged when I'm on my days. Hard to believe, but thanks to you I don't feel any different than usual when I have my period. Even when I have a stomach ache, I can just throw myself comfortably on the sofa without having introduces anything in beforehand (which usually causes me to get even worse pain). I just feel comfortable and safe all around. It's so nice that I've discovered underwear now, and at the same time it's such a shame that I had to struggle with all that other stuff for 12 years.

Compared to the other brand, a difference like day and night

Katrin B. (24 years) on 15.09.20

"Lately I have dealt a lot with the topic of "period underwear". I bought my first underwear as part of a test and was quite satisfied. However, the quality was not pvery high. Since I needed more panties anyway, I thought to order some elsewhere and came across you. Your quality is like day and night when compared to the other brand! The femtis underwear lies gently around the skin and you almost forget that you have your period! I have ordered two different models and I think both are great. I really like the selection, your sizes are absolutely realistic - unfortunately that was not the case with the other brand.

My daughter feels safe

Verena W. (41 years) with daughter Charlotte (11 years) on 15.09.20

"I bought the panties for my daughter. She had her period for the first time and was a little skeptical at first. But then she was thrilled that she didn't need anything and feels safe. We will definitely recommend the panties and buy more. Keep it up!

Have to order more soon :-)

Alina M. (21 years) on 14.09.20

"I got two panties from you three days ago. So far I've been super satisfied :-) The delivery was super fast and was there on time for my period. The briefs do not look like "period underwear" and are super comfortable to wear. There is no annoying pad and yet I never felt unsafe. During the day I combined the panties with a menstrual cup and that worked really well. I ordered the models "Svea" and "Kari". To cover my entire period, however, more than two panties are needed, so I'll have to order more soon :-)

Does what it promises

Sophia R. (20 years) on 14.09.20

I have ordered the INSA model and have been very happy with it so far. At first I was positively surprised by the whole concept, but I was afraid that the underwear would look like a diaper. However, the fabric is thinner than expected and feels very comfortable. Even on my stronger days, the underwear does what it says on the tin. There is a brief sensation of wetness, which however quickly disappears. The big advantage over pads is that the Femtis period underwear does not slip.

A huge relief for my daughter and me

Heidi K. with daugther (11 years) on 13.09.20

".It's been a comfort for my daughter who started very early. She's 11 and has been wearing your product for almost a year now. It's so much easier for her to handle. She puts them on and has had no problems and no worries. Seriously, a huge relief for her and me both. I can't say enough good things about it. Thank you.

Gold worth

Emilie K. (35 years) on 13.09.20

"Thank you for your great work! These panties are worth gold to me. I wear it in addition to my menstrual cup and so far have been completely satisfied - no leaks and a comfortable fit. I have already recommended them to my friends.

Much more comfortable with your panties

Marion. H. (42 years) on 13.09.20

"I am really very happy with the choice to have brought the period panties from you. It's just so much more comfortable in your panties than walking around with pads all day. Thank you!

Thumbs up!

Beate W. (41 years) on 12.09.20

"We are thrilled about the panties. It's a shame that we didn't have them when I was young, they make the days a lot easier. As a "newcomer to the period" my daughter is demanding more supplies. The panties are safe during the day and also at night! Thumbs up!

Much better and more secure feeling than pads

Sarah M. (34 years) on 12.09.20

"I ordered 3 Lene panties. To be honest, I thought beforehand that wearing period panties was a bit gross. When I got my period for the first time, after giving birth to my daughter, my cup was no longer enough and I found pads just stupid and uncomfortable. So I came across the Femtispanties. I think they're really great and comfortable. They actually make me feel much better and more secure thanpads. If the bleeding is less, I'll just leave the cup off and just use the panties.

No more embarrassing stains

Tatjana W. (38 years) on 12.09.20

"I ordered 3 Jule pants from you. The wearing comfort is great and I feel safe now. It has often happened to me before that the pads / tampons were not enough, so that embarrassing stains on my pants or skirt came about, even on upholstery. That is now a thing of the past, thank you very much for this great product.

Panty stayed safe and dry

Juliane R. (36 years) on 12.09.20

"II used the ordered Kari Panty for the first time and I am very satisfied. I chosed my home office day to make sure no "misfortune" would happen, but the panty stayed safe and dry. I am happy to be able to significantly limit the use of tampons and pads. Thanks a lot for this :)

Shipping, appearance, comfort and protection top

Romina L. (33 years) on 11.09.20

"On the recommendation of my girlfriend, I ordered 3 panties and I am really positively surprised. 1. Shipping: I didn't really expect to be able to try out the panties in this cycle, but shipping, like the whole ordering process, was uncomplicated and super-fast. Top! 2. Appearance + wearing comfort: So far I have resisted menstrual underwear very much, although I think sustainability is important. I don't like normal pads at all, I always had a bulky, uncomfortable feeling, unthinkable in everyday life or during sports, and that's how I imagined these panties. As soon as I unpacked it, I noticed the incredibly pleasant and surprisingly thin material. I especially like the design of the ELLA model, I think they look like normal briefs. The size chart is worth gold, they fit exactly as stated and fit perfectly. 3. Protection: I was really very skeptical, but yesterday I did the acid test overnight, so to speak: Everything is tight, I don't understand how this is possible with the thin panties. A feeling of liberation. So all in all: Super great product, I will definitely order again and will definitely recommend you.

I like it!

Saskia J. (42 years) on 11.09.20

"Actually, I came across you by chance ... Before that, I didn't even know that period underwear even existed. Basically, I spontaneously decided to buy 3 panties first and have to say: WOW !!! Why didn't anyone tell me that before ??? I'm pretty thrilled and have ordered 3 more panties! Yes, the underwear costs more, but that is not important because the underwear is vegan and I avoid waste. I like it!

Just perfect

Christina H. with daughter (12 years) on 11.09.20

"I already bought 4 FEMTIS panties for my 12 year old daughter and can only say - just perfect. That's why some have now been added. My daughter can do all sporting activities with these panties, especially in summer they were ideal for swimming. It's a shame that I didn't already knew these panties at my older daughter. Thank you thank you thank you.

Thrilled since 2019

Dr. Nadira F. (46 years) on 10.09.20

We have been your customer for around 10 months and have ordered different models from you via various accounts. We like Lene and Lynn best. But from the beginning: We came to Femtis through our daughter. We ordered from you for the first time in 2019 and were thrilled from the start. So we advertised your underwear among friends - even my mother, who had to endure an abdominal operation, is very thrilled and wears the underpants almost every day. So it is very good that you offer many different models. The wearing comfort is fantastic - at the same time the pants look great. All those who have chosen the brand so far are also very satisfied with the "safety" aspect. The underpants provide reliable protection even during (school) sport! The care of the panties in the washing machine is also great! Today I phoned a good friend whose daughter is going through puberty - I told them about our great discovery of Femtis - my friend was impressed and will present the different models to her daughter after school today so that they can also own pants as soon as possible. Everyone also likes the company's future-oriented thinking, there is so much (plastic) waste away. I can unreservedly recommend the panties and hope that the brand will continue to exist for a long time.

The absorbency is amazing, the wearing comfort is super

M. Birnstiel on 09.09.20

This period underwear is nothing more and nothing less than a revolution. I wish you had been around 20 years ago when I got my period. I didn't like tampons back then (somehow too intimate), so only pads remained. Always pads with an extra floral scent, or worse, no branded pads that roll into a "sausage" when you move or slip at night. In addition to having stomach cramps and a bloated feeling, one felt "weighted down" and restricted. When I got older, I discovered tampons, but I always only used some with an applicator, because despite the "silky surface" etc. it somehow never fitted me smoothly. A little over a year ago, I decided to watch out for my plastic consumption. In the bathroom in particular, reducing plastic is easy (solid shampoo, soap, for example). I discovered washable pads. Great idea! The only disturbing thing was changing on the way (washing out the used ones, putting them wet in the bag etc.), but it was ok. Because of my tampon problems, the menstrual cup was never an option. And now you come. And your offer was just normal underpants. No granny-rustling underpants, no king-size underpants, just normal underpants. That is pretty, that one likes to wear, without being ashamed in any way. Who uses their good, pretty underwear when one has their days? Well, now I do. The underpants are comfortable, pretty and the best part: you simply forget that you have your days because you really don't have to worry about anything! The absorbency is amazing, the wearing comfort is super, I just sweat a little, but that's manageable! In short: a revolution that I would have wished for 20 years ago. But nice that you are here now!

Shipping really quick too

Lisa P. (29 years) on 09.09.20

I recently bought my first period panties because I now find the feeling of conventional sanitary napkins so uncomfortable and the waste that comes out every month doesn't have to be. I have to admit I was very skeptical and I only had my first period with a pair of panties to test, but I felt much more comfortable in my skin without this plastic in my pants. The slip is comfortable to wear and doesn't cut into me either. Just feels like a slightly thicker panty. I can't tell you much about how long the panties last on my heaviest period, but I'm definitely impressed and will order more soon. Shipping was really quick too.

No more intolerances

Katharina D. (31 years) on 08.09.20

"i>At the beginning I was a little skeptical whether the panties are really as it is in the reviews. Now that I've tried it myself, I'm thrilled. I've never felt so safe on my period. Now I can sleep peacefully at night without being afraid of leaking. Thanks to the materials, I no longer have the problem of intolerance like with single-use products. Many thanks!! “

Extremely friendly

Anabel F. (25 years) on 08.09.20

"I am very satisfied with the panties from femtis (Insa and Kari)! The fit is great and the quality of the workmanship and the material have convinced me very much. I was also in contact with femtis service during the ordering process and can say that all employees were extremely friendly and responded to my questions and concerns, that was really very good and accommodating.

I would like to thank you - also on behalf of the environment

Sandra S. (30 years) on 08.09.20

I was looking for an alternative to sanitary napkins, tampons & Co., because the plastic waste that is created is simply too much for me. After the children were born, my bleeding increased and tampon insertion became more uncomfortable. Apart from the fact that I usually need a backup (panty liner) anyway. Then I discovered your panties (INSA and ALWA) and tested them right away. I was able to use it without a backup (tampon), but needed 3 panties on my busiest day. That's why I'll get the JULE panties and test them. My conclusion: I was pleasantly surprised and never had such a pleasant period and for that I have to be 30 years old. I felt completely safe and comfortable. There were no unpleasant smells or the like. The cleaning of the panties also works perfectly. I would like to thank you for this - also on behalf of the environment. I would have liked such panties when my first period came, back then I was 11 and let's be honest ... pads are not nice to look at when done, they smell unpleasant, they often slip and I was definitely not ready for tampons at the time. I will definitely organize period panties for my daughter when she gets her first period.

I am super happy

Sarah N. (32 years) on 07.09.20

"To be honest, I was skeptical at first, but your product completely convinced me. After an ectopic pregnancy I was not allowed to use my beloved Menscup and last week I had to find a replacement relatively spontaneously. My sister has already told me several times about your underwear and so I immediately grabbed everything and ordered 6 pieces from you. All 4 different models work great, are extremely comfortable and the disgusting waste (which I luckily only had for 1 day) is eliminated again. I am super happy.

My daughter likes them very much

Birge Z. (44 years) with daughter (12 years) on 07.09.20

"I ordered 3 Meja for my 12 year old daughter for the first time. Fast and uncomplicated delivery. The panties fit like a glove and my daughter likes them very much. She loves wearing them. Washing instructions positive.

Not the last order

Maria M. on 07.09.20

"This was my first order and it will certainly not be the last. Lene and Jule feel perfect from the trial wear, as they prove to be for the purpose of the absorbency I'll see when I get my period again after a long cycle. I think the size chart is perfect. Thank you for the smooth and very quick exchange. Everything went very quickly and the panties were with me the next day. A new report is issued after the detailed test. Thank you that there is such a great and environmentally friendly alternative for menstrual hygiene like Femtis.

My favorite model is ALWA

Svenja G. (29 years) on 06.09.20

I received my first Femtis order (ALWA, KARI, LENE) for my period and have therefore had very good experiences with my new panties in the last two days. The first pre-wash did not damage the beautiful look of the models. LENE wears itself fantastically, especially on my somewhat strengthened days. For a few hours (approx. 8) in the home office - without much movement - I got along perfectly with it, without additional tampon protection. So my "emergency towel" on the office chair didn't have to be. My favorite model, however, is probably ALWA - in my opinion a bit prettier in terms of its appearance with a simultaneous feeling of protection and greater wearing comfort thanks to the lighter, more compact design. Of course, less suitable for the toughest days, at least with more exercise. But of course I don't always expect up to 8 hours of wear protection. For me, KARI turned out a bit smaller than the other two models, in the end I should have taken a size bigger, but what the heck. I still feel protected. The cleaning after wearing worked perfectly. Despite the short trial period so far, I am already thrilled - I am happy to be able to do without tampons for the most part, which is an important point for me as an endometriosis patient, as unfortunately often pain is associated with wearing tampons. I never got really warm with sanitary napkins during the day because they never sat well and therefore gave me little security. In terms of the environment, I am expecially pleased that I now produce significantly less packaging waste during my period. In this respect, I am pleased to have noticed the period underwear and not be put off by the initially high acquisition costs. Because if the protection and wearing comfort remain the same even after frequent cleaning and washing, I will get that out in the long term. In this respect, I can only affirm the two words from your advertising "stylish" and "safe" so far.

I can really identify with the femtis products

Mayra S. (39 years) on 06.09.20

"If 2020 brings a good thing for itself, it is that I finally took the step to try period underwear. The range is huge and I can really identify with the femtis products and could easily orientate at the different models. After testing I have now ordered a whole selection! I feel liberated - after 20 years of torture with conventional products, I know that I won't have to go through this for the next 20 years! And when my daughter starts to get her period, she can start right away with the ideal product for menstruation: period underwear! Thank you so much!

Really perfect

Tanja D. (30 years) on 06.09.20

"Dear Femtis team, I was very surprised at how comfortable the slip feels. I expected the material to be thicker, but that's really perfect! Feels wonderful on the skin, hardly different from normal briefs. Thank you also for the super fast shipping!

Great service too

Anja E. (39 years) on 03.09.20

"Arrived yesterday, immediately tested and I'm thrilled. Comfortable to wear, just a good feeling. It's a shame that this hasn't been around for a long time, that would have saved a lot of waste. The service also worked great, delivered quickly and reliably.

At no point did I feel unsafe

Lara T. (20 years) on 03.09.20

"I've wanted to try out period underwear for a long time, for example to have an ecological back-up for my menstrual cup. I then decided on SVEA underwear because it is suitable for light days and looks nice at the same time. And what can I say - I'm really thrilled because everything worked as it should and at no point did I feel unsafe. So I can definitely recommend Femtis period underwear!

Finally an ecological and convenient alternative

Eva M. (31 years) on 01.09.20

What can I say? I am really very thrilled about your panties! The Lene and Lynn briefs in particular are incredibly comfortable and can withstand menstruation well. And especially at night it is really a much more pleasant feeling than with pads, during sports or e.g. on a hike, if you don't know exactly whether your period is coming or not yet or if you can't assess the strength, you always have a good and comfortable "backup". With my spiral, I don't want to use the cup anymore and have it finally found an ecological and convenient alternative! Thanks for that! :)

I can only recommend them

Lisa Z. (20 years) on 01.09.20

I am very thrilled about the panties! In combination with a menstrual cup, they offer me reliable protection in every situation that I encounter in my everyday life. I can only recommend them to anyone looking for an alternative to conventional sanitary napkins and pads.

Protection for me and for the earth

Martina M. (44 years) on 01.09.20

"It is the first time that I have written a feedback. But I'm really so thrilled about your period panties that I just have to write to you. I work as a podiatrist, of course in white pants, and always looked for a solution when I had my days. I found the solution thanks to you. The panties fit perfectly and can withstand a lot. They are also an ecological solution! How much crap does a woman do with pads or tampons every month (unfortunately I do not tolerate menstrual cups very well) I will recommend them to others and I will certainly buy some for my daughter. Even if they cost a little more, it's worth it! Thank you for the opportunity to protect me and the earth ...

You feel free and unrestricted

Katharina S. (25 years) on 31.08.20

"I ordered the ALWA and INSA models from you and was finally able to test them extensively. After a lot of research and thinking, I decided to try period panties because I'm just fed up with pads and tampons. I often have problems inserting tampons or I do not always have the opportunity to change them hygienically (e.g. when traveling). At the beginning I was very skeptical because I was afraid of the feeling of "running out". I think there's nothing more uncomfortable than a surprise start of your period and bloody panties. I read through a few testimonials and finally just ordered them. To the panties. I'm more of the female pear type, i.e. slim upper body and child-bearing hips. The INSA is astonishingly tight but without pinching. At first I was concerned about the cuffs. Although the material is a bit rougher, I have no problems whatsoever with rubbed areas in the genital area. I even really like to wear these panties to sports because they always fit well. The ALWA is now my favorite model. At first I was a little disappointed because I imagined something tight under lace panties. The cut of this model is a lot higher (high waist) than I thought. Unfortunately, that gave me that typical diaper feeling at the beginning as you know it from large sanitary towels. What I still don't find ideal is that the outer layer of fabric is so velvety and therefore rubs something against the inner layers. However, the ALWA is now my favorite model. I especially like to wear them at night because nothing goes wrong. Not even at the back, where many sanitary towels are often too short. Just great. Now to the general comfort. I was concerned that if you just let your period go and sit in the water, you would feel it. To my surprise, none of the panties have this feeling. You don't sweat like with sanitary napkins or pads. Everything stays dry and very pleasant. I even sometimes just forget that I have my days and aren't reminded of them until I've been to the bathroom. My periods are very unpredictable, sometimes very weak, sometimes really heavy. The panties have mastered both of these so far and I had no problem "leaking" or sitting in the wet. I especially like to use them when I'm at home or when I'm traveling. ALWA and INSA have already saved me some embarrassing moments, such as on my last city trip. Of course, my period came when you needed it least and then also relatively heavily. I had inserted the menstrual cup and put on a period panty. Since I haven't found a public toilet in the big city where I could hygienically empty my cup, I had to leave it in there. At some point it was full and the inevitable happened. I leaked. I was so happy that I put my panties on first. Although I noticed that the cup was full, I still stayed “dry” until I was finally back at the hotel and could take care of my period. Nobody noticed my dilemma and I was so happy about my period panties! I haven't had any problems cleaning my panties either. I adhere to the guidelines given by you. They can be washed out easily and are odorless after washing. All in all, I think the invention of these panties is awesome. They don't stop me from exercising or going out. In addition, the menstrual blood can simply drain away without leaving any residue from tampons or the like to have in you. You feel free and unrestricted and have a stronger connection with your period and your body.

Soft and supple

Katharina Z. (29 years) on 29.08.20

"I ordered from you for the first time, and it was only by chance that I came across you on Instagram. The package arrived in Vienna quickly and well packed. The panties feel really soft and supple. Even after trying them on, they passed the test with very good! I am really thrilled.

I am very grateful to my girlfriend for the hint

Therese W. (31 years) on 28.08.20

"Dear femtis team, a friend of mine was very thrilled about your menstrual underwear and recommended me to try them out. So after thinking about it, I ordered a Jule. I put them on for the first time at work and, as a precaution, took another pair of underpants and tampons with me. I wasn't 100% sure, but of course I didn't need them. The fear that the underpants might feel like a diaper or that something might leak was absolutely unfounded. I was absolutely thrilled and washed them in the evening to put them on again in the next few days. The fabric on its own feels so good on the skin that I would wear the panties without having my period. I am very grateful to my girlfriend for the hint and will order the next Jule soon.

It's getting more and more relaxed

Sonja M. (29 years) on 28.08.20

Your period panties have been supporting me for several cycles now and I have to say they make my periods easier and easier. It makes me feel "Oh no, I'm getting my days back!" completely lost and it becomes more and more relaxed. Your models are ideally suited for every situation in everyday life and there really is the right model for everything! You are really great!

For daughter & mom :)

Dudu K. (38 years) on 26.08.20

My daughter recently got her first period. She is very athletic and it is important to me that she doesn't feel that she has to limit herself when she has her period days. I did some research and came across the Femtis period underwear. The idea of not using any extra products, but rather wearing underwear as always, was so great that I ordered one for myself. Shortly after the delivery, we got the period together and tried the Femtis. What a relief! We went on a bike tour right away and the laundry passed the test! What I found to be a relief for my daughter immediately inspired me. No disposable products, no slipping, no giant pads for the night - just underwear. After 27 years of pads & tampons my little revolution!

Ideal for the puerperium

Magdalena G. (27 years) am 26.08.20

"I ordered 2 of your panties for the puerperium and I am very happy with them! So far soak up everything. They feel super comfortable and handling is very easy. I have recommended them to several friends.

Don't have to worry anymore

Claudia W. (31 years) on 24.08.20

"Tried the Lene panties - they are fantastic and completely replace pads (which I always disliked and felt like "wrapped"). I would say that the parties are good for larger butts and that they don't cut in uncomfortably. I use it in combination with a menstrual sponge (as an alternative to the cup) and feel super safe with it. I have a very heavy, lumpy period, and I used to be afraid that something might leak (which happened). With Lene I don't have to worry anymore. And I imagine that the pain of my endometriosis has also become a little less, as there is no blood backlog from obs. Lene's fabric is nice and soft and stays really dry - top product! Greetings from Vienna

Trying to minimize my possessions and consumption

Miri F. (36 years) on 24.08.20

"I didn't know for a long time that I was missing something until I read about the panties for the first time. Actually, I'm trying to minimize my possessions and consumption, but I'm glad I made an exception for you guys. It's great how you can easily avoid waste. Like so many I am also surprised at how thin the absorbent layer is. Thanks and keep it up!

I chosed femtis because it doesn't contain any harmful substances

Kerstin K. (42 years) on 24.08.20

"I actually dealt with the topic of period underwear because my daughter is slowly reaching the appropriate age and I still remember how difficult it was for me to use tampons back then and I personally find pads uncomfortable and the "wings" are quickly tell-tale. I was made aware of period underwear by a mother friend of mine. I wanted to test it out personally so I know if it would be something for my daughter. After doing some research, I decided on femtis, firstly because it does not use any harmful substances and I also liked the design. When the pants came, I was very surprised that the reinforcement is barely noticeable and even runs over the entire back. For the first two days my bleeding is always very heavy and I was honestly skeptical. But I quickly noticed that wearing it is much more comfortable than using pads. I was surprised at how long the panty held "tight" and how much it could hold. The cover on the back is really great - you can be sure that nothing will leak there (especially at night)! It took a bit of getting used to washing it with cold water, as a lot of blood comes out and it scared me the first time. I think this aspect will also be difficult for my daughter - I would not like to do it for her. All in all, the test run absolutely convinced me and I will use your pants myself and also for my daughter.

And, good for the planet

Annette K. (50 years) with daughter (15 years) on 23.08.20

"I am delighted with the order of period panties which I received today. The fabric is so soft and comfy. They are for my daughter with special needs. I feel they will improve her ease of social movement and independence when she has her period. And, good for the planet. Regards, Annette (Ireland)

Simple ordering process! Fast delivery!

Julia M. on 22.08.20

"Dear Judith and team! I would like to share my opinion with you. So far, I am completely thrilled! Simple ordering process! Fast delivery! Timely notification of a slightly late delivery! Uncomplicated return option (which I didn't have to use ;-)) I have tested 2 of 3 products. I use them as extra protection to a menstrual cup. The panties are very comfortable, fit perfectly and give a super secure feeling! I am pleased to have found such a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional products!

Tried Kari and I am thrilled

Katharina G. (25 years) on 21.08.20

"A few weeks ago I ordered the Kari period panty to try out and I'm pretty thrilled! I wear it under my menstrual cup as additional leak protection, but even wearing it without it has shown me that it is really amazingly leak-proof. The wearing comfort is very high and you can hardly see the additional seams. I especially like that underpants really come in all shapes and sizes, even as a thong. The only tiny disadvantage is that the slip is of course still very wet after carefully squeezing it out after hand washing and you can definitely only hang it somewhere where it doesn't matter whether water drips on the floor underneath. Overall, however, highly recommended, I think I'll (gradually) get enough for the whole period!

Was afraid of sweating

Laura D. (26 years) on 21.08.20

"I was finally able to test the panties. I've tried the Kari and Insa panties and I'm very satisfied. Especially at night it is much more comfortable than spads or tampons. They are comfortable and do not slip. At first I was afraid that the current heat would make you sweat a lot, but that wasn't a problem either.

Fit perfectly and look great

Melissa W. (28 years) on 20.08.20

"I am very thrilled about your panties: They fit perfectly, look good and I feel much more comfortable during my period because I know that I am protected, nothing can happen. I also think it's really great that you put a flyer from the Endometriosis Association in your packages! It is so important that more girls and women find out about this disease and hopefully one or the other can be treated more quickly. After all, 1 in 10 women is affected. Thanks for that!

The delivery was quick

Antje H. (26 years) on 20.08.20

I ordered the ALWA panty and I am very satisfied with it. The delivery was quick. I use it in addition to tampons and pads. You feel safe and are not afraid of leaking out. It will certainly not be the last one I ordered. Top!

Couldn't imagine that nothing leaks

Sabrina B. (33 years) on 19.08.20

"Hello dear Femtis team, I can't say anything other than that I'm absolutely thrilled! I was rather skeptical and couldn't imagine that nothing would leak or smell and that it would not be strange. But for me the panties are really the perfect alternative! I'm actually considering switching to it entirely. Kudos and I hope they last a very long time!

Perfect for every day

Lisanna R. (31 years) on 19.08.20

"I am super thrilled about the Svea period underwear! My best discovery and life improvement of the year 😍. It is soft, not too thick, inconspicuous as period underwear, reliable, elegant, adapts well and is easy to wash out and too dry. For me it is perfect for every day. No more waste, no more embarrassment when taking off your panties before / during sex, because of sticky and visibly "dirty" pads and tampons.

Producing such sustainable products is extremely important

Daniela L. (25 years) on 18.08.20

"Hello dear Femtis team, I came across your products a few months ago because I was looking for a solution for my heavy periods at night. Finally I ordered your model "Lene", especially because this panty provides protection over the entire back. And what can I say, my nights have never been so carefree! The material is pleasantly close-fitting and the feeling at night without pads is indescribable liberating. So far I haven't had any "breaks" and I'm thinking of getting myself a pair of panties for light days. Keep up the good work, producing such sustainable products is extremely important, especially since there are so many disposable hygiene products. Big compliments to you, keep it up! Greetings from South Tyrol

I'm very satisfied, especially since your products are made without biocides

Daniela K. (37 years) on 18.08.20

"This is the second time I have ordered femtis-panties from you and I am very satisfied, especially since your products are made without biocides, which is very important to me. I find the panties very comfortable and feel well protected at night. My days are a bit unpredictable and the panties have never let me down until now. I can only recommend it and also think the aspect of sustainability is great! You only notice through the panties how much waste you avoid.

Not only environmentally friendly, but also a worthwhile investment

Johanna U. (30 years) on 17.08.20

"I ordered the underwear in July and the delivery arrived very quickly and exactly 2 days before my period. I've never felt so comfortable on my days. The underwear is not thick or bulky at all and can easily be rinsed in cold water and then washed with the rest of the laundry. Since I ordered it in black, I can't tell if there are any stains, but even if there are, you can't see anything. I would recommend Femtis to anyone looking for an alternative to disposable tampons and pads. Not only environmentally friendly, but also a worthwhile investment that will save you money in the long term. Thank you for the great product.

Worth it!

Michelle R. (21 years) on 17.08.20

I chosed a copper coil 3 months ago. Since then my menstrual period has increased significantly. I find pads to be an uncomfortable solution, especially in summer, because they stick and rub. I like to ride my bike and that's where I notice it in particular. With a copper coil I don't want to use the tampons all the time either, so I looked for alternatives. I came across Femtis period underwear and ordered the ALWA. I used the size chart and it worked right away. At first I was surprised by the price for a pair of underpants, BUT it's worth it! It sits super comfortably, is neat and above all: it protects! Despite having a heavy period, I can wear it for several hours and it feels great. I don't feel like I'm in the blood and it doesn't smell either. I am thrilled about the great comfort, especially during the heat at the moment. I don't want it any other way.

I'm blown away 👍

Janine H. (30 Jahre) am 14.08.20

"Hey 🤗 I finally got around to testing one of your panties! I am absolutely thrilled! I feel so clean and protected with it! 😍 I am very surprised. Never thought it would feel so good to just wear panties. Nothing leaks and you feel absolutely clean and dry 🥰 I'll definitely order more panties from you! I'm blown away 👍 “

Bought for my daughter

Sabrina G. (43 years) on 14.08.20

"I bought three period panties for my daughter. She just recently had her first periods, they are still very irregularly. So that no "accident" happens at school, I bought her the panties so that she is protected when the time comes again. So far I'm really thrilled because they work great and are really tight. Maybe I'll get some myself, especially with that one muggy warm weather certainly more pleasant than the other articles. Great invention. Keep it up!

After 4 months you convinced me

Melanie W. (35 years) on 12.08.20

"After 4 months of "test phase" I would like to give you feedback on my panties "Ella" and "Lene". I have to say, I was skeptical at first and tackled the first test run safely at home, but now I prefer to wear them everywhere. They are comfortable and absolutely leak-proof, feel dry and like carefree freedom. They are well made, easy to clean and chic. I say thank you very much, you have convinced me!

Worked totally well

Rachel S. (24 years) on 11.08.20

"Had my first period after buying femtis period panties and it worked totally well! All was able to be absorbed, and at the most heavy bleeding day one panty was enough for whole day plus night. No leaky moment anymore because it covers well and it can't leak to the sides where no cover is, like normally with normal sticky pads for menstruation. Greetings from the Netherlands

Even worn in the pool

Stefanie B. (32 years) with daughter Alina (12 years) on 11.08.20

"A few days ago we ordered a femtis panty and we are very satisfied. My daughter even wore it in the pool, pulled it over bikini bottoms, and absolutely nothing got through. We are thrilled and will recommend you!

Now switch to the panties entirely

Franziska G. (24 years) on 10.08.20

"For a long time I was looking for a sustainable alternative to tampons. The period cup was not the right one for me and neither were cloth pads. So I bought Femtis panties for the last few days of my period. I was so thrilled that I buy more bpanties and switch to them entirely now. The wearing comfort is super pleasant. It feels like normal underpants that are a little thicker. They don't smell unpleasant either, as some cloth fabric pads do after a while. And by the way, you support a local startup that produces vegan, fair and sustainable products.

femtis panties 100x better

Alexa K. (44 years) on 10.08.20

My daughter (11) and I are very thrilled. At the age of 11 she was (for my understanding anyway) really early on. And it started with a real bleeding (7 days every 28 days) so nothing with a shallow entry. She tried tampons a few times but somehow doesn't work that way. Padswork of course, but the femtis panties ... - 100 times better. Big compliments and thanks for this relief!

It's unbelievable how much they absorb

Katrin O. (33 years) on 07.08.20

"I ordered 2x Lene and 1x Insa in size S. The order / payment was straightforward and the delivery time to Switzerland was quick. About the panties: I am thrilled. It is unbelievable how much they can hold and the bags on the go are also very practical. I will definitely order more panties and recommend the shop.

Very high quality workmanship

Raffaela M. (22 years) on 07.08.20

"I recently bought an INSA in medium. I've tried tampons, sanitary napkins, and silicone cups, but it's never been quite right for me. The delivery was very fast and I was happy when I finally tried the panties. I think the workmanship is very high quality and I like how the panties fit. The size chart was very helpful. Especially at night I don't have to worry anymore and that's just great! Otherwise, I would want more cotton panties because I want to avoid synthetic fibers.

Füfi unds Weggli

Désirée H. (22 years) on 06.08.20

I'm thrilled. I have been looking for a sustainable alternative to the common period products for a long time. So far I have never been able to put up with it very much. It was always too uncomfortable or too impractical for me. When it came to period underwear, I was often disturbed by the raw materials. Your products are the absolute non plus ultra. Or as we say in Switzerland “Füfi unds Weggli”. Thank you very much for the great products, keep up the good work.

Suffer from endometriosis, you brought me back a piece of quality of life

Christine H. (36 years) on 05.08.20

"I love Femtis. The panties are very comfortable to wear and feel great! At the beginning I was a little skeptical about whether it would be uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I was quickly taught better and it is neither an uncomfortable feeling, nor is it wet or the like. You brought me back a piece of quality of life, because I suffer from very strong long-lasting menstrual pain (endometriosis) and tampons have made my symptoms even worse! So thank you, thank you, thank you. I will order from you again !!!!

Will definitely shop with you again

Stella W. (21 years) on 04.08.20

"I recently bought a pair of your period panties, the Jule ones, in a size M. Before buying these I had talked to some friends about it, some had tried a pair from another brand and were not very happy. I decided to try yours either way, since you are a brand based in the EU instead of the US, and were a much cheaper alternative to the big brand ones (you know which brand I'm talking about). I appreciated the accurate size chart, M was a perfect size for me! My friends that had bought from other brands told me that their sizes run way too small, so I almost bought a size L just in case, but decided against it. Since I have quite a heavy period, I tried them on the third day, but quickly realized that I could easily have worn them on the second day. I am very happy with the product, and will definitely shop with you again.

Greatest satisfaction

Mona M. (49 years) on 04.08.20

"In the meantime, and within just a few weeks, we have now bought the 3rd femtis panty for our daughter. I think that is a sign of great satisfaction! I am so glad that there is this "invention". This makes it much easier for our child to deal with the period. Greetings from Thuringia

Life changing!

Tania S. (20 years) on 04.08.20

"These period panties are life changing! First of all, they are super comfortable and easy to use. They do their job perfectly and without any leaks. I'm extremely safisfied to have found a good alternative to tampons. More Over they are vegan certified, what more can one ask? I bought three different pairs and I would love to test other of your panties. Thank you very much! With Love from Luxembourg

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Anna L. (23 years) on 03.08.20

"I would like to thank you very much for your great products! I have been looking for an alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons for a long time, I failed with the menstrual cup and was desperately unable to find a sustainable alternative. But then there was advertising for period underwear on Instagram, I had never heard of it before. Not from your company, but this advertising led me to investigate. I watched YouTube videos with recommendations, clicked through many, many providers and finally came to the conclusion that your products are the best for me. So off to the order and I am incredibly satisfied! Thanks alot! Finally no more foreign bodies, no uncomfortable feeling while exercising and all around I feel better now during my period! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I love femtis

Johanna P. (30 years) on 01.08.20

"You dear femtis people, you make my life easier, here is something for your homepage: In addition to all the good and convincing properties (vegan, no biocides, meeeeega comfortable! Etc.), the panties have managed one thing above all: to relax me. And that makes it so much easier, more pleasant, more beautiful, more livable. It's just a whole new safe and great feeling. In short: I love femtis 😍😍😍 “

I'm amazed at how well it works

Betina P. (44 years) on 01.08.20

"I took part in a training course on women's health as a naturopath and there was a lot of discussion about alternative options to tampons. Since I have not tried any period underwear myself and would not like to recommend something to my patients that I have not tried myself, I went on the search. Since I originally come from the Karlsruhe region, I chose Femtis. I have ordered 3 panties and am amazed at how well it actually works…. At first I thought I would try it carefully at home. But even on the second day, I felt in good hands and felt safe. I was afraid that it just feels like a kind of pad, but I have to say it really is an absolute broadening of horizons :0) I will definitely recommend your products.

No pollutants, company from Germany, good materials

Jana S. (30 years) on 31.07.20

"I did a lot of research on period underwear before I dared to order them. Ultimately, I chosed femtis because the overall package was the most harmonious: no odor-binding pollutants, company from Germany, good materials, nice design, reasonable price. When the underwear arrived at me, the positive impression could also be confirmed in advance. The briefs look very nice, are well made and comfortable.

Also ideal after sex

Jasmin G. (30 years) on 30.07.20

So far I have tested Insa and Kari. As described by many, I chose femtis specifically because of the vegan and biocide-free products. But it also convinced me in all further steps. The materials have a good quality. Concerning the size I orientated at the Femtis size chart and it fits like a glove! Which is often not the case for online orders, despite the size tables, so both thumbs up! Both panties are very comfortable, the Insa even more comfortable than Kari, probably because of the very soft cotton. Ultimately, it was the "function" that convinced me. It really absorbed everything and didn't give it up or let it run out. In contrast to previous feedback givers, from time to time I felt a slight moisture in the panties, but only briefly and in moments such as when putting it back on after the toilet. In addition to the mestruation, I also used the panties after sex. Then the soft material of the femtis is very pleasant and the femtis was able to easily catch the "discharge" afterwards. This is a huge relaxation for me compared to previous options such as pads. The purchase was therefore worthwhile in several ways. I would do it again anytime!

I feel safely hugged

Sabine M. (33 years) on 30.07.20

As I am writing this review, my ALWA panties have been washed and I cannot wait to put them back on. I purchased an ALWA and a KARI as a try-out. I had been looking for alternatives to tampons and my period cup for a while and was thrilled to find Femtis in my home country Germany. ALWA is supposed to be my night support, while KARI is the daytime companion. ALWA did a fantastic job. I felt safely hugged. The materials used feel soft, the looks do not differ much from my regular underwear. I really appreciate the lace details. At ~ 1.65 m and 57 kg I chose size M for both. I reached out to Femtis via Facebook since I was unsure about the size and especially the measuring and received quick and friendly help. (Some more guidance maybe with real-life photos on where to measure, compared to all the drawings one can find online, would be super cool.) Eventually, I went for M as I thought of wanting comfort over everything while being on my period and I am happy I did so. Once I am through this period, I am quite sure to get some more panties. It marks such a change to be able to just wear and trust my panties while bleeding. That said, I have a short and light to medium flow. Best regards from Finland

Price-performance ratio, vegan and without biocides TOP

Christina W. (30 years) on 29.07.20

I am a beginner in the subject of period underwear and after a long research and based on a recommendation I decided for femtis, because I like the price-performance ratio and the fact that you produce with organic cotton, vegan and without biocides. Unfortunately, I cannot cope with the menstrual cup and I no longer feel comfortable with tampons. With the Meja, I chosed a panty with high suction power, which made me feel completely safe. I didn't wear it on a strong day to slowly feel my way around. The protection area feels very thick at first, which is not noticeable when worn. Now, also for testing, I got another pair of panties from another company and I have to say, the MEJA wins as soon as I feel them :) Greetings from Berlin

I did a lot of research

Iza G. (39 years) on 27.07.20

"I am completely thrilled and feel very comfortable in the femtis panties. After all those years with tampons and sanitary napkins, I discovered the menstrual cup that I was happy with for a few years. After my abrasio (because of my miscarriage) I had to switch to sanitary napkinsand pads for a while. Even if they were organic, I wanted to avoid this constant buying and waste. I then discovered reusable pads that I was thrilled about for the first time. I was looking for a way that was 100% natural. These organic cotton pads were good but unfortunately not tight and therefore not ideal for every day of the period and every situation. I then continued to research and find out more about period panties, comparing all possible brands in Germany and some in Europe. Since most brands use biocides, and I was looking for a natural option as possible, very few were suitable for me. I would have liked to have done without polyurethane layers, but then it would not have been tight, as with my cotton pads. So I came to the conclusion that femtis was the best option for me: natural substances in contact with the skin on the cotton panties and no biocides. In addition, beautiful simple models. I ordered the INSA model to try and I am thrilled. Comfortable, safe, beautiful and odorless. So I also convinced my sister, who was also interested in period panties but had not yet chosen a brand. We then reordered 7 models together. I chose cotton because I don't like synthetic fabrics. I then ordered the LYNN model made from organic cotton. So soft and pleasant, but also completely leakproof. Unfortunately, I had to exchange the VIKA model because it was too tight on the leg, even though I am thin. I missed the pleasant, cozy feeling that I have with the other models. My sister is also very thrilled about the 6 models that she now has. Customer service is great. We exchanged my VIKA for a SVEA and everything went wonderfully. Even with a defect, she got a discount, which she was very happy with. The contact with you was also very friendly 😊 How great that you exist! My sister and I became fans of femtis. Thank you very much for this great and important work for the woman! 😀“

Nothing rustles

Lena G. (24 years) am 27.07.20

"I've had my panties for a month now and I'm totally thrilled! At first I was very skeptical whether they were tight at all, rustling somehow and how washing would work ... None of my fears were confirmed! The panties are totally comfortable, you can not see them through tight jeans and nothing rustles. In addition, I always have total security that nothing will get through. Too bad I didn't know them before.

The fabric is super soft and comfortable

Kim B. (34 years) on 25.07.20

I am happy to write to you how thrilled I am about your panties! I usually use a menstrual cup, but since pregnancy I have often felt with my little twins that it is not quite tight. So I wear your panties as a backup on the first two days of the period. On the last two days, which are very easy for me, I only wear your panties, which is much more pleasant for me. The fabric is super soft and comfortable to wear. The panty 'LENE' fits best so far, really super comfortable. But I would also like to test other of your panties.

Like new after repeated washing

Nicole B. (39 years) on 25.07.20

"I am very happy with my Femtis Period Panties, I have just ordered more. I have had them for some time and the femtis do better than a competitor brand. Comfort is great and even after repeated washing, the femtis still look like new. The other brand that I tried doesn't make it. I find the Period Panties much more comfortable to wear than sanitary napkins, it is also much more comfortable at night. No smell, no sweaty feeling. You come across sympathetically and I suspect that if there are questions or something is wrong with the goods, your service is good. The price-performance ratio is also right for me and I was happy about the offer with free delivery to Switzerland.

I was convinced by the absence of biocides

Julia P. (22 years) on 24.07.20

"I would very much like to give you feedback as I am really thrilled about your Femtis panties! First of all, they look really good, and not as if you are wearing a diaper :) They are extremely comfortable and the fabric is also pleasant on the skin. Ultimately, what convinced me is the absence of biocides, because I take great care of the environment. In addition, you produces less waste :) I will no longer use tampons! With your femtis panties I really have a better feeling for life during my period and I feel more free and generally more comfortable. Thanks for that and best regards from Vienna, Julia :)

It really doesn't get any faster

Jana M. (39 years) on 23.07.20

"First of all, many thanks for the super fast delivery, it really can't be faster. I am super happy to have finally found panties that relieve the environment and are comfortable to wear. No more running out at night, no slipping of pads ... just panties that fit perfectly. Perfect and especially in skin tone and black, that's all it takes. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Goodbye unpleasant surprises

Nicole B. (34 years) on 23.07.20

"I had ordered three Lene panties in an effort to move towards more sustainable period products. They are very comfortable and most importantly: leak proof. Goodbye unpleasant surprises in the morning! I feel so much more confident going through my day. They're easy to wash too and although I haven't tried them, I do appreciate the little travel bags they come with. Would definitely recommend them! Keep up the good work! Best wishes from Ireland

Can only agree with the other reviews

Nadine B. (24 years) on 22.07.20

"I have been using a menstrual cup for a long time and I still used it as a backup to pads on the strong days. After I often saw advertisements for menstrual underwear and thought the idea was good, I ordered the Kari in size M as a new backup alternative. The delivery arrived quickly and I can only agree with the other positive reviews. It feels nice to wear with soft fabric, I felt very safe even at night or during sports, without fear that something could leak or slip. For washing in the machine, I washed them with the normal colored clothes. I would definitely recommend them. "

Also great when doing sports

Claudia S. (34 years) on 22.07.20

"At first I was a little skeptical when I read about the Femtis panties. However, I decided to try them and I have to say that I am totally thrilled. The panties are very comfortable to wear and you almost forget that you have your period right now. I feel much more comfortable with the panties during my period than with various other hygiene items. They are also great when doing sports."

My daughter loves to wear the panties

Meike O. (49 years) on 21.07.20

"I ordered two Lene panties for my daughter, who has now had her period for the third time. She loves to wear the panties and also feels much "safer" with them. Even during school, the panties surely do their job very well. We are very enthusiastic and in addition to the comfortable fit, they also look very good. "

Use femtis now

Sarah P. (40 years) on 21.07.20

"I have just switched to your period underwear and am thrilled! For my strong days I use your Femtis panties as a backup to the menstrual cup. But for the other days, the panties alone and it is so great not to have to wear the odd padds anymore, which also irritated my skin and were very warm in the summer. Your panties are really great there. I particularly like that the "absorbent layer" goes all the way across the bottom to the cuff. You feel really safe there and the panties are so thin that it is not noticeable. The fits are perfect too. I would just like to have a few more colors to choose from. "

No comparison to pads!

Mareike R. (28 years) on 20.07.20

"I am absolutely thrilled about the panties I ordered from Femtis: ALWA and VIKA. The fit is great, they are very comfortable - no comparison to pads! I feel safe for the first time during my period. Thank you for the great product. I have already recommended it. "

Thanks to femtis, the world is getting a little better 😊

Jennifer S. (34 years) on 20.07.20

"The femtis bpanties are super comfortable and have a great fit. They are safe and I will definitely order them again :-) I have been looking for a way to reduce waste and live more sustainably for a long time. Thanks to you, the world is getting a little bit better 😊 Thanks for the great product! "

I would buy them again right away

Jelena S. (29 years) on 18.07.20

"I've tested Jule and Lene so far and I'm totally thrilled. I have never felt so comfortable during my period. No leakage or wet feeling so far. Great comfort and great workmanship. I would buy it again right away.

With me in less than 24 hours

Anna M. (32 years) on 18.07.20

"After my first period with your panties, I would now like to send you a little feedback. I ordered 3x Insa in size S: very pleasant fabric, comfortable fit on the hip, I think the outer material is great and you feel completely protected all the time, the fabric absorbs everything directly before it becomes uncomfortable - great! I also think it's great that you completely do without products of animal origin and chemicals, which is exactly why I decided to order from you. What really amazed me is your customer service: in less than 24 hours my order was processed and the product was with me - amazing. I am totally enthusiastic and will rely on your panties as often as possible in the future. Please keep it up! 😊“

It is a relief that nothing can go wrong

Christin H. (35 years) on 17.07.20

"I am honestly very positively surprised by your product. It is very relieving to know that nothing can go wrong - even if it means a huge change if you have used tampons for years. I hope my positive impression remains and I get used to it. 😂“

It does exactly how you describe your product

Samantha de C. (40 years) on 16.07.20

"Thank you for the clear information on your website and during completing my order. Thank you for the care instructions and keeping me updated on the delivery which was quick! I bought LENE in Medium and I am very happy with the period panties. It is and it does exactly how you describe your product, the size is correct and it protects me in a comfortable way. I would highly recommend the good quality panties to other women. Wishing you a wonderful and healthy summer! Warm regards from Switzerland

It was the right decision!

Katerina A. (31 years) on 16.07.20

"You asked for feedback. I am happy to give that - because I am already convinced! Before the purchase, I was admittedly somewhat skeptical and more or less let two friends convince me, both of whom were enthusiastic. So I thought, ok, I'll give it a try ... I've been using the cup for two years and I get along very well. What really annoys me is that it slips regularly at night and what that means in the morning, you probably know yourself;). However, I also find pads impractical at night, because ultimately the same thing happens to them, and I also find pads very uncomfortable. So I ordered the Femtis panties especially for the night - and it was the right decision! No leakage, no uncomfortable sitting of the cup (I feel free in some way), a dry feeling in my pants and then it is also super comfortable! I will definitely order a few more soon.

You don't sweat so badly anymore

Lisa Évoluer (28 years) on 15.07.20

"I love your products! This makes it easier to endure a strong and long period. You don't sweat as terribly as with pads in hot weather and I don't need to change every 30-60 minutes. My period pains are even a little less and the strength a little less.

Not only safe with SVEA

Felicitas B. (24 years) on 15.07.20

"As of today, I am the proud owner of my first period underwear. Thanks to you, I have finally found a way to dispense with disposable products permanently. With SVEA, I not only feel comfortable and safe, but also beautiful. I am particularly pleased that you not only focuse on sustainable materials, but also on fair wages. Thank you!

I've ordered four times

Alexandra S. (44 years) on 14.07.20

"This is my second feedback, which I write after a few months of practical tests of the femtis panties. What can I say: we are still thrilled. I have now convinced 3 friends and they are also convinced of your briefs. I think the fact that I've ordered four times since January also speaks for itself. I hope you will be around for a long time!

Your panties help me a lot ☀️

Elisabeth S. (42 years) on 14.07.20

"I took the pill for a long time in order not to get a period because this is very complicated due to my disability (I have no arms) ... but I stopped taking it due to health rethinking ... I was looking for an optimal solution - if I can't and don't want to use it and pads are complicated when I need help at the toilet ... after a long research I came across your page 😀 ordered and tried them, and these panties are really great! You help me a lot! Thank you! ☀️ “

Great experience and enrichment

Sabine R. (45 years) on 13.07.20

"I ordered the panties ALWA and would NEVER have thought that I would be so thrilled!! The panties fit like a glove, they're totally comfortable (I would have thought you could feel the "insert" / thickening in tight pants, but that's not the case), and they're safe. For me a great experience and enrichment !!

I switched to femtis

Carmen B. (35 years) on 13.07.20

"After I had already tested reusable sanitary napkins, I have now switched to femtis period underwear and I am absolutely thrilled! In addition to the aspect of sustainability, the huge advantage is that the underwear is super comfortable and also totally safe. You notice almost no difference to normal underwear and is super protected. It also looks great! Thanks and keep it up!

100% satisfied

Eva L. (27 years) on 12.07.20

"I am 100% satisfied with the fast delivery and especially with LENE. The panty is super comfortable to wear, you forget that you have your days and it is super save. Thanks for that.

Don't smell at all and look really good

Linda B. (33 years) on 12.07.20

"I love your period underwear! I also wear it on other days, like normal underwear, because it is so comfortable. During my period they don't smell at all and look really good. I usually have size M, but I ordered L according to your size table and they fit. Thank you for making this wonderful product!

Feels like a goddess! I mean that seriously!

Taisia H. (20 years) on 10.07.20

I recently placed a small order with a friend to test this alternative next to the menstrual cup. After the first period, I immediately regretted not having ordered more and did it now, for one simple reason: Whenever I had my period, I felt uncomfortable, strange and limited when I used pads or tampons. The menstrual cup made me feel better, but I can't always use it. When I put your underwear on for the first time, I felt like a goddess! And I mean that very seriously! So comfortable and confident. And you can always put on your panties and don't have to force anything on your body, I think it's so great! I immediately recommended this alternative to my friends! Thank you for giving me such a positive feeling with such a simple thing!

Soo mega!

Sandra F. (21 years) via Instagram on 10.07.20

"Hey 😊 a short feedback from me: Thanks !!!! I've had thinx for a while and was pretty happy except for the wide shipping here. Then I won 2 of your panties at badassvegan and shortly afterwards I reordered them. Soo mega! I think it's really great that you do it and how incredibly good they are 😊 I always hated pads and tampons so much, but you didn't get to know more when you were growing up. I also bought a cup, but nothing even comes close to your panties! I no longer have to worry about what is going wrong, I have much less cramps, it doesn't smell and it is so comfortable to wear that you sometimes forget that you have your days 😍 Thank you so much for your great work 😊“

The femtis team is also great

Margarita B. (31 years) on 10.07.20

I'm thrilled. So far I have used a cup, the constant change has bothered me. So I ordered three panties and have been testing them for two days. They sit comfortably and look good. At first glance, you don't see that it is period underwear. I assumed that you would feel a thicker insert, but that's not the case. The femtis team is also great. A panty was sent to me in the wrong size. With Judith I was able to clarify the matter quickly and competently. Very clear buying recommendation!

You could convince me

Lara B. (38 years) on 08.07.20

"I am very happy with my two panties from you. I find Kari super comfortable to wear for the day and it looks chic. Insa is perfect for the night. It is my first experience with period underwear, I am thrilled. You were able to convince me and I will be happy to test more. Keep it up!

I was critical until the first wear

Tanita K. (27 years) on 07.07.20

"I was very critical concerning "menstrual underwear". When I decided to test it, my requirements were: comfortable fit, vegan fabrics and of course reliability. Until the first wear, I was critical of whether everything really "holds", but was then convinced otherwise. "INSA" is super comfortable and I felt safe both at night and during the day. The soft fabric is very pleasant and I am really enthusiastic throughout! Best regards and keep it up!

Very practical for allergy problems

Kimberly P. (26 years) on 06.07.20

"I would like to thank you for the great panties, I like this idea very much! As a woman with allergy problems, I think the washable, good-looking panties are super practical. Without pads, tampons etc., I can continue as normal in my period week, whether I am doing sports, cycling, running, working physically or just lying or sitting around. With your panties, I no longer have any concerns or complaints as to whether there are small glitches or pain in the lower abdomen due to blocked openings. Likewise, I do not have to worry about allergic reactions on my skin, because your briefs are so comfortable, soft, comfortable and still sexy as if they were normal underwear. I am very happy with your products! I would be happy to recommend you! My mother is already convinced and has ordered some! Greetings from the Eifel

With Jule safely through the day

Henriette M. (19 years) on 06.07.20

"I would like to give an assessment of the products. I used to use conventional tampons. Since I'm only 19 and will be dependent on these products for a while, I was looking for a waste-free alternative. At the beginning I was very skeptical whether all of this would work. But everything works great. Everyhting works fine. Now I don't have to think all the time if and when I need the next tampon. With Jule you can get through the day safely for the first day. The feeling when wearing it is very pleasant.

Ideal especially in summer heat

Lea L. (20 years) on 05.07.20

"I ordered one of your panties for the first time last week and I'm thrilled. Especially now in the heat you don't want to wear a pad during your period. Your panties are the right alternative right now and at the same time they look much fancier than normal underpants. I can be protected and stylish during my period without being able to see (or even like to hear) that I have my period. I am thrilled with your product and will definitely order more! Your service was also great and I think it's very good that you have enclosed a return instruction. That said, if the size hadn't fit, I could have sent the panties back easily. The size description was also exact - so everything was fine. Thank you for such a great product.

Just sit great

Yve S. (33 Jahre) via Instagram on 05.07.20

"It was the best decision in a long time to order your panties! 😁 Thanks for the super fast shipping. I think I order again. They just sit so great, so that I don't want to wear them not only at night, but also during the day 😁!“

Happy with Kari and Insa

Marlene G. (40 Jahre) on 04.07.20

"I'm super happy with my two Kari and Insa! Not a drop runs out, the clothes and sheets stay clean, but most of all ... they feel completely like normal, comfortable and soft underwear! Great, the cotton, great and light, the nylon. I'm thrilled, thanks!

Femtis best brand!!!

Níbia B. (36 years) on 04.07.20

"I was just looking for an alternative product to deal with my periods. I've been using the cup for 5 years now, but I always had accidents with it. Then I discovered the period panties. In the beginning, I discovered another brand and even bought one panty to try; some days later, I found out about Femtis, and also ordered one. Having compared 2 brands, I can say for sure that Femtis is the BEST!!! It's not only panties to be used as backup, as they really work even in the days where I had an intense flow. I wish I had read better about the other brand, as they leaked after 3 hours of use (I could have used the money to by 2 panties from Femtis instead 😉). Anyway, I even ordered 3 other Femtis now (the one I own and have tried is LYNN, and I just ordered one MEJA, one JULE, and one LENE) and I can't wait for them to arrive! The LYNN is super soft, and there were even times when I forgot I was on my period, as there is no odor, no weird wet sensation in the crotch, nothing! Thank you for making my periods hassle-free now. I wish you were there was I was younger, but I'm glad I've discovered Femtis now 😍. Best regards from Sweden

Recommendation for LENE

Nora G. (32 years) on 03.07.20

"I ordered LENE from you. I am very satisfied with this product. The material feels good, the fit is good and the handling and cleaning is also easy 😊 I will definitely recommend the panties.

Others rustled

Christina B. (28 years) on 02.07.20

"I already ordered “Kari” for testing 3 months ago and now I have to say that I am thrilled! = D I also tried period underwear from two other manufacturers and it was okay, but I could not have imagined wearing it in everyday life (only at night) as they were very thick, not so comfortable to wear and rustled. Had even given up on the idea. But the new attempt with you was worth 180%! XD Now I have ordered another 7 Kari and thank you for this new feeling of security and freedom! I really would have liked to be able to use this great period underwear in combination with my cup as a teenager! :)

Comfortable, safe and pretty

Jana G. (21 years) on 01.07.20

"I want to thank you for your wonderful products. I have now also tested KARI and I am still absolutely thrilled! I don't want to do without your panties anymore! They are so comfortable, safe, and pretty. The design is just great! I will probably buy more soon :)

I think it's extremely important that more people learn about your products

Lydia M. (21 years) on 30.06.20

"I have now started with my first period underwear and must honestly say that I am now almost looking forward to my periods. I discovered the menstrual cup a year ago to produce less waste. But by using the spiral, I still used pads and switched to tampons when I was traveling. I considered for a long time whether I should buy your underwear. The price is mega justified, but still not quite student-friendly. But now I have 3 models to test and I'm just thrilled. I find the panties mega nice and comfortable. They are no granny panties at all. I think it's extremely important that more people learn about your products. I became aware of this through Instagram and, especially for girls who are getting their days off, imagine that your products can be incredibly relieving. Above all, the panties had already arrived at my home after a day. Great service and great products, the panty with mash insert is my favorite so far.

Now do without painkillers

Johanna Z. (18 years) on 30.06.20

"My girlfriend made me aware of you. I am 18 and have always had severe pain during the period. I have tested your products and now do without tampon or cup and without painkillers. I am extremely satisfied. The panties are very comfortable to wear.

For me the best product for the days that I have ever tested!

Karoline M. (24 years) on 29.06.20

"I ordered my first three Femtis products a few weeks ago and tested them last week. I expected that I would have to combine my underwear with a menstrual cup or something similar during the first few days, that was not the case! They kept super tight, were comfortable to wear, even overnight, there was no odor and they also look good. For me the best product for the days that I have ever tested! Thank you very much, all the best from Austria

Cup didn't want to last, luckily I had my femtis on

Hanna S. (36 years) on 29.06.20

"I just got my first two femtis just in time for my menstruation. I have been using menstrual cups for a long, very long time, but since my son was born exactly four years ago, they have not functioned as I was used to. At times they slipped and I try to avoid going outside on such days. Too bad, because that is at least 12 days a year, sometimes a few more. I have been looking at period underwear for a long time and then decided spontaneously for you. And what can I say: I am thrilled! The day before yesterday my son had a birthday party - of course on the strongest of the period days. Yesterday a dear friend celebrated her 30th birthday - and this stupid cup just didn't want to last yesterday. Luckily I had my femtis on, quickly removed the cup and was able to really enjoy the first party since sooooooo long! The panties soaked up everything that shouldn't go anywhere else, a really good feeling. The panties also look nice and no one would think that they are very special briefs! From now on, these will be my loyal companions and my collection of two briefs must definitely be expanded. Thank you for making my life a little more relaxed!

Keep the period blood great!

Luisa H. (19 years) on 29.06.20

"In the last few days I have tried your underwear and I am thrilled. For me, the Lynn model lasted from 8 a.m. to about 5 p.m., which I think is very good. Even at night everything stayed clean and nothing leaked. I first tested with water and was skeptical because it leaked around the edges, but they keep the period blood great! The comfort is also very good. Nothing slides or is too tight and the feeling cannot be compared to that of a pad. Now I hope that the lpanties will last a long time, because they are not so cheap.

Now I sleep like a baby

Sophia I. (22 years) on 26.06.20

"I bought three panties (Alma, Svea and Insa) from you about 1 month ago. I'm thrilled! I use them as a backup to the menstrual cup and they reduce my feeling of stress enormously during my period days. I no longer have to think constantly whether I feel something leak or whether it's time to empty the cup again. The panties had the most extreme effect on my sleep. Otherwise, I always had a light sleep during my period so that I would know when to get up to empty the cup. Now I sleep like a baby, because even when my cup is full, I still have a period panty that supports me even more. My favorite model is Alwa, I think she looks great, but I wear Insa most often because she offers more protection. I am overjoyed with the purchase and plan to add a few more.Thank you for such a great product that is also vegan !!

Ordered the day before yesterday evening and just arrived

Lea H. (22 years) via Instagram on 26.06.20

"I wanted to thank you for the incredibly fast delivery. Ordered the day before yesterday evening and just arrived. Fits directly. I am thrilled about the quality and at the beginning I was rather skeptical about period panties. But they are almost invisible under your clothes and you forget so quickly that you have your days at all. And my worries about whether something could go wrong, as is sometimes the case with sanitary napkins, were completely unfounded. I am thoroughly thrilled about the products and the service and would recommend them at any time. Love your products. Thanks for that and a great weekend 🌞💛

Your period underwear makes be super happy!

Mona F. (30 years) on 26.06.20

"I wonder why I changed so late! I am so thrilled about your period underwear!! It is light and comfortable to wear - not much difference from other panties. No rustling of annoying sanitary napkins, no unpleasant tampons or the risk of a toxic shock syndrome ...! It just feels good not to have to worry about bleeding all day! I experienced my first period with underwear much more painless than before! ... Not only because I was much more relaxed! When I went to the toilet, I sometimes didn't even think about my period ... The fear that it would feel like you were wearing diaper pants was completely unjustified! The sewn-in reinforcement is hardly noticeable while you are wearing it! I wore the panties for 12 hours a day and felt really safe at all times! I am relieved that I made my way through the purchase, I am now much more relaxed and satisfied! Your period underwear makes me super happy! THANK YOU!

Don't worry about leaking anymore

Marei W. (20 years) on 25.06.20

"For almost a month ago I ordered my first period underwear and finally I was able to try it out. The panties look very pretty. I ordered the Alwa model and am pleasantly surprised. I am lucky not to have too strong period days and I was able to wear the panties all day without any problems. This almost made me forget that I have my period because otherwise I would be constantly reminded of this by changing the sanitary napkins or the cup. I also felt very comfortable and safe during sports and I am happy that I no longer have to worry about "leaking" at night, which usually happens to me. I am completely satisfied with the product and hope to be able to wear it for a few more years.

Less pain and waste

Jenny S. (28 years) on 24.06.20

"At the end of March I ordered a Jule panty that arrived faster than announced. I have now been able to test it a few times and I am very thrilled. It is very comfortable to wear, no more annoying slipping of the pads, I just feel more secure and do not have to constantly check whether something went wrong. Since I often have a two-day pain during the period and I feel that it gets worse from wearing tampons, I am really happy with the purchase. I also think the environmental aspect is great! You can really save a lot of waste by wearing the panties.

Protected feeling

Anne P. (33 years) on 23.06.20

"A big compliment in advance for the nice and helpful information on the phone! My first order to try was the Ella model. The size chart is great, the size ordered fits like a glove, plus fast shipping and confidence-inspiring material. So I couldn't wait to try the panties after washing them for the first time and was actually too impatient and took them directly as the only protection for a two-hour walk ;-) I'm thrilled! No uncomfortably fitting tampon that is annoying when running, no sanitary napkin that never actually sticks where it should ... The panty does what it promises and creates an incredibly relieving feeling of being protected and not having to worry about it. I also thought washing out with cold water was much more unpleasant. So it was already clear that this had to be expanded because the return to sanitary napkins and pads was annoying. Second test: once overnight. Here too a wonderfully safe feeling, no slipping, leakage or constantly going to the toilet. Hence the reordering: once each model Alwa, Meja and Vika. Nice that there is so much choice and with the model Vika there is now a skin-colored panty. So far, I would never have thought of wearing my bright summer dresses during my period, but now I'm looking forward to the opportunity. Also here: sizes fit great, quickly here and the models with lace are extremely comfortable to wear, not as scratchy as other lace underwear. Conclusion: I am enthusiastic and hard-working to recommend. Sunny greetings from Hamm!

Gain in quality of life

Maria (46 years) on 23.06.20

"My daughter tested your underwear and also ordered me a set. I was able to test it myself now and I am super thrilled. Unfortunately, there was no such great thing before. It's all dry, you feel super safe and the panties also look great. I will definitely tell my friends that they change too. You have a real gain in quality of life. Please continue.

My teenage daughter is so thrilled

Nina L. (43 years) on 22.06.20

"I ordered the panties for myself and my daughter. My teenage daughter is so thrilled. I am very happy that we have found an alternative to traditional consumables. For my daughter, it makes it much easier to deal with her period every day, since she is only 11 years old, and changing the sanitary napkins is often 'forgotten'. So she feels much more comfortable. We already ordered new panties. Nice to have you.

Top product

Veronika L. (19 years) on 22.06.20

"I am absolutely thrilled about your period panties! I recently got to try them out, they're just great! The panties are comfortable and you hardly notice that there are so many layers. I got the INSA and LYNN panties and they are both very comfortable, look chic and have good absorbency. I am also thrilled that your brand is vegan, ecologigal certified and free of silver and biocides, and that the panties are made of breathable cotton. I also had no major problems with the smell. A top product, which I like to buy again.

Work as promised

Muriel D. (24 years) on 21.06.20

"Hello! For the birthday of my twin sister I have ordered three Femtis period pants and I am very satisfied with the shipping (time) and of course with the product. From my older sister I know that the period underwear works as it should and it is "promised" :) So I'm very satisfied for now and hope also for good feedback from the birthday child 😊

I have long considered

Jana K. (35 years) on 21.06.20

"I have long considered whether the Femtis panties could be something for me and whether it is really so pleasant to wear them. And they are not cheap at first glance ... but your statements on the homepage attracted me and the idea of saving unnecessarily waste in the form of tampons and pads unnecessarily was the decisive factor. And what should I say? I am very stunned! Wearing the Femtis panties is much more comfortable and washing and cleaning are no problem either! Thanks for the great product!

I consciously chosed you

Steffi B. (38 years) on 20.06.20

"Dear femtis team, I ordered the INSA and ALWA models from you a few weeks ago. For a long time I wavered between you and another provider and first wanted to order and compare something from both. However, I only decided for you for two reasons: a) because your ratings for the fit of the panties after washing were good (besides all the other well-rated points :)) and b) because I shared your philosophy and your entire engagement is very good: Panties without feminism, sustainability, educational work, clarity and focus on the product! I'm also very happy with the two panties themselves. I have a very strong period and have always been worried about bleeding through the night or staining throughout the day. However, with the two panties I feel very safe and they are comfortable to wear. No pampers effect. Conclusion: I will definitely buy more models. I wish you a lot of success on your further way!

Stylish, sexy and super practical

Erika P. (32 years) on 20.06.20

"My girlfriend put me on the cute panties and I find them just stylish, sexy and super practical and comfortable to wear <3 I will definitely buy more panties and will be happy if the collection continues to grow :-)

Convenient for rhythmic gymnastics

Manuela K. (47 years) with daughter (14 years) on 19.06.20

"The underpants are a blessing especially for my daughter, 14 years old. She does competitive sports, rhythmic gymnastics. When training and especially during competitions, you cannot occur with normal sanitary napkins during the menstrual period. This can slip and you can see the curvature on the competition suit. But thanks to Femtis, she can wear the underpants under the gymnastics costume without any abnormalities. Very convenient.

Feel really good with my underwear!

Gesa R. (41 years) on 19.06.20

"I am really thrilled! I do a lot of sport and feel really good with my underwear! Today I was paddleboarding and then even went into the water with the femtis panties because it just fits perfectly and looks good! It is very, very safe even at night! Thank you for your products!!

You are really great!!!

Sonja N. (29 years) on 18.06.20

"I have now ordered your wonderful panties for the second time and I am really thrilled. My favorites are Lene and Alwa. I immediately ordered the new Meja panties and have to say that they are really wonderful. The design is super chic and the fit, like all the others, is flawless. I like them all very much! Functionally top anyway! The feeling is incredibly good and safe with all of your panties that I've tested so far! Even on the hardest days, nothing happens with them as a backup to the menstrual cup! And that is really a comforting feeling! When doing sports (cycling, horseback riding, hiking, yoga) they sit great, you never have an uncomfortable or disturbing feeling. Simply great! And I also like to wear them on the "normal" days with a stronger discharge! I can really recommend the panties to anyone who wants to make their days easier and more relaxed! You are really great!!!

Perfect for school and sport

Martina S. (54 years) with daughter Dana (14 years) on 17.06.20

"My 14 year old daughter discovered the panties by accident and she is thrilled. It simply makes her feel safer when doing sports and at school. And besides, the mountains of waste that will accumulate in the course of her period life will disappear. This is a very big topic for the youth and Femtis helps her with it. We say thank you and share our experiences with friends. Greetings from Austria

I feel super comfortable with the panties at volleyball and bike riding

Janice B. (33 years) on 17.06.20

"I highly recommend femtis panties!! I am so so so happy with my femtis panties! My only mistake was that I didn't buy more! I have never felt more comfortable during my period. I didn't leak once, I loved not worrying what my bedding would look like in the morning and if my dress blew in the wind, only my beautiful panties would be visible. I played volleyball, walked in the forest and rode on my bike and I felt super comfortable with no leaks! They were easy to wash and just such a wonderful experience! Kindest regards from Sweden

Our daughter now feels safe

Mona M. (47 years) with daughter on 16.06.20

"About 3 weeks ago I ordered the INSA femtis panties for my daughter (just 10 years old). She has had a menstrual period since April, which is really early and terrible for a 10-year-old mouse. In addition, she has the bleeding so heavy that she cannot manage to take care of herself hygienically so well at school and has to go to the toilet all the time, which is very uncomfortable for her. Fortunately, I came across your product and ordered it immediately. I chose the panties for heavy bleeding. We tried it at home on the weekend on the heavy days of the menstrual period. From 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., to our astonishment, the panties held out great. Only when you wash out, you see what huge "capacity" the panty has. Thanks to your great product, our daughter now feels safe on the heavy days of the menstrual period. Thank you for that and best regards from Thuringia

The purchase price is a small hurdle

Franzika S. (30 years) on 16.06.20

"I am really pleasantly surprised by your products! The material is comfortable, the cut is good. I am very happy with this environmentally friendly alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons. Only the purchase price is a small hurdle, because you need about 6 of the panties. But little by little it is possible :)

Thanks for the great alternative!

Veronika M. (30 years) on 16.06.20

"For health reasons, I was not allowed to use my menstrual cup and tampons for my last and upcoming bleeding. Since I don't find sanitary napkins very useful from both a technical and sustainable point of view, I finally decided to order three of your panties (2x Insa, 1x Lene). I tried the three panties immediately after delivery. They are really super comfortable and comfortable to wear. Thanks for the great alternative! You made my current situation a lot easier.

My daughter is absolutely thrilled

Christina H. (49 years) with daughter on 15.06.20

"My daughter (12 years) was totally panicky every month when she got her period. Had to bring her back from school again and again, because sanitary napkins were not enough for her in the first few days, she doesn't use tampons yet. A mom recommended the great femtis period panties to me, my daughter is absolutely thrilled. She can even go swimming and there are no more problems at school!

Sad to have to wear sanitary napkins again

Rabea B. (25 years) on 14.06.20

"I have long considered whether I should buy period underwear because I do not have quite as much money available and the price of the underwear is very high in relation to my income. I then ordered the "Lene" with a friend to test whether the panties do what they promise. And I'm thrilled. The underwear is incredibly comfortable (I would wear them also outside the period) and there were no "accidents". If anything, it only felt damp for a short time in between. I was particularly skeptical about smell. At first I didn't notice any smell. After a few hours you smelled a bit of something on the toilet, of course, but everything was fine outside the pants. I was really sad that during my test phase I only had one pantie for my period and I had to wear sanitary napkins again the next day.

Very happy for months

Angela T. (27 years) on 14.06.20

"I have had my panties for a few months now, I am very satisfied and have a good reason to look forward to my days. The panties do what they should do. I feel safe with it, they are very comfortable to wear and there is no waste at all! Thanks for the work you do!

Reliable and great prices

Ira J. (30 years) on 12.06.20

"So, here are a few words for evaluating the period panties: Super comfortable to wear, even at night :) Nothing really runs out! And they are very reliable. Nice models!! Super fit, size accuracy, top! In addition: great prices! Trusted company, keep it up!!

Would always recommend femtis!

Christine K. (35 years) on 12.06.20

"I recently ordered three period panties from you, two Alwa and one Insa. I chose your period panties because they are free of harmful substances and actually because of the price. Since I had never come into contact with period panties before, I wasn't sure if I would like them. The first unpacking of the panties did not disappoint me. The fabrics felt soft inside and out. There were also no seams that would interfere with wearing. The lace of the Alwa model also felt pleasant. The protection area in the panties was not as thick and stiff as feared and did not rustle or crackle, as one sometimes reads from other period panties. On the contrary, you could feel it, but it was surprisingly thin and followed every movement. The first wear showed that your size chart helps you find the size. The Alwa model fits like a glove. The Insa model is slightly smaller in waist size than the Alwa model. The wear test of the models was very satisfactory and reassuring. I was able to wear Alwa and Insa all day, and even late at night, without becoming uncomfortable or feeling like something was leaking. I could not find any unpleasant smells or stains that were emerging. I also did the washing of the period panties and am really happy with the handling. The only thing that bothers me personally is the low height of the Insa panty. Especially during my period, I would like this panty to sit a little higher. All in all I am very satisfied! Wearing the period panties is very relaxing for me because I don't have to worry about anything. I would recommend femtis at any time!

Completely tight and odorless

Dana S. (24 years) on 11.06.20

"I thought about buying the panties for a long time and finally decided to do so. And I would like to briefly tell you how thrilled I am about your panties. They sit very comfortably, keep completely tight even in heavy periods, are odorless and washing in the machine works without any problems, even with other laundry. Incidentally, of course, you are also doing something good for the environment. Thank you for this great underwear.

Great that your panties are free of silver and biocides!

Maya B. (20 years) on 10.06.20

"I am keeping a long story short: I'm totally convinced of your period underwear! Right now I'm trying out the "Ella", it sits well, looks great, I just feel safe in it (especially at night no trouble). I have already tried other suppliers, the most important thing for me was that the underwear is actually environmentally friendly and safe, and I met Femtis. I think it´s great that your panties are free of silver and biocides! I am looking forward to new models and more choices :) Until now: Thumbs up!

A lot of love

Christina via Instagram on 09.06.20

"Dear femtis team, I just wanted to send you a lot of love. Your underwear is so great! I've never had such a comfortable period, no stress, no leakage, easy to integrate into my everyday life with two babies 😍💃“

A big fan

Lena D. (24 years) on 09.06.20

"I'm a big fan of your Period Panties! Not only the ideal addition to menstrual cups, because it is environmentally friendly, no slipping or sticking to the thighs, as with conventional pads, but also perfectly suitable for heavy discharge to keep your pants dry on such days. I'm super happy! Thank you! Greetings from Vienna!

Chosen because you don't use biocides

Nicola S. (22 years) on 08.06.20

"I have already used the LENE period panties twice during my period and have to say: I have never had days so pleasant! I felt so safe with it, had no dehydration with a tampon and didn't have to worry about the day. It was really a relief. I am really very happy with your product. Since I try to live as sustainably as possible, but can't handle period cups at all, your panties are really a great alternative to the waste-producing tampons and sanitary napkins. There are now many suppliers of period panties. I chose you because you don't use biocides. I think that's really great!

Recommended by sister-in-law

Manuela S. (44 years) with daughter on 07.06.20

"I heard about these panties from my sister-in-law. She is so thrilled, so I first ordered 1 panty for my teenage daughter who just got her period. She was also immediately impressed because it is much easier to use and I was very impressed with her panties because it also held great at night and the bed is not soiled by the slippage of a sanitary napkin. Then I ordered my own pants and my sister also ordered directly when I ordered. We still have to test and are very excited.

Right choice

Andrea G. (38 years) on 06.06.20

"I received the panties last week and was able to test them directly. I'm thrilled! The panties feel very good and have also survived the washing in the washing machine very well. You feel completely free during the period and do not have to limit yourself with anything. I used to be afraid that something would leak at night - now I sleep completely relaxed and, like every day, I just change my panties in the morning. I ordered seven of them straight away, but they probably won't be the last. I would still like to have something skin-colored. Especially in summer, people like to wear lighter clothing. All in all, I am extremely satisfied and will also recommend the panties. Especially in times when we should think about avoiding waste, these panties are the right decision for me.

You changed my life!

Laura E. (23 years) on 06.06.20

"I have written some feedback before, but I only had one panty of yours and now that I have two I can say: You changed my life! I don't worry anymore when I go outside that you could somehow see the outline of a sanitary napkin through your pants or that you might see a blood stain. I feel totally safe and protected and still super comfortable! Perfect fit and simply comfortable to wear! Since I raved about you so much, my best friend decided to order from you too and my sister is already playing with the idea. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making these uncomfortable days a month so pleasant!

I'm very satisfied

Silke F. (38 years) on 06.06.20

"The panties were delivered very quickly, are very comfortable to wear and look beautiful. As promised, they also store the liquid very well. I am very satisfied and will recommend you to others.

I still need some of them

Peggy A. (45 years) with daughter (12 years) on 05.06.20

"OMG ..... what do you do when the daughter gets her period. You are so out of it all and what is there on the market. Want to take 12 year old tampons or pads ???? My head asked questions after questions and I didn't know how to deal with this situation. First she took sanitary napkins - she categorically rejected tampons. I did some research on the Internet - maybe something has changed on the market that makes the topic of sanitary napkins and tampons superfluous. And then I came across the website www.femtis.de and red and said to myself: "okay try it out". I ordered three panties (two for strong days and one for weak days), I explained it to my daughter and she used them for the next period. Fortunately, because of CORONA was no school, who knows if it works ???? But lo and behold, little daughter was thrilled and said: "Mom, I still need some of them so that you don't have to wash every day. They are great. I feel very comfortable with them." Lucky - puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh passed a milestone and I hope that my child copes better with the great panties by femtis.

You don't experience something like this everywhere

Stefanie K. on 03.06.20

"I am not only thrilled with the comfort and absorbency of the panties, but also with the friendliness and professionalism of the entire company and its employees. Questions are answered immediately and we are ALWAYS looking for a solution that will satisfy the customer. You don't experience something like this everywhere. Many thanks for that!


Sylvia H. with daughter (15 years) on 03.06.20

"Dear femtis team, I ordered the item LENE XS for my 15 year old daughter. I have to say this product is excellent! We have been looking for a long time, finally found it. My daughter is very, very thrilled! Thank you, thank you. We will recommend you and will certainly order again. We can only say: GREAT!!!

My daughter feels very comfortable

Simone M. (41 years) with daughter (11 years) on 03.06.20

I have ordered 3 Femtis panties (2 x Lene, 1 x Alwa) for my 11-year-old daughter to test. They arrived quickly and were needed a short time later. Thanks to the detailed sizes, they fit very well and my daughter feels very comfortable with them. Since my daughter is very active (dancing, athletics, traveling with friends), the tension was great whether the panties do what they promise. And really: The panties went through everything without running out. My daughter also always had a pleasantly dry feeling and felt safe and free to move. I have already washed the panties according to the specifications (we only had 3), all without problems. As a result, I have now ordered a further 7 panties from you and we are already looking forward to receive them.

Incredibly supportive

Sonja N. (29 years) on 02.06.20

I am thrilled with your wonderful period panties. I use it as a backup to my menstrual cup on the stronger days and as sole protection on the weaker days. Through your panties I really got a lot more (self) security and confidence during my period! They make me feel safe and are incredibly comfortable. In addition, they also look super chic, modern and feminine. The comfort is really optimal. I find your panties incredibly supportive and I am very happy to have them as great companions during my period! Keep it up!

Real game changer

Klara F. (25 years) on 31.05.20

I'm just blown away! I tried my new SVEA for the first time yesterday. I'm honest: I've really never worn a sanitary napkin in my life - I've been using tampons for the first hour, so for 13 years. I've been looking for a sustainable alternative for a long time, but what really gave me the pressure to take control of it was the pain that tampons triggered at some point. So I skeptically ordered SVEA (great, by the way, that there is also a thong version!). When I unpacked it, I thought: "Wow, it's really quite thick ..." and was even more skeptical. Yesterday I really let it matter: third day of the period, tight jeans and off we go. What can I say? I was happy all day! No pain when sitting; no annoying washing of hands four times and complicated balancing in public toilets while woman tries to change her tampon; no wrapping and disposal of tampons and of course no waste production! SVEA was more comfortable than most of my other panties. In short: I ordered three more. Femtis is a real game changer for me! Thank you so much!

Comfortable and absorbent

Nadine M. (24 years) on 30.05.20

The underwear is very comfortable and absorbent. So far I have nothing to complain about :)

Love my new panties

Kathrin J. (36 years) on 30.05.20

I love my new period panties (Lene and Insa). I feel very safe when I wear it. I usually combine them with a period sponge to really minimize any risk. So far, there has never been an accident. Thank you for that and keep it up!

THANK YOU wholeheartedly

Marie F. (32 years) on 28.05.20

I recently bought a pair of panties from you and have already used them - I am absolutely thrilled. I am so happy that I live in a time when there are an incredible number of inspiring, brave and brilliant women who create such innovative things as menstrual panties, which in turn make life easier for countless women. THANK YOU wholeheartedly, I have rarely felt so carefree during my period. All the best from Switzerland

Everything is just right here

Carolin J. (29 years) on 28.05.20

A little feedback to your underwear. I am super thrilled. 100% tightness with very high wearing comfort. I have already been able to test other providers. But everything is just right here. I have nothing negative to say. I will recommend it to everyone I know because I am 100% convinced. A really good alternative to disposable products. Thank you 😊 “

Simply carefree

Jana G. (21 years) on 27.05.20

„I am very happy that I discovered you! I think the idea behind your panties is just great, sustainable, vegan, free of biocides and simply carefree! I have already tested "Insa" once and am surprised and thrilled about the absorbency. I will definitely continue testing. Thank you for offering such a wonderful alternative to traditional products!

Even with interval training, nothing slips

Katharina S. (25 years) on 26.05.20

„Hello dear femtis team, my enthusiasm: Today I wore "Lene" all day and then during my fitness. I do interval training and even there is nothing slipping. The panties are super absorbent and there are no residues, so that I wonder: How did you do it? Even at sanitary napkins the absorbency is not that high. You thrilled me! :-) The comfort: I feel safe with the panties, that's very important to me. The wearing comfort is also very pleasant and you don't feel anything during the day, I even wondered if I still have my period. So you don't have to worry about the period anymore. The fabric: Chemicals and pesticides are not there, as can be the case with conventional sanitary napkins or tampons. I unpacked the new "Lene" panties and there was no smell, the quality of the fabric is soft and pleasant. Care is also easy. My favorite period panties from femtis: I would like to try out all panties! Many thanks to the femtis team for this great work. You will definitely hear from me again soon!

I can recommend them to everyone

Kira W. (20 Jahre) on 26.05.20

„Hello dear, I never felt comfortable when I had my period. Since I don't like tampons, only the sanitary napkins were an option for me, which were never really pleasant for me. When I found out about period underwear, I got the femtis period panties. I was so surprised how normal the panties look and how comfortable they are to wear. No rubbing, no embarrassing leakage at night when you stay with the friend. Since I have been wearing the period panties from femtis, I feel safe and normal when I have my days and can only recommend them to anyone looking for an alternative.

Bleeding through was the norm

Miriam K. (42 years) on 25.05.20

„So far I have used various menstrual cups and Levantine sponges combined with fabric sanitary napkins and conventional sanitary napkins and I have a very heavy bleeding. Especially at night and at work, when you can't change every 1-2 hours, bleeding through was often the norm. I actually ordered “Jule” as a backup and I'm really pleasantly surprised! Just tested on the first days of the night, without any other products and what can I say ..., very comfortable, no slipping, nothing went wrong. The Jule offers perfect protection, especially in the front and back, where things like to spill at night. It is advisable to consult the size table. The purchased size according to the table fits perfectly and is very comfortable. And, depending on their absorbency, they need some time to dry. It is therefore advisable to order a sufficient number of pieces. But it's always worth it if you extrapolate other products and in combination with the very fair discounts anyway. I will definitely recommend them!

It's great to know that nothing goes wrong

Stefanie G. (31 years) on 24.05.20

„I have treated myself to an INSA and have to say that I am very happy! It sits great, is comfortable and has a nice fabric that feels breathable to me. It is absorbent and has not yet leaked. However, I only use it on my weaker days alone, since I have to empty the cup every hour on the strong days - it serves as a backup. I wanted to try them out because sometimes I just don't feel like the cup and the INSA is perfect for that. It's great to know that nothing goes wrong even though you "leak". Great feeling of freedom for me! Thank you 😊

Especially satisfied with JULE

Rebecca D. (39 years) on 23.05.20

„My name is Rebecca and I would like to leave you some feedback about your period panties. At the beginning, I first found out what was on the market, but then I ended up with you very quickly. I think it's very good that you produce your products sustainably, fairly and vegan. Among other things, these were criteria that I looked for. What was also a criterion is size. Not every provider has period panties for the curvy woman. Yeah, another plus. I first ordered two different period panties from you, on the one hand to test how they fit (cut / fit / wearing comfort) and, on the other hand, to test how safe (leakage) they are. I had ordered the "Jule" and "Lene" models, as I usually have more bleeding in the first few days and these are designed for this. Both models passed the test. They are leakproof, sit well and I could not find any smell. I was and am more than satisfied. I don't feel insecure with the period panties. Rather the opposite! I think they give me freedom. I can move normally without fear that something might slip and goes wrong. It is also a pleasant feeling during the day. Also the concern that you don't notice when to change your panties was unfounded. I use about 3 - 4 period panties, depending on the bleeding, throughout the day. Cleaning the period panties is also very easy. In the end, however, I opted for the "Jule" model and also reordered because I found the fit to be a little more comfortable. The panties are cut higher, which I think is an advantage because the waistband does not press too much on the abdomen. I also think it's good that with this period panty the "suction surface" / the inner fabric is cut higher at the front and almost stops at the shin. This is a few cm shorter with the "Lene" model. With the few cm more fabric in front, I feel much more comfortable and safe. All in all, I can recommend you with a clear conscience and I have already done so. Just keep it up! I will stay with you and will reorder if possible. Thank you very much for your efforts to make the world a little better!

Gives my daughter freedom back

Sabine W. (49 years) with daughter (12 years) on 23.05.20

„I bought Femtis for my daughter (12 years old). She is thrilled because it gives her back freedom ... Although this section of a woman's life is completely natural, routine and normal at some point, I can understand that she also finds the changeover "annoying". She thinks the panties are great and she feels safe. For me, cleaning the panties is complex, no question, but I like to do it for my daughter.

Have had bad experiences elsewhere

Sarah H. (25 years) on 22.05.20

„I got my first femtis panty from a friend who unfortunately ordered one size too small. I am completely satisfied. It stays tight and after washing the panties keep their shape and fit. Unfortunately I had bad experiences with another company. Have now reordered from you. You are really quick to send and your packaging is also great :)

Safe wearing comfort

Selene V. (30 years) on 21.05.20

„A few days ago I ordered two femtis panties from you. I am pleasantly surprised because they fit very well and you never have the feeling that something is leaking. Sport is also much more pleasant because you have a secure feeling with it. It is a great alternative to the standard hygiene items and very clean. I'm very satisfied! Thank you so much.

Freedom after childbed

Anni S. (32 years) on 21.05.20

„A few weeks ago I bought 2 Femtis period panties. I also wanted to give my feedback. In preparation for the upcoming childbed after the birth of my second child, I was looking for an alternative for the annoying sanitary napkins and came across the Femtis period underwear. Since the constant and especially week-long wearing of sanitary napkins in the first puerperium was very annoying, I was curious how it would be with period underwear this time. The moment I was able to exchange the obligatory thick sanitary napkins for period underwear the first few days after birth was wonderful. It gave me a bit of normalcy back in this special time and I was able to move more freely and actively again - day and night. Thanks for that! I will definitely recommend the panties to friends who are pregnant.

No mess, no hourly change

Nina H. (40 years) on 20.05.20

„I got my period back exactly one year after the birth of our twins. And as these are the last kids, it is now said, to live with the period for a few more years 😉 What is more: my bleeding is heavier than ever and I no longer feel like using OBs (because of the environment, but also for health reasons), the menstrual cup failed (which hurts me for some reason) and sanitary napkins I just don't think it's so hygienic. So I came across the Period Panties and at first I didn't want to believe that it works. But lo and behold: it works! No mess, no hourly change, no pain, no pollution :)

Don´t like sanitary napkins

Lena S. (28 years) on 19.05.20

„After reading about the fact that the recommended wearing time of tampons could lead to blood poisoning, I didn't want to wear tampons any more, especially at night. Since I don't like sanitary napkins, I ordered the panties. After a first test I can say that the panties are a great alternative and after it was super tight at night, I will soon start the everyday test.


Naeema A. (29 years) on 19.05.20

„I love my Femtis underwear! It is nicely cut, sits super comfortably and is very absorbent. Finally I can do sports again despite the period, no longer need uncomfortable plastic sanitary napkins and do not produce a lot of waste. I also tried different menstrual cups, but unfortunately I couldn't cope with them. The femtis panties did not leak, despite heavy bleeding, and they are easy to wash with the rest of the laundry. I am happy to recommend you.

Package arrived in less than 24 hours

Inga D. (27 years) on 18.05.20

„Yesterday I got the Alwa and Lene panties and was thrilled with the short amount of time that had passed from the time of the order until I held the package in my hands - it took less than 24 hours for the two panties to arrive. Of course I had to try it out right away and was thrilled from the very first minute. I have never felt so safe and well protected during my period - unbelievable how such a thin and unobtrusive panties can stay dry all day. Up until now, I always thought that the advertisements of women jogging in white pants during their period are completely over the top. Now that I have Alwa and Lene, I could suddenly imagine something like that. Thanks for that. I have already recommended Femtis to my friends and will definitely try other models in the future.

Customer service also quick and helpful

Susi F. (24 years) on 18.05.20

„After finally trying out my panties, I wanted to give you my feedback. I tested 2x Lynn and 1x Alwa. They convinced me very much. They look like normal panties (my friend did not see any differences), are very comfortable to wear and you can do everything, whether chilling on the couch, hiking, climbing, cycling. I always had a dry, comfortable and safe feeling. Fat thumbs up :) The customer service is also quick and helpful. With the femtis panties I finally found the perfect alternative to the conventional products. Thank you for that and keep it up :D

I wouldn't have bought them with biocides

Daniela W. (45 years) on 18.05.20

„Thanks for the quick delivery. I think the laundry instructions are great, as is the packaging. I think it's good that no biocides, etc. are used for your panties, so I wouldn't have bought them. Size M is very good, very comfortable. Best greetings from Switzerland

Insanely fast

Stephie D. (33 years) on 17.05.20

„I came up to your panties by my sister, they were delivered incredibly fast, even on time for the next date 😊 They are super comfortable and worn together with a cup you can see no difference to normal pants. Unfortunately, the lace panties were not available in my size, they would make the whole outfit even more sexy 😆 “

Ella tested

Sonja F. (27 years) on 17.05.20

„I have finally been able to test my recently acquired Ella and I am thrilled. It fits perfectly and gives me a secure feeling and it dries quickly. I was also very happy about the beautifully designed parcel. I find the care instructions, on which everything is explained step by step, very helpful. Keep it up!

Perfect fit in the saddle

Stefanie H. (31 years) on 16.05.20

„I want to give positive feedback on the products. I've never felt so good during my period. Even in the saddle during a riding lesson everything was fine and nothing pressed. You make life easier for women 😉. “

Reliant on throw-away products so far

Regina S. (54 years) on 15.05.20

„Thank you for the quick delivery of my order. Was just jogging in the forest without 'disposable laundry protection'. I am thrilled and very happy. I have bladder weakness and have always had to rely on disposable products when doing sports. I am very grateful that your products are available.

Really good

Britta R. (44 years) with daughter Hannah (15) on 14.05.20

„The femtis panties really work really well. My daughter (15) is thrilled. They wear like normal underpants, you don't sweat and you don't notice moisture because the material absorbs so well. We regret that we only ordered three and not seven ...

Very beautiful!

Lina N. (27 years) on 13.05.20

„I'm thrilled! The panties are very comfortable to wear, they don't show on the pants, even if I wear tight pants. They stay in their place, nothing goes through and also very important: they are very beautiful!

Odorless and convenient

Lara L. (29 years) on 12.05.20

„I use the period panties as a replacement for sanitary napkins and I am really thrilled. I don't bleed so much, so I don't have to change them as often and it never drips through. At the same time, I am surprised and glad how odorless and comfortable they are, thin enough not to press on the stomach and still beautiful. For women who are not tampon / cup fans, a perfect, very pleasant replacement. A good addition for everyone else and certainly also ideally usable for postoperative bleeding at birth. I really have never been such a product fan and wish I had known about it a few years earlier. If at some point they become cheaper, it could be a great solution for women in countries that are extremely disadvantaged and discriminated against due to their menstrual period. Thank you very much, I diligently recommend your period panties!

Feel a lot safer

Julia W. (24 years) on 12.05.20

„I feel much more secure with period panties than with sanitary napkins and use them occasionally alone or only as a back-up with my cup. I showed them to a couple of friends and they think the idea is great too! Maybe you will have more customers soon;)

Wonderful with your underwear

Anne-Christine W. (36 years) on 11.05.20

„I want to tell you about my experience with your underwear. I am totally satisfied, especially since I am a wheelchair user and it is not so easy with sanitary napkins or other things, but it is wonderful with your underwear.

Good alternative for my patients

Yvonne L. (37 years) on 10.05.20

„The femtis panties are not only sustainable, they are simply practical in everyday life, they adapt optimally in every situation. The absorbent core never made me feel that something could go wrong. For me as a therapist in Chinese medicine, it was interesting to try out whether menstrual underwear is really practical - it is. With this experience, I can recommend a good alternative to my patients, because this way the free flow of menstrual blood is not interrupted like at a tampon.

Love it

Anna B. (31 years) on 10.05.20

„I got my first panty from you during the last days and tried it out directly. And I have to say: I love it. The panty convinced me directly. It is very, very comfortable to wear and it lasts all day. I am so convinced that I will order more products in the next days.

Couldn't find anything negative

Kathleen K. (30 years) on 08.05.20

„I bought from you for the second time this week because I am really satisfied. The first purchase was a test run because I couldn't really imagine how it all worked. I bought the Lene model and was so satisfied that I wanted more. I've now ordered three more that arrived yesterday! I will continue testing now, so far I have not found anything negative 😉 “

A dream

Sandra K. (47 years) on 07.05.20

„I have not used sanitary napkins for almost 30 years - on the one hand for environmental reasons, and on the other hand I have always found them to be restrictive and uncomfortable. Since I have very strong pain at the beginning of the period, the use of the cup or earlier tampons is very unpleasant and the panty offers the alternative that I have long wanted. I was concerned about wearing comfort at the beginning, but it's a dream! In fact, I currently have a lumbago when the period started, and in this particular case it is more than a relief to have the femtis on hand.

Everything went quick

Jennifer D. (33 years) on 06.05.20

„I had ordered two panties (ALWA and INSA) at the beginning of the year and wanted to test whether it really worked so well;) And I'm thrilled :) The panties are great and nothing runs out, that's how it should be! I am currently reordering. One more note about the service: Everything went quick and I think the bags for the panties are great too!


Jacqueline M. (33 years) on 06.05.20

„The delivery was perfect - the panties were hardly ordered when they arrived at me in Switzerland! Great! They feel very comfortable. I like the height of the Jule. I'm very thrilled about the comfort. I chose femtis because you do not use silver and biocides - ecological! Very sympathic! Will order more 😊“

Thin and light

Milena H. (32 years) on 05.05.20

„Today my ordered Kari panties in size M arrived. I was pleasantly surprised at how thin and light they are. So far I have only tried them briefly and I am looking forward to my next periods to test them! I sneaked around the panties for a long time and was unsure whether they were worth the investment. Now I am pleased that I can now save myself the constant considerations for each period (is everything tight? Am I safe for x hours? When does it start exactly and what should I have with me for safety?). About the model Kari: The size M fits me perfectly at 38, does not sit too loose and not too tight. Thank you so much!

Safed the life of my bed linen

Anna P. (25 years) on 04.05.20

„I was finally able to test my period underwear and I'm thrilled! The delivery was super fast within 2 days. When unpacking, I thought at first that they were much too big. But that must be due to the cut or fabric, because they fit perfectly. On the first day of my period, I carried them to my cup as a backup and they definitely saved the lives of my bed linen 🙈 . After that I only wore the panties and felt completely safe and comfortable. Keep it up!

New regular customer!

Simone K. (33 years) on 03.05.20

„I'm so thrilled! Thank you very much. I have been using "cups" for many years but now and then I just don't feel like using the cup and am looking for alternatives to the disposable product. At first I only ordered only one panty to see if it fits well and how it feels. Then my period came. Already at day 1 stand, I want more of it. Because: Comfortable, complete feeling of freedom and super absorbent and not thick at all. It just doesn't bother anything. The first delivery came after two days. I placed the second order on day 1 of my period and the next day there was replenishment! Thanks a lot for this. All washed immediately and enjoyed the comfort. When my daughter is ready in about 6 years, I hope you still exist. You now have a new regular customer!

Tested and approved

Sophie Z. (26 years) on 03.05.20

„Hello dear femtis team :) I initially only ordered one femtis pantiy because I was unsure whether it was the right one for me. I have always been reluctant to wear sanitary napkins because I always sweat at the crotch, which was very uncomfortable for me. I also had the feeling of wearing a "diaper" and ... well ... the smell was not nice either, despite some perfume. For some years now I have been dealing with zerowaste and have switched from tampons to the menstrual cup. Just like tampons, I only wear them during the "strong days". In the first 2 days of my period in particular, however, I find it uncomfortable to insert a menstrual cup / tampon. So far I only had the sanitary napkin for these days .... But, thank heaven, I discovered your period panties! I tested it and found it good! They are comfortable to wear and absolutely leakproof. I don't sweat in them and they are odorless. Nice that there are so many different cuts, there is definitely something for everyone. Best regards, keep it up!

Very thrilled

Ricarda L. (32 years) on 03.05.20

„Now that I have tried the Panties several cycles since my order in February, I am very thrilled. Together with free bleeding, I feel really good. No foreign object in me for hours and no plastic sanitary napkins between my legs! The panties can be washed well with normal laundry. I will definitely recommend the underwear.

Thrilled since a year

Birgit S. (44 years) on 01.05.20

„About a year ago I saw a report on period underwear on TV. So far I didn't know there was anything like that. Of course, I immediately bought a pair of Femtis underpants. I am thrilled with this product. Quality very good, very comfortable, much better than 'Always' and Co. And protection is really guaranteed and a reusable product. Perfect! Your customer service is excellent and the delivery is very fast. Thank you so much! I'm very satisfied.

My friend even thinks the panties are sexy

Isabell P. (23 years) on 01.05.20

„Some time ago I ordered the INSA and KARI panties (5 pieces together) from you in size M (38/40). The order and shipping went smoothly and since some of the goods were not in stock, they were delivered as announced on the specified date. The panties fit perfectly and I can vary the model (INSA / KARI) depending on the menstrual strength on the individual days. Now I can finally menstruate more sustainably thanks to panties and menstrual cup !;) At night I feel safe, can only sleep in my underwear and my boyfriend even thinks the panties are very sexy! Best regards from a happy customer.

Dreamed of that for 12 years

Anna W. (36 years) on 30.04.20

„I bought my first period panties from you a few weeks ago and I am very satisfied. I have my period very strong and the panties are the optimal protection next to a cup. I've dreamed of that for the past 12 years. 😌 I will definitely recommend them. Thanks for this enrichment!

Great alternative to panty liners and sanitary napkins

Julia F. (28 years) on 30.04.20

„Hello dear femtis team, I got a KARI panty in size S in February. Now my feedback for you: Delivery: The briefs came in a timely manner, the packaging was intact. I found the zip bag included and the care instructions very nice. Panties: I really like the model: it fits perfectly, looks nice and gives me a secure feeling. The materials and workmanship also look very high quality. I first dared to approach it carefully and started wearing the panties on a day with light bleeding. When it worked out really well, I also used it on stronger days. Nothing runs out, there is no unpleasant smell and it feels pleasant at all times. I am absolutely satisfied. The care is easy to implement and the panties are like on the first day even after washing them several times. Conclusion: Your panties are a great alternative to panty liners and sanitary napkins. They are more comfortable to wear and avoid unnecessary waste. The investment is definitely worth it. Thanks to the many different models there is something for every taste. Thank you so much!

Normally don't write reviews

Susan S. (36 years) on 29.04.20

„First of all, I have to say that I really am not the type who has everything to say and who writes reviews and comments for a long time. However, this product seems so brilliant to me that I think every woman of the appropriate age should at least have heard of your panties. You were recommended to me by a friend. I use a cup during the day. I get along really well with that. However, I was never clean at night, it always leaked. The towel underneath was uncomfortable, slipped and did not catch everything. In short: a different solution had to be found. (Tampons and other garbage-causing things were out of the question) Until that friend Femtis recommended to me. Now it was finally time to test my Ella. My underwear is usually made of less fabric, which is why I didn't expect much comfort. (I actually sleep naked at night!) But I have to say it is very comfortable to wear, does not bulge, you do not feel like you are diapered. My second concern was that I was completely covered in blood in the morning. I thought it wasn't absorbing. But it did and I felt really pleasantly clean. So clean that I think about wearing the re-ordered Kari on weak days even during the day. To come to the end: I am really convinced, I will recommend Femtis and I am glad that there are people like you who are looking for well-thought-out ideas and also use good raw materials. Thanks a lot for this!! Keep it up! Greetings, your new fan Su.

A great product

Nadine M. (21 years) on 29.04.20

„I used a menstrual cup for years, but over time I found it more and more uncomfortable and looked around for other environmentally friendly alternatives. Admittedly, I hesitated a long time before I bought my Insa panties because the price seemed a bit high, but the investment was definitely worth it! I am super satisfied and have not been disappointed! The panties are incredibly comfortable and great for yoga and cycling. I also try free menstruation and the panties are optimal because they give me the necessary security. I find it particularly great that the panties do not contain any materials of animal origin, which is very important to me. Just a great product, I'm glad that I found it :)

I am busy doing advertising

Cornelia Z. (38 years) on 28.04.20

„The first time I experienced a whole period with femtis panties and it was great. Since the birth of my 2 children I have had very heavy bleeding and was really skeptical whether Lene, Insa and Ella could really absorb it safely. I was convinced (in terms of comfort, absorbency, material quality and handling of the cleaning). They are comfortable to wear, no feeling of wetness and no bad smell. I don't want anything else anymore. They are absolutely great products and I am busy doing advertising. Your service is also reliable, fast and uncomplicated. Kind regards from Switzerland

Without additives

Michaela M. (42 years) on 28.04.20

„Dear femtis team, the third month is now over for me to test the Period Panties. My conclusion: I am satisfied. I have Jule, Svea and Kari. Jule is great, I like to use it for the night and when I'm at home. I feel protected with Jule all around, nothing pinches or tweaks. Washing out goes well, cold water and then into the machine. I use Kari when I work and need less protection. Something bothers me here that there is little material on the bottom. I use Svea when I hardly have any bleeding and go to work. My period is rather weak, so I haven't needed any further protection so far. I can recommend the period underwear, it does not smell, so everything is great so far (I've already told two friends about it). I chose femtis because there are no other additives in the underwear. Greetings from the Wetterau

Blissfully happy

Pauline V. (26 years) on 27.04.20

„Hello dear femtis team, I am so happy with your period pantys! I feel safe and secure, I have no concerns that anything can go wrong, and I'm blissfully happy to have bought them from you! They are extremely comfortable to wear, even during sporting activities. Thank you very much and nice that you exist!

Absolutely cozy and high quality

Stella B. (30 years) on 27.04.20

„I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for producing absolutely cozy and high quality period panties. It's the first time I've bought something like this, my first is Insa. I can hardly put into words how wonderfully safe I feel in them. AND CLEAN! It is the first time that I have not had to pluck at sanitary napkins during my period. Thanks to Insa, I also feel more mobile and plan to order more panties now. I have already recommended her to two friends and my sister. Best regards from Vienna

Mega and keep it up 👍👍👍

Nicole B. (44 years) with daughter (11 years) on 25.04.20

„Hi! First of all a huge compliment. My 11 year old daughter has had her her first period recently and by chance we stumbled across your website. I ordered three pants directly from you. Since only a pair of pants has arrived (the rest is unfortunately only available at the beginning of May), we can only say something about "Lene". What can I say .... mega. My daughter has her days pretty strong, but the pants kept tight and still felt good. My daughter is so thrilled about it. I think it's just great for young girls. Keep it up 👍👍👍“

No biocides

Melissa D. (27 years) on 25.04.20

„I'm very satisfied. The order was easy and the order arrived already on the second day, not a matter of course in these times. The panties are nicely processed, fit well and, above all, are safe. It is important to me that you take care not to use biocides. I want to thank you for that, please keep it up!

Very thin fabric

Carina F. (34 years) on 25.04.20

„I have now experienced the third period with your pants and I am happy that I have found a sustainable alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons. The underwear takes an incredible amount of blood, even though the fabric is very thin. Many thanks for that!

Will order more panties

Amanda S. (17 years) on 24.04.20

„I want to do without disposable products and therefore switch to period underwear. My femtis order arrived after a very short time, which I find very great. At first I only ordered the LENE period panty, because I wanted to try out your period underwear. Yesterday I finally had the chance to use it. I really like LENE and the use definitely convinced me to buy more. No slipped or glued sanitary napkins and the sweat is also well absorbed. Of course, you notice slight moisture after a few hours, but this is not better with the sanitary napkins. I will definitely order more panties in the next few weeks.

Makes life easier for many woman!

Kerstin F. (30 years) on 23.04.20

„I am super super happy with my very first period pants for various reasons, but they are all due to one thing: I feel much more emancipated with period pants. I usually use sanitary napkins, and there are several problems: Sometimes at sleeping it leaks, especially when I spend the night with my boyfriend and then have to scrub my bed in the morning. When just standing around in your underpants, e.g. in changing rooms in the fitness studio etc., the curvature always looks stupid, and especially when wings are still looking out. And of course there is also the feeling that the permanent rubbing of plastic against intimate areas cannot be good, not to mention the general plastic problem. With femtis panties, I now feel exaggeratedly formulated, also nice during the period, because I still look normal and wear nice, good-feeling underwear. I feel safe when I sleep and wake up happy :) Kind regards and thanks for the great femtis idea that makes life so much easier for many women!

Nicer cut

Marie R. (27 years) on 21.04.20

„Your panties are really great and more pleasant compared to thinx panties because they are nicer cut and feel less "diaper-like". Especially "Lynn" feels almost like a normal panty.

femtis most suitable for us

Kerstin K. (38 years) with daughter (almost 14) on 21.04.20

„I bought a few femtis panties for my daughter a few weeks ago. She is new to the “world of women” and was therefore uncertain about her days. For this reason, I immediately ordered a pair of Femtis panties for her, which she selected herself. She uses the panties as a "backup" in addition to sanitary napkins, if something "would go wrong" and feels much safer. She also likes to wear the panties at night and says they are comfortable to wear. The material dries very quickly, we find this a really great idea with the Femtis, and will continue to buy more. We can really recommend the Femtis to everyone. We also did a lot of research online, regarding “material composition” etc. and found that femtis are the most suitable for us.

Decision for you

Stella S. (30 years) on 20.04.20

„ THANK YOU! I have finally found a product that makes me feel comfortable and safe. I have tried a lot, from disposable sanitary napkins and tampons to reusable sanitary napkins and cups, and I never felt 100% convinced. Until I tested my first period underwear last month. I chosed you and INSA and I am completely thrilled. No smell, super comfortable to wear, no feeling of moisture, no leakage and slipping, easy to clean and it also looks good. Funny to write that now, but I'm looking forward to my next period!

Super protected on long working days

Merle N. (22 years) on 20.04.20

„I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my everyday life so much more enjoyable and letting me live more in my femininity. I wear your underwear in addition to my cup and then I am super protected and have a great feeling, especially on long working days when I often cannot go to the cleanest toilets. In addition, the panties look good, are comfortable to wear and easy to wash. Thank you!

Thin and elastic

Sarah S. (28 years) on 20.04.20

„I am now using your underwear in the second cycle and would like to give feedback. I have Lene and Lynn in XL and I am very satisfied with both. What I really like about both is that the outer fabric is thin and elastic - it feels like normal panties. In addition to your panties, I also have Thinx and in direct comparison I feel much more comfortable with your panties. The Thinx have such a shiny rather inelastic material, so you feel a bit welded in and the inner fabric sometimes rolls outwards. I also noticed that your panties between the legs on the outer edges do not run out as quickly as the Thinx. This is not the case with your material. The panties are both very absorbent too and I feel safe. The protection zone is noticeable, but when you put it on, it is very comfortable and not annoying.

I'm celebrating my period now

Zsuzsanna M. (30 years) on 19.04.20

„I write to you this morning, after the first night I wore your panties (Lene). I am sooo excited! Not a single drop in bed and I even woke up with a 'dry' feeling in the lower area. I am so grateful to my sister who recommended your company to me! I am 30 and have been 'fighting' the period for some years now (especially the nights and the morning after!). Your panties have totally changed this fight, not only is there no fight anymore, I am now celebrating my period! Thank you very much & good luck in the future!

Not only functional, but also aesthetic

Katrin Z. (23 years) on 19.04.20

„I bought three of the Svea strings in S for Easter. I use the menstrual cup and before that I always used a panty liner to be on the safe side. Since I wanted to save the waste and became aware of your products via Instagram, I thought I would give it a try and I'm thrilled. I particularly like the design, especially that it not only functional but also looks aesthetic. I am an advocate of strings, so I was glad that you also have one on offer that also has a nice design. It is comfortable to wear and fits well. Since I only use the underwear in addition to the cup, the protection (light days) is also sufficient. I am very happy with my order and will certainly invest in more :)

Panties are TOP

Sandra S. (43 years) with daughter (15 years) on 18.04.20

„Hello my dears! Thanks for the quick delivery! Panties are TOP, my daughter loves them! 😊 I can only recommend them - I also ordered one for a friend of our daughter who is absolutely thrilled! Best regards and stay HEALTHY!

INSA best of all

Joana (35 years) on 18.04.20

„I would like to give you my feedback since I now own 3 different models of your period panties (INSA, LYNN and KARI). Since Im not a fan of the cup and I did not want to use tampons (for my health and for the environment), I decided to test 3 different period-underware brands on my own. One of your models turned out as my favorite, so I decided to order again. To me, the best of all is INSA. It is great in terms of design/shape/comfort and even looks very good. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Without pollutants is important

Anna S. (23 years) on 17.04.20

„I would like to give feedback on my order. I particularly like the ample information about sustainability. Especially in the area where the panties are used, it is important that they are healthy for the body and do not contain any pollutants. At femtis I feel like I have found the right product. I also really like the size advice, the panties fit great and correspond to the specified size! In terms of quality, they feel very good. Thanks for that and keep it up!

Fit perfectly

Miriam K. (28 years) on 17.04.20

„I have ordered different period panties from you and I love them! At first I wondered if they would fit, but the size chart on the website is very helpful and they all fit perfectly. I use them in combination with my menstrual cup. I would definitely buy them again, thanks!

Meet every expectation

Michelle F. (22 Jahre) am 15.04.20

„I just wanted to give you a quick feedback. A month ago I ordered 5 panties from you and tested them for a week. I'm just thrilled. It almost feels like I don't have my period at all. They are comfortable, not bulky and meet every expectation.

Great quality

Jamie K. (20 years) on 15.04.20

„I have used period panties for the first time in my life and I have to say that I am super thrilled! For the beginning I chosed the "Svea" panty, because I always had the problem of what I do when I'm in the beginning of my period or at the end and a tampon or a sanitary napkin is "too much". Femtis made things a lot easier for me, it looks beautiful and is also of great quality. At the beginning I was a little afraid that the panties might look a little weird or quite thick, but I was taught otherwise. You don't feel the panties at all. Thanks!

Looking forward to the next menstrual cycle

Christine v. B. (49 years) on 15.04.20

„I've been thinking about buying menstrual underwear for a while. The panties cost more than normal panties and whether it works? Doesn't it smell or is it unpleasant? But since I also try to avoid waste, I couldn't avoid trying. I then red a lot about it, compared the providers and decided on your underwear (best price-performance ratio, very fast delivery service). After the first cycle with femtis I can only say: It is great. Totally pleasant, just put on a panty, no pressing tampon, no slipping sanitary napkin. Just like every day. So I just ordered another panty and I'm looking forward to the next cycle! The panties restore normalcy. Great thanks! If only it had existed earlier!

Products like yours can make a difference in the world

Namariq A. (29 years) on 14.04.20

„I come from a very consuming cultural background that doesn’t care much about the environment, on the contrary I do, and for months I’ve been thinking about my carbon footprint produced by period products, of course I got mocked by females who concerned the idea of finding a reusable product is so disgusting and absurd. Until I decided to look for alternatives and I found yours. Still, I was still skeptical especially it’s kind of pricy compared to the conventional products. When corona hit us and I saw how the shelves were emptied out of auch products, it was literally a sign for me; that’s it I have to buy Femtis underwear! I have to thank you for auch innovation that made me feel so comfortable physically and mentally. Today I rode my bike 30 km and I was thinking the entire time: that’s it it must of leaked out. IT DIDN’T. I simply love love your products and will finally break one of the taboos in my culture and will publicly talk about it in my social media to raise awareness about how products like yours can make a difference in the world. Thanks you so very much.

Released from annoying sanitary napkins

Bettina L. (35 years) on 14.04.20

„Now that I have been able to test the new period underwear a few times, I would like to give you my feedback and that is just TOP !! I am so happy to have come across your underwear because it makes the tough days of my period so much easier. I use it as a backup for the cup and I'm thrilled. My next investment will be the panty Svea, because normally I only wear thongs in everyday life and find that more pleasant. Thanks again for releasing me from the annoying sanitary napkins 😊 Greetings from South Tyrol

Incredibly good

Mareike G. (28 years) on 13.04.20

„I was looking for vegan period underwear and ended up on your side. I was particularly attracted to your beautiful and varied models. I also find your prices very fair. Now I have used the panties for the first time and I am thrilled. Since my period is very strong, they are only sufficient as a "sole product" at the beginning and end, but in combination with a menstrual cup they are incredibly good even with very heavy bleeding. Thanks to you, my quality of life has increased because I don't have to go to the toilet within 20 seconds when I spill the cup. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these great products.

Thanks femtis!

Sophie M. (25 years) on 13.04.20

„I tested Insa, Lynn and Jule. All of them are very comfortable to wear, look beautiful and keep what they promise. Nothing runs out, they feel pleasantly dry and easily last an entire working day. I finally found something that works for me - good for the environment and good for my body, thanks femtis!

Favorite companion

Laura E. (22 years) on 12.04.20

„I just wanted to thank you for your great work! I have had the Period Panties for 3 months and have long considered whether this is really something for me. Above all, I did not initially know which manufacturer to choose, I then decided to go with femtis. And lo and behold: I love them! Comfortable to wear and simply my absolute favorite companion during my period. Of course, I have already recommended you to my family and friends! Carry on, you are awesome! Kind regards and good health from Rhineland-Palatinate.

After washing like new

Timea H. (23 years) on 11.04.20

„I have now tested three of your bpanties for about one and a half months. I got on really well with all three. I particularly appreciated ELLA on the first day of the period because it gave me sufficient protection. After wearing it, I washed it as described in the care instructions, went very easily and it looked like new again after washing. I carried and washed KARI and ELLA alternately for the first few days. SVEA was great for the last day of the period, nothing went wrong and, above all, it is even less visible than KARI, so tight-fitting clothes are no problem! After many washes at 40 degrees, the panties still look like new and keep what they promise. In terms of cut, my personal favorites are KARI and SVEA.

Completely convinced

Sarah N. (31 years) on 11.04.20

„After two months of testing, I am completely convinced of your period panties. THANKS for this great product! I wish I had discovered it earlier. It's so easy and relaxed to get through your monthly period. I especially wish young girls that they can discover and wear your period panties and thus get a more comfortable and safe feeling. All the best and lots of success!

A huge compliment to the entire team

Carmen R. (34 years) with daughter on 09.04.20

„I'm just amazed. I ordered on Saturday afternoon and despite all the delivery difficulties and all the turmoil due to the current global problems, I received my package the day before yesterday (Tuesday). Just in time, period has just started! 😊 I ordered 3 different models for myself and one for my daughter. I have already tested two of the models for me. They are ultra comfortable and comfortable to wear, washing out worked well, the washing machine is still ahead of us. The functionality is sensational, I would never have thought possible. I'm curious how long the underpants will stay with me, but I think they are reasonably priced. My daughter also thinks the panties are totally chic and now even hopes that her first period will begin soon. A huge compliment to the whole team, thank you for the great service and a happy Easter.

Thanks for the great service!

Dorothea D. (18 years) on 09.04.20

„My order was commendably received very quickly despite the corona situation. I like the product very much because you can save all the plastic waste and purchases for the monthly period. It also just feels safe and clean. It is the perfect addition to the menstrual cup, as it means that there is no waste. The only thing you have to pay attention to is the sensible division with usage so that you can wash as skillfully as possible. Thanks for the great service!

Price is totally reasonable

Bellis (33 years) on 08.04.20

„I bought a Femtis period panty "Lynn" - just one to test. Now I wish I had bought an entire set! The panties are well made, look like they will last a long time. The panties fit totally comfortably. Nothing bothers me, even outside of the period I like to wear it. The size also fits right, so the size chart is correct (which is not a matter of course in some other shops). The price is also totally reasonable, because even a cheap washable sanitary napkin plus normal panties would cost just as much - but would be more uncomfortable and thicker. So it's so much more practical for the same price, which of course makes me very happy. 😃“

I can recommend to anyone

Daniela F. (21 Jahre) am 08.04.20

„Dear femtis team, thank you for being there! Your menstrual underwear revolutionized my period. I don't like to use tampons, so for me personally the menstrual cup is not a good environmentally friendly alternative, but your underwear all the more. It's a shame that I didn't find you until I was 21 and not earlier. Great product, great wearing comfort, I can recommend to anyone who is more of a sanitary napkin type.

Simply a great idea!

Elisabeth S. (38 years) on 07.04.20

„I have now tried the JULE. I have to say that it fits extremely well. The comfort is great. I am very thrilled. The most important thing is that you feel super safe. All around. Just awesome. Nothing can leak anymore. And an equally great advantage is that you no longer have waste. I then tested LYNN towards the end. These were also very comfortable to wear. Just a great idea !!!! You do not have to worry as much in everyday life whether you should go to the toilet again, if it is still enough ... I am very satisfied with your product. I will test the ALWA next time 😊

I love it

Melanie L. (26 years) on 06.04.20

„It is the first time that I have been looking forward to my menstruation so that I can try out your period panty Jule. And i love it. The comfort is a highlight compared to other products. In contrast to menstrual cups / tampons, it is a lot more handy, more hygienic and it also looks nice. Even my boyfriend found the underwear super handsome, although he couldn't understand why it should be worn - typically a man. The only small drawback: As a student, I cannot afford to buy several panties at once.

Free of animal testing and without silver

Victoria L. (21 years) on 05.04.20

„I bought your panties "Lene" last month - and what can I say? I am totally in love! The fabric is comfortable and soft and I feel really relaxed when I wear it. The panties keep what they promise: great leak protection and also sustainable, animal testing free and without silver. I've already tried a few period panties, but yours really convinced me. I am very happy to have found you and your products! Thank you so much!

Finally normal days

Sandra K. (43 years) on 04.04.20

„I started with 3 panties and enthusiastically order even more! I was concerned because I have a very strong period in the first few days, but after "Lene" went through it without problems for 6 hours, I am convinced. I've never had such carefree days! It feels like I have normal underwear that gives me more security than any super sanitary napkins that I usually do have worn. I sleep through the nights - no more getting up, Lene keeps me dry. The constant lookout for toilets is past! The sometimes uncomfortable wearing of tampons or even heat build-up due to sanitary napkins is over! I had to be over 40 to finally have normal days. Thank you!

Recommended with a clear conscience

Nicole F. (40 years) on 04.04.20

„The panties are great, excellent quality, comfortable to wear and I feel completely safe and happy to have so much luck with your product, a THANK YOU for it! I have recommended it to everyone in my family and environment with a clear conscience and I am looking forward to my next order from you! When my two girls grow older, I'm happy to give them something positive on the way. 😊“

Enjoy it very much

Franziska K. (30 years) on 03.04.20

„I have finally been able to buy and try the panties and I really enjoy not thinking about whether I have everything with me. I even left my cup behind and started the day carefree. 😊 Washed out in the evening, hung to dry, waited until I can wash all the panties and they were ready to use again. Thanks for that! 😊“

No longer embarrassing for my daughter

Birgit S. (45 years) with daughter on 03.04.20

„I have now ordered the panties for my daughter (12) for the second time, because she copes with them much better than with sanitary napkins! Nothing ever runs out, not even at night and she is no longer embarrassed at school (when doing gymnastics) that someone might notice something! Great thank you! The first order was an attempt that worked extremely well. Now we have enough panties for my daughter Lili to get through the period!

Incredibly liberating

Anna H. (35 years) on 02.04.20

„I would very much like to give you feedback on your pants. I am one of the women who unfortunately neither tampons nor menstrual cups help comfortably through menstruation. Since my youth, pads have been my monthly companions. More bad than right, always with the risk that things will go wrong. So I wanted to give the pants a chance and initially only bought pants from you and others for testing, which I could finally test. Your pants absolutely convinced me in terms of comfort, in terms of absorbency and leak-proofness. The pants, no matter what absorbency, definitely don't feel like diapers. They are not thick, you can't hear them and overall it's the feel of normal underpants. The fear that it might feel wet was absolutely not justified. No red marks in bed at night and no irritation in the sensitive areas. To put it briefly. THANKS FEMTIS, I finally menstruate without having the feeling like menstruating. It is an incredibly liberating feeling.

The best and without silver

Heike K. (44 years) on 02.04.20

„Your panties are the best on the market, and without any silver or other additives. Keep it up!


Laura B. (28 years) on 01.04.20

„I am writing this email simply because I would like to thank you all. I am really thrilled about your products! I have just placed my second order and have already forwarded and recommended your website to several friends. Thanks to you, I no longer have to produce so much waste because of my period and can feel more comfortable during my period. Just THANKS :)

More than satisfied

Constanze S. (33 years) on 01.04.20

„I skeptically ordered a period panty (model Alwa) to find an environmentally friendly alternative to sanitary napkins that I usually use on weaker days. I am surprised and thrilled! When I unpacked the panties, they seemed very large and misshapen, but they fit perfectly in size S (my usual panties size)! Nothing slips, nothing wrinkles, nothing shows under a pair of jeans. It is also much more comfortable to wear than a normal brief with a pad. I find the protective function of the panties even better than with a pad: the blood is really absorbed into the panties and you don't feel a sticky feeling on the skin. I am pleasantly surprised by the panties and more than satisfied. Thanks a lot for this!

Nothing goes through!

Anita G. (34 years) on 31.03.20

„Your underwear is awesome! It is very comfortable, nothing scratches, cuts or sits uncomfortably. There are no bad smells and the most important thing: nothing goes through! On the one hand, I now have a better conscience to love the environment, and on the other hand, my menstrual pains have also eased. I am really happy to have discovered you!

It was WOW

Christine H. (39 years) on 30.03.20

„I ordered a set of the ALWA panties from you. And what can I say, I'm thrilled !!!!!! First of all, I think it's great that you offer panties with lace. It also makes something! But let's start from the beginning: 1. Great selection of different models 2. Great size chart !!!! It was very helpful to me because I always have some problems defining my size with panties because I am actually very narrow, but often need a different size for briefs than for pants etc. 3. Fast delivery 4. Nice packaging 5. The panties already feel great in my hand, I was really happy to be allowed to wear them. And then came the day of the first wear and the tension increased. I'll make it short, it was WOW !!!!! Super comfortable, perfect size and fit, I've never felt so carefree during my period! Nothing has slipped or felt uncomfortable or wet. Everything great! I have already recommended you to friends :) Thanks for this great panties and keep it up!

2-day trip by plane

Nadja P. (27 years) on 30.03.20

„After much consideration and comparison with other brands, I bought a period panty from you. Skeptical about the fit, the function, the look .. as is the case when you try something new, I was really surprised by the panties on the day of my first period. In addition to my days, I was on my way to New Zealand, my period started in a 2-day trip on the plane. Since I did not really want to change my menstrual cup at airplane toilets - hygiene and such - when I arrived at the hotel in Auckland I was totally excited to see what awaits me in the bathroom. It will not surprise you so much, but I was totally happy: No unpleasant smells, no stains on the inside of the jogging pants, no slightly damp underpants. As described in the instructions, washed in cold water in the sink and hung on the towel dryer for a while, the next day she came to the rest of the dirty laundry and was later washed with it. Just in time for the flight home - again with a period - she was ready for action again. By the way: my boyfriend doesn't really like panties, but he even likes yours :) Thank you for your efforts and your commitment. All the best, stay healthy and best regards from Salzburg!

There is a disadvantage

Martina S. (32 years) on 30.03.20

„I have had your Period Panties for a few months now and I am very satisfied. I found my 3 perfectly fitting fits (Jule, Lene and Alwa), which I also would wear exactly outside of the period! The only disadvantage is that I've had to live without them for the past 20 years! :-)

Just let it run

Mira S. (28 years) on 29.03.20

„After wearing it for the first time, I'm really happy: it feels like a hint of nothing and is really safe at the same time. It doesn't smell at all and is so pleasant. Finally a product where you can just let it run: D and feel great at the same time. The panties have also survived my dance workout. A few more would be good now.


Inessa L. (29 years) on 28.03.20

„I had ordered the LENE panty in XL from you and was able to try it out immediately. It is really very comfortable and despite heavy menstruation I could wear it for almost 5 hours without any "helpers". When washing out I noticed how much liquid LENE can store - remarkable! Now I am annoyed that I only ordered one ... the next order will follow! From now on I always want to use femtis panties instead of pads. Thank you so much!

I love "Kari"

Lisa W. (20 years) on 27.03.20

„I really thank you for these period panties, I wear "Kari" and I love him 😍❤️ he fits perfectly because I never really bleed a lot. The great alternative to sanitary napkins and therefore also much more sustainable 🔥 I will definitely order more. The comfort is amazing, you hardly notice it 👍“

No underpaid working students

Natascha L. (20 years) on 26.03.20

„ had long planned to make my period a bit more sustainable, but was unable to cope with the menstrual cup and found washable sanitary napkins to be quite cumbersome. My cousin finally recommended her panties to me and I have to say: I am thrilled! No strange smell, the briefs don't feel like a diaper (even thinner than absorbent disposable pads), you don't have to change them all the time and they feel almost dry inside. A huge compliment also to the customer service: When there was a small problem with my order, I had an answer to my email within 20 minutes - a really helpful, not a standard text that an underpaid working student copied in. I will definitely remain a loyal customer and recommend you!

Very, very, very satisfied

Jasmin K. (34 years) on 25.03.20

„I have chosen the LENE and ALWA models and have to say that I am very, very, very satisfied with the comfort and fit of both! It does not pinch anything, does not slip and does not cut anywhere, thanks for that :)

Free of silver and other biocides

Dany G. (23 Jahre) on 23.03.20

„I am very satisfied with the quality and so far nothing has gone wrong. 😊 I find it great that your underwear is free of silver and other biocides. I will definitely order another set. Keep it up!

Svea super comfortable

Sandra E. (21 years) on 23.03.20

„I think it's great that you brought out a string version. That's exactly what I was looking for everywhere. Menstrual cups are unfortunately not very nice to me, but you are a great alternative. Svea is super comfortable and I also like to wear it when I don't have my days.


Barbara S. (32 years) on 23.03.20

„Today I tested the INSA panty for the first time. The panty lasts around 9 hours on the heaviest bleeding day, which I find quite impressive. A great thing! And I really like that you avoid an incredible amount of waste!

Ideal for my daughter

Karin B. (46 years) on 21.03.20

„My daughter just got her first period. She is 12 years old and has a mental disorder called Down syndrome. Your period underwear helped me a lot. My daughter prefers to wear them rather than using pads, which helps us a lot in dealing with her period. I will certainly recommend femtis to my friends, because many mothers with girls with impairments hit this topic.


Theresa B. (30 years) on 20.03.20

„What a new feeling. To climb without fear of "running out", to sleep without worrying about bleeding the bed. I'm thrilled :)

Time to break taboos

Simona W. (32 years) on 19.03.20

„I bought the 3-pack “Kari” from you a few weeks ago. I had read the good reviews, but I was still a little skeptical. I am 1,75 m tall and weigh about 57 kg. Ordered the size M and it fits perfectly! Super comfortable to wear. And looks nice. The even more important aspect for me is that it really absorbs a lot. (I also wear it as an addition to the Lunacup, which is an ideal combination!) Thank you for your ideas to make feminine hygiene products more sustainable (which are also really comfortable and beautiful). In general, it's time to break with all of these long-established women's taboo topics. We should get together, talk about it, share it, inform it. This is the only way that everyone can get their own body feeling. Sunny greetings from Neukölln!

Jule is one of my best purchases ever

Kathrin E. (36 years) on 19.03.20

„I bought the Jule, Kari and Alwa models. At Jule I was a bit skeptical when unpacked it seemed so big to me. All three models fit perfectly in my normal size. And Jule wraps my belly up above the navel and keeps my back nice and warm. I put on Jule on the 2nd day of my period when I bleed the most and my stomach cramped the most and you just felt like a raw egg. It was sooo nice that Jule enclosed my stomach and back and kept me warm. I felt better right away, though I was at work and on the go. Jule is one of my best purchases ever, I think I need more of it. Alwa is super nice with lace and Kari is great for the last few weaker days.

Last all working day

Saskia D. (25 years) on 18.03.20

„I ordered the Jule model last month and have already tried it. I have to say that at the beginning I was very skeptical whether they really could last 8 hours a day. I have always a very strong and painful period. And what should I say? The panties actually convinced me otherwise. They last the working day well and are super comfortable! I am glad that I tried them and thank you for this solution!

Grade 1 for you

Katja N. (40 years) on 17.03.20

„Dear Femtisteam! I have been using your menstrual underwear for about eight weeks. I'm thrilled. I wear the undewear from the third day of the cycle (two days of tampons) and feel very comfortable, dry and clean. I also wear the clothes when jogging because I suffer from bladder incontinence. For comparison, I have two panties from another brand, which I really only use at little loads, they hold very little and don't feel dry at all. Grade 1 for you. Best regards from Bremen, Katja

Absolutely awesome!

Frauke P. (54 years) on 16.03.20

„Hi, I had ordered the “Jule” panty from you to try out whether such underwear could be suitable for me. Because of the menopause, my menstruation is very irregular and I wanted the panties more as security when I'm on the go, so that I don't have to wear pads, tampons or the like. The first time I wore the panties when I was at a concert, I would not have needed them, but I was able to convince myself of the comfort. Totally comfortable, like normal panties, no sweaty feeling, etc. Now I have used it for the first time in an "emergency", by chaining circumstances even longer than planned and without a tampon or cup or something - and I am absolutely thrilled! Despite the large amount of blood consumed, an absolutely dry feeling, no smell, the comfort does not change (in the meantime I had completely forgotten that I currently have my mens, that never happens to me otherwise). Absolutely awesome! Thank you very much for this great product!

Not just for my trip

Marlene R. (17 years) on 15.03.20

„For some time now I have been looking for an alternative to tampons and sanitary napkins to produce less waste and especially because I will be traveling for a longer period of time. At first I only bought a pair of panties because I was a little skeptical whether it could really work. But I was really surprised and thrilled. Even the yoga classes could take place without any problems. I immediately ordered more and wanted to thank you very much! I will definitely recommend Femtis to many people.

Very satisifed

Henrike S. (34 years) on 15.03.20

„I tested the femtis panties and I am very satisfied with the quality. Finally an optimal solution to save the mountain of hygiene articles.

Like normal panties

Sandra L. (29 years) on 15.03.20

„I bought Alwa, Kari and Svea. The panties fit great, you have the feeling of wearing normal underwear and not "diapers". I combine with a menstrual cup during the day and wear only the panties on days with light period and at night. Nothing ever went wrong, smelled unpleasant or anything else. I have now bought 6 more pieces and can therefore completely do without pads. The price is not cheap, but it is fine for me if you can do without pads, sanitary napkins and tampons.

For sensitive vulvinas

Emine Z. (30 years) on 13.03.20

„Im so glad that I decided to buy two of your panties! It is really a game changer and you really don’t see that they are “special” panties. The perfect alternative for sensitive vulvinas! Thank you for your work!

Problem-free and uncomplicated

Anna L. (34 years) on 13.03.20

„I thank you for this product. A real enrichment for the menstruating world of women. The pants are great to wear, I'm not at all afraid that you could see something from the outside. On the stronger days I added a menstrual cup. On lighter days my underpants are enough. Unfortunately, I can not say anything about the long-term use since I am a new customer. My first menstruation with femtis was, however, problem-free and uncomplicated.

Like new after 5 months of use

Heidi L. (39 years) on 12.03.20

„I have been using femtis underwear for about 5 months now and I am still totally thrilled. I have now bought my 3rd underpants (will definitely buy even more). The pants have great comfort. No leakage at night or during the day (even if the period is stronger). I've really washed my first pair of pants a lot now and it still looks like new and works perfectly. 👍👍👍 Great product.

No more skin irritation

Luka G. (25 years) on 12.03.20

„I am really super satisfied with your panties! Originally, I didn't want to produce as much waste during the period, but I also noticed how much more comfortable it is to wear your underwear instead of conventional sanitary napkins, especially when you sweat, the skin is no longer irritated!

Safe and super discreet

Margarete R. (53 years) with daughter on 11.03.20

„My daughter tried the Femtis panties and is very impressed! Uncomplicated, comfortable to wear, odorless, easy to wash, safe and super discreet. She even dared to go with them to the dressing room while doing sports - that means something for teen girls! Too bad that there were no such panties in my time!

Completely changed

Carolin G. (41 years) on 11.03.20

„I have now tested your panties twice and can compare them with a competitor product. They are wonderful. One of the strengths is that you can wash them with normal detergent. I do not miss disposable hygiene articles, I have now completely changed!

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Olivia d. G. (48 years) with daughter on 10.03.20

„A little while ago I bought 10 femtis panties for my 10 year old daughter, after she experienced a really bad day at school! She just started menstruating and had difficulties with managing the disposable pads, so I searched the internet for alternatives. I am sooo happy that I have found your website! I ordered 5 Ella and 5 Lynn. We couldn't be happier! My daughter is not scared to go to school anymore in case she will get her period unexpectedly and she feels relaxed and comfortable going to the gym because the panties look like normal panties. So, Thank you, thank you, thank you for making these panties and for making them in models and colors that are also appealing to young girls! Best regards from Belgium

No more trash to dispose

Raissa R. (29 years)on 09.03.20

„I bought a couple of 'Alwa' period panties and found it took some getting used to at the beginning. I didn't know how reliable the underwear was compared to sanitary napkins or menstrual cups (which I've always used so far), but it worked. I get through the day safely and dry! The good thing, I think, is that I don't have to dispose of any waste on the way (big plus!) And that I no longer draw strange looks at me in public toilets (problem of the menstrual cups to be rinsed out, which was always very embarrassing ...) The size M fits perfectly, no slipping or uncomfortable wearing and I think they also look feminine and chic. Thanks also for the fast delivery!

11-year-old daughter thrilled

Birgit G. (46 years) with daughter on 09.03.20

„I bought the panties for my 11 year old daughter. When she got her period, she was totally shocked. The blood in the sanitary napkins scared her. That is over now. She is totally thrilled about the panties. Her only request was that we should buy her more. I ordered them on the weekend and was totally amazed that they arrived on Monday. There is no better service. I have already recommended you to friends.

SVEA solves my problems

Svea G. (32 years) on 07.03.20

„For some time now I have been an enthusiastic wearer of your period panties. Yes, the ecological advantages are obvious. BUT there are more. E.g. I don’t like the feeling of wearing a tampon and sanitary napkins somehow smell very unpleasant, like to crackle in the crotch and are uncomfortable to wear. And so - tadaa, you just put on your panties as normal and everything is alright. The panties are also very pretty ... I recently discovered the "SVEA" period panty - it is called like me 😍 (there are very few things called like me ^^). And this panty is exactly what solves my last problem. Under leggings normal panties look rather stupid because they always stand out. But Svea solves my problem, I can put on my thong and leggings over it as normal (if I have a training at the sports studio and have slightly stronger days, I just take an exchange panty with me, which I then put on after training). Very, very great. Nothing runs out and you are well protected! Thank you for that and best regards

A dream come true

Michelle C. (42 years) on 07.03.20

„Femtis is a dream come true, why? Now I'm not only environmental friendly to the world but I stay dry, smell free in the most comfortable way. What more can a girl want?

What a relief

Nathalie H. (37 years) on 06.03.20

„I find my Femtis panties (Jule) really nice and comfortable. In addition, I finally feel leak-proof in combination with the menstrual cup and do not have to constantly wash stains from my clothes by hand. What a relief in everyday life!

I'm convinced of it!

Petra A. (34 years) on 05.03.20

„I bought my first five panties six weeks ago and used them in the following period. I am really convinced and thrilled about this concept. In the first two days I still needed a tampon due to the strength. But here, too, I felt much more certain that nothing would come out and was more carefree than usual. From the third day on I could only use the period panties. Immediately after this experience, I ordered more panties so that I could use the panties for my entire period. Thank you very much for the great product. I'm convinced of it!

So so so happy with Alwa and Kari

Yvonne K. (27 years) on 04.03.20

„I am so so happy with Alwa and Kari! Both sweeten my period, which I always have to survive without sugar and chocolate because of fructose intolerance ... I had a spiral inserted last week. After that, people are not allowed to insert anything for a week, including tampons. After the painful surgery, I was very happy about my cozy Alwa, which accompanied me safely home. I work at "pro familia" in a project with the topics: sexuality, love and partnership with people who are handicapped. There are always questions about the cycle and menstruation. Since I have had great experiences with your underwear, I also acquired some for our project. Whenever I show the panties, people are immediately enthusiastic. They look great, don't feel like "a diaper" and are totally practical. What I actually want to say: Thank you for the innovative and stylish panties!

Recommended by Utopia

Elina S. (36 years) on 03.03.20

„I now have my first period with your products behind me and I am quite enthusiastic! I bought them because they were recommended on Utopia because they are biocide-free. Found them very comfortable to wear. I was a little worried if you could see the seams under my tight fitting pants, but as far as I could see that wasn't the case. And they also fit very well, especially the really big panty. I am now step by step buying more panties and have already recommended them!

Feel safe

Teresa W. (32 years) on 02.03.20

„I have ordered and tried several of your panties (2x Alwa, 2x Ella and 1x Lynn). I am very satisfied with the fit and comfort of all panties, they are much more comfortable than I thought. Most of all, I feel safe. Thank you that you exist!

Yoga class worked perfectly

Karoline N. (28 years) on 01.03.20

„The Femtis underwear is super comfortable. Normally, menstrual cups and tampons give me severe menstrual pain in the first few days, and I always find that pads give a very uncomfortable "diaper feeling". So I was really looking forward to my package with the new possibilities. Right from the start, when I was wearing it, I felt that nothing would leak and everything would stay and sit. Wasn't disappointed. The yoga class also worked perfectly. I feel very comfortable with this new path for my days and have become a satisfied female owner. Now I look with much more joy at my next menstruation in the calendar and in the near future.

No metals in intimate area

Katja B. (47 years) on 01.03.20

„I have now had my second period with femtis and I am really very impressed, if I had dared before how much waste would have been saved? The panties fit perfectly, nothing runs out, easy to clean and dry. A friend recommended femtis to me, because I didn't know what to choose from the large market selection. The provider with the highest advertising pressure? I then heard that you do not use metals in the intimate area, which was decisive for me. I will really recommend it to everyone.

Forgot that I had my period

Mariagrazia P. (41 years) on 29.02.20

„I'm Mariagrazia, 41 years old from Italy. Thank you for the panty!! I bought Ella just to try because my friend told me abiut her very good experience with it so I immediatly ordered it. And I'm really satisfied! I used it during the second day of my period and I had to stay different hours outside in the nature working with children and I completely forgot that I had the period. It is very comfortable. I didn't have any problems like allergy or trouble and I didn't get dirty so I will buy another for sure and I'm advising my friends to buy it. Thank you!

Not "diaper-like"

Renate R. (38 years) on 28.02.20

„I'm trying out your panties for the first time and I'm absolutely thrilled. I find the panties very comfortable and the fabric really comfortable. I also don't find them as "diaper-like" as other products, because the fabric is thin enough. Definitely a great alternative for me. I will definitely order some for my teen niece, I can imagine that she also likes your products.

Crucial without biocides

Anne S. (24 years) on 27.02.20

„Hello 😊 This week I ordered 2 femtis panties, got them and tried them out right away. I find the idea great! So far, I had used the menstrual cup as an alternative to tampons and sanitary napkins. But there is the problem of a toxic syndrome (yey!) And it is very laborious when you are not at home, since there are not washbasins next to the toilet everywhere, and well, not every toilet is so clean that you can use it without concern to clean the cup .... So I came to your website because I did not like the stupid circumstances anymore. I think it's really good that your underwear does not contain any biocides! That was the crucial point for me to know from whom I order the underwear. I also think it's really cool that it doesn't feel like sanitary napkins at all (whether it's disposable or reusable). These are practical because you don't have to change all your underpants, but they don't feel like normal underpants either. ... I am very satisfied with the service. The order and delivery were quick and easy!

Already my second order

Maren L. (28 years) on 26.02.20

„This is the second time I've ordered period panties from Femtis and I've already tried them twice. So far my opinion has been very positive and I am happy about this alternative to menstrual cups and Co. Especially at night I think the underwear is great because it is very comfortable and protects very well. Likewise, it is often too laborious for me to use alternatives, which is why this underwear is a simple and pleasant option. I also wear it without additional protection and I am very satisfied and happy with it.

Super hotline and more

Kara E. (25 years) on 25.02.20

„I bought two period panties with my roommate two months ago. First we made a mistake when ordering. But the hotline service was great, so that we were able to correct our order directly and easily. At first I was a bit skeptical, but now I'm pretty thrilled about the panties. They are very comfortable and do not stand out even under tight pants. I have already tested them in various situations, e.g. ice skating, house parties, lectures at the university or just at sleep. There was never a leak and I always felt very comfortable :) I will definitely buy it again !!!

I give 10 out of 10 points

Cäcilia F. (38 years) on 24.02.20

„After I put the panties through a practical test, I can tell you that I am absolutely thrilled. I will never wear sanitary napkins again! The feeling of getting through the day without a pad is great. Of course, at first you feel insecure (you've been walking around with sanitary napkins for years), but once you've got used to it, you never want to do without it again. The panties hold tight and the moisture is quickly absorbed. They are well cut and comfortable to wear. Praise also for the uncomplicated handling of my exchange. I give 10 out of 10 points 😊“

No going back

Fee G. (31 years) on 23.02.20

„After I had struggled with the usual means such as tampons and sanitary napkins for a long time, because on the one hand they are uncomfortable and on the other hand they are unecological in my eyes, I ordered period pants from femtis.de. I initially used the underpants as a backup to my menstrual cup. After another order, I only take my underpants at night and enjoy the newly gained comfort. For me there is no going back to the disposable products.

Wonderful service to Belgium

Liv D. (47 years) with daughters (14, 15 years) on 23.02.20

„I bought the panties more than a month ago and in the meantime my 2 girls tried them out. We had some issues with the package being lost ( we ordered them around the Christmas holidays and the mail service simply lost the package) but femtis quickly send us a new set of panties which arrived within 5 working days. When checking the size chart, my girls were on the end of the XS size, so I ordered that, but they were a bit too tight, so I returned them and again the service was great. I had the new sizes back in no time. They work great. I ordered Elle and Lene and both girls love the material. They have had no issues, no leaks whatsoever. They are very happy because in the past they always had leaks because they have a heavy menstruation, so they have had their embarrassing moments in school. This is gone and they feel very secure with the femtis panties. I ordered 5 panties, which is enough if you wash them daily, they take some time to dry but that's normal. Thanks a lot Femtis for the wonderful service and my girls are happy they can contribute to a greener world. Liv, from Belgium

Your product is excellent

Carolin E. (37 years) on 21.02.20

„I never actually write feedback, but I really have to say that your product is something that really makes sense. For women and the environment. I am thrilled and already recommend it. Unfortunately, a lot of my friends don't even know about this underwear and are very surprised when I tell them. Your product is excellent 😀 I never have to worry about pads again and sleep much more relaxed because nothing slips. So keep it up 😀“

Carefree cycling

Maria S. (23 years) on 21.02.20

„When I got the menstrual underpants (Jule), I was very skeptical at first because they seemed relatively thick and I had to think of a diaper at first. When I got my days and was able to try them out, however, the opposite turned out to be the case: You can't see them even under tight jeans, they are just incredibly comfortable and feel very pleasant! Because of the high cut, my stomach and lower back stayed warm and I had less pain. Overall, I also had the impression that it was more pleasant not to have to introduce anything and had fewer cramps. The panties stayed remarkably dry all the time, even when I was riding a bike I had no uncomfortable feeling, even though I had unpleasant experiences with pads there. I am definitely trhilled and will definitely top up my menstrual underpants!

Ideal at work in gardening

Raphaela W. (22 years) on 20.02.20

„I am a big fan of your Period Panties !! Since I work in a gardening, I move a lot and carry heavy things around regularly. And everyone knows that it is not very pleasant when you have your period. But your period panties gave me back my freedom of movement. I can now work carefree without constantly checking whether something has leaked. The panties fit great, in my case they hold tight 24 hours and are also totally comfortable. I feel so much better since I've been wearing your panties! Thank you for making this possible! Best regards from Switzerland

At first I was very skeptical

Miriam N. (19 years) on 19.02.20

„A few months ago I ordered a pair of panties for a test. Admittedly - at first I was very skeptical whether this would work at all. My expectations were exceeded! I am more than satisfied with my panties and it is a complete new feeling of freedom. Nothing leaks, no matter how much you roll around in bed at night. I've never felt so safe! I have already told many friends about your products and they are now very enthusiastic. :-) I wish I had spotted you earlier. Keep it up!! :) “

High quality impression

Brita S. (51 years) on 19.02.20

„I'm totally satisfied with the femtis, the delivery was prompt and the panties make a very high quality impression. Hope to have long-term joy and relief in everyday life. Unfortunately I only found out about the existence of this through my daughter, unfortunately not earlier.

Regards from Vienna

Barbara N. (29 years) on 18.02.20

„I've been using your products since this year and I'm really thrilled. The different cuts are pleasant on the skin and I feel as "safe" during my period as never before. The panties really improve the feeling of life during the rather difficult days of the month. Best regards from Vienna

Keep what they promise

Annemarie G. (21 years) on 17.02.20

„I am the owner of the "Lynn" and "Ella" models and have been thrilled so far. The cleaning works well and the panties do what they promise - in the truest sense of the word. Above all, I was positively surprised that there is no very uncomfortable, wet feeling over time and that you don't have to worry at night either.

Saving money and waste

Tanja W. on 16.02.20

„I am absolutely thrilled with the bpanties and only use them, because for me this is a huge saving in waste and money.

Please keep it up!!

Yvonne V. (43) with daughter Jana (17) on 14.02.20

„My daughter and I are totally thrilled with the great panties. They really do what you promise! On no day did we feel insecure, nothing leaked and you have a very relaxed feeling on your days. We can confidently do without pads and tampons and this is really a real hit! The quality of the underwear is great and couldn't be better. The free and, above all, super fast delivery are great. Please keep it up!

Damn comfortable

Miri K. on 13.02.20

„I ordered 7 pieces of "LYNN" for extra strong days. For the first 2 days I was glad that I had a replacement with me. I wasn't sure if it would last. From day 3 to today I feel good and have almost forgotten that I have my days. No waste, no irritation to the skin and no more constant use of the toilet 😀 and they are damn comfortable!

Become indispensable

Jessica G. (29 years) on 12.02.20

„I have been using your period underwear for 3 months and after initial skepticism I do not want to do without it anymore. I hardly need any other products and I'm thrilled. In the meantime I have 9 of your panties for different bleeding intensities. The comfort is great and the panties are chic and unobtrusive. I would still find a skin-colored option great, but that's complaining at a high level.

You can feel the quality

Deborah S. (29 years) on 11.02.20

„I have now had my first menstruation (to you I can write it so frankly), during which the period underwear from femtis accompanied me. I'm thrilled! So far I only knew tampons. With the panties and hipsters from femtis I felt completely leak-proof and much more relaxed. You can really feel the quality of the fabric. I also felt good in my head because I know that your underwear does not contain any harmful ingredients and the regular use of period underwear is simply sustainable. Thanks for these great products!

Very happy with my purchase

Maeve O. (28 years) on 10.02.20

„I purchased a pair of ELLA period panties recently and would like to provide some feedback. I completed a lot of research beforehand across many different brands and was particularly interested in reducing my impact on the environment. I found the Femtis reviews useful, and the prices very reasonable. I also appreciated the free shipping promotion! I received the order quickly (to Ireland) and found them to be comfortable and well designed. They are a little tight, but I believe this may be to prevent leaks. I am very happy with my purchase and would definitely purchase them again. Thanks!

My daughter and I are thrilled

Nicole B. (42 years) with daughter Lara (11 years) on 09.02.20

„I ordered the Femtis xxs for my daughter and she and I are thrilled. The panties are great to use, especially for young girls who have to get used to the period anyway. My daughter finds the wearing comfort great during the day as well as at night. In addition, she is very happy that the panties look super chic in physical education and that no one "notices" anything. (At the moment she is in her class very early - and she doesn’t want the other girls to tell us about it …) Great - we have reordered now. I am also pleased that you have these super small sizes in the range. Thank you.

More security

Franziska S. (23 years) on 07.02.20

„For Christmas I gave myself a gift and ordered my first femtis INSA and tested it immediately. What can I say? I was and am thrilled! With these panties I just feel 1000 times safer. However, I have to say that I have only used an additional tampon on weak days so far. Since I often have very strong days, sometimes it runs beside it. Therefore I use the femtis especially at night to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Thank you very much for that from Austria! You really make my life easier (because of more security) and above all help me to make my period a bit more environmentally friendly.

A brand new experience

Maria G. (32 years) on 06.02.20

„I received my parcel (to Trentino, Italy) a couple of days after ordering and had the chance to use my new panties directly. I really have to say that femtis period panties can make a brand new experience in the hardest week of the month, they feel super smooth on the skin, no itches, no leaks, no humidity felt at all. I'm really very happy with my purchase, even if I might have chosen the wrong size (I bought S, but probably XS would have been better). ... I will certainly buy more, it's the solution I've been waiting for, it make me feel less guilty (I was producing A LOT of non-biodegradable waste every month). It's just worth it! Thank you very much, I really needed this panties!

Double protection for my daughter

Martina M. (43 years) on 06.02.20

„I ordered the Femtis Lene for my daughter. She starts an apprenticeship in summer, where she is outdoors a lot, far from any toilet. We have now been looking for protection that always gives her the feeling that no matter how strong my days are and if the sanitary napkin fails, I still have double protection thanks to the femtis panties. We are thrilled. Great quality, feels great and also looks very chic. Keep it up! You make us women feel safe during the period.

The trouser stayed white

Sandra R. (42 years) on 05.02.20

„I ordered the Lene panty and was really skeptical. But I was really fed up with all the other alternatives, such as pads, tampons, etc. I have my bleeding very heavily on the first day and I used it to try it out with white trousers and for an entire day at the office. I was really thrilled in the evening. My trouser stayed white, nothing passed, and the comfort was as if I were wearing tighter panties.

My friend looked amazed

Mali M. (25 years) on 04.02.20

„I love it! The femti is like a pad that you can put in quickly and easily, but has the feel-good feeling of a normal panty. I'm really happy. My friend even looked astonished when he found out that this was my new "diaper", he hadn't noticed it at all 😄 . I usually use the mens cup and I am completely satisfied with it, but if things have to go fast, especially in the morning and especially on my first day of the period, then the femti is super convenient! Thank you for that, it just makes it easier and more convenient for me 🌻“

Learned about period panties at a start-up show

Svenja S. (30 years) on 04.02.20

„I first heard about period panties on TV at a start-up show. Then I came straight to the internet and to the femtis website. Since everything appealed to me there directly, I thought I would order a panty for a test because I was initially rather skeptical. But WOW, I'm just thrilled! The panty hugs the body very well and feels great and nothing leaks. Finally no more annoying pads and tampons. I will definitely order more (if I have the necessary money again 😅).“

Tailoring convincing

Natalie A. (29 years) on 03.02.20

„I chosed a femtis panty for sustainability reasons and can recommend it without any problems. I was particularly impressed by the tailoring of the material. I tested the model "Insa".

Fair and without biocides

Linda E. (42 years) on 31.01.20

„I ordered four Femtis panties to try at the beginning of the year - two for strong days and two for medium ones. The other day I was finally able to try them out (I have rarely looked forward to my days) and they have really proven themselves. On three out of five days I was even traveling and everything went really well. I never felt uncomfortable on a plane or on long tours through the city, and I wasn't worried that something would go wrong. The fabric feels comfortable and you don't sweat. I also didn't notice any unpleasant rumors, even though I was bleeding very heavily on one day of my period. It was a great feeling of freedom to be able to do without a tampon and panty liner for the first time since I was 13 (I'm 42). You have the feeling of doing something good for your body and also protecting the environment. In addition, I think it's great that the panties are produced fair, organically and without silver. I now know that I can easily get through my period with 6 briefs and will reorder them. I say "keep it up!" And many thanks for the newfound freedom during my days!

Nobody noticed anything

Birgit S. (44 years) with daughter on 30.01.20

„I bought the panties for my daughter (12, first menstruation) and it worked great! No leakage, no problems when changing (as expected with pads!) Nobody noticed anything at school when doing gymnastics, because the panties fit great and look "normal"! Perfect! Thank you!

For heavy flows

Julia R. (32 years) on 29.01.20

„I found out about the panties by the TV show Dragons’ Den and then decided on you. They fit great and can also be used on the strong days without any problems. I will definitely stay tuned and recommend you!

Make my everyday life easier

Elvira B. (26 years) on 28.01.20

„I recently received the first femtis panties. They look incredibly beautiful, the fabric feels really fine and the size is perfect! They are great products that make my everyday life easier and make my period more pleasant. Thanks for that!

Worth every penny

Verena H. (21 years) on 27.01.20

„I have now ordered the Femtis panties for the second time. The shipment arrived within a few days (Austria). The specified fit fits perfectly and they are very comfortable to wear. Thanks to the Femtis panties, my days feel like normal during the period. They are worth every penny for performance and the great feeling of not being restricted by menstruation in any way.

Absolute fan

Isabelle H. (28 years) on 26.01.20

„I received my 2nd order of your period panties yesterday - they are just being washed once so they are ready for use. My first set completely convinced me and so that I don't have to worry as much about when I wash and dry the used underwear to make ends meet, I ordered a second set! So you found an absolute fan in me. I wish you continued success.

Great help

Sophie S. (21 years) on 25.01.20

„I have always hated tampons and sanitary napkins and always hoped that there would be a better, cheaper and more environmentally friendly solution at some point. For a little over a year I used the menstrual cup, which was really fantastic, but unfortunately I couldn't take it after inserting my copper spiral. So I looked for an alternative again and came across you. I am really thrilled and so thankful. Your underwear is super comfortable and nothing goes wrong, I'm really happy. Thank you so much for developing such great products and helping women in the world during their menstruation.

Feel safe!

Caro N. (35 years) on 25.01.20

„As soon as they arrived, the period panties were practically ready for use and what can I say, after three exhausting days, sit, hold and do the panties exactly as they should. I feel safe! I have not yet tried a machine wash, but your instructions for it appear foolproof. I am very happy about my new cottonwool and silicone freedom after breastfeeding. I don't notice any sweating or any odor after 8 hours in the office - TOP. Thanks also for not selling as expensive as some others! I personally find that more likeable.

Given back my femininity

Katharina G. (35 years) on 24.01.20

„femtis has given me back my femininity! I bought 3 femtis panties (Insa) before the birth of my son and since I had a medium-strong weekly flow for a very long time, I was able to use them wonderfully instead of the huge, almost degrading sanitary napkins, making me much more comfortable, cleaner and more feminine felt. Just wonderful. A great invention! Thank you very much.

Perfect after an accident and surgerys

Kathrin D. (42 years) on 24.01.20

„The panties are exactly what I was looking for. Due to an accident and many operations I can hardly wear pads, the skin is very sensitive. Other as o.b. don't go anymore. In addition, I can no longer hold all of my urine during sports and I sweat a lot. That's why I can use the panties very well for many days. I have worn it for a whole week to cross-country skiing and have had no wet feeling, no skin irritation and no cystitis. Thank you very much!

Test in physical therapy practice passed

Chiara K. (23 years) on 24.01.20

„I am really positively surprised by your Period Panties! I was really fed up with constantly buying tampons - also for the sake of the environment. The menstrual cup is therefore an incredible win for me. But in the first days of the period (which can sometimes be quite strong), I am always afraid that something will go wrong when I lie down or in action. Even if it fits really well and is properly introduced, I don't always trust the whole thing. And that's where you came in. I was also initially skeptical about the panties - how should the panties catch everything without getting anything soaked? But it actually works and you make me super happy with it! As a tough test, I had the panties on in our physical therapy practice - white work pants! And the pantie passed with flying colors! Thank you for your environmentally friendly, vegan and convenient addition to the conventional hygiene products!

Free of silver

Jennifer R. (32 years) on 23.01.20

„Despite initial skepticism, I ordered 3 Alwa panties directly. One reason to buy was that the products are free of silver and other biocides, which I could not find anywhere else. The panties are not bulky and are totally comfortable. I am really thrilled. It's a pity that I didn't notice you earlier. The shipping was super fast and the package was there the next day. I can highly recommend you and would order again at any time.

Mother and daughter thrilled

Alexandra S. (44 years) on 23.01.20

„I have long considered whether to order panties for a trial. The decisive factor for the order was now my daughter, who had to deal with her period for the first time. The result: we are both thrilled. A panty lasts a school day so she doesn't have to go to the toilette at school. The problem with me at night was that the pads were never long enough. This was also solved very well by the panties. I wish these panties would have already existed 20 years ago ...


Julie K. (40 years) on 23.01.20

„I have been able to try the panties several times so far and I am very satisfied with them. Washing and care is all very easy, the panties have always kept their promises and there were never stains. I feel at least as dry as with normal sanitary napkins, but the comfort is higher because nothing can move. At the beginning I had doubts about the smell (I couldn't imagine that it really works), but again you don't smell more than if you used normal sanitary napkins. So I am completely satisfied and will certainly order more. I find the underpants great, especially for younger girls, because they are very easy to use. Very young women will be happy if they can easily change their clothes in physical education (in the case of pads you can sometimes see the wings on the side), Femtis underwear is much more discreet. I want to thank the whole team for everything and I'm really happy to have discovered the Femtis underwear!

The right decision

Katharina P. (42 years) on 22.01.20

„After a lot of research and time to think about whether I should invest some money in period panties, I decided on your company. And it was a good thing! 😊 I immediately tested the panties in a variety of situations and I am very happy! Only on strong menstrual days does a slightly damp feeling sometimes appear, but otherwise I am completely convinced after such a short time! Thank you that you exist! Greetings from Austria ... P.S .: By the way, the package arrived really fast!

Really comfy

Graziana G. (48 years) on 22.01.20

„I bought a pair a femties-panties recently. I've just used it on the second day of my period when the flow is the heaviest, although the model Ella I bought is for a medium flow. I had to spend long hours away both from home and the usual place of work and I was a little worried because I knew I wouldn't have easy access to a toilet. But I wore them anyway. And I did the right thing. They are really comfy. The feeling of the fabric on the skin is incredible. Thanks from Italy.

New feeling of freedom

Clara H. (26 years) on 21.01.20

„I really want to rate Jule and Lene. I am super happy with femtis period panties! I am really excited! No more tampons or other annoying uncomfortable methods! I am really spoiled with this new feeling of freedom! Thanks for the opportunity!

Work as described

Jaqueline H. (24 years) on 19.01.20

„I have been testing your PERIOD PANTIES for 2 months now and I am very satisfied with them. At the beginning I was very skeptical and could not imagine how the whole thing should work. Everything I read on your website actually sounded too good to be true. : D But I have not regretted buying the 3 PANTIES, on the contrary, I am very happy that I did it and that it works as well as it was described. Really great panties ;) Would buy them again anytime. Thank you for inventing something cool and meaningful.

Comfortable and tight

Birgit R. (42 years) on 20.01.20

„I recently bought three models (Ella, Lene & Alwa) and I love how comfortable they are and how well they hold tight. Even on the toughest days. And they are also thinner than expected. I'm totally happy to have discovered you. Thanks for your great work!

Still convinced after months

Lisa K. (24 years) on 20.01.20

„Even after several months, the Femtis period panties still convince me. In the beginning, the outer material was a bit unusual, but I quickly got used to it. Nothing leaks even overnight or after a long day. You can't see them through the panties, even tight pants. They are easy to care for and easy to wash. The panties need more time to dry, but they have always been dry after one day. I am completely satisfied.

You don't smell anything

Wiebke M. (36 years) on 19.01.20

„The panties are comfortable to wear on the skin and feel like normal underwear. You don't really notice the gain and you don't see anything even under tight jeans. You are safe and despite initial concerns, nothing goes wrong. You don't smell anything that many women fear. There are no problems at night and you feel very safe even in bed. Of course, it makes sense to put on a certain number of panties, as they take a little longer to dry. Will order one for my daughter so she can try it out too.

Favorite model

Julia W. (37 years) on 19.01.20

„I ordered the ELLA panty and have already been able to use it. The fit is great, I really like that the panties are cut low and don't cut. Nowhere is it too tight or too airy if you follow the size chart. The high protection area at the front is particularly suitable for me, since I am a belly sleeper and blood also escapes at the junction of the venus / labia. I have a rather weak menstruation, so the panties should have been a bit thinner for my needs to increase the comfort, but it also wears so well. I like the red color. What bothers me a bit is the rustling and the material itself, which is more reminiscent of swimwear. I would have liked a more cotton-like fabric here. All in all, however, I am very satisfied and it is among four different manufacturers, of which I own period underwear, with my favorite model.

Endurance test passed at mountain hike

Karin K. (43 years) on 17.01.20

„First of all, I would like to thank you for undertaking the process, which is certainly very challenging, of developing period panties. I had initially ordered Lene and Alwa last October, but unfortunately I found them - despite their sufficient size in width - too short for my demand at the front and back, so not high enough. I asked for an exchange in Jule. This exchange went very smoothly, I received an immediate response and quickly the new panties in a different fit. In the meantime I was able to test it extensively. First of all: I have a very strong period and usually wear the largest possible tampons and additional pads. I am always annoyed about the additional need for sanitary napkins because they produce a lot of additional waste and it is also annoying to have to keep spare sanitary napkins in your handbag. At first I was very skeptical about using the period panties. But now I'm convinced of them. On the fading days and at the beginning the panties are enough without a tampon, on the strong days it is great when used with a tampon and I do not have to change the panties at all, in contrast to the pads. Also in my endurance test, a mountain hike on a strong period day, they completely convinced me: no slipping and no lateral leakage as is sometimes the case with pads and thus simply a safer feeling. I will probably stay with the tampons on the very strong days, but at least I can finally do without the pads. By the way, I decided on your product - there are now also competing products - because they do not contain any biocides, I do not want them on my skin.

Very happy since half a year

Amelie A. (20 years) on 16.01.20

„I think your period panties are great. I've been wearing them for over half a year now and I get along fine with them. I save the time for shopping pads, tampons etc. and I also feel really comfortable thanks to the comfort of the pants. The Insa-Pants are the only ones where I sometimes wish that the rubber band would be even more skin-friendly so that the edges don't irritate my skin so much. But that can also be very well because of me, so this criticism is only marginal. Otherwise I am super happy, I always feel well equipped when the period starts again. Your website is super easy to understand and the invoice processing has always worked out so well for me. Of course it is a pity that you cannot order pants that are not in stock on account, but that is not a problem, since I do not know of any other shop that does this. You also deliver very quickly, I was very enthusiastic recently and still am. The pants have a super stylish shape, which I think is great because you don't notice them even in the gym locker room, etc. You make it so easy and super natural to protect nature and take another important step in a more environmentally friendly way of life. In general, I would like to thank you for your work and hope that I will benefit from it for a long time. THANK YOU!! Keep it up!

Perfect for my daughters and me

Beatrice A. (51 years) on 15.01.20

„I have now ordered from you for the second time because the first panty worked very well for my younger daughter. She is 15 and the period is not yet regular. Instead of equipping her with pads and sanitary napkins for emergencies, she can now simply wear a pair of femtis panties. It doesn't bulge, looks great and when it starts she is well protected. She also likes the panties Lynn in XS very much at night, because sanitary napkins have slipped somehow and then there was always something to wash. Our older daughter (21) really likes the model with lace (Kari, S). In the meantime, it is no longer just the look, but the functionality that convinced her. She is still in training and is glad that nothing goes through and that she has not always to look for a toilet for changing during the days. I had my uterus removed a few years ago, so I no longer have a period. After births my pelvic floor is not what it used to be and when I jogged I always used at least a thin panty liner - often unnecessarily. This is easier now because I have also bought one of your panties (Insa) especially for sports. And it works great. No uncomfortable, "wet" feeling. We are also happy about less waste, which was partly unnecessary. With us three, the usual clothing size corresponded to your sizes.

Functional and beautiful

Anna B. (35 Jahre) am 14.01.20

„The panties arrived quickly. Great!! Thank you for the reliable delivery, everything went well also with the exchange. I am very satisfied with the Alwa models with lace - they are not only functional, but also beautiful.

Don't need anything else

Lara H. (23 years) on 13.01.20

„I now have my fourth period panty and I am very satisfied! I no longer need anything else during my period and produce much less waste. Thanks a lot! I also think your email service is great, because you respond quickly and friendly. Shipping is just as fast. From now on I can travel with the panties in the reusable zip bag without stupid, painful tampons :) That's so nice!

Professional customer service

Natalie R. (26 years) on 13.01.20

„I am happy to give my feedback here: As you know, I stressed the customer service. This is my first order at Femtis and despite the oops I am very satisfied. The first oop was probably my mistake: I made a typing mistake when entering the zip code and only noticed this when I received the shipping confirmation by email. I then immediately asked by email to correct this, which was done immediately. A few days later I received the package and here I noticed the second oop, this time it was a mistake on your part: Only one of my 3 panties ordered were in the package. I immediately called you. I left a message and was called back a few minutes later. The customer support was very friendly and professional, knew immediately what the order was (and did not have to search for long). I was promised to send the two missing panties immediately, which also happened. The best way to judge the professionalism of a company and its customer service is when something goes wrong. I can only express great praise to you and thank you very much. I am also convinced of the quality of the panties. Thanks again and best regards from Austria.

Make life easier!

Anna M. (29 years) on 12.01.20

„Thanks to your period panties, I can finally do without annoying pads and feel safe both at night and away from home. Especially in combination with a menstrual cup, the panties are just great and make life much easier! Thanks for that!

Super absorbant, looks good, cheap price

Larissa J. (21 years) on 11.01.20

„I would like to inform you that the "Kari" panty I ordered from you are extremely comfortable to wear. It is so thin that it does not appear in pants and clothes at all. In addition, even with heavy bleeding, it is extremely absorbent even without additional protection and also looks really good, so that there is hardly any visual difference to conventional underwear. For what "Kari" does, the price is very cheap.

Safe with endometriosis

Verena G. (39 years) on 11.01.20

„For me, Femtis period underwear is an absolute plus in terms of quality of life. I have endometriosis and this causes heavy bleeding intervals during the period. I use the period underwear in combination with a menstrual cup. Since using Femtis I feel much safer. Even if the cup overflows, I am safe and protected. I can now exercise during my period or just be on the go. The feeling is really comfortable and you don't notice that you are wearing period underwear.

Two problems solved!

Verena T. (38 years) on 10.01.20

„I was made aware of you by a friend and I can't believe how long I didn't know about you! I have heavy bleeding for the first three days and nights of my period and use the panties in addition to my menstrual cup. Two of my problems during the period have finally been solved! I can sleep at night without anything going wrong! And I can also go to sports carefree with heavy bleeding! Thank you for a better quality of life. I personally feel most comfortable with the Jule model, but the two other models which I tested also fit well and are comfortable. Another order will follow 😀“

Pleasantly flexible

Laura K. (25 years) on 10.01.20

„Here is a little feedback from me. INSA was my first try with period underwear. At first I was a little surprised that the protection area goes up in the back. But when I tried it on for the first time it turned out that the fit is really good and the whole thing is pleasantly flexible and not heavy at all. I'm very satisfied.

New attitude towards life

Jana M. (27 years) on 09.01.20

„I've been testing your menstrual underwear for 3 months now and have to say: I'm really thrilled! At first I was a bit skeptical whether the panties really do what they promise and I only wore them at home. But I quickly noticed that they make me feel very safe and are also totally comfortable. I will definitely order more because I feel very comfortable and “liberated”. Thank you for the relaxed, new attitude towards life.

I will recommend femtis!

Marie D. (24 years) on 09.01.20

„I wanted to switch to period underwear for the sake of the environment, but I didn't think it would be so great! I find it amazing how well the panties "work". Not only that nothing leaks, but also that a large amount of liquid can be absorbed without being felt on the inner surface. It really stays dry for quite a long time! This makes it much more comfortable to wear than sanitary napkins, which in the worst case are also unpleasantly scented. I wear the LENE panties at night and they last 8 hours, even on the hardest day (without a cup or tampon). I originally wanted to use LENE during the day, but it cuts my bottom a little, which doesn't look so nice under jeans. But this is a complaint at a high level and every bodies shape is different! For the day, I have now ordered KARI, which suits me even better :) Even washing by hand is not bad at all and is super fast! Thank you very much, I will recommend femtis!

Quick shipment

Eveline S. (23 years) on 08.01.20

„I rordered the first period panties from you. Until then, I could not imagine that wearing them would be comfortable because I never liked conventional sanitary napkins either. Since a menstrual cup is also uncomfortable to wear on very light days, I had to find a sustainable alternative that is not too "pad" like. In the meantime I am very happy that I tried them - thank you for sending them so quickly! I ordered 4 more panties to be well equipped. Suddenly, the period is comfortable. Thanks a lot!

Absolute recommendation

Iris W. (33 years) on 07.01.20

„Shortly before Christmas I received your delivery with my first three femtis panties. Shortly afterwards I tested them extensively and I'm really totally satisfied. My menstruation has never been so relaxed. All I need are a few more panties. Can highly recommend them.

Safe and dry - even with heavy bleeding

Stefanie K. (38 years) on 06.01.20

„So far I have tested three different panties from your collection and overall I am very satisfied. The panties are comfortable and have a good fit. They also serve their purpose. I feel safe and dry - even with heavy bleeding. I find the idea of temporarily storing the panties in the enclosed bags when you're on the go very good and realistic. Thank you for the quick processing of the purchase.

Keeps tight

Sarah M. (33 years) on 04.01.20

„I'm really thrilled about the period panties! I did not have quite as high expectations because many write that they use the pants in addition to the cup or whether. But I can only say: neither of these seems to me to be necessary! At first I had used a Mini-Ob, but left it out on the second day and the panties kept dry all day. Especially at night I often had the problem that the Ob doesn't hold, but the panties alone were sufficient and hold up well all night! At first, the feeling of wearing the pants was a bit unusual due to the many layers, but that goes away. I also had neither the feeling of "wet" pants nor noticed any smell ...

Absolutely thrilled

Sophie Z. (31 years) on 03.01.20

„It is the first time that I have worn your period panties. Since I am not a fan of having something permanently on my body during the period, I have always used disposable sanitary napkins. But they are uncomfortable and there is also an incredible amount of waste. I have worn "Lene" from evening to morning and I'm totally thrilled. It is comfortable, sits super securely, it always feels dry and it lasts. No more leakage at night. Now I'm almost a little sad not to have ordered more. But gradually I will definitely do that.

Finally quality of life

Joana S. (18 years) on 02.01.20

„I finally had the opportunity to try my panties and I am absolutely thrilled! I have been looking for an alternative to tampons for a long time and only managed with the period cup. To be able to rely on underwear now brings me a lot of quality of life, because unfortunately I always had problems with the severity of my bleeding and could never relax. Now there are finally quiet nights and I thank you very much for that! P.S. Super friendly and above all quick service!

Nothing to complain about

Julia H. (28 years) on 01.01.20

„I recently became the owner of 'Insa' and 'Lene'. After a first test run, I would like to tell you how excited I am. I cannot criticize the briefs in any point. Especially when it comes to comfort and odorlessness. I thank you for this innovative health and environmentally friendly variant of a period product! Best wishes and a happy new year!


Clara G. (41 years) on 31.12.19

„I bought femtis Alwa panties 2 months ago. Now I could try it out and I am super satisfied!! The underpants are very comfortable and "waterproof", so perfect! Thank you very much

No fear anymore

Melanie G. (28 years) on 30.12.19

„Hello, I'm Melanie, 28, and recently got the period panties, model "Lynn". I usually have heavy bleeding for the first two days and often had the problem that something leaked and there were residues on my panties. I work in nursing where I wear white pants, every time I had to put 2 pads in the panties. Since I started using your panties, I no longer have to be afraid to leak. Thank you for the great panties! 🙂“

Not disappointed

Neva M. (21 years) on 28.12.19

„As written on my wish list, I got two of your promising panties for Christmas. It was the "Lene" model, which promises great comfort and convenience. In fact, I have to say that this promise was not disappointed. I currently use the panties as a backup to my menstrual cup, which sometimes overflowed at particularly heavy bleeding, and e.g. due to longer tours could not be emptied. With "Lene" I feel safe and dry and don't have the annoyance of bloody underpants. Thanks a lot for this!

Directly accessible

Laura V. (36 Jahre) am 27.12.19

„5 stars for your direct accessibility by phone, this is not a matter of course! Many greetings from Berlin

Completely satisfied

Jana S. (29 years) on 25.12.19

„I have a Lena and a Kari and I am completely satisfied. The panties are super easy to clean and so far I've always been able to rely on them. Thanks for that!

Reduces incredible amounts of waste

Gabriele W. (39 years) on 21.12.19

„I would like to congratulate you on your great product. A perfect supplement to the menstrual cup, gives a feeling of security and reduces an incredible amount of waste. I will definitely recommend it. Warm greetings from Tyrol and happy christmas days to you all!

Super comfort

Katharina D. (32 years) on 21.12.19

„I have ordered 2x Alwa and 1x Lene and I am very satisfied with it. The fit is perfect and based on the size chart you can actually order your underpants. This is certainly not the case everywhere. I combine my panties with a menstrual cup or wear them completely without, both are super possible. I have great wearing comfort, nothing disturbs me and I feel very safe during my period. Thanks a lot for this! I am very, very satisfied with the panties and will soon order some more. THANK YOU. Merry Christmas from a very enthusiastic (new) customer.

Nothing overflowed

Mascha N. (25 years) on 20.12.19

„I tested the LENE model this month and I am very satisfied! I put on my panties in the morning and didn't change until the next morning. Wearing it was much more comfortable than a sanitary napkin and although I had my days stronger than usual this time, nothing overflowed. Really a very useful invention and a nice Christmas present, I also ordered a LENE for my mother!

Perfect supplement

Rosa A. (28 years) on 19.12.19

„I was very skeptical about period panties. I was concerned that they would be thick so that it would be uncomfortable under the jeans or that they would not leak proof. After a long research, the Femtis Kari was the first one I had ordered to try out. Ordered and there the next day. I was thrilled with this speed of service. And when I held the panties in my hand for the first time, I liked the simple design, the lace border at the top and the processing right away. Unfortunately it was a bit too big, but the exchange was also very smooth. My contact email was answered very quickly and friendly, which I as a customer appreciate very much. When the panties were used for the first time during my days, I was thrilled. I use a cup, but I often have problems with "leakage" at night. Kari is the perfect supplement for me at night. It makes me feel safe and, thanks to the design, even a little bit sexy. For the Kari model, I actually have no requests for improvement because I think it's perfect. Next I will test other models and maybe replace the cup completely.

Everything dry at light incontinence

Petra K. (52 years) on 18.12.19

„I wear the pants for the first day now and everything feels dry. After six children my pelvic floor went limp, so I suffer from light incontinence. With pelvic floor training it has gotten a little better, but thanks to your panty I just feel safer :)

Thrilled from day 1!

Leonie K. (27 years) on 17.12.19

„I recently ordered 4 underpants for a test and was thrilled from day 1! They fit perfectly and compared to sanitary napkins, I feel safer with your pants because nothing runs out! I immediately ordered more pants and hope to be able to do something for the environment (laundry instead of disposable items).

Perfect combination

Juliane W. (32 years) on 14.12.19

„Dear femtis team, I now have two of your period panties: Ella and Alwa. I have to say I'm really happy. The material feels very pleasant on the skin and the underpants really fit very well. However, what I am most pleased about is that I no longer produce disposable waste while I have my period. I have been using menstrual cups for a long time, but was never really convinced, because on some days something goes wrong. Thanks to your period panties, I am now very satisfied and can move as freely as I want throughout the day - a wonderful combination (your underpants + menstrual cup). I am very happy about this progress. Thank you very much and all the best.

Definitely worth the money

Béatrice B. (30 years) on 12.12.19

„I love the Femtis underpants! I like the model Kari (in XXS) the most! Also, I still have the string (Svea). Have both already tried. Nothing runs out and it doesn't smell! I will only use my Femtis underpants when I have my period. Will order more soon. Unfortunately, they are a bit expensive for a spontaneous purchase. Definitely worth the money, because you can use them every month. Definitely buy more! Thank you very much dear Femtis team. Great thing! Also thanks for the uncomplicated return / exchange!


Pauline J. (22 years) on 12.12.19

„I ordered the jule panties and I am more than satisfied. The comfort is great, the panties fit well and leave enough space for movement. About leaking is to think at no time. It does not give you the typical tropical feeling as with sanitary napkings, but the always-alright-feeling. I think the cleaning takes a bit of getting used to, but all in all the panties can only be recommended!

Keep it up!!!

Simone F. (34 years) on 11.12.19

„About the LENE I can say that it fits perfectly. I have tested it and I am very thrilled. I have a strong period as I use a spiral and except the first day I did not need any other hygiene products. LENE keeps tight, feels great and keeps her promises at night without a tampon. I am very thrilled and say thank you in the name of the women's world, that there is an alternative to cups, sanitary pads and tampons. And as it always is, if someone is convinced of a product, it is recommended. I can really recommend the LENE panty in terms of comfort and function as well as the company Femtis. Keep it up!!!

Wish I had discovered these much earlier!

Ilona W. (40 years) on 10.12.19

„This is my first foray into using period panties. I don’t know why it took me long to try them. I think I assumed they weren’t that commonly used - I didn’t really hear about them until the last couple of years. But I am so glad I have finally made the change. I wasn’t sure how much I could trust them - partly because my period itself is a bit unusual at the moment, heavier than normal, having had a baby 6 months ago. But I loved not having to wear a pad with underwear (though I did wear a pad with them on my heaviest days since it was my first time - that wasn’t that comfortable!). I like that they look like regular underwear. I liked being able to use a tampon without having to also use a pad. My daughter is still very young but I so look forward to being able to introduce her to these when her time comes - it changes the conversation and will change her experience of having her period as a young person. The only thing I think is that perhaps next time I would not choose black. It is difficult to tell exactly how heavy your flow has been (or how desperately you need to change your tampon) and that meant that I felt a bit unsure about when I should change them over or if it could wait. I love that they are black underwear - it makes them so normal, but I wonder if it would make it easier (for me) if the inside wasn’t black to give more of an indication. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents! So glad to have these products in my underwear drawer, to be able to reduce my waste especially! I wish I had discovered these much earlier! Thanks again and warm regards from the Netherlands!

Never felt so safe

Karoline U. (32 years) on 10.12.19

„I'm wearing my first period panty (first only at night) and I'm really excited. I have never felt so safe! Nothing leaks and at the same time the panty is so comfortable to wear! I'm sure I'll get more panties in the future, so I can do without sanitary napkins during the day. Thank you for your work. You are great 😀“

Peacefully sleeping

Kathrin K. (41 years) on 09.12.19

„I've tried your underwear for the first time now and I'm pretty excited. Feel totally safe with it and can sleep peacefully at night without fear of spots in bed. Will definitely recommend femtis!

Great work!

Nadja J. (32 years) on 05.12.19

„Hello dear team of Femtis, I suffer from endometriosis and always have about 10-12 days period. I have tested the panties now and I can say that I did not expect to be so excited. I thought okay does not sound bad, no biocides, sounds great. But they also fit like a glove, it does not slip like a sanitary napkin and they absorb great. I will definitely get some more. Great work!

Nothing leaked

Carolin R. (41 years) on 05.12.19

„Dear Femtis Team, recently I was able to try out the model Alwa. At first I could not imagine that the panty is leakproof because it is really thin. But I must say, I was pleasantly surprised: super comfortable to wear, even on the first day (period is medium) nothing has leaked (9 hours wearing time). In addition, the look is perfect and nothing stands out under a tight pair of jeans. That was certainly not my last panty from you ;-) “

Completely safe feeling

Luise B. (32 years) on 04.12.19

„I've been thinking about getting period panties for quite some time, but so far the price has always deterred me. Admittedly, I have been following another provider for some time, but their panties were just too expensive for me. I made a new search and found a cheaper variant at femtis. I was not only curious about the price, but also the variety of models. So I ordered 5 pieces, 3 different models in total: INSA, ALWA and ELLA. Above all, I especially like Alwa with the lace! I tested all 5 models for a period now and was very satisfied! I had a completely safe feeling, no odor and felt not restricted, etc. With two more panties I would safely come through my period, without having to wash in between in the machine.

Keeps what it promises!!

Stefanie B. (28 years) on 03.12.19

„I have ordered the panties for the second time to expand my stock. I'm really pleased. The product keeps absolutely what it promises!!


Andrea B. (39 years) on 29.11.19

„I have tested the period panties and I am thrilled! Finally I have found the right ones. The period panties sit great, are easy to wash and are super leakproof! I already recommend them to my patients.

Sits comfortably, is safe

Claudia v. R. (48 years) with daughter Sophie on 27.11.19

„Since our daughter weighs only 42 kg, we had concerns about whether a size M would fit her. It's a bit loose one the the waist, but it sits well on the butt, is perfectly leakproof and comfortable. So everything is fine 👍“

Just super cool

Heidi L. (39 years) on 26.11.19

„I have never given feedback to a product before..... but for this I have to write one. I have tested the panties now. I was really skeptical at first. Never tried anything like that before. But what can I say ..... the panties are just super cool. 🙂🙂 Always a dry feeling, no leakage, good fit. Even when playing sports just awesome. I can really recommend them.“


Sabrina D. (35 years) on 26.11.19

„Hello, I'm very excited about the panties, never thought they would work so well. They are also super comfortable and look pretty.“

Size fits

Lisa C. (20 years) on 25.11.19

„I have ordered the period panty Alwa in size M. The size is very suitable, I always wear M and the pants fit well. In general, the pants also look very well when wearing them. I'm looking forward to try it further.“

Safe feeling

Vanessa M. (29 years) on 22.11.19

„I have now received my second delivery and have already recommended my girlfriends to switch to your panties too, because I am absolutely convinced. The panties feel great on the skin, give me a safe feeling and are not visible. They are even smart to look at and the strings are awesome. I find cleaning and hygiene also very pleasant and the bag for transport is an additional benefit.“

Very satisfied

Katharina G. (18 years) on 20.11.19

„Dear Femtis team, I love your products. I already have some of your panty models and would like to buy more! Super comfortable, sustainable and above all, they work fine. I am very satisfied with the quality and can not imagine using anything else in my period.“


Ana G. (45 years) on 19.11.19

„ I bought the femtis panties for my 11 year old daughter and we are really excited and satisfied! It is a relief for such a young lady to wear these panties! The XS size fits perfectly with her (she is 162 cm tall and slim). We live in Switzerland and the delivery has worked very well. Fine! Thank you very much.“

Liberating feeling

Sandra S. (40 years) on 18.11.19

„I am very satisfied. Just as I wished. At the 2 strong periodic days I also use a sponge, on the other 3-4 days I use only the panties. It's a really liberating feeling. Thanks ♥️“

Truly life changing

Serena F. (36 years) on 16.11.19

„Finally the first care free period of my life! I have extremely abundant bleeding, and I have been having troubles to stay clean, particularly at night. For the first time I managed to sleep during my period, using femtis together with a menstrual cup. I felt dry and clean all the way, despite having leaked from the cup a whole lot! The underwear feels comfortable against the skin and it looks good too. I have already recommended it to all my friends! ❤️ Thank you very much, thus underwear has been truly life changing for me! Best regards from Sweden.“

Thank you very much

Nadine G. (30 Jahre) am 16.11.19

„I am full of praise for your period panties. My fear, it would be like wearing sanitary napkins (feel wet quickly, you can smell the blood somehow, etc.) has NOT been confirmed! On the contrary, you hardly notice that you have your period. Thank you very much for your work!“

Comfortable to wear

Charlotte F. (29 years) on 15.11.19

„I was able to try your products for the first time this week. My conclusion is that they are very comfortable to wear and you feel really safe. The panties do not slip and therefore they are much more preferable to me than plastic or fabric sanitary napkins.“

Completely satisfied

Laura S. (24 years) on 15.11.19

„After much deliberation, I have decided for your period underwear; convinced me in the end your waiver of silver and other biocides and the price (discount). When your panties finally arrived I was really excited and really (haha) looking forward to my period. What should I say: I am thoroughly enthusiastic and completely satisfied. No odor, no wet diaper feeling and the best: My head is completely free during my days and I can do everything I want without constantly thinking about the next toilet or the next tampon change. A huge relief for me! So I say a thousand times thanks!“

Sleep through quiet

Hannah S. (19 years) on 15.11.19

„I'm so excited about femtis. With the introduction of tampons and menstrual cups I have always had my problems. Sanitary napkins always made me worry that they slip and it comes to ugly spots, especially at night. Since I use period underwear, I can sleep through quiet, it facilitates my period immensely. Thanks a lot for this!“

Comfortable to wear

Charlotte F. (29 years) on 15.11.19

„I was able to try your products for the first time this week. My conclusion is that they are very comfortable to wear and you really feel safe. The panties do not slip and therefore they are much more preferable to me than plastic or fabric sanitary napkins.“

Without silver particles

Celine P. (26 years) on 12.11.19

„I'm very excited about the femtis panties. They are super soft and comfortable. At first I was not sure if the panties really last, but they are safe and reliable. What excites me most about your panties is that there are no silver particles. And the shipping was super fast, thanks for that!“

Nothing went wrong

Sabine H. (32 years) on 12.11.19

„My experience with the Femtis period underpants is quite positive, because nothing went wrong, really great. In my opinion, there could be more to choose from in shape, cut and colors. Otherwise really top and a very good invention, I am thrilled!“

We are happy

Virginia M. (49 years) on 08.11.19

„Dear Femtis Team, thank you for these great panties. I ordered them for my eleven-year-old daughter. Since she always has extremely heavy bleeding, the laundry mountains were huge and we were quite desperate. We had even bought panties for bladder weakness before, but nothing helped. It was bad, especially at school. Then I found you and we are happy. We already recommended you to a friend who also ordered immediately. As soon as my purse allows it, I will reorder. Greetings from Falkensee“

Thanks for this invention

Katharina W. (30 years) on 08.11.19

„I ordered the period panty ALWA at femtis and tested it immediately after delivery. I'm thrilled! - What a revolution in the feminine hygiene market !!! I have been using a menstrual cup for some time and have supplemented it with traditional sanitary napkins so far. The constant slipping and the unpleasant skin feeling, as well as the pollution, were always a thorn in my side ... Now I am happy to have found this great alternative !!! The panties are very comfortable to wear and also pretty nice. You almost forget that you have your period. Even on the light days you do not have to worry about panty liners etc. An absolute must for the environmentally and body conscious woman. Thanks for this invention! The only thing that kept me from buying for a while was the price. For a slim purse, just under 30 € for a panty is a lot .... Even if you save the cost of other products in the long term. All in all, I'm totally satisfied and can only recommend the panties.“

Find femtis better

Xiao Z. (33 years) on 05.11.19

„Dear Femtis Team, first of all, I have been wearing period panties ever since they first appeared. When Thinx was founded and started to offer the first worldwide shipping, I bought and tested two of their available models. I now have 6 pieces of Femtis and I can say, that I find the Femtis-panties better overall. Above all, I like the cut - it is pleasantly wide in the crotch area, while I find this area at Thinx too narrow for several cuts. Then, with the Thinx panties, something goes wrong on the strong-flow days. Also, I find that Femtis can absorb a lot more moisture. I can only wear Thinx without any backup on very weak days. Femtis, on the other hand, takes as much as a sanitary napkin for strong days. Also great that there are Femtis models with cotton material. Very pleasant! Praise also that there are also Femtis panties in small sizes. I think it's great that Femtis panties are also available in the XXS sizes!“

Very happy

Nina C. (26 years) on 04.11.19

„I have been wearing the panties Insa and Jule for several months during my period and I am especially happy with the fit of the Jule. I had no problems with leaks at all and it is great how practical the panties are in everyday life, thanks for that.“

All the love from Austria

Lilly J. (33 years) on 01.11.19

„Dear femtis-Team, I write here with my feedback on the period panties - I ordered them during my last period and was really very pleasantly surprised how quickly they were delivered to me to Austria (but unfortunately: still too late to try them right away)! But a few days ago they were used and I have to say: I am very happy with it and have already recommended them! The model "Jule" gives me a very pleasant feeling while sleeping (therefore: I am not afraid of "leaking" at night - not even when my flow is very strong), for the day it is a bit too thick, but perfect for the nights for me. With the models "Ella & Lynn" I get through the day well, I simply wash them out in the evening with cold water, put them into the washing machine and they also dry very fast. That means I get by with my 3 panties easily throughout the period! For on the go, the included bags are also very practical, since you can stow the used panties well and odorless. I can not use tampons for health reasons and wearing pads was not always so pleasant for me, not only because of the miscomfort, it also bothered me a lot because of the waste - but luckily I do not have that problem anymore! Many thanks to you and all the love from Austria.“

With tampons I had stomach ache

Nicole F. (41 years) on 01.11.19

„Since I always had tummy pains with tampons, I looked for something else and I came across Femtis. I'm really excited about the period panties. It does not smell and they are totally comfortable. At first I ordered only two, the Lene Panties, and because I was so excited, I also ordered Alwa and Insa. Thanks for the great invention.“

Ecological solution

Manja B. (48 years) on 01.11.19

„Dear team, we are a "lot of girls household" and are trying to find a more ecological solution to disposable hygiene products. With the panties, my girls and I are very satisfied. They have a good wearing comfort and are also easy to care for.“

Work great

Ginevra F. (39 years) on 31.10.19

„I have tried your "Periodpanties": they work great. I feel protected, without the "plastic bag feeling" of the normal panty liners. The femtis-panties look great, the care is simple. So I'm very happy with my decision. I hope they are used more and more, also here in Italy. A big thank you!“

Worried that something would go wrong

Nicole V. (24 years) on 30.10.19

„I ordered the panty Insa from you. The panty is very comfortable to wear. Since I am an autistic person, I wondered beforehand if the material is rather unpleasant for me. It was not like that at all. The size S also fits very well. I was also worried that something would go wrong as I have very strong periods. But it was not like that either. I just ordered more panties. I'm happy now that I need less sanitary napkins and that I can do something for the environment. Thank you very much :)“

String SVEA perfect for me

Antonia N. (21 years) on 28.10.19

„Hello dear Femtis Team, I would like to share with you my experiences with the Femtis period panty SVEA. I usually use a menstrual cup just in the first few days of my period, or when I travel a lot, I need extra backup. For sustainable reasons, I still want to do without sanitary napkins and tampons and the resulting waste. This is how I came across period underwear. I was very happy that you also offer strings, because I do not like the feeling of other underwear. Also, when wearing sports leggings there are no panty lines visible. I like the feel of the Femtis panties very much. I was also very satisfied with the fast and uncomplicated delivery.“

Not only safe when riding

Elisabeth G. (27 years) on 27.10.19

„Hello dear Femtis team, thanks to your panties I feel much more relaxed during my period. I did not think that was possible, and I am so annoyed that I didn't find your shop earlier. As a rider, the period is often quite annoying. To avoid unpleasant surprises, long rides often have to be postponed and I also often avoid shorter rides in the riding arena on my strong days. With tampons I do not feel well at all and sanitary napkins I have to change very often or I have to run for checks. That is really annoying at the stable, besides, a lot of waste is produced. With the panties ELLA I feel completely safe now, really a great feeling! Even for my job, where not always a toilet is within reach, the panties are a true gift. I ordered the models Ella and Lynn. When riding, I wear only the model ELLA, the reason is the extra high protection area at the front. Although the model JULE would have an extra high protection area at the front and the cut looks very pleasant to me, I do not like that the leg cutout is so low. The panties are all very high quality, the exchange was always very uncomplicated and the customer service is very friendly and helpful. Thank you that you exist!!“

Teenage daughter thrilled

Christine M. (46 years) with daughter Cana (12 years) on 26.10.19

„Hello dear femtis team, my teenage daughter has just recently gotten her period. She simply could not cope with pads or sanitary napkins, so I ordered a femtis first. She is totally thrilled, nothing bothers her anymore, nothing slips anymore and she has total security. We'll order a few more right now. Okay, they're not cheap, but if my daughter is happy, I'm happy, too. Best regards, Christine and Cana“

Perfectly happy

Isabelle H. (28 years) on 25.10.19

„I've been asking myself the question of how to avoid waste regarding monthly hygiene. Coincidentally, I came across the keyword "period underwear" and was immediately on fire. After some research, I chose femtis. I found the selection with the sets and the associated discounts, as well as the included zip bags, convincing and that you do without silver and biocides. I have worn the underwear in combination with a menstrual cup, as well as without. I felt completely safe, even without the menstrual cup. In sports (riding) I have already tested the panties, they did their job and they also felt comfortable. In addition, I wear them at night - without problems. Due to the different layers, the underwear is a bit "thicker" in the appropriate areas, but you do not notice when wearing. I will definitely recommend this to others.“

High quality

Tina S. (42 years) on 24.10.19

„Dear femtis team, the delivery of the panties was very fast. The product makes a very high-quality impression. I have already tried the panties during sports and they were very comfortable. I will definitely order panties for my 12-year-old daughter. I think she will definitely feel safer at school with these panties. A big thank you!“

Nothing slips

Karina G. (31 years) on 23.10.19

„Dear Femtis Team, after my first period of testing one of your panties (Insa), I am really excited. With the size chart it is no problem to find out the right size and,unlike my period panty from another manufacturer, nothing slips, even during sports. The panty is breathable and I do not notice that I am wearing a period panty. Another plus point is that, even after hand washing, your panties dry quickly and are therefore ready for use again. For me they are really a relief, because, due to health reasons, menscups no longer work for me. Tampons and pads are not an alternative for me because of the waste. Absolutely thumbs up! The only downside for me is that I need the panties also in a lighter colour for light pants.“

Safe in the bus in India

Sandra S. (23 years) on 22.10.19

„The parcel arrived just in time for my trip to India and I am really happy that I was able to take them along. As a result, I spent eternal bus rides and train trips completely relaxed. In addition, I really love the model Ella. Please keep up the good work, I've never felt so comfortable during my period.“

Size fits

Mirjam G. (37 years) on 18.10.19

„Hello, I am totally satisfied with my Period Panties! I can wear them during my period without extra protection and they are super comfortable. The size fits great and finding the right one was very easy with the size chart. I can highly recommend them. The delivery was really fast and the included washing and care instructions are super helpful.“

At first I was skeptical

Bettina H. (30 years) on 15.10.19

„This is my 2nd order with you and I'm absolutely thrilled about your period panties. Currently, I just tried the Insa-Panty, it is great and very comfortable. I'm not a fan of tampons and pads, they are too uncomfortable and too "bulky". The period panties are just right for me. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning of how safe they are, but nothing ever goes wrong :) I'm glad that you are on the market. Keep it up!“

Perfect alternative to sanitary napkins

Van R. (27 years) on 10.10.19

„Dear femtis-Team, I am incredibly happy to have your femtis panties. My husband came to your site after we looked for alternatives for napkins and tampons. I have recently had sores caused by the sanitary napkins from the drugstore and the insertion of tampons causes me pain. By wearing the napkins during the period there was always a wet feeling and at the same time the hard material was chafing. As a result, I always had sores, even a few days after my period. But since I use your panties, I have no more sores. So far I have not had any spillings or stains, which often happened with the napkins. And the panties are just perfect. Thank you for this perfect alternative!“


Karo L. (37 years) on 06.10.19

„A big THANK YOU to you and your product! What a pity that I did not manage to wear your panties earlier. Unfortunately, I have to rely mainly on the model JULE, although I like the look of the panties with the lace better. However, since I am 1.80 m tall, the other models are unfortunately a bit too short for me - I do not feel as safe with them as with JULE. But nevertheless I am totally thrilled! I recommend you constantly and hope that many women will use your product - to love themselves - and to love the environment! A heartfelt THANK YOU to your entire team! For a great product - for a great service - and for a smooth and fast shipping & an easy exchange.“

My savior

Melina M. (20 years) on 01.10.19

„I recently ordered three of your period panties and I'm totally excited! On Saturday I was at a sports event and I already expected that I have my period on this day. In order to finally feel safer in sports and not have to constantly change something, I researched and came across you. You were my savior that day! I was able to enjoy the event to the fullest and work it out without worries. Nothing slipped or went wrong. THANK YOU THANKS !!! What I also like is the short delivery time! Ordered - 2 days later in my hands. I will definitely order more panties and I recommend you already diligently :)“

Everything easy

Manuela K. (45 years) on 30.09.19

„Dear Femtisteam, I am superhappy with my femtis panties. It's so much more enjoyable than the whole theater with sanitary napkins that slip and do not sit properly. You start to sweat and in spite of the wings something lands in the panties. Thanks to the femtispanties, I feel more comfortable, more hygienic than before, it is such an easy feeling with it. They are easy to handle, easy to wash - everything is really easy. Only on the first strong days, I would prefer to make a change, even if the panties have not yet taken the max, simply because it feels so wet after the toilet, for a moment. But the investment was definitely worth it and the waste mountain has shrunk - and that's just great! Good job, keep it up!“

Important contribution to our society

Isabel G. (20 years) on 28.09.19

„Dear femtis team, I am very excited about the period underwear. It does not leak and is super easy to wash. In addition, I hardly notice the pants when wearing, so I feel flexible. You make a really important contribution to our society and I just wanted to say thank you. (Finally I do not have to get upset in the drugstore about the 19% luxury tax on conventional period products and all the pollution! : D)“

Seams well finished

Manuela S. (39 years) on 27.09.19

„Yesterday I received my first period panty, a Lene in size S from you and am thrilled! The material is soft, cuddly and stretchy, all seams well finished and the inner very flat, the cut fits well and the panty sits comfortably, the reinforced part is of course thicker than conventional panties but not uncomfortable and the design and look is wonderful , really stylish!“

Fabric layers are barely noticeable

Christina S. (27 years) on 22.09.19

„Hello my dears! I recently ordered from you for the first time. Your products are really great. What I like is the really thin fabric of the panties. Compared to other manufacturers, the fabric layers are barely noticeable.“

The panties are really great!

Family G. on 18.09.19

„Hello, I ordered these panties for my mentally handicapped daughter. As you can image, it is difficult to explain to her what is going on in her body and how pads are used. That's when I thought: There must be another solution! And there, I found the solution with Google! The panties are really great! I don't have to explain much, because these panties are just like any other normal panty for her. We have already gone through 2 periods with the panties and it works wonderfully! It would be great if these panties would be available on prescription at the medical supply store, as they are a real relief for everyday life and not everyone has the necessary change! Thanks for these great panties! ☺️☺️ Greetings Family G.“

Our daughter is excited

Family L. on 16.09.19

„Our almost 13-year-old daughter is excited about the period panties. They are absorbent and extremely practical for sports. Greetings from Switzerland“

Without silver - that convinces!

Malin T. (28 years) on 14.09.19

„Dear femtis team, thank you for these great panties. Especially on my lighter flow days, when tampons or menstrual cups aren't necessarely needed, they help me a lot. A great alternative to pads, as the panties are much more "breathable" in the intimate area. Also great that your products are made without silver or other biocides. This unique feature convinced me to buy your product instead of somewhere else. Great! Keep it up!“

Carefree day and night

Agnes W. (18 years) on 10.09.19

Hello dear femtis team, I ordered my first panty (Insa) a short while ago and I am already totally convinced! I was able to fall asleep relaxed with the panty and it fits very well. The panty absorbes all fluids, you can be carefree throughout the whole day (or night). The size was perfect too. I am very happy to have found an environmentally friendly and comfortable alternative. Bit by bit, I will get more and more panties and will completely change to this alternative. Unfortunately they are not cheap ...(but worth every euro!) Thanks a lot for offering this product, keep it up !!

The panties feel good

Miriam W. (27 years) on 06.09.19

„I ordered the femtis panties to avoid producing piles of garbage every month and I'm really thrilled. The panties feel good and after a while you forget that you are wearing „special panties“. I felt safe throughout and at no time did I have a wet feeling. The washing is also easy and I will definitely order more panties. I am already recommending them diligently!“

Just perfect

Kristin K. (44 years) on 03.09.19

„I am totally enthusiastic about the panties. No leaking, no dirty edges because something went wrong. You hardly notice your period, as if it weren't there! I will order more models now, because they are just perfect. Very good quality, easy to wash! Keep up the good work! “

Nice models!

Christina I. (32 years) on 02.09.19

„Dear Femtis-Team, I discovered the period panties by chance. I was curious and ordered 3 pairs for testing - the sizing chart is a perfect match. I am also thrilled about the different and beautiful models that are available. No more unnecessary garbage that would otherwise be produced every single month. (Environmentally friendly!) And they are super comfortable. I'm about to place my 2nd order. Even more models would be great! :)“

You feel extremely safe!

Maria S. (35 years) on 30.08.19

"Hi, I ordered ALWA in a pack of 5 and already used them for 2 periods. You really feel safe. Since I do free bleeding, I used pads occassionaly. Now I do not even have that garbage anymore. Even while running it was great. I'll treat myself to another set soon! THANK YOU! Because they are super comfortable and good for the environment, I often recommend you and talk to other women about it .... 😄“

Especially great without biocides!

Sonja B. (41 years) on 28.08.19

"Dear Ones, I have tested 3 of your panties during my current period for the first time and I'm totally happy with the first attempts! I used a menstrual cup for safety on the first evening, because we were on a longer concert, but I can only say that I am extremely positively surprised by the absorption capacity of the slips in combination with the great optics! It really did not feel wet or uncomfortable, the absorbency is just great. I also think it's great that you work without biocides. Although I can not say how things will develop regarding the smell, so far I'm really very satisfied! The only problem I have now is that I have too many choices among the pretty models ;-) I just ordered another 8 pairs, because I actually want to get by without any other hygiene products as much as I can.“

Never a wet feeling!

Melanie R. (28 years) on 16.08.19

"Yesterday I got my period and for the first time I wore a period panty. And I love it! I can not manage with tampons or with menstrual cups and used washable pads up till now. However, these don't stay in place, constantly slip and interfere with tight clothing. When wearing it, the period panty feels like any other normal panty and is also presentable. I've worn one for a whole day, never had a wet feeling and nothing leaked out. Thanks, that will make my period easier in the future."

Young girls feel safe

Karin K. (46 years) on 06.08.19

"Dear team, we are thrilled, the panties are mostly used at night by my daughter, so that nothing spills, which, unfortunately, was often the case. A big relief for our laundry mountains since we use your panties. Even now, on vacation, a blessing and also worn during the day. Young girls can feel comfortable and safe. Great, we say THANK YOU!"

Everything was dry and clean

Carina M. (33 years) on 04.08.19

"I ordered 4 of your ALWA menstrual panties and I'm totally satisfied with them. On some days, I wore the panties the whole time (I would describe the strength of my bleeding as medium). Everything was dry and clean on the outside. The wearing comfort is great, you definitely have a better feeling than with sanitary napkins, where you often think you're sitting in a wet diaper. Environmentally friendly and good for the vaginal flora - I think that's great. I will recommend it !!!"

Am thrilled!

Stefanie K. (33 years) on 01.08.19

"I'm thrilled! Last week I tried period underwear for the first time. I had ordered your panty INSA and it was tested immediately. The panty lasted really long. No damp feeling, no smell, unbelievable. "

Just awesome!

Sandra S. (43 years) on 31.07.19

"These panties are just awesome. I can really recommend them. Whether for weak or strong periods, you feel comfortable all around. What is promised - is also kept, they are worth every single EURO! Recommendation GUARANTEED ☺☺“

Intensively tested

Carolin (37 years) on 28.07.19

"Hello dear femtis team, after three months of testing, I think I got a good impression. Thank you for the great product! Especially during the night a great 'back-up', without a 'nasty surprise' in the morning to wake up to and to fall asleep safely / calm: Thank you 👍 Best regards and keep it up!“

Better by far

Elisabeth K. (22 years) on 10.07.19

"I was pleased to open my second package today. So now I already own 6 panties. I was even able to convince my friend of the benefits of the panties (she uses them as backup at night to be able to sleep better and not to have to get up several times during the night), and she already enjoys them a lot. I have to say that, as a vulvodynia patient, you make life so much easier. While everyone was raving about the menstrual cup, I sat there for a long time wondering what was wrong with me, and whether it would eventually be possible to survive my period without itching, stinging and pain in my vaginal area. I do not tolerate pads or panty liners, and the chronic pain makes inserting a tampon or a mens cup unthinkable. Since I'm a fan of environmentally friendly solutions, I was very happy when I read about your panties available in Germany. Especially on weak days they are great, because then nothing dries out (tampons), nothing that is stuck in your underwear slips (pads) and you look stylish anyway. Oh yes, I also have Thinx panties, but I like yours better by far, as they absorb more blood and go much further up the back, protecting much better while sleeping."

Reduces stress and saves time

Ida P. (21 years) on 10.07.19

"Dear team of femtis, I wanted to thank you very much. I think your product is great and it reduces a lot of stress and saves time. I have already recommended it to several friends. For me, the period means a lot of stress. The period panties made it all easier for me this month. Your product has been able to live up to all your promises throughout the day, despite heavy bleeding. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have won a very satisfied and enthusiastic customer."

Absorbent and discreet

Tanja S. (38 years) on 09.07.19

"As I use the hormone spiral, I only have a very weak period . With period underwear, I do not use any additional period hygiene products anymore! Great that I can protect the environment, save money and I don't have to insert anything of which I don't know the exact composition. I think your panties are very good, because they are comfortable, absorbent and discreet."

Highly recommended!

Claudia (39 years) on 30.06.19

"I never would have expected how liberating period panties would be to wear. I bought the panty INSA to test it, because I was not sure if it would fit my lifestyle. I used the period panty for the first time on a very hot summer day (34 degrees) and almost forgot that I had my period. The period panties are very comfortable, keeping a cool temperature, 0 smells, 0 sounds, 0 leaks, 100% comfort. I had been wearing the panties all day and only realized how much they had absorbed when I cleaned them with water. After frustrated and unsatisfactory experiences with pads, tampons and menstrual cups, I am happy to say that I have finally found the perfect solution. I highly recommend the femtis Period Panties."

You feel much freer

Kelly Sue L. (21 years) on 20.06.19

"I recently ordered the model INSA in size S. The delivery was extremely fast. The panty is super comfortable and very soft on the inside. Before, I used washable pads and, compared to these, period panties are pretty thin. One feels freer and not as if wearing period underwear. I think it's great that you brought the period panties to Germany!"

No smell!

Margarete R. (22 years) on 11.06.19

"I'm excited about the femtis period panties. Since tampons and menstrual cups could never really convince me, and I no longer tolerate pads lately, I simply tried them out and have since been 100% convinced. At first, I was a bit worried that the panty would not last, especially over the first night, which is always especially strong for me and has ruined my bedding many times. However, my fear was completely unfounded. Even on strong days or nights, I manage with the model ALWA very well and feel even safer than with all the products that I've tried before. For those who are used to thongs, it may take some getting used to. Compared to a normal panty, the wearing comfort hardly differs though: no rustling, no panty lines and no feeling of wearing a diaper. Above all, no smell! In fact, I did not expect this high comfort. I had to search a long time, but now I've finally found the right solution to be able to live quite carefree during my days."

Fast shipment

Claudia B. (51 years) on 27.05.19

"Very cooool. Today, the goods were already shipped out.. Then I can test the panties soon, I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for the quick message, all the best for your business, may many women enjoy the pants !!!"

Very accommodating

Diana W. (37 years) on 22.05.19

"Honestly, I'm so pleased with such a quick and accommodating decision from femtis. I will certainly continue to be a customer and also recommend you to my friends. I hope that many more people will discover this alternative and environmentally friendly method and find their way to femtis. I wish femtis continued success!"

No worries about stains

Sofia R. (18 years) on 10.04.19

"I use the period panties for the last days of my period, when the flow is lighter. They are also great for sports, because you do not have to worry about stains in your leggings. The femtis panties are very comfortable and provide very good protection."

Perfect for the menopause

Dorothea M. (52 years) on 18.03.19

"I'm in my menopause. My bleeding is very irregular and strong. Since I do not like pads or panty liners at all, femtis period underwear helps me to master everyday life perfectly."

Pleasant for sports

Anna H. (27 years) on 14.02.19

"I bought the period slip INSA, which is made of cotton and very comfortable for sports activities. I have greatly reduced the use of tampons and panty liners and now mainly use femtis period panties. The care is super easy, I can only recommend the panties!"

My daughter feels safer now

Sandra B. (44 years) on 08.01.19

"I bought femtis period panties for my daughter because her period is still quite irregular. With the period panties, it just feels safer when your period starts off unexpectedly. Due to the modern cut, it can't be noticed at all that she wears a period panty."

I love my femtis!

Maren (25 years) on 27.12.18

"I love my femtis period panties and wish I had discovered them much earlier. I use a panty set with different models. With femtis period panties, I finally have peace of mind and feel free, even on heavy flow days."

No more stains!

Carmen (35 years) on 16.11.18

"Since I use my menstrual cup together with femtis panties, I have no stains, great! The order processing went smoothly, ordered today and delivered tomorrow."

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