Period underwear reviews: That's what our customers say - Part 1

Here you can find out more about customers who have tested femtis period panties. We appreciate any feedback, please let us know what you think!

With this I protect the environment

Nina F. (28 years) on 18.10.21

"I bought the Insa period panties and initially only wanted to use them as a "safe base" for my menstrual cups, but now I'm so thrilled that I use them without cups during my days. They are really absorbent and comfortable to wear. I thank you that I can now wear my panties without hesitation during my menstruation and that I can sustainably protect the environment.

You met my taste in color exactly

Anne E. (26 years) on 18.10.21

"I think your period underwear is great, otherwise I wouldn't have ordered the second time from you. I got the recommendation from a friend who was also very satisfied. I already have ALWA and SVEA and with FELI you exactly hit my color taste. Keep it up.


Irina L. (34 years) on 18.10.21

"I am very happy with my order. Even if it took many years, I wouldn't want to be without it now. Very awesome and a great feeling. And never would have thought that it would also work in "sexy".

Your panties help me to feel better

Sonja T. (36 years) on 16.10.21

"ALWA, VIKA and KARI are my best friends once a month 🙂 Since I got the panties, I don't want to wear anything else. I have heavy and long periods and feel really bad every month. Your panties help me to feel better and make the days more bearable. Keep it up!

You have convinced me

Katrin K. (40 years) on 17.10.21

"Dear Femtis team, I had been looking for a sanitary napkin alternative for a long time. Not only because of the environmental aspect, but above all because of the convenience. I found the sanitary towels uncomfortable for a long time, they always rubbed the skin sore and I always had such a damp climate. So once I gave a cloth pad (much more comfortable to wear, but somehow inconvenient for me) a chance. Since I really liked the fabric principle, I thought I had to give a pair of period panties a chance. After a little more intensive research, the choice fell on Femtis. The following points were decisive: 1. The size - I'm a bit fuller and need a pair of panties in which I can put my bigger bum, and they shouldn't pinch either. You offer panties up to XXXL and according to the size chart they should fit. 2. The absorbency - many providers only offer panties for lighter bleeding, I was looking for one that replaces the bandage, especially for heavier bleeding, because I find it particularly uncomfortable to wear. 3. The color - logically most of the panties are black, I love black, but I wanted a bit of variety. So my choice was Feli - it looked comfortable in shape, the color is beautiful, has good capacity and, according to your description, has a comfortable waistband. Well, the price is steep at first, so I only ordered one, I was still not sure whether it would fit and whether it would keep what it promised. No sooner said than done, ordered in the evening, dispatched the next day, there the day after that - so the dispatch deserves great praise! And then just tried it out: the fit is perfect, almost a bit big, I wouldn't have thought that. Super comfortable, nothing pinches! Only the seam at the back, where the inlay is sewn, was a bit strange at the beginning, but not for long. I wore it overnight, everything was comfortable there too, nothing pinched. The bleeding was "unfortunately" not enough to put her through a real endurance test, but I have confidence that she will manage it. In any case, it always felt very comfortable on the skin. So I ordered three more (2xFeli, 1x Blix - hopefully it will also fit). Conclusion: Even if it is of course a lot of money at first (then, hopefully, the other hygiene products will be dropped), I am very satisfied at first! You have convinced me that with a 5-star rating I would give a 4, the one less, because of the cost, a few euros less per slip would be perfect.

Easy solution for difficult days

Anna S. (32 years) on 17.10.21

"Thank you for this great and wonderfully elastic, light solution for difficult days! I find this underwear to be very relaxed to wear and it gives me its promised security. In addition, it is fresh again quickly and looks good too!

Great discounts

Sabrina W. (22 years) on 16.10.21

"A few months ago I ordered a pair of briefs through a friend to test them out. Since I was so happy with this one, I recently fetched new supplies. The quality is very good, can be worn comfortably and would not want to go without it. The delivery is always super fast. I also think it's great with the discounts for larger quantities. If I need new ones again, I would order from you again at any time. Keep it up.


Katharina W. (42 years) on 16.10.21

"My opinion on your panties is they are GREAT. I'm 42 now and I finally feel safe and clean with my panties on during my period. And what's great is that they come in sizes that are comfortable and fit over the stomach. 1a. Safe, clean, no odor, easy to clean and super comfortable, very nice cut. Keep it up.

Enjoy life carefree

Verena S. (24 years) on 16.10.21

"I think this is the 3rd time I've ordered. At first I just wanted to try it, then I saw how great they are and immediately reordered. I am so satisfied with the panties that I can finally enjoy life carefree without worrying that it could destroy the environment or leak something 😅 When I think about how much wasteI have already been able to avoid with your panties, I'm just really proud . Thanks for the great products.

Sooooooooo wonderful

Erika P. (33 years) on 15.10.21

"A long time ago I already ordered my first panties and now I have ordered a whole load again, because the panties are just sooooooooo wonderful for the special days that define us as women and that we are also allowed to celebrate. That's exactly what I do with your great panties - just sooooooo ingenious and chic at the same time. This makes the flowery theme even more beautiful :-)

I like the design and they fit well

Louisa F. (31 years) on 15.10.21

"My feedback on the Femtis Period Panties: Thank you. I am very thrilled! They really do what they promise. I like the design and they fit well, you can order your usual size. They are comfortable (especially great at night!), absorbent and still not bulky. Washing is also totally uncomplicated! By the way, the shipment went super fast and without any problems. Thumbs up!

Never again without

Aylin T. (25 years) on 15.10.21

"In the meantime I have ordered the second time from you and ordered three briefs at the same time. Your panties are just super comfortable and totally absorbent. I love the Jule panty, have it four times now, it saves my life on the first 2-3 days of my period. This time the Ella panty was allowed to take with me, which is currently being washed and tested tomorrow. The color is so beautiful. Thank you again for your work and your underwear, always recommend it to everyone. Never again without. Will definitely order a third and fourth time from you.

I couldn't handle tampons

Kisha F. (19 years) on 14.10.21

"At first I was skeptical about my period underwear. But right after the first test, I was absolutely thrilled! I couldn't get on with tampons, and pads make you feel disgusting after a short time. That is not the case here at all! I don't have to worry about my period anymore and I've never had such comfortable underpants! I am happy to recommend you.

Natural feeling

Astrid K. (42 years) on 14.10.21

"I feel very safe and comfortable with my period panties, especially at night. The fabric feels natural and dry on the skin. I particularly appreciate that. On not strong days, the slip is completely sufficient. As a side effect, there is also much less waste! Clear recommendation!

I am thrilled about ELLA

Ornella D. (27 years) on 14.10.21

"I would like to give my opinion on your panties. So far I had used a period cup, but since I am allergic to it and I kept looking for an environmentally friendly product, I found femtis. I think all models are great! Got an ELLA and I have to say, I'm thrilled !! Not only from the fast delivery and the uncomplicated exchange (since I needed a size bigger), but also from the quality and the efficiency of the underpants. Although I have quite a heavy bleeding, ELLA lasts a long time without any problems. And in addition: I can protect the environment in this way! 😊 Keep it up!

I feel really good

Sophie W. (24 years) on 13.10.21

"A month ago I ordered two INSA S-pants from you and wanted to give you my feedback on them. I am very thrilled about the pants! They fit perfectly and are not too thick. Washing is uncomplicated and I feel really good wearing them on my period :)

Thank you

Yvonne S. (40 years) on 13.10.21

"What can I say ... I am thrilled !!!! 🤩🤩🤩 So far I have used tampons, they are now finally a thing of the past. No more rubbish, no foreign body in me, your panties are comfortable, thin, I don't feel any different in them than on "normal" days! Thanks for that !!!! 😃

No more waste, a huge advantage

Eszter S. (42 years) on 12.10.21

"I just wanted to give you some feedback. My experience is very good, I was pleasantly surprised at how much liquid the panties absorb. On weaker days you can get through the whole day with one piece. If the bleeding is heavier you have to change, that's why I now have a total of 7. Much-much more comfortable and pleasant than normal sanitary towels. I also think the selection of models is great. The fact that you don't cause any waste with the panties is of course a huge advantage. I wish you continued success!

And they look really chic

Steffi B. (33 years) on 12.10.21

"I've tried your period panties for the first time and I'm really thrilled. They are much more pleasant than sanitary towels, you feel much cleaner and everything is safe, nothing leaks. I am absolutely positively surprised and am pleased to have finally found a more sustainable and convenient alternative to pads and tampons. In addition, the briefs look really great. Kudos to you guys!

Safe at heavy periods

Lena B. (33 years) on 12.10.21

"I first ordered from you a few months ago. At first I was unsure whether the product was really something for me. In the meantime I am thrilled and feel safe even with heavy periods. Especially at night, the panties are much more comfortable than sanitary towels or OBs. With the current order, I bought the Svea slip and I'm already looking forward to testing them.

Finally a pleasant time

Vanessa D. (25 years) on 11.10.21

"I recently ordered the panties and I'm amazed how comfortable they are. The absorbent pad is really thin and therefore finally makes your period a pleasant time! Thank you femtis! With best regards from Austria

BLIX super comfortable and pleasant

Maria V. (43 years) with daughters on 11.10.21

"My daughters tried the BLIX in size S and they love it. This panty is super comfortable and pleasant, which is why they said they would definitely wear them also if they didn't have their periods. So 2 x thumbs up 👍👍

Convinced of the quality

Nadja S. (38 years) on 11.10.21

"Here is my brief personal feedback on the period panties I bought. First, I would like to compliment you on customer service. Starting with the appealing homepage and the uncomplicated and quick exchange option. Everything to my complete satisfaction! With regard to the products, I am convinced and satisfied with the materials used as well as the workmanship and quality. Greetings from a very satisfied customer!

I already love them

Sandra R. (27 years) on 11.10.21

"I am completely thrilled. I feel safer than with the best panty liner. In addition, the wearing comfort is super comfortable! I already love the Femtis Period Panties!! ❤ Thank you!!

I am very grateful for this sustainable alternative

Nina W. am 10.10.21

"Thank you for the Femtis! They sit wonderfully and you have a great wearing comfort! The fabric is very comfortable and soft. The best thing is: They keep what they promise, they are super tight and do not leak. I'll be ordering supplies soon because I have a great feeling with my panties and I can do all activities well despite my period. I am very grateful for this sustainable alternative and I enjoy using them every month!

They have passed the acid test

Vivienne B. (27 years) on 10.10.21

"After hearing about period underwear on social media, I was initially skeptical whether it would really work, but also curious. At some point I decided to just give it a try and I have to say, I was more than positively surprised. I was afraid the panties would be too thick or feel like a diaper. Now I don't know how I could endure pads and tampons all these years. After the briefs also passed the endurance test (I wore them under white pants), I was completely thrilled and raved about the fact that, thanks to your underwear, I am far less terrified of my period. Overall, a great, sustainable and in the long run cheaper solution to previous feminine hygiene products, and together with the menstrual cup I feel completely protected even on heavier days. Thank you, Vivienne

No diaper feeling, no unpleasant smell

Patricia H. (28 years) on 10.10.21

"I am absolutely thrilled with my Femtis panty. It fits perfectly, the fabric is very comfortable to wear, it doesn't cut anywhere, actually doesn't show on the pants (which is very important to me so that I feel good, especially during my period). He holds totally "tight" and I feel sure that nothing leaks :-) No diaper feeling, no unpleasant smell! Great, I'm a fan, although I was very skeptical at first :-)

Also highly recommended for sports

Rebecca W. (26 years) on 10.10.21

"I am very positively surprised after I was initially very skeptical about the hygiene and the high price, at least for me as an apprentice. Nevertheless, I am super satisfied with the panty, because they are super practical. Highly recommended at work, privately and, above all, during sports. It means a lot to me to do something for the environment, especially since women with heavy periods need significantly more sanitary towels, tampons and panty liners ...

No more pain during your period

Anke B. (45 years) on 09.10.21

"At first I was very skeptical - regarding wearing comfort, absorption, smell, hygiene / laundry, handling, etc. BUT - NEVER anything else anymore. Sure, at the beginning it is strange to trust your panties - but you get to know yourself and your body, your bleeding better again. You get more in contact with your body again. Washing out, hanging up, laundry - also unfamiliar ... but over time you have your way and it works better and better. I have 7x Jule and thus get through a predominantly strong period time very well. Also returns / exchanges / processing - 1A! NOW the very best - for a long time, I haven't felt any pain during my period for a long time ... Absolutely recommendable!

So much more comfortable than sanitary towels

Amelie B. (19 years) on 09.10.21

"I think your period panties are really great and have recommended them to some of my friends since I started using them (around 4 months). Thank you for your work. The briefs are so much more comfortable than sanitary towels!

It doesn't smell and nothing leaks

Hanna W. (27 years) on 08.10.21

"I'm thrilled! I should have bought these briefs much earlier! The quality is great, they feel like a second skin. Especially at night, the wearing comfort is absolutely great. I don't want to wear anything else during my period. It doesn't smell and nothing leaks. Not even with heavy bleeding. I will buy more panties.

I am pleasantly surprised

Tamara R. (25 years) on 08.10.21

"I would like to give a short feedback. I was a bit skeptical as to whether the femtis panties are something and whether they are also something for me. But I have to honestly say that I am pleasantly surprised. Are totally comfortable to wear, although they are a bit thicker than normal briefs and they serve the purpose for which they are.

Much better in terms of price-performance ratio

Ramona B. (32 years) on 07.10.21

"I have to say I'm so thrilled! In addition to your period underwear, I tried another one, but yours are much better in terms of price-performance ratio and shipping was super fast! Thanks for the great quality.

Comfortable to wear

Laura R. (34 years) on 07.10.21

"I ordered the ALWA period briefs 2 months ago and I am super happy with them! The absorption is very good and you almost always have a dry feeling. Cleaning is also easy. Moir especially likes the lace and the fabric on the outside! The wearing comfort is very comfortable and for me the briefs are a perfect alternative to sanitary towels.

Nice alternative to pads and tampons

Nicole G. (29 years) on 06.10.21

"Hello, I would like to give my feedback :) So I bought the LENE model 3x in size M and I am very satisfied. I feel absolutely safe and nothing has leaked. I am also sure that it will not expire in the future. The wearing comfort is very good, it feels well closed and does not constrict anything, but sits relaxed like any other underwear. I really can't say anything negative about underwear. I am very satisfied and very grateful that you invented this nice alternative to pads and tampons :)

Discreet and light

Jana (23 years) and Nadine (22 years) on 06.10.21

"We recently received our Blix, Meja and Feli period briefs and are very satisfied with the fabrics and the fit of the briefs! Compared to other period panties, they are very discreet and feel lighter. Thanks to you and best regards

The absorbency is great

Lisa K. (30 years) on 05.10.21

"I first used the period panties last week and loved it so much that I immediately ordered 3 more :-) I finally found something that makes my period feel bearable. The briefs are all super comfortable and feel so good on the skin. Thanks to the size chart, they all fit perfectly. The absorbency is great, I never had the feeling of sitting in the wet despite having a heavy period. I feel free and don't have to keep looking for a toilet when I'm out. In my greatest hobby, climbing, the panties gave me great support during my period and I was finally able to move freely during my days without constantly thinking about something going on. I was also very impressed that your panties are free of harmful substances. I will definitely recommend the period panties to others. Thank you for the quick delivery to Austria.

I can now completely do without sanitary towels

Melanie M. (32 years) on 05.10.21

"This week I tested the period panties for the first time (Lene, Alwa, Insa) and I am very thrilled. I will now order even more so that I can then completely do without sanitary towels. It is very comfortable to wear and does not smell unpleasant. Washing out also worked without any problems. I am really very satisfied 😊

My daughter and I are delighted

Nadja G. (42 years) with daughter on 05.10.21

"I recently ordered the Blix, Insa and Lene briefs. Above all, I wanted the period panties for my daughter, as she recently had her first period. She had used sanitary towels but of course you first have to find the right timing to change, so something went wrong here. I hope that femtis briefs will give me a feeling of security during my period. My daughter was now able to test the panties and the first night went smoothly and without leakage. We are very thrilled.

A super pleasant and totally aesthetic product

Lizanne M. (25 years) on 04.10.21

"I dared to wear period panties with your product and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I feel without a tampon. I am amazed at how dry and thin the panty feels, even after a few hours! I will buy more panties in different thicknesses to be equipped for my next period :) Thank you very much for your super pleasant and totally aesthetic product! I already love the Kari panties after wearing them once!

Satisfied all round

Franziska K. (28 years) on 04.10.21

"Now that I've tried and washed the panties, I have to say, hats off. Super comfortable, you don't feel it when you wear it and you have a safe feeling. Almost forgot I was on my period. Washing was also problem-free and shipping was quick. Completely satisfied, keep it up!

Perfect running underwear

Daniela W. (34 years) on 04.10.21

"I am a runner and I love your panties. They are the best that could have happened to me as running underwear in years. Simply perfect and not just for the days, but always and everywhere.

Totally happy and the goods arrived at lightning speed

Ilka R. (41 years) with daughter (18 years) on 03.10.21

I received my 2nd order from you yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled. I never thought that the briefs would be so comfortable to wear and that I wouldn't have to worry about anything leaking or showing. Something like that happened to me with the menstrual cups and that's just totally uncomfortable. I “tried it out” the first slip overnight because I wasn't sure whether it really worked as it should. I ordered one for my daughter at the same time and she was also totally happy because she often had mishaps in the morning. Now I've ordered a few more and like last time the goods arrived at lightning speed.

The underpants keep what they promise

Alina H. (28 years) on 03.10.21

"I am thrilled about your period underwear. I bought three underpants and I had them on at work, during sports and just in my free time and they keep what they promise. They are not worn out so far and just sit well. I am also very pleased that no animal products have to be processed to function as period underwear. I've already spread my feedback among my friends.

I've been using your panties for several years

Kathrin D. (44 years) on 03.10.21

"I've had Lene, Lynn and Jule for several years. I am so very satisfied with them that I have now ordered the Blix. I mainly use it for sports outside of my period, I sweat extremely and the sweat is caught before I can develop an inflammation of the bladder. Only when I'm sweating and have my period do I have to switch earlier than stated, but that is also clear. They feel very good against the skin and you can't see them. You don't notice smell either.

I have almost no period pain now

Franziska S. (27 Jahre) am 02.10.21

"I've been using your products (Jule, Meja and Lene) for a while and I'm very thrilled. Since I've been using your products, I have almost no period pain. I had such severe pain under tampons and sanitary towels that I could hardly control it. I feel much safer and more protected with your products. In addition, your products are very comfortable to wear, feel good and are very easy to clean. I never thought. I'm so grateful that I found your website and ordered it, even though I wasn't expecting much from it at first. I am very convinced of your products and I have already been able to recommend you to some women in my environment, they are also very satisfied.

No one has convinced me as much as femtis

Sabrina H. (34 years) on 02.10.21

"I am happy to share my feedback about Femtis with you: I have already tested other brands that make period panties, but none have convinced me as well as Femtis. As far as the service life is concerned, I can't make a statement yet, I'll wait and see 😊 Delivery and exchange went smoothly and promptly. I am totally happy that Femtis finally gave me the taste of period underwear, as I try all sorts of sanitary towels / tampon alternatives and so far I feel the safest and most comfortable with your period underwear. I would immediately recommend Femtis to a friend.

Super nice, super safe

Sabrina G. (26 years) on 01.10.21

"I would like to say a big thank you to femtis. The underwear is super safe, feels very comfortable and looks nice too. I am thrilled and also happy that the environmental aspect can be easily included by stopping waste with disposable items. It is a pleasure to open your show and makes it easier to deal with the less popular part of the month;) Super performance. Friendly greetings from Switzerland

I now have 8 and I never want to live without them again 🥰

Rebecca J. (34 years) on 01.10.21

"I would like to thank you very much for the great panties. I read a lot about it and was very skeptical. Then I ordered the first 3 last year and what can I say ... now I have 8 and I never want to live without them again 🥰 They are just an absolute relief for me, because I have endometriosis and I couldn't use tampons. They just make it easier for me, I produce less waste and they are also super comfortable. Just wonderful. The next order from me will definitely come ❤

I am really happy with this invention

Angie D. (27 years) on 30.09.21

"I was very skeptical whether the underwear really kept what it promised. The first time I only used the underwear on the light days. The second time I was a little braver, so I wore it right at the beginning. It doesn't leak at night and it really doesn't let any smell through. I am very thrille and after the Runa I ordered Jule again. I like to wear high-cut pants on those days. I am really happy with this invention.

Thank you for not using silver

Angie D. (27 years) on 30.09.21

"I think it's great that there is such a nice way to deal with the days. I've always hated sanitary towels and tampons, and I don't find menstrual cups very appealing either. But your panties do! To be honest: I would not have thought that one could feel comfortable in "menstrual underwear" - both emotionally and aesthetically. But that is the case. I love "Kari": It's super light, but I've always felt completely safe and it looks great! 😍 That's why I ordered two more of them straight away. Another plus point and the reason why I also opted for femtis: You do without silver and are vegan. Thank you for thinking! Keep making great panties!

The wearing comfort is awesome

Magdalena H. (23 Jahre) on 29.09.21

"I love your panties! 😍 My period used to be stressful for me, but since I've been using your panties, I've been looking forward to it every month. The panties make my whole life so much easier! The wearing comfort is simply awesome. In the beginning I was skeptical, but after two periods I can say that I feel much safer with your panties than with tampons and the like! The panties keep what they promise and I feel really good, even during my strong days.

Even in 30 degrees heat, I never had the feeling that anything could smell

Isabelle S. (27 years) on 29.09.21

"Dear Femtis team, for almost a year I argued with myself whether I should test the panties, the idea sounded great and a few weeks ago I finally made the decision and ordered the "Lene" panties. First of all, shipping and payment went really well in less than three days the package was there! Then came the vacation three weeks ago ... and my period - more stupid timing is not really possible. Waiting time at the airport, public toilets, the flight to get to the hotel - my holiday anticipation was pretty much gone, I thought ... I've never traveled more relaxed, I've never felt safer or fresher. Even in 30 degrees of Greek heat, I never had the feeling that anything could smell. Washed out the panties in the hotel, hung them on the line and the next morning they were dry. Nothing smells or smells, no rubbish, relaxed travel, less space in the suitcase, so I don't even know where to stop! Wonder why I waited so long to make this decision ?! : D Great product, thank you very much for that!

Everything becomes much more bearable with your panties

Marie K. (35 years) on 28.09.21

"I now have over 10 period panties from you and I am incredibly grateful for them! Because of my endometriosis, periods have always been a challenge. But I feel more comfortable with your products than ever! That makes it all a lot more bearable, thanks for that! In the meantime I tell everyone who wants to know about you and my positive experiences. Keep it up!

Safe, clean and mobile

Nina G. (28 years) on 28.09.21

"I am very thrilled about your panties. I am much more relaxed since I know that I don't have to keep changing pads or tampons, but that the panties protect me. You feel safe, clean and flexible.

Tried Runa and slept well without worry

Jenny S. (24 years) on 28.09.21

"A few days ago I finally tried my Runa period panties, which I recently ordered from Femtis, and I am thrilled! It fits very well and makes me feel really safe. I wore it during the night and slept well without worrying about something going wrong. I am totally satisfied and happy to have found Femtis.

The waste always bothered me

Susanne S. (33 years) on 27.09.21

"Like many others, I was rather skeptical that it actually worked, that underpants were a good and comfortable solution. For me, the femtis period panties have really proven their worth. They are comfortable to wear and make me feel safe. In the first few days of my period, I wear them as a kind of second protection and also use tampons because I really have a heavy period. However, I have already tried it without a tampon and the Femtis held everything. On weaker period days I only wear femtis - in my eyes I save a lot more waste in terms of used tampons and sanitary towels - I'm really happy about that, it has always bothered me.

Super comfortable and stylish too

Anita S. (36 years) on 27.09.21

"A friend recommended your period panties to me and I'm thrilled. Finally no more tampons and sanitary towels. I've wanted to break with these for a long time in order to protect the environment and the purchase from you was worth it. They are super comfortable and stylish too. I didn't think I'd be so comfortable with it. As soon as my daughter is ready, I will order some for her too, so that she feels as safe during her period as I do. Thanks so much.

A feeling of security when exercising

Bettina W. (56 years) on 27.09.21

"Hello, I got a femtis panty from my daughter (23 years old) for my birthday (56th), which I put on for jogging, for which I usually had to use a sanitary pad. And I am thrilled! We strive for sustainability and this was still an issue where I had not yet found a satisfactory solution. I got the green panties and am happy every time I can put them on. The wearing comfort is great! Nothing slips and nothing leaks! It doesn't appear bulky and I feel safe, especially when doing sports. Thank you for the invention!

No more period pain

Louisa V. (24 years) on 26.09.21

"I recently started using femtis period underwear and I am very satisfied. The shipment went very quickly, it explains exactly how to care for the underwear, no questions remained unanswered. The underwear itself fits well, so nothing leaks and it actually feels dry. The best thing about underwear is that since I've been using them, I've had little or no period pain. I topped up my inventory straight away, that was also super fast, thank you!

The salvation for my daughter and me

Mona M. (49 years) with daughter on 26.09.21

"I received the LENE panty yesterday. 1.5 years ago I bought LENE and INSA briefs for my daughter. Since she is still quite young and other menstrual hygiene was not feasible for her, femtis briefs are the salvation for us. Super quality and absolute comfort should be mentioned positively. So my daughter can go to school without hesitation without the hassle of changing hygiene items. Even after 1.5 years, only femtis briefs are suitable for us, only slightly larger;)

Persistent and safe

Jessica H. (22 years) on 26.09.21

"Dear Femtis team, I recently ordered two more briefs from you and I am still very satisfied. The environmental and wearing comfort aspect first made me aware of your panties and finally convinced me. In fact, the underwear absolutely does what it promises: My favorite models such as Lene, Insa, Ella and Meja show themselves to be persistent and surprisingly safe, especially on strong days, even over several hours and even during sports or at night. Most single-use products cannot keep up with this. No slipping, no stains, no chafing. I like to use the models for lighter days for "I don't know exactly whether the period starts today or tomorrow" or at the end because e.g. Kari or Feli look particularly discreet and pretty. You just don't have to stress or be afraid of it anymore suddenly starts because you are not wearing any hygiene articles and you can do without chemicals and plastic. Unfortunately, I always have to save a little to be able to afford another pair of trousers, but the price is completely okay for the performance ratio or product. I now hope that the briefs last a few cycles and that I can continue to be so satisfied. Thank you for the great products that make women's life so much easier.

My daughter feels very well

Angela S. (46 years) with daughter on 26.09.21

"I am the mother of a 13 year old daughter with mental and motor impairments. She has been on her period for about 1 year and it has been very difficult for us to teach her how to use the sticky sanitary towels. We have also tried reusable sanitary towels, but since my child is very lively, most of the pads slip and do not serve their purpose! We have been using your panties for 3 days now and we are thrilled! It doesn't pinch anything, it doesn't slip, it doesn't rustle or smell. My daughter can go to the toilet on her own again and feels very well. In this way we get your "days" behind us with a lot less stress! A really great product, with the next order I will order some for myself! Keep it up!

Sits well, feels safe and affordable

Theresa H. (26 years) on 25.09.21

"I bought your period panties Runa and Svea and I am totally happy with them! It was very important to me that there are no harmful substances in the underwear and that the skin only comes into contact with natural materials. The underwear fits well and you have a secure feeling when wearing it. I particularly like the “Svea” model because you don't have to go without nice underwear during your period and still have a feeling of security. I also like the discount system because you need several panties to change anyway. Compared to other providers, your prices are really affordable, which also makes the decision easier to try out period underwear. Thank you for your products and greetings!

100% recommendation

Sandra V. (44 years) on 25.09.21

"I have only recently been the owner of your great underwear and can only say: WHY haven't I tested it much earlier? A completely new feeling during the special days. You feel comfortable, safe, protected and free. Cleaning is also super easy for everyone. A MUST for me from now on and more orders will certainly follow. I am a new fangirl and I will recommend you 100%. Thank you for that and have a nice weekend.

No foreign body sensation - no plastic

Carolin G. (35 years) on 24.09.21

"I became aware of period underwear in general through Instagram & Co. but was admittedly more than skeptical. At the same time, however, the topic did not let me go. I decided to test the femtis briefs, as they are produced without silver iodes. The product is great! You can go through the days carefree and feel good. No foreign body sensation - no plastic. The briefs are comfortable to wear and keep the product promise 100%.

Super easy exchange

Annika K. (27 years) on 24.09.21

"Now I've had my first period with Femtis since yesterday, the briefs (Kari and Insa) sit great, feel comfortable and are also really chic. It is rare anyway that I find panties that I like, and now they are even period panties. So far they hold out great, are currently doing their first wash and have been a great help on the first day. Unfortunately, I had to exchange a pair of panties because they just didn't fit my body that much, but thanks to your form it's super easy and I'm looking forward to the other model. It's a nice feeling to know that hopefully I no longer have to rely on tampons and sanitary towels.

Recommended by girlfriend

Rhaya A. (35 years) on 23.09.21

"Femtis was recommended to me by a friend and I'm super satisfied so far. I bought the Jule twice and so far it has kept what it promises (in the truest sense of the word). The workmanship is great and it looks good even when you are wearing it. Feel safe with it and will surely add more.

Perfect absorbency, even on heavier days

Svenja R. (48 Jahre) am 23.09.21

"A week ago I wore and tried your panties Meja and Alwa for the first time. It's very comfortable to wear - so much better than I would have expected. The absorbency is perfect, even on heavier days. Washing out is straightforward and easy, I think. I feel very comfortable in this underwear, I am sure I haven't ordered the last time from you and I'm almost annoyed that I didn't switch to your period panties much earlier :) Greetings from a very satisfied customer!

Without leakage

Svenja R. (39 Jahre) on 22.09.21

"I recently ordered the Insa, Lene and Blix briefs. Above all, I wanted the period panties for my daughter, as she recently had her first period. She had used sanitary towels, but of course you first have to find the right timing to change them, so something went wrong here. My daughter was now able to test the panties and the first night and the first day went smoothly and without leakage. We are very thrilled.

Still very happy after two years

Mariagrazia P. (43 years) on 22.09.21

"I'd like to thank you for the panties. They arrived very soon. Two years ago I bought some panties (Ella) and I'm really happy about them. They are very comfortable and I never had any problems during my period. I work in outdoor activities so I spent a lot of hours in nature without the possibility of using a toilet so with your panties I can work without problems for a long time. So now I bought 2 different panties of different models because I really like them. Thank you and regards from Italy

What a relief for my daughter

Olga L. with daughter (12 years) on 21.09.21

"My daughter was getting her period and the only thing she couldn't handle was the sanitary towels. Especially the nights were difficult. I was amazed when I found out your panties exist. Oh, why wasn't there something like that in my time? Ordered, arrived quickly and has already been tried and found to be very good. What a relief and increase in the feel-good factor during these difficult days 👍

A sustainable product without compromise

Sophie A. (28 years) on 21.09.21

"I am a big fan! After a number of organic tampons and menstrual cups, period underwear is finally a really sustainable product that feels good and doesn't need to compromise. I ordered your ALWA period panties a few weeks ago and after my first menstruation I am thrilled with them. If the bleeding was moderate, the slip held up well (even overnight), I will definitely order more.

Super safe feeling

Carola M. (37 years) on 20.09.21

"The LENE XL fits great and feels like normal briefs. In contrast to other manufacturers, the protection pad goes up to the waistband at the back. That makes a super safe feeling. Nothing leaks out even on stronger days. I mainly use them at night and when doing sports. Perfect.

I am happy to have found Femtis

Carola M. (37 years) on 20.09.21

"A few days ago I finally tried my Runa period panties, which I recently ordered from Femtis, and I am thrilled! It fits very well and makes me feel very safe. I wore it during the night and slept well without worrying about something going wrong. I've tried it during the day, too, and it's sure to hold up there too. I am totally satisfied and am happy to have found Femtis.

The comfort alone is outstanding

Nicole R. (24 years) on 19.09.21

"I recently got one of your period panties as a present (JULE) and was skeptical at first whether it was something for me at all. And I have to say, I don't want to go without it anymore. I think the comfort alone is outstanding. But the fact that you can always feel safe that nothing will go wrong is a real relief. How often do I get the feeling that something is leaking through and staining the rest of my clothes. That's over with your panties. The increased pain caused by using tampons is a thing of the past. Thanks a lot for this! The fact that the briefs do something good for the environment makes me want to continue using your products.

No more waste from sanitary towels and panty liners

Ulrike S. (36 years) on 19.09.21

"I recently tried the two pants and I have to say, I'm absolutely thrilled. I felt super safe with the combination slip with menstrual cup and also much more comfortable with the otherwise accumulating mountains of waste with sanitary towels and panty liners. Thanks for these great briefs :-)

Finally breathe

Svenja T. (24 years) on 19.09.21

"Thank you for your product! I can only say: very pleasant fabric and wearing comfort thanks to the beautiful lace. During my period I finally have the feeling that I no longer have so much contact with plastic and I can't breathe!

With VIKA I could celebrate my wedding carefree

Anna G. (29 years) on 18.09.21

"Just in time for our wedding in early September, I was supposed to be greeted by my period. The worst possible time if you want to get married in a white dress. On the way to the bridal shop, a friend recommended that I try out your period panties. * No sooner said than done * The same evening I ordered your VIKA, hoping that 1. it would not be visible under my dress and 2. I would feel safe on the big day. And it was like that. I was able to celebrate carefree all day and just feel good because I didn't have to worry about something going wrong. So I will definitely order some of your panties one by one. Thank you and all the best!

My daughters don't just wear them when they train

Judith M. (40 Jahre) am 18.09.21

"My daughters are athletes and I also do a lot of sports myself. The underwear not only fits perfectly during training but also offers safe protection. Especially when it comes to running and cycling, we are happy that we can use femtis. My daughters not only wear them during training but also make them feel comfortable in everyday school life. Since we are very satisfied, we immediately ordered femtis underwear again. Thanks very much.

Your panties make me feel safe right away!

Katja S. (41 years) on 17.09.21

"Today I received my femtis period panties and immediately tested them for fit and comfort. They sit great and are very comfortable on the skin! I use it as a backup on the heavy days because I have very heavy bleeding. This is also the case today and I felt very safe at work, even if I didn't always have to change the tampon immediately. That gives me a sense of security right away! On the lighter days, I will also use them alone and without additional tampons. Thank you for the quick delivery :)

RUNA is so comfortable that I would love to wear it all the time

Martina F. (37 years) on 17.09.21

"After I ordered the INSA three times to try it out about a year ago - and was absolutely satisfied with the comfort and protection - I have finally ordered three more and dared to try out new cuts: RUNA for the strong days, and KARI and SVEA for the easy days. I was absolutely thrilled by them! RUNA is so comfortable that I would love to wear it all the time - even without a period! KARI and SVEA feel so fine and thin that you can't see them under tight pants and still feel safe. Although I usually use a menstrual cup, I am leaving it out more and more because your panties provide adequate protection, you always stay dry and it just feels good. Not to mention avoiding garbage! Thank you very much for the great products!

No more worries with white work clothes

Susanna M. (21 years) on 16.09.21

"I bought something from your store for the first time last month. I also gained my first experiences with period underwear and I was not disappointed. On the one hand, they are very comfortable and pleasant to wear and they serve their purpose. For the first time, I no longer had to worry about something leaking at night and I no longer have to worry at work (with white work clothes). The panties always soaked everything up and nothing ever got through. I tried the panties "LENE" and "LYNN" and I am equally convinced of both. Thanks to this experience, I have now switched completely to your period underwear and I am happy to buy again in your online shop.

Finally bed linen without bloody stains

Diana P. (32 years) on 16.09.21

"Yesterday I got a new panty, this time "Feli". I'm just totally satisfied with the menstrual briefs, nothing leaks out and the pants / bedclothes finally have no more bloody stains.

You don't smell anything

Ronja S. (20 years) on 15.09.21

"I've tried your ALWA pants and I'm thrilled. It sits very comfortably, not too high, which I think is very good. It is chic and the fabric is not uncomfortably bulky at all, despite the necessary thickness. I'm very comfortable with it and my favorite bonus is that you don't smell anything at all. I usually find this scent in sanitary towels very penetrating, especially in combination with the blood and with your pants I no longer have the problem. I even wore a dress without feeling uncomfortable. Great thing!

For every age group and period

Julia S. (20 years) on 15.09.21

"My first period panties were a surprise gift from my boyfriend as we try to be environmentally conscious. At first I didn't really know whether the underwear kept what it promised, but was very positively surprised. This period underwear is a dream in everyday life, because you can wear it to any activity. In addition, my period pains have gotten better because the pelvic floor muscles don't have to hold a tampon. When I was at home with my family, we talked about period underwear and my next younger sister also spoke very positively about hers. My mother and my very little sister became very curious and asked us to order your period underwear. We noticed that Femtis is prepared for every woman and every need. We were able to find "youthful" underpants for my very little sister, but also for my mother ones that correspond to her age. Me and my younger sister went there, opted for something a little more flashy. Very nice how consideration is given to every age group but also every period strength. It is also very practical that there are period underwear that have the insole up the whole bottom. Thank you for your ideas and for taking care to cater to all age groups.

I am in love

Carina K. (20 years) on 15.09.21

"I am absolutely convinced of your products! At first I was a bit skeptical because I couldn't imagine that the panties really “catches” everything and doesn't start to smell unpleasant. But you have proven that it is possible! I decided on the SVEA model and I am in love. With other providers I have only "found unattractive panties for my taste", so I'm all the more pleased to have found what you are looking for. The concept works flawlessly, the wearing comfort is great and the panties look great too! I will buy the products I would definitely recommend Femtis to others and it won't be my last order.

Still great after washing 100x

Lena S. (21 years) on 14.09.21

"I am more than satisfied with my order. Super fast delivery and well packaged. I don’t only wear my underwear during my period as stated, but every day. Unfortunately I have a very weak bladder and had to use panty liners a lot during the day. I no longer have any problems with my underwear. I wear it every day and it's super comfortable. The washing is totally uncomplicated and the underwear is still great even after washing it 100 times.

Even when dancing with tight leggings, a feeling of well-being

Sina G. (30 years) on 14.09.21

For the time being, I had ordered 2 briefs for testing, 1x Meja and 1x Alwa and I am totally thrilled! The panties are very comfortable to wear, even when I was dancing with tight leggings I felt really good! Thank you for giving me a more sustainable and pleasant period with your products, I will definitely order more slips and my sister is already convinced! Kind regards, have a good week and lots of sunshine in your heart

They are also comfortable

Kerstin W. (40 years) on 14.09.21

"I am very happy with the panties! Although I am bleeding heavily, nothing went wrong! Got the Lene model. They are also comfortable. Were recommended to my friends right away!

For me, femtis is the best brand

Anita Z. (28 years) on 13.09.21

"I'm new to the period slip team ... and I'm pretty thrilled. Femtis is my 3rd brand and for me the best so far ... The size fits perfectly so that nothing pinches and everything is still firmly in place. At first I found the material too artificial, but very comfortable and nice to wear when dressed. The protection area is awesome - the others only have the "normal" area as a suction area ... you have expanded it so that I also feel safe at night. In addition, Femtis is the only brand in which the protected area feels "dry" even after a few hours. In the case of the others, it stays damp and therefore makes an unpleasant feeling. I will definitely buy more of your hats. Thanks for the good experience, thanks to you I will stay with this type of monthly protection ❤

I feel safer with it than with panty liners

Ina H. (42 years) on 13.09.21

"I ordered the model Kari, Insa and Lynn. The underwear is comfortable to wear and you cannot feel it. I think Kari is optically the most beautiful. But the others do not suggest that it is 'functional underwear' either. I wear the panties as a supplement to the tampon and feel safer than with panty liners.

I wish I had discovered you sooner

Anita Z. (28 years) on 12.09.21

"I ordered briefs from you a while ago and I wanted to test them a few times before I wrote this feedback. I am very reluctant to wear o.b.s at night and have therefore been looking for an alternative to sleeping. Your period underwear is really great for that! It feels super dry and clean and absolutely nothing leaks, even when my days are strong. Also the concern that it could be thick and diapery are completely unfounded, in my opinion, feels like a normal pair of underpants. Now I wear my underwear during the day too. I really wish I had discovered you guys 15 years earlier!

Everything tight - even after hours

Sandra H. (31 years) on 12.09.21

"I had decided to test one of the Femtis briefs and ordered the "Ella" model. The slip arrived very quickly and discreetly packaged, which made me really happy. The quality of the fabric and the workmanship are great! At first I was skeptical whether the panty would “hold tight” and whether it didn't smell unpleasant - I'm thrilled after wearing it for the first time! Everything tight - even after hours - and also no odor at all. You also don't have the feeling of sitting in the wet. Cleaning the panties is straightforward. I am completely satisfied and have no points of criticism. Keep it up!!!

I wanted to switch to a German brand

Lina J. (26 years) on 12.09.21

"I was pleasantly surprised by your Jule. At first I was a bit skeptical because I always had period underwear from Th ** x with which I was very satisfied. But now I wanted to switch to a German brand and after doing some research, I decided on Femtis. I was afraid that like some other brands, the panties would crackle weirdly or that they would keep slipping while wearing. Not all of them. I am completely satisfied and will soon order two more pairs.

Everything stayed dry

Frederike C. (23 years) on 11.09.21

"Hello dear team from femtis, I have seen your panties advertised for a long time and yet I had my doubts whether they really work as well as described. For a long time, out of skepticism, I didn't order one, although I think the idea of not only having to rely on tampons and the like is a good one. A few weeks ago a friend told me that she was using the femtis and that it should work very well. I thought okay, then I'll order some to try. At first I was a bit unsure about the size, which is why I first ordered two different sizes, now I luckily know which one I need from you. Now for the first attempt. I tried it on my heaviest period day and then immediately overnight without tampons or sanitary towels. But because I was a bit afraid for my bed, it wasn't exactly cheap, so I put a towel under it as a precaution. The next morning the surprise. Everything stayed dry. I am really pleasantly surprised and will order some again in the future. The slip (Lene) is comfortable to wear. I thank my girlfriend, without her I would never have tried this. I wish you a nice day and keep going.

I'll definitely stick with it

Anja W. (38 years) on 11.09.21

"Hello dear team, I am using period panties for the very first time and have decided on "Femtis". And what can I say ... my already high expectations were exceeded again. Super comfortable, totally safe and you don't notice anything about your period. The delivery was very quick and hygienic. I've finally found an alternative to pads and tampons, I'll definitely stick with it and recommend it to all my close friends.

I can move freely with your product now

Karin S. (30 years) on 10.09.21

"Thank you for making everyday life easier for many women with your products. I knew there had to be better solutions than tampons and pads and when I saw your products and tried them out, it was like a revelation. Since I couldn't use the cup because of a mucosal disorder and tampons were always painful for the same reason, sanitary towels have always been the only painless solution. As a music and movement teacher, however, I am constantly in motion and exhibited in class and on stage, so I still used tampons out of sheer pressure / fear. I can move freely with your product. Muchas gracias and keep it up !!!!

I'm soooo satisfied

Julia J. (31 years) on 10.09.21

"I have been looking for alternatives to tampons for a long time. And came across period underwear. Due to an operation after which I was not allowed to use tampons, I was finally forced to take something else. I decided on femtis and I am soooo satisfied. The first two days it was still strange, but it's all a matter of the head. When I placed my first order, I chose the Ella, Meja and Kari models. The range of models is great too. The quality of the underwear is perfect. Size M fits me like a glove. The service is great and the shipping was super fast. For me everything was and is perfect. I would also like to have Insa, Alwa and Svea in my possession. Thanks very much.

All of the waste clogged my conscience

Michelle R. (43 years) on 09.09.21

"I was allowed to test Runa and Jule this month. What can I say? I am completely thrilled! The two of them became my best friends at least once a month. I can be counted on! At first I was actually a bit skeptical, to be honest, given the high price. But I am very environmentally conscious and all this garbage we produce gnawed my conscience badly. So far, I had alternately used the menstrual cup and organic OB's (without plastic packaging). Unfortunately, the cup didn't always serve its purpose, so that something went wrong every now and then. And at some point I just didn't want to have that foreign body feeling either. My sister then gave me the tip about the panties. I wear two Runas on my extremely strong 24 day (I have an extremely strong day, so far I've needed about 6-7 OB's SUPER) and Jule on the other two days. But these are then lighter (2-3 OB's per day). The briefs are very comfortable and really nothing runs out. Above all, I find it very natural for my body that the period can just run. The briefs are of high quality and also look good for this purpose. A good body feeling combined with the security that nothing leaks, as well as the avoidance of waste are two decisive arguments for me to invest in the panties.

With Blix I don't have to worry anymore

Melis A. (22 years) on 09.09.21

"I would like to give my feedback on your period panties with great conviction. I have been using my "Blix" panty for three menstrual cycles and I am very satisfied! I prefer to use my Blix in the evening, because then I can sleep through and don't have to worry about leaks. I've even recommended your products to my mother, sister and friends! I hope that more women will experience relief during their menstruation.

Soak up the blood very well and it doesn't smell

Ann H. (30 years) on 08.09.21

"This is the first time I've got the Femtis. The first impression is also trustworthy. The practical test has shown that Femtis soaks up the blood very well and actually does not smell it. The slip fits very comfortably and the specified size also fits. I will definitely replenish my stock.

I put the briefs to an endurance test

Sabrina S. (34 years) on 08.09.21

"Since I was skeptical, I only ordered one pair of briefs despite the tempting discount. I chose Lene because I like comfortable underwear. I chose femtis from an ecological and social point of view. I would like to do without disposable items, but I cannot cope with menstrual cups at all. The fact that femtis does not use biocides was therefore a plus. Social commitment - educational work for young people AND roller derby - double yeah! - convinced me. When I unpacked, I wasn't very thrilled at first: The panty felt different than I had expected with the high cotton content and is somewhat reminiscent of cycling shorts - and is also much more rigid than I thought. When trying it on, however, the relief quickly came. Although I am very sensitive when it comes to fit, it was comfortable to wear - no sweating, no pinching and no restriction of freedom of movement - so on to the endurance test. Curiously, I went straight to the full risk: The slip overnight with white sleeping pants and white patterned bed linen - and that on a weekend to sleep in. Sleeping up late is out of the question during my days - even for a super tampon, I need an uncomfortable, pinching backup pad overnight and dash into the bathroom right after waking up. Everything stayed dry and stain-free with the slip. When rinsing out, I was amazed at how much blood the panties soaked up without any problems. I only really have to get used to the feeling of "free bleeding" because I've been using tampons for over 20 years. Now I'm almost a little sad that I wasn't more optimistic and that I treated myself to more models to try out.

On the go with the briefs in the van

Anka S. (26 years) on 08.09.21

"Hey you! I bought 3 briefs from you and I am so satisfied that I definitely want 3 more pieces! Since I travel a lot with the van in Europe, the briefs are a great zero-waste option to continue to be sustainable when traveling! You feel safe and comfortable! Keep it up!

Absolutely convinced of the comfort and the hygienic aspects

Sarah K. (29 years) on 07.09.21

"3 months after my purchase from you, it's time for feedback. I am absolutely satisfied and convinced of your products. The fit of the period underwear is extremely good, the wearing comfort is absolutely pleasant, no moisture, leaks or unpleasant smells. I have never felt so free during the "days". In retrospect, I am annoyed about the past time when I hesitated to try Femtis. However, that was solely due to the price. In order to be able to stock up on underwear for a full period, you have to invest a lot. Unfortunately, environmental protection is currently still a luxury and if it were all about this, I couldn't afford your product. But since you are absolutely convincing with your wearing comfort and the hygienic aspects, I will definitely recommend Femtis to friends and family and will probably buy from you again soon.

An achievement for my life and the lives of many people

Helene G. (18 years) on 07.09.21

"I'm thrilled! Unfortunately I have a lot of bleeding. I got along pretty well with pads and tampons, but it always felt uncomfortable. I've always used sanitary towels as a backup for tampons, but they still had to be changed constantly. I created sooooo much waste. And leak-proof? - the nights were excruciating. I have sometimes already stuck 2 pads in a row so that no blood runs out when standing up in the morning - a waste. I can hardly afford period underwear, as a FSJ student and then a student, and asked my parents to buy me a pair of panties. I chose the Lene model because it is cut quite high and has more absorption power. So far I only have one pair of panties, but I will definitely buy at least 3, more likely 5. No matter how much money goes into it in the end. I am simply thrilled: 1. I no longer have any unpleasant smells. 2. I can do without tampons, which I feel uncomfortable and unsafe with, just like tampons 3. At the same time, I save a whole bathroom bin of period waste per period, if not more. 4. There is no more leakage, unless you wear the slip a little too long on strong days, but even then I haven't noticed any stains on clothing. I've never had such a relaxed and enjoyable period day. At the beginning I tried on the panties and they laced up a bit, I didn't think they would be really comfortable, but somehow it was the case. The only disturbing thing is that the drying time is quite long, especially if you only have one of these briefs. But hats off, it's an achievement for my life and the lives of many.

Even under leggings it is not noticeable

Tanja S. (31 years) on 06.09.21

"Now that I have been able to test my panties for 2 months, I am also sending you my feedback :) Fortunately, my period is only relatively heavy for one day, but I still opted for the "JULE" panties, simply to be able to have no worries. I am absolutely satisfied and will definitely get myself a second pair of panties to be able to change for the night. Maybe I'll take another model here, simply because the JULE doesn't cover a little bit too little at the back;) But of course that's just personal preference. I definitely think the high waist cut is absolutely great. Little by little I will definitely add one or two slips for "lighter days" so that I can change completely and do without sanitary towels at all. I really didn't think that it would work so well and comfortably. Also the washing out etc. is not as bad as feared; D and even under leggings it is not noticeable. Am thrilled! Thank you very much for that :)

On the first day I ran 15 km with it

Licia B. (28 years) on 06.09.21

"After much deliberation, I tried my period underwear for the first time last week. I am very thrilled and could even run 15 km with it on the first day of my period. I will definitely recommend Femtis period underwear :)

Comfortable, suitable for everyday use and sustainable

Denise G. (27 years) on 05.09.21

THANK YOU for your period panties! I am absolutely thrilled and ordered 4 more. Tampons have always bothered me, I don't like sanitary towels and I can't cope with cups ... I've finally found something that is comfortable, suitable for everyday use and sustainable! It was definitely not my last order from you guys - I'm super glad that Facebook showed me your advertising 😁

By far the most comfortable panties I own

Annika L. (22 years) on 05.09.21

"Dear Femtis Team, I have ordered your panties, tested them and I am thrilled! Despite your days, you feel free and carefree. The panties are by far the most comfortable panties I own. They are tight and keep me dry all day !!, even on heavier days. For pain-sensitive days like those I have at the beginning, they are perfect because I don't have to introduce anything. I also love the fact that you don’t use biocides and silver! I will definitely order more panties from you. And the service is also absolutely unbeatable. I'm a huge fan: D

You really "beautified" my period!

Melanie G. (21 years) on 05.09.21

"I already had two of your period panties and today I got my third, the BLIX. I slipped into it for a moment and can't wait to wear it. It will definitely make my period a bit more bearable again. In my opinion, the fabrics in your panties are all very comfortable to wear. In terms of design, I would be very happy about patterns, for example, because I also like colorful underwear very much. But my conclusion is consistently positive. You really beautified my period for me! All the best from Austria

At first I was very skeptical whether they are that good

Karen H. (27 years) on 05.09.21

"I've been using your period panties for some time. At first I was very skeptical whether they were that good. I thought about it for a long time and then I thought to myself, you can only try. And so I ordered two panties. Once I chose LENE in size M. I have to say, it fits very well and keeps you super dry. I'm just thrilled and happy to have them. Then I ordered SVEA in size M. I think they are so great. I am thrilled all around.

Quality is really great

Tina S. (40 years) on 04.09.21

"I wanted to thank you very much for making such practical underwear. So far I only have one pair of panties that I bought for testing and only wear them at night but I'm totally thrilled. The quality is also really great. He has not yet washed out or somehow changed. Even accidentally put it in the dryer. But nothing happens. I will definitely get more.

My girlfriends have also bought panties from Femtis

Ontika N. (30 years) on 04.09.21

"I want to share my experience with you. I bought the "Jule" period panties from Femtis. I have very heavy flow on the first two days and I wear my period panties with sanitary pads, for the next three days I wear my period panties with a menstrual cup and the next two days I wear my period panties alone. It is really surprisingly comfortable to wear. It doesn't slip away. Jule is high waisted which gives a great coverage and becomes perfect for the whole day out and the whole night too. It doesn't have any smell and it is easy to wash. I have not experienced any leakage so far. I don't need to check my back or ask my girlfriends to do so anymore during my period. Truly it's great and deserves all the love from all the women. I am very happy and satisfied and my girlfriends have also bought panties from Femtis after hearing about my satisfactory and happy experiences. All the best to Femtis. Thank you so much. 😍

No more fear that something could go wrong

Annelie K. (34 years) on 03.09.21

"Thank you for making my period more comfortable. I use the panties as a back up and at the end of my period, as it never ends after the actual days. Since the birth of the two children, I have had problems with tampons and have always used sanitary towels as an addition. I wanted to crawl because it was just uncomfortable with these big things. Since I've been wearing the panties as a back up, I've been feeling really good during my period because I don't feel like I'm wearing a diaper. I like the Kari briefs best, because they are discreet, safe, can withstand a lot and are very comfortable to wear. It even holds up very well during exercise. Only when cycling does he pinch a bit. I am no longer afraid that something could go wrong and that calms me down enormously. Thank you thank you thank you!

Really a great invention

Sabrina P. (32 years) on 03.09.21

"At first I was very skeptical about this underwear as to whether it really fulfills the functions described. The package arrived right on time for my period and was immediately tested. Conclusion: I am very thrilled. Since my period is very heavy, I opted for the Insa model and don't regret it for a second. Why didn't I buy this earlier? Really a great invention that makes life easier for women these days. I can only recommend.

Recommended by a good friend

Sarah K. (28 years) on 02.09.21

"A good friend recommended femtis to me and after much deliberation I decided to try your period underwear. Since I have never used period underwear, I was a bit skeptical at the beginning whether I would not “leak” after all, or whether it would feel wet, uncomfortable or generally make me uncomfortable with it. I have to say, I've been using the KARI for two cycles and I'm absolutely thrilled. Your period underwear makes the annoying days much more comfortable. I feel very comfortable with the KARI during the day and at night, especially in combination with the OB / menstrual cup or just the KARI. When I was in my late twenties, I asked myself why I had never noticed or tried out the topic of period underwear earlier. I wish I had discovered period underwear much earlier 😊. The KARI feels very comfortable on the skin. I'm curious how the quality looks like after washing it several times (currently I haven't washed it all that often)

I am very happy for my daughter

Sandra R. (48 years) with daughter on 02.09.21

"Dear femtis team, I myself am in the middle of the menopause and no longer need period panties, but I am very annoyed that they did not exist much earlier! I have an 18-year-old daughter whose development is delayed due to a premature birth and who has problems with fine motor skills, among other things. She doesn't like to use tampons, and how often does she come home with dirty clothes because she once again did not properly glue the pad into her underwear ... I ordered the Lene for her, which she put on for the first time today. It was her second menstrual day, the 1st and 2nd are the worst days. She had worn the Lene for about 8 hours today. When she got home, you could see that the surface of the inside looked slightly damp, but the panties didn't let anything through, and nothing smelled unpleasant either. A considerable amount of blood came out when you washed it out, so the panty reliably soaks up a lot. She says it's comfortable to wear. I am really thrilled and I am very happy for her that she can go through her period a lot more carefree with the great panties. We will definitely order a few more colored panties.

Kari and Svea keep their promise

Antonia K. (22 years) on 01.09.21

"I would like to leave a feedback on the Femtis. I have the briefs "Kari" and "Svea" and I am so excited 😍 Both definitely keep their promise and are also super comfortable! I can only recommend. Of course, I would be even more enthusiastic if there were more choices and colors 🤩👍🏻 I'll be ordering some again soon!

Freedom for my daughter

Elsa H. (49 years) with daughter on 01.09.21

"Great period panties for my daughter. Right from the start, without having tried others. There are no experiments. No slipping and no pinching. Total freedom in everyday life, during sports and especially at night. No leakage, everything is safe and easy. It doesn't get any better than that. Thank you, Femtis!

Additional safety with white work clothes

Bettina B. (31 years) on 31.08.21

"I would like to give you feedback on the Femtis briefs, which I have had for about two months. I am thrilled about them. Since I work as a nurse and always have to wear white work clothes, these give me additional security. I don't really like wearing insoles and that's why it's a great alternative, thank you.

This investment is definitely worth it!

Nadine E. (37 years) on 31.08.21

"I ordered three period briefs from you in May of this year and have now been able to test them three times. I have to say that I am very thrilled! I had ordered Jule, Meja and Lene in size M each. All of them serve their purpose very well. I like Jule the most, because the high waist cut makes her the most comfortable and the period belly finds enough space in it 😉 I can also wear Jule for the entire first day of my period without changing, without anything passing or going through. And my bleeding is always the heaviest on the first day. Really great! I am very satisfied and would order briefs from you again at any time! This investment is definitely worth it!

My favorite is the "Runa" panty

Martina R. (32 years) on 30.08.21

"I already have your second panty and I am very thrilled! They're both very comfortable (much more comfortable than a pad / panty) and keep you dry. My favorite is the "Runa" panty. It holds tight even on the toughest days and fits really well! It was definitely not the last time that I will order from you! Thank you very much for selling these products.

Really carefree 😀

Julia K. (30 years) on 30.08.21

"Hello! I wanted to give you a short feedback. Today I am wearing your period underwear for the first time (day 2, luckily rather weak bleeding) and I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but now after almost six hours I can say: Great! I feel really good, nothing pinches, everything is comfortable and even after a walk I feel protected and absolutely dry. Great product! I am looking forward to being able to travel "carefree" soon, despite my period, because with your great underpants I feel really "carefree" 😀

I love this underwear

Sophia O. (29 years) on 29.08.21

"I ordered five of your period panties two months ago and am sharing my feedback here. The package arrived nice and carefully after a short time (in Austria) to me. I became aware of periods underwear through Instagram and was thrilled about the idea. I have a relatively long but weak period. As I have not yet had any experience with period underwear, I have ordered five different ones. I love this underwear! The fabric feels good and soft, above all it is not comparable to wearing sanitary towels, which I like very much. I've already recommended it to a few friends who didn't know it either. I am thrilled and very happy that I have ordered your period panties.

More ecological than tampons

Julia K. (23 years) on 29.08.21

"Your panties fit me perfectly and I think they're great. Super practical and cozy. They just save my life and are just more ecological than tampons. My sister has also ordered from you and is very satisfied.

No more scratchy sanitary napkins

Hanna B. (36 years) on 29.08.21

"I could now try the underpants. I'm excited. Finally no more scratchy sanitary napkins. In combination with the menstrual cup, perfect for me. It's a shame that I only discovered it now.

Nothing leaks and I can sleep through the night

Nadine R. (35 years) on 29.08.21

"At first I was rather skeptical about such briefs because I thought they would be uncomfortable or uncomfortable to wear. But especially at night I wanted to try it out and I was really pleasantly surprised. Nothing leaks, nothing slips and I can sleep through the night. Washing was also less complicated than expected. After the first test, I was really convinced and immediately ordered another one for the daytime. I also feel less pain with it. Thank you for the great product, which is really sustainable and also looks nice.

I would buy them again

Sophie P. (28 years) on 28.08.21

"I am extremely satisfied with my panties! I had ordered Alwa, Kari and Lene. I especially think Kari is great because I can wear it under my short sports pants without anything peeking out. The leak test was passed everywhere, I am very satisfied. I would buy them again.

Thumbs up in terms of comfort and quality!

Giulia M. (32 years) on 28.08.21

"I've been using your period panties just for the past two months but I like them very much and I’d like to provide feedback and share my experience. So far, I’ve tested the models Jule, Vika, and Lynn. What I like about all of them is how they fit my body, they’re elastic and flexible, it’s really like using normal panties – they’re super comfortable to wear. I also like very much your choice of materials. The Jule model has been particularly great, as I’ve been able to use it on heavier days for a few hours or overnight. The other two models, I found them perfect on lighter days, before and after my strong period – they’re much much better than disposable pads or pantyliners for those days! Conclusion: Highly recommended! Thumbs up in terms of comfort and quality! Keep up with your work, I really look forward to testing other models – Thank you!!

Well protected in white trousers

Silke B. (36 years) on 27.08.21

"I recently bought 3 period panties from you. I am just thrilled! I have to wear white trousers at work and I finally feel well protected! Above all, I think it's great that the protective layer goes so high at the back! Thanks very much! You are the best!

Something great for my two girls

Melanie S. (44 years) on 27.08.21

"Quite honestly - you make everyday life a lot easier for my two girls (both 12 years old)! It is really a miracle that there is such a great thing. We love them. It's a bit strange to wash your underpants, but well, you can't have everything. Thank you for this great invention!

A friend told me about femtis

Eva M. (23 years) on 26.08.21

A friend recently told me about your period underwear. She was completely thrilled, euphoric and told me about femtis with friends. The enthusiasm infected me and so it came about that I ordered my first Femtis panties home. For a long time I haven't been so happy about a package and for a long time I haven't been looking forward to period (especially because it usually entails a few painful days for me). The package arrived punctually and reliably, and a few days later I was able to experience for myself why my girlfriend is so thrilled about it. I think the pants are wonderful to wear. I never have the feeling that something is slipping or leaking. The fabric of the pants is comfortable and does not pinch. Thanks!

Impressed by Jule

Liv B. (49 years) on 26.08.21

"I recently bought new Femtis underwear for my youngest daughter. She is twelve years old and she has a very heavy period. With the new school year coming up, we wanted to try some new models. After having used Lynn and Ella in the past, we now decided to try out Runa and Jule to give her some more peace of mind. I must say I was very impressed by Jule. It looks very beautiful and very elegant! For my young daughter however, Runa seems to have the absolutely perfect fit! With its lower leg openings it fits perfectly around the bum and with the slightly wider middle it is great for girls and women with heavy periods! My daughter will be going to a new school next week and I am very happy we found Runa to give us both some peace of mind! Thank you again for making this wonderful underwear! We will be returning soon! Most sincerely from Belgium

My daughters and I are thrilled

Angela W. (44 years) with daughters on 25.08.21

"Dear Femtisteam! For me and my two daughters I ordered the product INSA for the stronger and SVEA for the lighter days and we are all thrilled of them. As environmentally conscious people, we are very interested in avoiding and reducing waste (and this time in the form of OBs and sanitary towels + packaging and its disposal). Great products, cleaning the laundry with cold water + washing machine is uncomplicated and easy to do even for teenage daughters!

Like new after drying

Julia W. (23 years) on 25.08.21

"I tried the "Kari" for the first time last week and was very thrilled. I had been looking for an alternative to sanitary towels for a while as I didn't like tampons that much. The period briefs held up great and felt very good, and the fit is also great. The washing was very relaxed and after drying it is like new again and smells fresh. Thanks for the great product :)

Great period underpants and super fast delivery to Switzerland

Carla M. (30 years) on 24.08.21

"Hi dear Femtis team, Thank you for the great period underpants, I will definitely order some again so that I have several. The delivery was super fast, even when it was delivered to Switzerland. So far I could only test it for a short time but I am very satisfied, I always feel safe and it fits perfectly. Greetings, Carla from Switzerland

Having a zero waste period makes me really happy

Nicole M. (37 years) on 23.08.21

"I would like to share my enthusiasm for panties with you. I have the panties in use for the third cycle and wonder why I didn't buy period panties much earlier ?! I have never felt so safe, especially at night, during my period. No more fiddling with the sanitary napkin… no more hoping that the tampon will last or that the menstrual cup is properly seated and does not leak, etc. Slip on and you're done. Everything can run off freely and the period is much more painless and over faster. No more eternal spotting. No matter how heavy the bleeding is, everything is absorbed very well. Nothing feels damp or uncomfortable in any way, and nothing smells. So far I've only needed a second pair of panties during the day. I wear Lene during the day and Ella at night for the first two heavier days. For the lighter days I wear Kari and Lene at night. A great combination for me and for the environment. I have never before produced no garbage during a period. Having a zero waste period makes me really happy. Thank you for this great product! I hope more menstruating people find their way to you and your great panties.

Satisfied all round

Alina K. (20 years) on 23.08.21

"At first I just wanted to order femtis briefs to try out, but couldn't decide between INSA, KARI and SVEA. In the end I ordered all three without expectations and was pleasantly surprised. My first impression was better than I thought. I imagined them to be more massive and eye-catching. All three are super comfortable to wear and their size is exactly the right size. I am very satisfied all round. Also with the packaging, shipping and everything related to it.

The fabric is wonderfully soft and comfortable to wear on the skin

Christine B. (44 years) on 23.08.21

Here is my feedback on the order: I ordered the models Feli, Lene and Lynn and was able to test them right away. Admittedly: I was skeptical because my days came at the same time as the first sports lesson, which was again allowed "live" in the gym. I tried it anyway and I can say: complete success! Like the rest of the day: very comfortable to wear, the fabric is wonderfully soft and pleasant to wear on the skin. The cut of the models I ordered is wonderful: nothing pinches, cuts or slides in places where it shouldn't. I think the Lene is particularly good on stronger days because it gives me a nice feeling of being "protected". You have to get used to washing in good time. Instead, there is no diaper feeling from sanitary towels (especially on warm days). I always found wearing tampons very uncomfortable when I also have abdominal pain - this is not necessary with the panties, I find the pain more bearable. I can only suggest that perhaps more choice of colors is offered. I like the Feli in the strong turquoise. I would also be happy about a blue, light blue, pink or purple, strong or pastel, combined with gray - depending on what is feasible. Otherwise: not exactly cheap, but the wearing comfort is excellent! And the environment is also happy because waste is avoided!

Very fair price!

Isabel K. (26 years) on 22.08.21

"Hello dear Femtis team, I can only say good things about your product. Look great, very comfortable. I think it's great that the multiple layers also cover the whole bottom, so that you can be completely calm while sleeping. This protection was not always given with normal bandages. I also think the very fair price is great! Greetings from Austria

They also hold tight on long train journeys

Isabel K. (26 years) on 22.08.21

"I have been using your period underwear for about 2 months now, that is, twice. I am really thrilled!! Even overnight nothing went wrong with the “BLIX” model. RUNA also kept a long train journey (5 hours) close to me. Both models are very comfortable. I have already recommended you to my friends because I am absolutely convinced! Since everything went smoothly with my order, I have not yet had any contact with customer service.

My daughter feels a lot safer with your panties

Birgit G. (48 years) on 22.08.21

"I wanted to give my feedback. I have already ordered the next size of panties for my 12 year old daughter. Unfortunately, the first ones have become too small. We are thrilled about the panties. My daughter is incredibly happy to wear them. She feels a lot safer in school with the panties. She usually wears them 1-2 days before the days come.

Great backup and my sole protection at night

Annegret S. (34 years) on 21.08.21

"I bought my first 3 panties from you at the beginning of August because I have a very heavy period. Super plus size tampons have to be changed every 2 hours, as does the menstrual cup, which overflows after 2 hours. That restricted me a lot, especially on the way. The period panties from femtis give me more security, they are a great backup and my only protection at night. So far nothing went wrong! I'm thrilled!

Clear purchase recommendation!

Sara K. (22 years) on 20.08.21

"I ordered 3x the “Lene” model for my stronger days and 2x the “Insa” model for my weaker days. Both models keep their promises and are very comfortable. With “Lene” I feel “dry” the whole day (8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) and with Insa anyway! I am very thrilled :-)

It has never been easy with sanitary pads

Linda Wi. (29 years) on 20.08.21

"I ordered the "Lene" period underwear and I am absolutely thrilled. My periods are usually pretty heavy, so sanitary pads have never been so easy, and I don't like using tampons. I get through the night with "Lene" and I also feel much safer and better on the go :) I took your size chart as a guide and the size was right. Washing is super easy too. I am completely satisfied.

My experience report

Linda W. (32 years) on 19.08.21

"After I have tested your period underwear for about 6 months and have received the 2nd order, I also wanted to share a short experience report. I am really more than satisfied with the period underwear, on strong days I wear INSA and on weaker days I wear KARI. Both are very comfortable to wear on the fabric and you have a secure feeling throughout the day. I often have a very heavy menstruation and still get through the office day with a pair of briefs (approx. 9-10h). During the time, I neither have the feeling that it smells unpleasant, nor that it feels damp or wet. Period underwear is also a great companion for sport (functional sport), where sanitary pads and other insoles slip more often and you feel uncomfortable as a result, you are very safe with the underwear. In addition, the underwear looks really good and you hardly see any difference to normal underwear. Ordering and shipping are also quick and easy. All in all, I'm really more than satisfied.

I never would have expected that

Franzy K. (32 years) on 19.08.21

"Good afternoon, dear femtis team, three months ago I ordered three parties from you. It was just out of a situation of frustration, because something went wrong again at night and I was fed up with it again. I also considered whether I should send them back .... Because I was firmly convinced that period underwear is or will be somehow disgusting (wet, sticky, stinky .... I don't know .... Prejudice, just). But since the underwear just looks nice, I kept it and that was the right decision. So now the actual feedback: surprising absorbency, great fit, doesn't appear bulky even with tight trousers, nothing smells. I would never have expected that and I'm really thrilled. Thank you! Keep it up!

A good price-performance ratio

Nicole K. (40 years) on 18.08.21

"There are indeed some offers in this area, but compared to the others, you have a good price-performance ratio. Your diversity is already very good and the reviews are consistently positive. I would also like to have more choice in cut and shape or color, e.g. skin-colored. But I got very curious because of your advertising and presentation. I have a very appealing concept and you can tell that you have thought it through well. The models: Kari, Insa, Vika were ordered and confirmed my choice very much. Great materials and the cuts are very well chosen. Sits perfectly and I'm thrilled. The care plan is also easy to understand, so testing has already started and the wearing comfort speaks for itself. Thank you for your inspiration, which you put into practice.

After 2 years I have ordered from you again, the longevity is awesome

Melanie G. (35 years) on 18.08.21

"Hello :) I am very happy with your products. Now after 2 years I have ordered from you again. The longevity and quality of your period womenswear is simply awesome. I am happy to choose different styles that all go wonderfully with my wardrobe. They are super comfortable and I feel incredibly safe with them. Thanks so much.

As new as on the first day

Anne S. (22 years) on 18.08.21

"Thank you for supporting my period! You kept your word: The panties are super comfortable (I use AlWA and Insa), super easy to clean and stay as new as they were on the first day, thanks to your washing instructions! I am even more thrilled that the pants actually last for 12 hours and you never have the feeling of leaking or even experiencing a flood. You were also right that the smells stay away! I'm thrilled! Thanks very much!

Really pretty and you can't beat the price

Aylin T. (25 years) on 17.08.21

"Hello and a big thank you for your great panties. I recently came across period panties and ordered some from another big brand and was quite satisfied. The price was the only thing that I found pretty generous. In conversation with my sister-in-law, it turned out that she has been using period panties for a long time, and that yours. At her tip, I went to your website and was really surprised what a selection of models you have, because they are really pretty and the price is unbeatable. So I've ordered the “Jule” model twice and I have to say I'll never order anywhere else. The slip fits great, the suction strength is really great and the best thing is the high waistband. It doesn't cut into the stomach that much and you can comfortably stick a small heat patch underneath and everything sits well in place. Even my husband said where I got the chic lingerie. So it couldn't be better. That makes your period almost fun. : D

It is soooo great!

Rani (43 years) on 17.08.21

"Hello! Thank you for you guys! I have been using the Diva Cup since around 2005 - it is now called differently - at that time it wasn't everywhere. But then - problems with it ...And the eternal search for an alternative. I've tried a few things now and have now ended up with your period underwear! It is soooo great! I'm happy with my period underwear & am now even more excited every month! ;) More freedom, more comfortable feeling. Great. Thank you.

Lene keeps it´s promise

Andrea H. (42 years) on 16.08.21

"Dear femtis team, I recently bought period panties from you for the first time. The model Lene. I wasn't sure if this was something for me, but I still wanted to test it ... now the time has come and what can I say ... I'm thrilled! It really does what it promises! Today I ordered some to change. I also ordered one for my sister's birthday. Let's see what she thinks about it.

No smells, no waste, no monthly costs

Yvonne W. (37 years) on 16.08.21

"In the beginning I was very skeptical about whether odors might develop relatively quickly. In the meantime I can say that my fears, thank God, have not come true. The positive thing for me is: no rubbish and no monthly costs. It feels like ordinary underwear. I am very satisfied, so I reordered 4 more.

Thrilled about short delivery and processing times

Jule L. (19 years) on 15.08.21

"I found out about your shop through a friend and immediately bought three briefs, with which I am incredibly satisfied. Now I've bought three other models and I'm thrilled with the really short delivery and processing times, so I didn't have to wait forever for the briefs, another plus point in addition to the good quality of the individual briefs. They serve their purpose well and I'm not afraid that they might not be able to do it. Keep it up! The 10% discount on ordering 3 briefs is also a very tempting offer, after all it is logically not enough to buy just one pair of panties, as these have to be washed out and dried accordingly, so you make a really good deal with this offer. And a suggestion for the future: Perhaps the briefs could also be offered in double packs or the individual models could be made in different colors and patterns, there doesn't have to be a huge selection. I hope I was able to bring my impressions a little closer to you.

Your site promises exactly what it really is

Svea S. (19 years) on 15.08.21

"I have had period panties for over half a year now, which I ordered from you and I am super grateful to have them. I opted for the Meja design, which I really like in terms of both looks and functionality. This has made my period more comfortable, by wearing the panties I am no longer afraid that something will go wrong and they are also comfortable. I heard about you through Instagram and ordered a pair of panties (which were there very quickly, by the way) and I was able to recommend you to a few friends who are also satisfied. What I think is so good is that your site promises exactly what it really is. The price is also absolutely okay, after a while I even save a lot with the purchase that would otherwise have gone on for pads and tampons ... I also think the idea of the quantity offers is great, then buying several products is really worthwhile. What I would like in the future would be a perhaps larger color selection for the individual models, especially white or skin-colored briefs, I could well imagine. I can recommend your products both as a backup to the menstrual cup and just like that. Even with a heavy period, I get along well with it. Thank you for making my period a little easier.

My daughter is absolutely thrilled

Katherine W. (48 years) on 14.08.21

"I ordered the panties for my daughter because she was looking for an alternative to the usual menstrual articles ... and she is absolutely thrilled :-). Especially at night she now feels safe because nothing leaks anymore (she used to feel so safe only with tampons and sanitary towels). She likes the look of the underwear, as you can hardly tell them apart from normal underpants. We will definitely reorder and have already recommended your underwear to our friends / acquaintances.

I will definitely recommend femtis to others

Alexandra M. (35 years) on 14.08.21

"I was really skeptical that these period underwear could work ... in the meantime, I'm pretty thrilled! So far I have mainly been using my Femtis at home and at night, but after a short period of getting used to it, I have a good feeling on the go and will expand my range ;-) I will definitely recommend Femtis to others!

Hygienic, do not smell, do not rustle, sit comfortably

Claudia G. (40 years) on 14.08.21

"After I ordered a pair of panties to try and they were cut too low for my body, I was able to easily return them. Due to the wide range of models I was able to easily reorder and I have to say that I was not disappointed. Since my pelvic floor weakness I can hardly use tampons and I find insoles unhygienic and rusty, especially under a dress in summer. It just doesn't feel good, so I change them often, shower more than once a day and produce a lot of waste and use more water. So it feels doubly good to use panties on them. I was skeptical, but they are hygienic, do not smell, do not rustle and sit comfortably.

Femtis' price is the best

Adriana B. (42 years) on 13.08.21

"My name is Adriana and I am 42 years old with normal and regular periods. I ordered a slip about 2 weeks ago as I wanted to try them out before ordering more. I was so pleasantly surprised that I was sorry I didn't order more right away! The panty absorbs really well and I was dry the whole time I was wearing it, nothing leaked. I've already recommended it to my friends and I want to order more to be ready for the next period! By the way, I've looked through other sites with similar products, and Femtis' price is the best! 😊 Greetings from Austria!

I just couldn't believe it

Christina N. (30 years) on 13.08.21

"Your period underwear was recommended to me by a friend. Since I was just curious and found your prices very fair, I ordered the Lene to try it out. First of all, I wore this with an additional pad, because I just couldn't believe that the panty would protect 100%. After a day I tried it without any further protection. I just couldn't believe it and was stunned how well the period underwear protects. Even with my heavy period. I love the Lene panty! The high protection area at the back gives me additional security. Even lying down. Kudos to you and the really pretty and comfortable panties. I will choose more! I would prefer not to just wear them to my period. I also have a good feeling because I avoid a lot of waste and act more environmentally friendly. Make sure to keep it up!

Once femtis - always femtis!

Alina S. (25 years) on 12.08.21

"I have now ordered from you for the third time and have always been impressed by the quality and the price-performance ratio. I especially like the "Lene" briefs, but the other underpants that I have already tried also serve their purpose perfectly and are super comfortable. 😊 Washing also works well. I am happy that I no longer have to rely on pads or tampons and I recommend the underpants to everyone! I was already able to convince several friends and they were also totally thrilled. Once femtis - always femtis!

I can no longer imagine life without it

Anna R. (27 years) on 12.08.21

"After a friend told me about period underwear, I became curious. I noticed you while browsing and I am really excited. The underwear gives me a feeling of security and its high absorbency convinces me. Especially in (riding) sports and at night, I can no longer imagine life without it. At the beginning I was skeptical about the double sizes (M- 38/40), but I have to say that the underwear has a great fit. I like the models with lace most.

Fulfills its function 100%

Jasmin K. (30 years) on 11.08.21

"I ordered my first period briefs from you last month (INSA) and I'm thrilled! It sits perfectly and fulfills its function 100%. I also liked the simple packaging of the product. Best regards from Belgium

Super satisfied since months

Theresa T. (32 years) on 11.08.21

"A few months ago I ordered several Femtis briefs from you and I am still very satisfied. Soooo comfortable, beautiful and functional, I'm still really thrilled and have already recommended them to my friends!

Unbeatable quality, sustainability, comfort and protection

Kerstin G. (30 years) on 10.08.21

Good morning dear Femtis team, I would like to leave you positive feedback on my last order. It is now my third period panty from Femtis and I am more than thrilled - the quality, sustainability, comfort and protection so that nothing leaks is simply unbeatable. I have already infected all of my friends and will remain a loyal customer!

Ideal for droplet incontinence and adenomiosis

Tascha (27 years) on 10.08.21

I ordered the femtis for my grandma because she has droplet incontinence and therefore no longer went out. Now she has more security and dares to go public again. That's just why I'm thrilled. I also ordered some for myself because I have unimaginably heavy periods due to adenomiosis. I also feel good now.

Thoroughly tested - very good quality

Kate H. (38 years) on 09.08.21

"Dear femtis team, dear Judith, about a year ago I ordered and received the Lene from you. Of course, I was able to test them extensively during this time. Since I had the IUD inserted, my bleeding increased and sometimes I was barely able to keep up with changing tampons. So, in addition to the aspect of waste avoidance, I came up with the use of a mens cup, which I now get along well with. In addition, I took washable panty liners as a backup. When I happened to come across the washable period panties from you, I was immediately inflamed. Initially, Lene was my backup. But since it has a large capacity, it is far too good for this subordinate role. Today I use it from my third day onwards, without a cup. It fits perfectly, does not slip. After a year there was no seam, so very good quality. Nothing leaks. I wear them from the morning and don't change until the evening. On hot days / evenings, I can lounge around on the couch with Lene only dressed. Nobody sees anything. It wouldn't be so nice with the panty liners that are buttoned on the outside. Yoga is also wonderful. I am very thrilled and am thinking about switching to period underwear because the cup is sometimes uncomfortable. My 13 year old daughter has also become curious. Keep up the good work! I wish you a nice start to the week!

Very beneficial

Ines G. (22 years) on 09.08.21

"I recently talked to my colleague about period underwear. We wanted to try it out and then ordered from you. This is the first time I've worn it and I find it very comfortable. The fear of leakage is as good as gone and the wearing comfort is really good. I like the models that are cut a little higher (I have RUNA), because I find the warm feeling and the feeling of being around my lower stomach and back to be very beneficial, especially during my period. What could be improved? Maybe two more models with a lace. Thank you for the fast shipping and best regards

I maxed out what's possible

Rebecca P. (27 years) on 08.08.21

"My period is very heavy and I wanted something so that I don't need as many tampons or have to change the tampon every one and a half to two hours. The underwear is very comfortable, pretty and the reinforcement does not feel uncomfortable. It was amazing, but of course great when wearing it, that I rarely felt wet, even on my heavy days. The underpants (Lene) lasted 12 hours, and I maxed out what's possible. I have already recommended you to my friends.

A good alternative to single-use products

Jessica N. (22 years) on 08.08.21

That was already my second order and I am absolutely thrilled. Of course, at the beginning I was rather skeptical of how well it all worked (as probably everyone else), but after wearing it for the first time, all doubts were gone and through my experience, many of my friends have now ordered some right away. I think it's great how such an innovative product has managed to make their periods at least a little easier for many women, how it is achieved through marketing that this socially stigmatized topic is finally presented as normal and, above all, finally one good alternative to environmentally harmful single-use products has been found. In addition, Femtis is one of the very few companies that I know that really uses the word "period" and not some more socially recognized phrase such as "hygiene products for women". One idea on my part for improving the offer would be to offer more colors for all models. Preferably also several bright alternatives, which you can then wear well under white clothing.

I recommend them as a midwife

Laura J. (34 years) on 07.08.21

"I am very satisfied with my Femtis period underwear. As a midwife, I am happy to recommend them to others in my profession. Meanwhile, some women are already wearing the panties in the puerperium. A GREAT alternative to all the pads and trash! I love this product!

Love how much the panty absorbs

Annika M. (26 years) on 07.08.21

"I tested my first panties a few weeks ago and I was thrilled with how they fit and how much they absorb. Now I've ordered 4 more 😍

Pleasant and don't smell

Ulrike M. (23 years) on 06.08.21

"After some internet research I finally decided to buy and test my first femtis panties (insa and kari). So far, the usually high prices of period underwear had put me off as a young student, but the price-performance ratio seemed to be right with you. I immediately found my way around the website and the simple care instructions convinced me. Thanks to the size chart, I immediately ordered the right size (which is always very important to me when shopping online). The delivery to Austria was quick and uncomplicated and for the first time I really looked forward to my period. Before that, I often felt unsafe at night for fear of leaking and I was sure that menstrual panties would help me sleep better again - and lo and behold, that's exactly how it was! The briefs are very comfortable, they don't smell and cleaning is much easier than I always feared. Thank you and greetings from Vienna

Great product, great service, great price

Debbie K. (25 years) on 06.08.21

"I have ordered 3 period panties. Lena, Alma and Vika. Really satisfied with all 3 of them. I had no leak during entire period. They are also true to size and really comfortable to wear. I also liked the fact that the order arrived really quickly. Great product and great service at a great price!

Put through its paces

Denise P. (36 years) on 05.08.21

"After my vacation, I received my 3rd package and now I finally want to give some feedback. I love your panties. I placed my first order very hesitantly because I already had a model from another manufacturer and was not really satisfied with it. But as soon as I held the first order from you in my hand, a big difference could be seen. I can now call several Femtis panties my own and have already convinced both my daughter and a good friend. I have put the briefs through their paces and I am thrilled by how comfortable and safe they are at the same time. And apart from the environmentally friendly aspect, they are also much more comfortable than wearing normal briefs with a pad (regardless of whether they are fabric or disposable). Usually they were only intended as a backup to the tampon (I'm still looking for an environmentally friendly alternative here), but I also feel safe without a tampon. I am very thrilled and will definitely expand my "collection".

Use them almost exclusively

Sarah H. (32 years) on 04.08.21

"Thank you for the menstrual underwear! I am very satisfied with it and now almost only use menstrual underwear during my menstrual period. It's convenient and practical. I feel very comfortable with it and am happy to be able to live more environmentally friendly! It's nice that there are also designs with lace, such as VIKA. But I also like to use the high waist RUNA. Thanks for that!

Smooth process

Martina W. (37 years) on 04.08.21

"Thank you so much for promptly sending our order. The process went very smoothly. I have sent back seven items for exchange, as they were too small, but the other seven were very well received -- comfortable, nice-looking, and lightyears more pleasant to wear than traditional pads. We look forward to receiving the next size up on the model we returned. Thank you so much for offering this product and making the order process so smooth!

Kari and Ella both keep what they promise

Melanie G. (33 years) on 03.08.21

"I ordered from you for the first time a few days ago and hereby wanted to give feedback. So far I am very satisfied with the femtis period panties. I ordered the Kari and Ella model. The model Kari looks beautiful, not at all like a supposedly typical period pantie, even my husband was amazed how beautiful the panties with the lace look. I've been able to try both of them for a short time and they both keep what they promise. No leakage, sit comfortably and the quality feels very good. The order went super fast and I got it right away, packaged in a nice thin package and so it just fit into the mailbox. Thank you and best regards from Berlin

I don't have to think about changing tampons anymore

Charlotte V. (20 years) on 03.08.21

"I've bought Insa briefs to try out and I'm thrilled. It is very comfortable to wear and especially when you are on the go you don't have to think about replacement tampons, etc. Also great for the night. I will definitely recommend you!

Even the first impression is convincing

Larissa G. (24 years) on 02.08.21

"My order has just arrived. Even the first impression is convincing, the briefs are high quality and well made. They sit really well and make a leak-proof impression. I'm looking forward to being able to test the panties "in action" in two weeks. It was definitely not my last order from you guys.

Tested while riding

Lena U. (18 years) on 02.08.21

"The hope was that I would feel safe, protected and comfortable every day and that I would be able to protect the environment at the same time. The hope was absolutely felt. I am so excited about the Lene panties that I wish I had ordered them much earlier. They are so comfortable to wear in every situation and I no longer need to worry that something has slipped and then leaked. I was able to test the panties while riding and it is much more comfortable than with normal sanitary towels. Also because you move back and forth a lot while riding, they are really great. The fabric is very pleasant on the skin and doesn't scratch a bit. The briefs are very expensive but the quality is fair for the price. Nevertheless, I hope that the briefs will eventually become cheaper, as they are a great relief in many ways, both for the environment and for a better feeling during your period.

I feel completely safe

Martina W. (26 years) on 01.08.21

"This is my first time using your underwear and I have to say I am thrilled. Feel completely safe, nothing goes wrong, it doesn't crackle while running and is worn like normal underwear. Thumbs up from me 👍 So far I have only tested the INSA, but there are sure to be more.

One problem less

Carolin M. (32 years) on 01.08.21

"I've tried your panties for 3 months now and I'm really super satisfied. They are very comfortable on the skin and also catch a lot. Especially at night they are so much more comfortable than sanitary pads or something. So you have at least one problem less during your period :)

Positively surprised

Fabienne T. (41 years) on 01.08.21

"This is my first time using Period Pants and I am very pleasantly surprised. The underwear has a perfect fit and does what it says on the tin. At the moment I only wear them at night, but I can well imagine using them during the day. It is much more pleasant to the touch than conventional sanitary towels and, in my opinion, it also absorbs the smell much better. Washing out takes a bit of getting used to and reminds me of the time with my small children, when I had to wash out diapers every now and then. I heard about you via social media and will definitely order my next pants from you again. Friendly greetings from Switzerland

Nothing slips or feels damp

Uta B. (32 years) on 31.07.21

"After three pregnancies and two births and a long period of breastfeeding, I was almost no longer used to getting my period. I used to hate that time. I always found tampons to be a foreign body and pads slipped and were uncomfortable to wear, especially in summer. Now, with my period underwear, I'm super satisfied. Nothing slips or feels damp. Wonderful. Finally you can enjoy the days on the period days too. Have already ordered 2 x 3 pieces. Thank you 👍

Insa is my all time favorite

Katharina L. (35 years) on 31.07.21

"I ordered from you for the first time at the end of June because I had wanted to try period underwear for a long time. And what can I say: I'm thrilled: Of the 3 models I ordered, Insa is my absolute favorite. But all models are comfortable to wear and I feel absolutely safe with them. Thank you very much, I will definitely order from you again soon, so that I can soon do without tampons and sanitary pads altogether! Greetings from Austria

Found a brand of trust. Hooray!

Svenja R. (27 years) on 30.07.21

"Dear Femtis team, the Jule panties fit well (don't cut anywhere), are comfortable (even flattering!), Safe, do not smell and that I can wash them normally in the laundry is another plus point .. I feel super safe with it, at work, where I work hard physically, at sports ... Thank you very much! I am really just grateful and happy that I have found a brand of trust and that I now have safe, high quality period panties that I can menstruate freely. Hooray!

In use for half a year and completely convinced

Karoline B. (36 years) on 30.07.21

"I want to give you a quick feedback today. I've been using the Femtis for almost half a year now and I am fully convinced of it - I think it's really great. Much less waste, now that I don't have to use pads and tampons anymore, and after the panties have been washed a few times, they still look like new. My fear that it might 'smell' in summer when it's hot has not come true - the only tiny disadvantage is that you sweat quite a bit when it's warm, as the briefs are of course thicker than normal panties .. . but you can easily overlook that! :-) In any case, I'm totally thrilled and I'm curious whether I can convince my wife that they are really great :-) Greetings and have a nice summer time

Yours is best

Carina C. (30 years) on 29.07.21

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very thrilled about your products. I've had other period underwear before and I think your product line is the best :) Comfortable, keeps its shape after washing, nice to look at! I am always happy to recommend you to friends. Keep it up! Maybe even more models with cotton outer fabric would be great :)

Runa is the most comfortable period panty with the most secure feeling!

Liv B. (49 years) on 29.07.21

"I am a mother of four girls and I am a very happy returning Femtis customer! After first buying Ella and Lynn for my youngest daughter and later Svea, Alwa and Runa for myself, I recently bought several sizes of Runa for me and for my older daughters to try on. I am very pleased to say that I think we have found our new favorite model! We love the higher waist and we absolutely love the lower cut on the leg openings! We also love the cotton fabric and the fact that Runa is a bit wider in the middle. It is the most comfortable period panty with the most secure feeling! It feels wonderful and it still looks very elegant! Thank you for making such great period panties in such a variety of beautiful models! We absolutely love them!

It's unbelievable

Iulia G. (40 years) on 28.07.21

"I am referring to my July 9th order. I ordered the INSA M Slip and was able to test them for the first time on the first day of their period. It's unbelievable, I wouldn't have thought it, I was completely dry all day, nothing came through. I also didn't feel anything, as if I had been wearing normal underpants, totally comfortable, not like with normal sanitary pads that you can feel. I also didn't feel wet, which you can feel with normal sanitary pads, especially in the first few days, it is super absorbent. I will definitely order again.

Customer service is really great

Alexandra M. (21 years) on 28.07.21

"I recently ordered from you for the first time! Unfortunately the wrong underpants were sent to me. A simple, short phone call was enough to have the new, correct pantie sent to me. So the customer service is really great !! The underpants themselves are really great, I really feel good in them. They are of high quality and also good that the smell is super-bound. I'm really happy that I can save a lot of garbage in this way. I will then order more panties from you, not only because the product fits perfectly, but also because the customer service is so TOP! On top of that, it's awesome that your products are organic and vegan. I will definitely recommend you, or I already have close friends :) Thank you and keep it up !!

Various providers viewed critically

Susann K. (39 years) on 27.07.21

"For a long time I took a critical look at the various providers of period laundry, compared them and then decided to test your products because of the good price-performance ratio. I have been using menstrual cups for a long time for sustainability reasons. But since I have a very heavy period, I still had to use sanitary towels or panty liners for support. I was skeptical and ordered three models to try out: Ella, Lene and Svea. I was very satisfied with the shipping, packaging, presentation and everything. As for the size, I followed your guidelines and they were correct. Even if I found the briefs a bit oversized when I unpacked them, they fit and sit very well. So the test run could begin and I have to say that I am really excited. I am totally convinced both in terms of comfort and security against leaks. The two more absorbent models could do a lot more in supplements to the menstrual cup than the otherwise used pads on the heaviest days of menstruation because they fit much better, don't slip, don't leak or feel damp. At the end of my period I tried the string without any additional products and that worked great too. In short: you have convinced me of period underwear in general and of your models in particular. I will be sure to reorder soon.

The femtis briefs feel great

Jasmin S. (24 years) on 27.07.21

"I am really thrilled about the period panties! Since I'm not a fan of tampons or menstrual cups, I've always been equipped with sanitary napkins. But sanitary napkins are not particularly comfortable to wear. So I'm all the more pleased to have finally discovered a great alternative. The femtis briefs feel great, you don't have the feeling of wearing "heavy" or "diaper-like" underpants. But on the contrary. The wearing comfort does not differ from regular underpants. I was also a little nervous about whether some blood had seeped through. But no, the underpants didn't leave any marks. In addition, the briefs are really nice. 10/10 points, really great thing.

Real alternative to disposable products

Susanne H. (35 years) on 26.07.21

"I am really thrilled about the panties. I decided to use more sustainable products and then I came across Femtis. Even if I couldn't imagine it before, it is a real alternative to disposable products. I am surprised that it really works and I feel safe with the panties on. I have already recommended it to others! So keep it up!

I wondered if they would hold up even on heavy days

Nicole S. (34 Jahre) on 26.07.21

"I have to admit, in the beginning I was very skeptical about period underwear. One asks oneself such questions as: Doesn't that smell like blood? Does it feel like a diaper? If the bleeding is profuse, can it last all day? Or also: Is something going past the side? So I only ordered one at first. I thought to myself, I'll do the acid test right now and take it on my toughest day. And I have to say, I am thrilled. I feel absolutely safe, there is no smell and they are just comfortable. Care is also easy to handle. I have me the same ordered more and recommended it to my friends. Clearly keep it up from me. Thank you, your Nicole

You always feel protected when you wear it

Astrid B. (33 years) on 25.07.21

I have long been dissatisfied with conventional period products such as pads and tampons, but I was initially skeptical about period underwear. Your Facebook presence ultimately convinced me to give it all a chance. I initially ordered 2 pieces of Lene to try and I was instantly impressed. The panties are also available in large sizes, they fit perfectly and are totally comfortable. You always feel protected when you wear it, but you never have the feeling of moisture or an annoying foreign body sensation (like with sanitary towels). These things are so comfortable and sit so well, I would love to wear them all the time, even when I don't have a period ;-). Today I ordered 6 more panties. The next period can come.

Perfect for my heavier bleeds

Jezaja U. (21 Jahre) am 25.07.21

Some time ago I have bought your Feli panties as a gift for myself for stopping with the pill. Ever since the panties have been perfect for my heavier bleeds. I have never felt so protected during my period! They fit amazing and feel comfortable. Right now I'm waiting to save up money to buy a new one so I can switch between them. I'm very thankfull for your price to quality ratio, hence why I will buy more Femtis' :-) Kind regards from Belgium

I found out about you on Facebook

Simone J. (39 years) on 24.07.21

"I ended up having problems with vaginal dryness with tampons. Sanitary napkins that I used afterwards made me unsure because they slip and because of the smell ... When my period was to start again, years later - after the IUD, I feverishly thought about how to counter it and watched advertisements on Facebook femtis period panties. After comparing several providers for a long time, I ordered SVEA and KARI. Now I had my first period again and have used both briefs: I AM EXCITED! Nothing smells unpleasant, cleaning is child's play and above all: THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY SEAL !! After struggling with only 2 briefs for 5 days, I immediately ordered 3 more and told my friends about my positive experiences. One or the other is already interested and will certainly order some too. My conclusion: I can only recommend it to every woman. In any case, I am mega-satisfied and look forward to my next period very relaxed!

Infinitely happy with these panties

Lea R. (23 years) on 24.07.21

"Dear Femtis team, for a long time I was skeptical about period underwear. A few weeks ago I ordered from you and I am thrilled. I own the SVEA and I am infinitely happy with these panties! Especially because of my light menstruation, when all other hygiene articles were rather uncomfortable and annoying. The underwear is super comfortable to wear and I feel very safe with it. Thank you for the great idea and implementation 😊

Convinced, especially because you don't use biocides

Claudia S. (35 years) on 23.07.21

"Fortunately, I became aware of you through your sponsored advertising, I think it was on Facebook. 1-2 years ago I almost bought period underwear (but I don't know which provider it was back then) and then I didn't do it. But you clearly convinced me of your products. Above all, I think it's great that you don't use any biocides or silver chloride! Since I had a good feeling, I ordered 5 briefs at once (2xLene, 1xInsa, 1xAlwa and 1xKari). The delivery was extremely quick, I was totally surprised that the package was already there. The size according to your table also fits wonderfully. Usually I use sanitary pads and I don't feel uncomfortable with them, but with your panties it's a completely different feeling - you almost forget that you have your period (but have to say that mine is rather weak and very problem-free anyway is). In terms of cut, Kari is clearly my favorite because it comes closest to what I usually wear. However, it is good to have high-necked models like Lene for the stronger days and also for the nights. I think your products are great and will definitely order more briefs!

Sustainable and free

Annika G. (27 years) on 23.07.21

"For me the panty is the best period product. It is sustainable and at the same time you still feel “free”. I wore the panties on the second and heaviest day of my period when I was out all day. There was no risk of leakage and the underwear, in contrast to the tampon or the menstrual cup, was very comfortable to wear. I can't really make a suggestion for improvement because I'm absolutely satisfied. At first it takes getting used to, of course, because the panty is of course a bit thicker. But that also makes sense.

The liquid is absorbed well

Justine B. (34 years) on 23.07.21

"I bought 3 Period Panties (JULE-L) from you on June 23rd and would like to give my feedback here. So at first I was skeptical and unsure about wearing such briefs. When I tried it for the first time, I was really pleasantly surprised. In terms of material, it feels good and fits well. You don't sweat between your legs, it soaks up the liquid very well, I didn't notice the smell through these panties, nothing runs wrong and nothing runs out. The same is true at sleep. Here, too, the panty fits well and nothing goes wrong, as has always been the case with sanitary napkins. I will recommend you and buy more such panties in the future.

No smell - much better than pads

Tabea S. (24 years) on 22.07.21

"After I saw frequent advertisements for period underwear, I decided to try it out for myself, as I often find wearing sanitary pads to be uncomfortable, especially in summer. After some searching, I decided on femtis and ordered the Alwa model. I am extremely satisfied with the wearing comfort, it hardly feels any different than normal underpants and still looks chic with the lace edge. I was also pleasantly surprised by the smell, as I always found the smell very unpleasant when wearing sanitary pads.

I am a fan!

Natalie W. (32 Jahre) am 22.07.21

"I use Runa, Lene and Jule and love all three of them. At first I was skeptical: will it smell? Will it all hold? Is that wash out gross? But I was convinced very positively. Even if I wear pants from morning to night because the menstruation is already weaker, there is no odor. I wear them under clothes even on strong days without any pants over them - nothing has ever gone wrong. Washing out is super easy and done quickly. I am a fan through and through!

Without harmful substances

Pauline S. (18 years) on 21.07.21

"My name is Pauline S. and I've been wearing your period underwear for about a year. Before, I always thought that the feeling when it just "ran out" would be totally uncomfortable. So at the beginning I ordered two panties from two of the highly absorbent models and was totally surprised. I had no problems right from the start, sometimes I don't even feel that I'm even having my period because I can totally rely on the safety of my underwear! That made me very happy, because I never found the feeling of sanitary towels pleasant and I also didn't feel safe. In the meantime I have ordered the slip and two other models and I was happy about the larger plastic zip bags, as the previous ones were a bit tight (that's a great service with the bags anyway, thank you !!). I also find the instructions for washing very cute, even if I have to say that I always find washing by hand quite exhausting, but it's always worth it! When I see how much plastic waste I can avoid. In my opinion, a few other models could be added, but I also find the previous ones very appealing and it's not a lingerie shop after all;). The sizes are also always perfect and the hats fit perfectly! I chose your brand because there are no harmful substances in the products, which is very important to me because my skin is very sensitive to many things. So far I've had zero problems. Fortunately, I haven't had to use customer service so far, but that can only mean good things for me! Two of my friends have now switched to period underwear, thanks to my good experience with your products :)

I tested Lene

Sibylle D. (35 years) on 21.07.21

"I got my periods extremely heavy after the birth of our second daughter. With pads and tampons (both of which are uncomfortable to wear) I was able to stay afloat for about two hours. I also tried a menstrual cup, but I couldn't really get on with it. Then I saw your advertisements on Facebook. I thought, since you're from the Ländle like me, I'll test a model. What can I say, I have now ordered the Lene model three more times. I can wear underpants for about 9 hours during the day and at night it is enough.

Without biocides and a positive price

Jasmin W. (27 years) on 19.07.21

"After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to give it a try with period underwear. The selection on the market is now large. The main reason for choosing Femtis was the fact that no biocides are used. That was very important to me. I also like the look of the underwear very much and the price is also positive. The first impression when I unpacked it impressed me. The Kari trousers you have ordered can hardly be distinguished from "normal" underpants - simple and beautiful. I am also functionally convinced: I feel safe and my period is much more natural. Thank you for the great product.

Great product 😊

Anett K. (36 years) on 19.07.21

"I wanted to test an alternative to tampons and sanitary towels and tried 3 of the Femtis briefs. I am really positively surprised and thrilled how great this product is. Despite heavy menstruation, the panties held tight for a long time and you had a dry feeling almost the entire time. Only once did something get through at the seam. Overall a great product 😊 Keep it up.

Convinced after the 1st test

Anita K. (36 years) on 19.07.21

"I'm thrilled :-) At first, of course, very skeptical, but after the first test I was convinced. I can't understand why not everyone wears period panties and why the products are not used more? It couldn't be more environmentally friendly! Thank you that you exist.

Nice look and you can't see anything

Melanie S. (37 years) on 19.07.21

"I am very satisfied with the KARI Femtis briefs. It feels good and even looks good - I think and even my husband says that ;-). I have read various test reports regarding period underwear and decided on femtis because of the good test results and the beautiful appearance. The German headquarter is also pleasant. I also don't think that the femtis panty feels like a "diaper" at all. But since I only bought one pair of briefs, I couldn't wear them all the time during the entire period. Unfortunately, on my "strong day" I couldn't even try it out. For the middle / lighter days, I am really very satisfied - nothing leaks, no strange feeling and you hardly see anything. The fact that you can avoid large amounts of waste is also an important reason for me to switch. Everyone can contribute with a "little something" that our world is a little better again. I would like and have to pass this conscious action on to my two daughters on their journey through life.

I save a lot of pads and tampons 👍

Andrea P. (29 years) on 18.07.21

"I recently bought three period briefs and tried them out right away. It's really super easy to wash them in a laundry net and dry them very quickly too. I never have the feeling of sitting in the "wet" and I feel really comfortable and safe in my underwear. Last but not least, it makes me feel good about doing something for the environment, as it saves me a lot of pads and tampons that don't end up in the trash. Both thumps up!

Great design

Sita S. (27 years) on 18.07.21

"Hello, your underwear is great. Great design, inconspicuous and comfortable to wear. And of course absolutely leak-proof. Keep it up!

Hold even with weak bladder weakness

Karin F. (32 years) on 18.07.21

"Many thanks for the fast delivery. I am very happy with the underwear. The briefs are also great for bladder weaknesses. Perfect. Super soft, safe and sustainable. Thanks for that.

The quality is really awesome

Teresa-Marie O. (22 years) on 17.07.21

"The period underwear I ordered arrived perfectly for my period. So I could wash and use the panties right away. And I have to say, I'm really thrilled. The shipping was super fast and the quality is really awesome. Since I feel uncomfortable wearing tampons, I only use sanitary pads. But I want to be more sustainable on this point and I believe that I have now found the perfect solution for it. The wearing comfort is super comfortable and there is nothing rustling when running and they also hold tight. I only have to test it when doing sports. In the coming months I will gradually buy more and replace my sanitary pads.

Still odorless after a long working day

Hanna R. (36 years) on 17.07.21

"At first I was a little skeptical about buying the underwear, but since the waste caused by tampons and sanitary towels was increasingly annoying to me, I looked for an environmentally friendly alternative. For long periods of service I need particularly good protection and I have to say that the underwear from you completely convinced me. Even after a long day at work, the underpants are still odorless and have not leaked. Cleaning is quick and easy. The wearing comfort is very good and you don't even think about it. I can warmly recommend your products to every woman! Models in white color for clinic garments would be nice.

Finally found my suitable period product

Hanna R. (36 years) on 16.07.21

"I have been using the LENE and JULE period briefs for three cycles. At first I feared that I would not feel safe at times or that I would feel uncomfortable due to wetness, as I would have a heavy bleeding at the beginning. Fortunately, this has not been confirmed. So far I haven't felt uncomfortable in any situation and no "breakdowns" have happened. The briefs sit close enough to the body that you have the feeling that everything is protected and leak-proof :-) But they are not noticeable in everyday life. The feared diaper feeling has also failed to materialize. In fact, I feel more secure than with regular disposable sanitary towels. I can wear panties for 24 hours and get on well with them. I have to say that I have no experience with more extreme situations, such as spending hours on the road / long sporting activity, because I am not very active at the beginning of my period. After using the panties, I briefly soak them in cold water and then rinse them out. Then they end up in laundry nets in my laundry with other dark clothes. So far it has worked great. I hope they hold up for a while. Then I also find the price completely justified. All in all, I can really recommend the panties. You do not cause waste with disposable items and you even feel more comfortable in your skin overall. At the moment I have the feeling that I have finally found "my" suitable period product.

Carefree through day and night

Rebecca B. (22 years) on 16.07.21

"My first period panties arrived very quickly and I tried them out on my next menstruation. Together with a menstrual cup, it is the perfect combination to spend carefree nights and stressful days. I felt safe and no longer worried that heavy bleeding would affect me. In addition, I finally have a sustainable alternative to sanitary napkins, so that I now produce less waste. I think that's great! The Runa slip sits very comfortably with me and is easy to wash out. Next I'll need another one or two so I can switch ...

Does what it promises!

Katharina P. (36 Jahre) am 15.07.21

"In this way I would like to give my feedback on your wonderful period panties. After wearing it several times, I can now judge it well. The femtis period underwear keeps what it promises! There is no wet feeling, everything is taken in, nothing leaks and you don't need any additional hygiene items.

In this way I avoid annoying disposable sanitary napkins

Kerstin K. (28 years) on 15.07.21

"About 2 months ago I bought a pair of panties from you (LENE) to try out period panties for the first time! Since I was very satisfied with both the fit and the absorbency, I recently ordered 3 more briefs. I hope that I like ALWA briefs as much as the other one! Thank you in any case for the great products, so I avoid for myself and the environment annoying disposable sanitary napkins in the future!

Your underwear replaces the panty liners

Sonja C. (32 Jahre) am 15.07.21

"I've been using your underwear for the second month now and I'm very satisfied! As for the background why: I never felt 100% safe with the cup and also almost always wore a pad. Now your underwear replaces the panty liner and I feel good again. The last two days of my period I only used pads and caused unnecessary waste, now your underwear is used for this time and I am super satisfied. It fits great, leaves no "I have a diaper on" feeling, does what it says on the tin and doesn't smell unpleasant! I would have liked a little more choice, since the string sits a bit high on me, I would have preferred a hip height here. But that's the only thing I would "fault" if you wanted to search for something. I am really very satisfied and, despite initial skepticism as to whether this is really something, I am very convinced of your product! Best regards from Vienna

Significantly better than washable sanitary pads

Carina U. (27 years) on 14.07.21

"After having been looking for health and environmentally friendly menstrual items for a long time, I dared to use femtis for the first time with period underwear and asked myself why I hadn't done this earlier ... I've been using it for a couple of years Sanitary towels that can be washed for years - the briefs are much better in comparison, because you can wear them well for sports or similar without worrying about them slipping! Another plus is the breathability - it is not uncomfortable to wear the briefs both during sport and now in summer at higher temperatures - you do not sweat more and there is no unpleasant smell. I am absolutely thrilled and would or will recommend the period underwear ... The only 'drawback': I would like to see more choices in terms of colors and design :)

Something regularly went wrong with tampons and sanitary pads

Sarah K. (32 Jahre) am 14.07.21

"Thank you very much for your great period panties. Due to a whim of nature, I have two wombs and a correspondingly heavy menstrual period. Before I tried your period panties, I tried to get by with tampons and pads every month and still something went wrong on a regular basis. I felt very limited to sports, or just romping around with the children in the playground was unthinkable. Through you I can move freely again during my period and do what I feel like doing. Your panties fit perfectly like a second skin and I can even save rubbish. All friends have to hear how thrilled I am about you at the moment;).

No more changing at school

Katja H. with daughter on 13.07.21

"I ordered the period panties for my daughter and she is absolutely thrilled! No more changing at school, sport works great, the nights are dry, she always feels dry and looks nothing different from other underwear. She has already recommended you to her friends and I also work with young people and have recommended you to others. A really great thing, great that you exist! Kind regards from Katja and Lotte H.


Anna E. (50 years) with daughter (14 years) on 13.07.21

"To whom it may concern: FEMTIS IS BLOODY PERFECT!!! FEMTIS IS BLOODY AWESOME!!! FEMTIS IS BLOODY USEFUL!!! FEMTIS IS BLOODY COMFORTBLE!!! I really like the fact that femtis has high-quality products without biocides and silver and that they are produced in a fair production line. My oldest daughter of 14 years old think that femtis underwear are so comfortable so she wants to use them all the time, instead of "normal" underwear". Since we are several women in the family, and we all have problem with sensibility to whiteners and chemical substances that are usually in/on the tampons and pads, we therefore really appreciate to be able to be without rashes or infections caused by chemicals. The femtis underwear is more comfortable than other brands that we have tried of the same type of menstruation-underwear. I would recommend this product to EVERYBODY without any hesitation.

I am happy with this decision!

Nathalie D. (32 Jahre) am 13.07.21

"Dear femtis team, I recently ordered three different period panties from you. Two of them have a great fit and are very comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, the third one didn't really fit. I sent it back and was pleasantly surprised how quickly the refund was on my account. Thanks a lot for this! I recently switched to period panties and I am very happy with this decision! Panty liners and sanitary pads are a thing of the past. And I only need a fraction of the tampons from before. That totally reduces the waste and I feel much more comfortable with the panties! Now I just have to build up a larger inventory piece by piece. Greetings from Tübingen to Karlsruhe

You don't smell anything

Birgit L. (35 years) on 12.07.21

"I think your panties are a great idea and an alternative to tampons and sanitary towels. They're comfortable and it doesn't feel damp either. In addition, you no longer have to fear that something will leak. I also think it's great that you actually can't smell anything. Thanks for that!

The material is super comfortable

Sarah B. (31 years) on 12.07.21

"I received my package and I was very happy about it! Super comfortable material and nice design. I'm looking forward to my next mensis to try out the underwear!

Happy with Kari

Carmen H. (24 years) on 12.07.21

"I am very satisfied with "Kari" and have already ordered the second one. I will be happy to try out more briefs.

Like a "second skin"

Tabea M. (18 years) on 11.07.21

"I ordered the Lene slip and couldn't wait to try them out. I just love how easy it is to use and how comfortable it is during my period. Wearing the panties feels natural and beautiful, I was much less worried about whether the panties might leak compared to conventional sanitary towels and tampons. Especially with the Lene model, the slip fits like "a second skin". The period underpants in general will be a constant companion for me in the next few years. You have developed a product that you have definitely succeeded in and can only be recommended to others.

Often felt unsafe on strong days

Martina W. (26 years) on 11.07.21

"I am super satisfied with your period panties, a great idea 👍🏼 At first I only ordered the Runa panty once, because during my period on the heavy days I often feel unsure whether everything will stay dry. That was the trigger for my order. Besides, I'm happy about the fact that I cause less waste as a result. And when I found out that the panty was not only secure, but also comfortable and soft, I ordered 3 additional ones.

Great team

Carmen H. (32 Jahre) on 11.07.21

"A really great team !! I had a problem with the order but they helped me immediately and my requests were met. Please keep it up, you guys are really great! And thank you for making the world a little better!

Everything is taken in

Carmen H. (32 years) on 11.07.21

"In this way I would like to give my feedback on your wonderful period panties. After wearing them more often, I can now judge them well. So, the femtis period underwear keeps what it promises! There is no wet feeling, everything is taken in, nothing leaks and you don't need any additional hygiene items, thanks for that!"

I've been looking for something like this for a long time

Christina S. (34 Jahre) am 10.07.21

"Here are my experiences with your panties: I've been looking for something like your panties for a long time. I had to exchange my panties once, which worked really quickly and smoothly. In the end it was Lene's slip 3 times and I love her. I use it in connection with my cup and now I don't need to worry that something will go wrong. The panties also look really great optically. Furthermore, they are also super comfortable to wear. It will definitely not be my last.

I tried Vika and Meja

Viviane V. (27 years) on 10.07.21

"To do something for the environment, I tried your Femtis period underwear in the Vika and Meja models. I was a little afraid that these would feel like a diaper, fit badly, slip / leak. However, I was taught better and am very enthusiastic. They are comfortable, sexy and really comfortable to wear. I will definitely buy more and look forward to trying more models.

No leakage, no discomfort, no crackling, no smell!

Yvonne F. (36 years) on 10.07.21

"I am more than thrilled about your underwear! At first I was a little skeptical when I read about underwear that my OB should replace ?! That can't work, can it? But because of you, you've taught me better. The panties fit perfectly, they don't cut in and of course the most important thing: they keep their promises! No leakage, no discomfort, no crackling, no smell! Just perfect! Thank you so much!

Due to the endometriosis, I can no longer wear tampons

Justine S. (32 years) on 10.07.21

"I have been wearing your period panties for 3 days now. And I can say one thing straight away, just great. They fit perfectly, are comfortable and absolutely safe. I'm excited. For a long time now I have felt more comfortable in my periods. Due to my endometriosis, I can no longer wear tampons because it just hurts more. Your panties save me this feeling and I really feel good in them. Thank you so much for your great product.

No stress at school

Elsa H. (49 years) with daughter (13 years) on 09.07.21

"The femtis briefs stay in shape after washing. The design is modern and appealing, even for younger women. No stress in school, get dressed and be good. The panties are the first choice for my daughter. Comfortable day and night. Peaceful sleep as nothing slips. Thank you that femtis exists!

Convenient and easy to maintain

Carola O. (31 years) on 08.07.21

"I'm so thrilled about my period underwear, I can't even imagine it without it. The shipping is super fast, great workmanship and they also look so great (use model Kari and Svea). Kari is perfect for the nights, Svea is great for the day (as a backup with a tampon, otherwise for the "remaining days" towards the end of the period). Convenient and easy to care for afterwards. Even if there are more and more providers at the moment, I'll stick with your products. Thank you at this point!

Thanks for your work

Jana M. (24 years) on 08.07.21

"I would like to share my first very positive impression with you! I like your homepage very much. The delivery time was very short. The packaging is appropriately large, not so much unnecessarily empty carton. The small bags for each pair of underpants are practical, I think it's very good that you can cancel them if you don't need them. The exchange was straightforward and friendly. Thanks for that! The briefs look great and feel very comfortable. Thank you for your work, your service, the pleasant atmosphere. I will definitely recommend your products!

This period underwear is very convenient to wear

Michelle K. (26 years) on 08.07.21

"I would like to give my feedback on my femtis order: I am super satisfied with the delivery from femtis and my expectations have really been exceeded, which is why I now like to take the trouble to write a feedback. I use the Period Panty as a backup to the menstrual cup and I have to say that you can feel safe but also comfortable with it. In comparison, a bandage offers good protection, but is very uncomfortable to wear. The period underwear from your shop offers sufficient protection and is also very easy to wear. I will definitely order from you again.

Without silver-wool fuss

Sandra von O. (34 years) on 07.07.21

"I got stuck looking for alternatives to conventional hygiene items when it comes to period underwear. There are so many providers, but in many comparisons you stood out positively. And rightly so, I think. In my circle of friends, I was sent out as a pioneer, so to speak, to explore this new, absolutely taboo territory. In fact, I am absolutely thrilled! Order and delivery were settled quickly and 2 days after the confirmation email the package was already there. To try it, I chose 2x the Kari and 1x the Ella. The briefs are very valuable. Of course, the first time I was handwashed, I tested whether there was really no water running through and how much the slip could absorb. :) I was positively surprised! After my first period with femtis, I am absolutely thrilled! Finally no more pressure to have enough tampons with you, or to be able to wash your hands, etc. The Kari slip is my personal favorite. It's very comfortable to wear and you don't even notice the extra layers. With 2 panties I got through the day easily. I chose the Ella slip for the night. What can I say?! The sheet stayed clean. The cleaning was very unproblematic for me. Cold, pre-washed by hand and then washed in a laundry bag at 40 ° in the washing machine. I think it's especially great that you rely on cotton in the classic way and leave out all this silver-wool fuss! Your prices are reasonable for what you get! If I could give stars, you deserve 5! I have already recommended it warmly and will order a few other models myself! :) Keep it up!

Maya M. (43 years) on 07.07.21

"I am very happy to send you my feedback. After years of using sanitary napkins, I had already considered sewing fabric sanitary towels (since I started sewing recently) so that the environment is no longer polluted with all the trash. By chance, I recently saw an advertisement for period underwear from another manufacturer on Facebook. I liked the idea straight away and then I started researching what brands are out there and how they are rated. Femtis.de's underwear was almost always rated “very good”, regardless of which article I read. What immediately appealed to me when you made your selection was the fact that you also offer underpants that are high waisted, because thanks to 3 pregnancies and a loss of 40 kg, my stomach is no longer as tight and I usually wear such underwear. I then ordered 3x the "Jule" model in size L (size 40-42). Since these were rather loose, I tried size M and they fit perfectly and because they are tight, they have one more I am now in the 1st cycle, in which I test the underpants and so far I am completely enthusiastic. I wear them day and night and feel safe .. nothing goes through what happened to me with sanitary towels every now and then. And the underpants look so great that you would not think that they are menstrual underpants. Since I don't want to wash all the time, I have just treated myself to two more pairs. Thank you for this great implementation of period underwear. I will remain loyal to you and Don't try other brands at all, and I've already recommended a couple of friends.

Freedom, sensuality and naturalness

Anna M. (42 years) on 07.07.21

"Hello dear Femtis team! Period panties are a new discovery for me. A recommendation from a friend who is very close to me. I am wearing it for the first time and it feels like: freedom, sensuality and naturalness! Full of beauty! It's great that ecological aspects also play a role. Kind regards from Karlsruhe

RUNA hugs the body wonderfully

Paula S. (21 years) on 06.07.21

"Hi dear femtis team, for a long time I was very skeptical about period underwear. But because I couldn't go out for at least 2 days due to my very heavy period, I wanted to try it out. I love the fact that I no longer have to worry about something running out or running out. The "RUNA" hugs the body wonderfully and I really like the natural feeling due to the high percentage of cotton. I like your commitment to sustainability, whereby you also attach great importance to the little things, such as the care instructions provided on recycled paper. The delivery was unexpectedly fast.

Approach the day more relaxed

Laila H. (17 years) on 06.07.21

"I love your PERIOD PANTIES. They are totally comfortable and the fabric is super comfortable on the skin, they are well insulated, they sit perfectly and stay where they should be, and nothing goes through. You feel much more free when you wear the panties and you can approach the day much more relaxed. Your PERIOD PANTIES are the best underwear I've ever had and beats all sanitary pads and panty liners by a long way. I will be ordering new ones again soon.

I'm happy to reduce plastic waste with Lene

Juliane B. (38 years) on 05.07.21

"I tested my first panties from you. It became model Lene because it covers my chocolate tummy from the height :-). The size information and tips fit. Since I bleed heavily for the first few days of my menstruation, I was very careful. But I was pleasantly surprised. It feels very comfortable to wear and it absorbs very quickly, so it doesn't feel "wet" to me. It doesn't feel heavier either. On the stronger days I need two briefs, on the weaker days one is enough. The rinsing with water worked very well afterwards and I could see how much the slip had absorbed. As a vegan, this kind of sustainability is particularly important to me and I am happy to gradually reduce plastic waste in many areas.

Dry, safe and absolutely no odor

Katja M. (32 years) on 05.07.21

"Dear Femtis team, I was looking for a great alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. Something that is simply more environmentally friendly and more comfortable to wear. I came across your panties online After thinking back and forth for a long time, I finally dared and placed my order! Your delivery went quickly! I was able to test the panties freshly washed ... after some initial "problems" (I had bleeding from the beginning when I assumed), I have to say by now ... I'm really thrilled! I always felt dry and safe. No leakage! Also absolutely no smell! In addition, the slip is very easy to wear, you don't see a “diaper bottom” and you don't feel like it either! At no time did it tweak anywhere. The only thing I have personally noticed that on warmer days, there is a slightly sweaty bottom in the slip. Fortunately, the slip simply soaks it up. I will definitely order from you again soon! Really really great thing! Finally a very good alternative for us girls!

For reasons of price-performance-appearance-environment-health-test report decided in favor of femtis

Laura S. (24 years) on 04.07.21

"Hello, I'll send you my feedback with thank you! I found the idea of period panties, despite initial doubts as to how practical the use really is in the end, actually pretty fantastic. The period with its pain and other minor and major inconveniences has always been a nerve-wracking affair anyway. The whole mess around with any products that sit wrongly or can slip and you may not get rid of when visiting friends in the toilet because there is no garbage can, the whole thing really does not make the whole thing more pleasant. On top of that comes the slight train of guilty conscience, because every Monday you use a bunch of disposable items and thus produce garbage. The menstrual cup offers a nice alternative for many women, but for me, who has never become particularly fond of tampons (if everything hurts down there anyway, I want to have to fiddle around as little as possible), it was not an all too seductive solution . Then period underwear came as the long-awaited seemingly perfect solution. After a little research, I decided on your products for price-performance-appearance-environmental-health-test report reasons and ordered 3 models straight away. Alwa, Insa and Jule. Yes and what can I say, I am completely satisfied. Abdominal pain is still there, after all, underwear is not rocket science, but it still takes away a lot of worries and difficulties from me. The briefs are well made and look as (chic) as in the photos. They sit wonderfully in my normal size, nothing pinches or cuts. So far, nothing has leaked, nor did I somehow have the feeling that it could happen. Washing by hand works perfectly. The first time it takes a bit of overcoming to come into contact with the blood with your hands, the hurdle is overcome quickly. After washing in the washing machine, you have the feeling that the split ends are really clean. There is also no unpleasant smell left. In addition to all the expectations that were met positively, I am particularly fascinated by how long you keep the comfortably dry feeling (as so often described in baby diaper advertisements). Therefore, I would like to thank you again, dear Femtis team!

Much more comfortable than sanitary napkins

Theresa W. (17 years) on 04.07.21

"Thank you for your efforts with the period panties! A while ago I bought a pair of panties that are now being used for the first time and I'm thrilled. I was interested in period panties for two reasons: to be more environmentally friendly and to bleed more relaxed. Both are met - plus it simply solves a lot of problems. In contrast to a sanitary napkin, nothing slips, nothing runs out and the fabric is much more comfortable than that of a sanitary napkin. In general, I was never a fan of single-use products and my period was a rather painful subject because I got it at a very young age and was painful. I wish I had known period underwear back then, because it makes things a lot easier. My Insa fits well, as I expect from normal panties. But if you can't do anything with pads, you will probably not be happy with them either, because you feel the "wet" when the slip is full. Switching completely to period underwear will unfortunately not work for me at first, because I can't afford it, but over time I will certainly find a place for one or two panties.

For me, your panties are simply quality!

Natascha K. (40 years) on 03.07.21

"I stumbled upon one of your advertisements on Facebook earlier this year. Up to this point I had (strangely) never heard of period panties and therefore decided to "read up on the subject". After extensive internet research (also with the competition, admittedly) I then decided to order 3 different briefs (Insa, Ella and Kari) from you for the test phase, because you are based in "my" state and on biocides waived. After 2 period test runs, I can now say that I am absolutely convinced, both of your product itself and of your delivery promise! I was honestly surprised when the 3 briefs arrived at me (almost lovingly) packed in the special storage bags with detailed instructions. You could really see clearly that the goods were not simply "clapped" into the box quickly and carelessly. That alone would be a reason for me to order the next set of panties from you again, even if some of the competition would be a bit cheaper. For me, your panties are simply quality! They keep what they promise: no leaks, no slipping, comfortable to wear, hygienic, no "crackling" in the crotch and, above all, the seams are so stable that I am absolutely sure that they will last for several years become. Even though I only have 3 panties so far, I already need significantly fewer disposable products, so since I have had 2 menstrual periods, I have been saving both money and - which makes me even more happy - waste! And I feel significantly "freer" during my days. It's a great feeling that - to be honest - I wouldn't have expected it to be so pronounced, as I hadn't felt uncomfortable with pads or tampons so far. (Only with the menstrual cup I couldn't really cope, because it slipped every now and then, especially when sitting cross-legged.) I have therefore already recommended you to a friend whose daughter had the first rule about 1 year ago and who up until today does not get along or does not feel comfortable with conventional products such as sanitary towels and tampons. Please keep it up! (And I would be very happy about one or the other new design. Maybe another panty in red like Ella, just with a different cut?) You will definitely receive my next order in the next few weeks. Greetings from Loerrach

I can send my daughter to school with peace of mind

Susanne K. (50 years) with daughter Anne (11 years) on 03.07.21

"A friend recommended me to order the model Lene from you for my daughter. My daughter has a disability and unfortunately does not yet understand everything about her cycle and period or what is happening to her in the first place. In this respect, dealing with sanitary pads makes her very insecure. I am so glad that period underwear is available these days and we will continue to test Lene. To "experience" the period (to get a feeling for the amount and time to change) underwear is only suitable to a limited extent, but I can send her to school with confidence and know that there will be no embarrassing or difficult situations for them. The school companion is also thrilled and will get some for her daughters. Great and keep it up!

I am so glad I tried it

Christiane Z. (45 years) on 02.07.21

"After I was able to observe how well my daughter coped with the period underwear from you and was really thrilled and still is, I have finally been able to convince myself of it. I have to say: I'm so glad I tried it. So comfortable and enjoyable to wear. It feels really great to finally stop using sanitary pads and throw them away again. No annoying rustling and crackling, less odor and especially at night it keeps it sooo much better dry; Not to mention the environmental aspect. I am completely satisfied and my daughter cannot imagine anything better. Thank you for your great products! Keep it up!

No more dirty clothes

Sandra L. (43 years) on 02.07.21

"I ordered it last month and was finally able to test it. I really get my periods extremely heavy in the first 2 days. At night, despite the Super Plus tampon and pad, I have the problem that I always "leak". And also during the day I have to change the super plus tampon at least every 2 hours. The nice thing about these panties is that I don't mess up my clothes anymore because they absorbs really well. It is very comfortable and looks good too. I think I'll order another one to change.

Lene is really comfortable

Mia S. (16 years) on 01.07.21

"Two weeks ago I ordered the "model" Lene and I have to say, I am surprised how comfortable these panties are. I've already ordered period briefs from other brands that were very uncomfortable. But "Lene" is really very comfortable and I feel protected when I wear these briefs. It is nice and light and has a very good fit.

Visually as well as functional

Maren M. (43 years) on 01.07.21

"I would be happy to give you feedback on the period panties you have bought. They are really great! A much safer feeling than with normal briefs and they look really great and the selection is sufficiently large. I haven't used period panties in a long time because I thought they looked too unappealing. But the femtis briefs convinced me in a test on the photos on the homepage and they have kept what they promise, both visually and functionally. Also fit like a glove. Really good!

Thank you for making my period more comfortable

Saskia G. (24 years) on 30.06.21

"After testing your period underwear for several months now, I'm still totally thrilled and wanted to give you some feedback. I always had the problem that the tampons caused me to feel extremely dry and with it an unpleasant itchiness. For the last few periods I almost only wore your period underwear and very rarely a tampon and I have to say the dryness and itching are completely gone. The underwear is also great to wear in everyday life and does not bother you. I'm still just thrilled and don't want to miss your period underwear anymore. That's why I ordered 3 more briefs from you, which now complement my collection. Now I have enough for my next periods. I still forgot one thing: my period pain at the beginning of my period has decreased significantly. Another advantage of your period underwear. Thank you very much for making my period more comfortable!

Changed my life

Monika R. (36 years) on 30.06.21

"Femtis changed my life. First I ordered a pair of briefs to test, I will definitely order some more. I am so satisfied with the practicality, the wearing comfort and above all the environmental aspect. No more sanitary pads / tampons and Co. I have already recommended period underwear to all my friends, one has already ordered 😊

The costs are definitely worth it!

Anja S. (30 years) on 30.06.21

"After my first order from you a few months ago, I noticed more and more that I would like to switch to your panties for my entire period and no longer want to use disposable products at all. Of course you need a certain number of panties for this - but I can only say: The one-time (!) Costs for the panties are definitely worth it! At the beginning of my period I use the panties with all the "droplets": E.g. Insa, Ella, Meja ... They are great and absolutely safe. Finally, I can go out of the house without worries during my period and don't have to worry if I can't go to the toilet somewhere on the way. I had now reordered Runa, among others; on the one hand for the night, on the other hand because it is absolutely great when you feel uncomfortable and the panties are cut a little higher. Alwa and Kari, for example, are great for the time when the strength of the period has subsided, but I still have to play it safe. The two of them are not only "safe", but also look super nice (like all femtis briefs, by the way!). It's just great not to have to buy any more tampons or pads (thanks to Alwa and Kari, for example). Washing the briefs is very uncomplicated: I pack the briefs, which have been washed out well in the sink, in laundry nets in my machine and then dry them hygienically clean on the drying rack. Off in the closet and that's it. The size information is also very good. In clothes I usually wear M or 38 (not 40; rather 36 from time to time), I have "M (38/40)" on all my briefs - none of the femtis briefs are too short for me, but neither are they too large. You are spot on. The panties do not change size after washing and keep their shape. Even after several washes, the briefs still look like new when they were bought - they are of great quality! So much for my experience and opinion on your products. I really can't write anything negative and in the future I only want to use your panties during my period. All the best to you and simple: keep it up!

The price-performance ratio is great

Melissa R. (21 years) on 29.06.21

"I recently came across menstrual underwear and after extensive research I decided on your model Ella. They were delivered quickly and I was able to try them out right away. I am really very positively surprised at how uncomplicated, beautiful, comfortable and easy-care your period panties are. The price-performance ratio is great and I am very convinced of my purchase from you.

The fit is indistinguishable from normal underpants

Frauke W. (37 years) on 29.06.21

"I just ordered the model Kari a few weeks ago. I've used it for a period now and I have to say I'm thrilled. In terms of fit, it doesn't differ from my normal underpants, it doesn't appear bulky and you don't hear anything.

No compromise on my period

Carmen Q. (43 years) on 29.06.21

"I had been thinking about buying period underwear for a long time. The selection on the Internet is large ... but after doing some research it was clear to me that I did not want to compromise here. I decided on 3 different models from Femtis: Lene, Insa and Alwa. I was curious to see whether the panties would fit and whether my expectations would be met. I have to say: I am thrilled! All three panties fit perfectly! For a long time now, I have felt that I no longer have to compromise on my period. Either as a "backup" with menstrual cup or tampon, or just like that ... I feel safe and no longer restricted. Even during sports (including martial arts), the period panties hold out safely. Conclusion: an absolute buy recommendation!

The panties are ideal for me

Yvonne E. (23 Jahre) on 28.06.21

"My name is Yvonne E. (23 years old), I have tried the Femtis period end briefs for the first time and I am really impressed! I've been looking for an alternative to disposable hygiene items for a long time, but unfortunately I couldn't handle the menstrual cup at all. That's why I now use the panties together with the menstrual sponges and it's ideal for me. I told my friends about the panties and I realized that everyone was interested, but the inhibition threshold lay in the fact that you come into contact with your own blood while washing out. I'll try to convince a little and maybe one of them will test it :-) after all, it's the most natural thing in the world for us women. In the course of time I will definitely get more, but always piece by piece, as the price for people with apprenticeship pay is a bit high. To start with, I bought two briefs from you and always wore them one day in turns. Since I didn't want to turn on the washing machine for a piece of clothing, in my opinion it would be a waste of water if I always washed it by hand in the sink. It went quite well, first cold wash and then with a thermometer and liquid detergent. In short, I regret having switched to panties so late and will recommend or change your mind to everyone I know ;-) In any case, I would be super happy if there was some kind of "student / trainee discount" at some point "would give, then I would want to exchange all my underpants for Femtis briefs, there are already quite a few models that I have taken a look at :-D

I have never felt so comfortable and safe until now

Nikoleta H. (27 years) on 28.06.21

"I wanted to thank you again for the package from you. The delivery was very fast, everything was beautiful and packed with love. The underwear is a miracle ❤. I have never felt so comfortable and safe until now. What appealed to me, besides design and quality, was that the underwear is mainly made of cotton and is also vegan. Shortly afterwards I ordered a pair of them and I am super satisfied ☺. Thank you very much again and have a nice day

It is very good that it does not contain any biocides

Sophie G. (24 years) on 26.06.21

"This is the second time I have ordered panties from you and first of all I would like to thank you for the super-fast delivery. I also think it's good that they are packed flat so that they save space during transport and fit nicely in the mailbox 👍 I had previously ordered from other brands, I like yours best, not just in terms of the material. The cotton feels great on the skin and I think it's very good that it doesn't contain any biocides. Really a great thing.

I will recommend you to my girls

Lisa N. (31 years) on 26.06.21

"Hello femtis team, I tried menstrual briefs for the first time and would now like to give a short feedback: + very comfortable to wear + very thin and light on the skin + size information from table fits perfectly + super product instead of tampons that make everything dry and the cups, which are neither hygienic nor pleasant + vegan material + easy to wash - I find it quite expensive - it is a bit "thick" between the legs (compared to normal panties), but it will probably not go thinner ... I will also recommend you to my girls. We had talked about it before, but hadn't tried it yet ...

You don't run out and you really feel safe in it

Lea K. (18 years) on 25.06.21

"I would also like to send you feedback. I recently ordered from you and for the first time since the order has arrived, I got my period and of course I tried the period underwear straight away: I already love it! The briefs are super comfortable, feel almost like normal ones (I was concerned at first because they look so big) and don't bother at all. They are great, e.g. for cycling (which was always uncomfortable with sanitary pads) and even look good. You don't run out and you really feel safe in it. Of course, the environment also plays a role, which I think is great. A big compliment to you! I love the period underwear and can recommend it to everyone!

None convinced me as much as yours

Lovis K. (28 years) on 25.06.21

"I really thought for months whether I should dare to buy underwear from you guys. You are constantly confronted with it on social media and I have come across different websites again and again. But none convinced me as much as yours. And then I also got a "panty" voucher from my friends for my birthday (also to test for them). So I ordered two period briefs from you and I was really thrilled from the start. The friends are also convinced after my detailed description! I ordered two for strong days and I was super protected both during the night and during the day. In any case, I will gradually buy more panties to cover the entire period with them at some point. Thank you for this great product.

Thanks to Femtis I can now fully concentrate on my little miracle :)

Kathrin H. (33 years) on 24.06.21

"I am absolutely thrilled about this period underwear! I gave birth to my first child a good 2 weeks ago and now that the weekly flow is a little less strong and you no longer need the ultra thick fleece inlays, I love this underwear! So far, I've been using tampons on my period because I feel uncomfortable with sanitary pads. Now in the puerperium, with several fresh seams and very hot and humid weather, these bothered me even more, something always rubbed and I really felt the need to change them every time I went to the toilet ..... then I ordered the Femtis briefs and it's just a boon! I feel like a completely different person :) nothing tweaks and I always feel pleasantly dry "downstairs" despite the weekly flow. The thought of having to use sanitary napkins for 4-8 weeks really strained me ... Thanks to Femtis I can now fully concentrate on my little miracle :) I think we need a few more panties and I think for them In the coming periods I will probably not need to buy any more tampons!

After 2 hours I stopped thinking about it

Christina N. (35 years) on 24.06.21

"I ordered a pair of briefs from you for the first time last time. It was also my first period panties ever. What can I say, I'm thrilled! The first 2 hours were a bit unfamiliar but then I didn't even think about it. Some will soon move in with me. I hope that maybe there will be a few more colors in the future.

As a cyclist, there were always problems with the sanitary pads

Sara D. T. (45 years) on 23.06.21

"I am thrilled about the period panties. At first I only bought one for testing purposes, and immediately afterwards I ordered 3 more. As a cyclist, there were always problems with the sanitary pads. I drive 8 km to the office. The sanitary pads were often out of place, the pants dirty, I don't have any problems with these underpants. I've told a lot of friends because it's a real relief. I have heavy periods, I use Lene and Insa at the beginning and Lynn for the rest of the days.

Living sustainably is so much more fun with it

Christin B. (31 years) on 23.06.21

"Thank you for your great period panties. I've already ordered the second one and I'm more than satisfied with the fit, the cut and the quality in general. Super nicely processed. Living sustainably is so much more fun with it. I mainly use the panties at night and they give me the greatest feeling of security when I sleep ❤

And all the waste is eliminated

Angelika D. (42 years) on 22.06.21

"For me, the purchase of my femtis panties was the trigger for an aha effect. I wanted to get away from tampons and pads, I can't really get along with the menstrual cups. But your panties are really awesome! You feel dry, clean and safe and all the waste is eliminated! Super.

I feel much safer now with the panties

Michaela W. (33 years) on 22.06.21

"I ordered a Femtis from you for the first time some time ago and now I urgently needed more supplies. The panties are soo great and I am super thrilled! Since the birth of my children I have unfortunately had a very heavy period, now with the panties I feel much safer and they are very comfortable to wear!

Nobody suspects that they are period panties

Gesa M. on 21.06.21

"I would like to thank you for the good customer service (fast delivery) and the great products! I wear Insa and Kari and feel very comfortable with these period panties. They look good, feel good on the skin, and are very absorbent. Nobody suspects that they are period panties.

Quality and appearance just mega

Christina M. (19 years) on 21.06.21

"I once bought 1 Lene and was so thrilled that I have now got 3 pieces from the Meja and I am also very satisfied with them. I finally found my perfect alternative to pads and tampons and also a great brand. Find the quality and the appearance of the Femtis briefs just mega. And that there is so much to choose from. I'm glad to have found you guys and I'll definitely get more in the future. For the environment 💜

Great for days on the beach

Emelie Z. (22 years) on 20.06.21

"A few weeks ago I ordered period briefs from you because I was looking for a sustainable alternative to tampons. After trying it out, I was so thrilled that I ordered a second one straight away. I am no longer afraid of running out during my period and the uncomfortable clammy feeling is no longer there. The briefs are great, especially for days at the beach when there is not necessarily a toilet in the immediate vicinity, as they simply work much better than tampons. I am absolutely satisfied with the value for money and I think it's great that the briefs were delivered so quickly. Keep it up!

Just like wearing normal underpants

Miriam S. (34 years) on 20.06.21

"A few weeks ago I ordered the INSA model in M twice and would like to share my experiences with it. When I wore the period briefs, I felt very comfortable and secure. The part of the panties that catches the blood has the perfect width so that blood cannot flow over the edge, and since I usually wear pads on my period, it is a lot more comfortable to wear in comparison. Drier and thinner, just like wearing normal underpants. Thank you for that, I will certainly order more.

I feel safe with Lene

Nele W. (22 Jahre) am 19.06.21

"I bought the Lene a few months ago and I am one hundred percent satisfied!! It fits perfectly and gives me a very secure feeling. I use it in addition to the menstrual cup and especially for the night it made my period much more relaxed. I can finally sleep without worries and no longer have to worry that something will go wrong. I can only recommend Lene!

We made a bulk order for everyone

Montje K. (15 years) on 19.06.21

"Dear Judith Barensteiner, dear femtis team! I am now completely convinced after my second order. I recommended it to my friends and made a bulk order for everyone. The quality is convincing, the briefs are a great addition to your period. The delivery time is incredibly fast and I was very happy about the new panties. >

At first I was skeptical

Julia P. (27 years) on 18.06.21

"When I saw your period panties advert on Facebook, I was quite skeptical. Are there any undergarments that can catch and hold the blood even when the days are tough? Although I couldn't believe it, I immediately ordered enough panties to cover my cycle. I have to say that I am very positively surprised by the panties! On a very busy day you only saw minimally something on the pants, but I am more relaxed and feel more comfortable than with tampons that I can no longer tolerate and pads. The washing also went flawlessly! The fabric is supple and you hardly notice it. And he sits and sits and sits. I can definitely recommend the Jule model and will consider placing an order again for the same briefs. Thank you for your great invention!

No stress at school

Ilona V. on 18.06.21

"Good morning :-))) Your period panties are super super great !!! I am really thrilled!!! My daughter is now 12 years old. At the beginning of the year I thought it could start soon. What's best for her? From my own teenage experience, I didn't want to give her pads, etc. .. Tampons at the beginning are a nogo and Ladycup anyway. I came across you on Instagram ... ordered 5 femtis Lene. I gave it to my daughter. It was ok for her .. and what happens 3 days later .. she has arrived in the world of women!!! I can recommend your panties 200% for young girls who are starting their periods!!! The girls are super protected, no stress at school, no stupid changes or no stains anywhere. They have to come to terms with the new anyway and with their bodies ... Your panties are a great support!!!

Incredible relaxation

Anne P. (34 years) on 17.06.21

"Here is some more feedback from my last order. Once I ordered the Lynn model, which I now own three times. Regardless of when I usually find myself, it is my preferred model for the night: the slip fits well and lasts until the morning, so that I can sleep through the day without worrying about the bed linen. Then I ordered the Lene model to try out because I wanted a longer wearing option for the heaviest days. So, tried it out yesterday and I'm very satisfied - the panties are very comfortable and I can actually wear them throughout the day without reaching the limit. I am very happy to have discovered your products for me last year - on the one hand because of the sustainability and on the other hand because of the incredible relaxation with which I can now face my days. By stopping the pill, the bleeding is no longer predictable and is often announced days in advance with light spotting. It is wonderful not to have to cover these days with pads ;-) Thank you very much! Best regards from Hamm

Avoids a lot of waste

Laura M. (29 years) on 17.06.21

"I am really very satisfied with your period panties and have already recommended them to my friends. I'm really surprised at how well the panties wear and how tight they hold. That was just a really good discovery that also avoids a lot of waste. I will definitely try other models.

Do not appear and they are discreet

Vanessa S. (24 years) on 16.06.21

"This is the second time I have placed an order for panties because I have been very satisfied with the others. This time I ordered the Kari, Insa and Feli briefs and I like them very much too👍 Feli stands out from the others with its turquoise-blue color, which I think is great. All of them are very comfortable to wear and the good thing is that they really do not appear under other clothes and are discreet. I always combine the briefs with tampons and get along very well. I'm so glad I discovered this. They are also environmentally friendly and that is a good reason to switch to the femtis briefs. Maybe there will be panties in future in other colors like pink, I would be very pleased. Thank you that you exist!

I'm in seventh heaven 😍

Maren V. (38 years) on 16.06.21

"I wanted to give you feedback. I was skeptical at first, but I'm so excited about your underwear. I have a very stressful job (large kitchen) and sometimes I don't have the time to go to the bathroom. I use a cup, but on some days I bleed so badly that I also used a thin pad. In our kitchen, however, it is very warm and panties also get damp at some point when you sweat 😅 Sanitary napkins slip very quickly and my skin is also very sensitive and quickly sore if something rubs. I'm in seventh heaven 😍 I feel so safe with your laundry and chafing from the plastic in the pads is history ... I'll be ordering more supplies soon, also for my daughter. Since I am a single parent, I have to save a little, because the underwear is quite expensive for me. But they are worth every single euro 😊😊😊😊

At first I was concerned that it would leak

Pauline O. (30 years) on 16.06.21

"Dear femtis team, I have tested your period underwear for three months now and I am very thrilled! At first I really had to get used to it, because it's unfamiliar to have your period and then not to use a pad or a tampon. I was also worried that I might someday bleed through. My period is usually rather average, so I bought the Alwa and the Lynn to test. And I have to say, the wearing comfort is super good, the briefs are not so thick that you feel uncomfortable, they sit great and I'm not even in get embarrassed what has accumulated. In addition, I am very sensitive when I have my period and like myself there too chafed something, even if I just had a normal day at the office. I haven't had that in the whole time and I'm so happy about it! I thank you for this great underwear.

Lasted most of the day

Celine B. (26 years) on 15.06.21

"I recently ordered a Meja panty from you because I just wanted to try out the hype about period underwear myself. After a long research and many positive reviews, I landed on your site. Since my period started yesterday, I tried the panties right away and I have to say, I am absolutely thrilled! I'm now in my mid-20s and personally just don't like tampons, but also find sanitary towels often very annoying and, above all, very harmful to the environment due to all the trash that accumulates every month. The slip lasted most of the day. I washed it directly as in the instructions and put it on again overnight and here too it kept your promises. I wish your panties had existed in my teenage years, that would have taken a lot of worries away from me. I hope that many more women and especially young girls will notice your panties. I am really 100% satisfied and will definitely be ordering more briefs soon. Keep it up!

No more bloody sheets anymore

Fabienne H. (35 years) on 15.06.21

"I bought femtis pants 2 months ago because I have suffered from extreme bleeding since the birth of my daughter 5 years ago. It went so far that on the first two days of my period I had to change my super plus OB at most every hour and often something went wrong, which was of course very uncomfortable, especially at work. I've tried my femtis pants for the second month and I'm thrilled. It gives me the security of day and night that nothing will go wrong. No more bloody sheets in the middle of the night because I didn't make it to the toilet in time. As an addition, I currently wear my pants under colored cloth pants in the hot temperatures. This is how I prevent unwanted sweat stains 🙈😆

A real relief

Marina K. (39 years) on 14.06.21

"I have to say, I was skeptical about buying your period panties at first because my period is always very heavy. But it was an absolutely good decision. I feel safe and clean and especially now on the warm summer days a total relief. You just feel a lot fresher and don't have the annoying feeling you know from sanitary pads or tampons. I'm really happy that I ordered 3 pieces directly and can switch between different models. You managed to make my period a relaxing time. Greetings and a very big thank you.

My concerns are gone

Miriam N. (22 years) on 14.06.21

"I tried the period underwear for the first time and I am super satisfied with your panties. I did not expect that it would be so comfortable to wear the underwear without any other period products and had assumed that it would be a lot more uncomfortable to wear, such as a pad. But you just don't feel it. My concerns that the substance cannot possibly absorb everything without it leaking are also gone. Nothing gets through, you don't notice anything from the outside. I am really happy with it !! Thanks for this great product!

High quality

Birgit H. (39 years) on 14.06.21

"In May I gave birth to my first child - a wonderful son. For the puerperium, I have decided to expand my selection of period underwear. I recently received my first shipment of Femtis period briefs and I am thrilled! The quality of the briefs looks very high (in contrast to a recently tested competitor product!), And they are very comfortable to wear. There is also a very good selection of different cuts, as well as a range of different colors. My only wish might be to have an even wider range of colors to choose from!

The alpine huts were closed, I needed a good solution

Hannah R. (26 years) on 12.06.21

"I wanted to go on a hiking holiday and I knew the alpine huts were closed. In order not to experience a red surprise, I started looking for a good solution. Sustainable, comfortable and safe - these were my requirements for period underwear that I wanted to test for the first time. I came across femtis and ordered a pair of briefs straight away. And what should I say? My expectations were even exceeded. We don't need to talk about nothing leaking out - that's a given. But how comfortable are the briefs please? I'm almost annoyed that I didn't come across you sooner! The opinions of the customers should give you ideas and improvements. Unfortunately, I cannot support you because I am really thrilled and have no improvements in my head. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

My experiences with Lene and Jule

Lena K. (23 years) on 12.06.21

"Dear Judith, dear employees at femtis, I would like to share my experiences with femtis period briefs in this way. I've been testing my three panties for several months now and I'm thrilled. I find tampons very uncomfortable, and pads are also not the optimal solution for me, as they keep slipping (and all this waste in the first place). In search of a comfortable, uncomplicated and sustainable alternative, I came across your period underwear and ordered 2x Lene and 1x Jule. I love both of them, the concept of period underwear works for me. My fear was that the underwear would feel like a diaper or not look very chic ("grandma panties"). Neither has come true, the underwear is comfortable, functional and looks nice :) Thank you for the great product!

I do not want to miss them anymore

Sylvia K. (31 years) on 11.06.21

"I've been considering buying my period underwear for a long time to avoid waste. At the beginning I was a bit skeptical whether these briefs would really do their job, but I can only say good things about them. They are very comfortable and easy to wear! From the outside they look like normal underwear. I use them on days when I have a light period with no extra protection. On the other days of my period, I use my menstrual cup and Femtis underwear because my cup is not always tight. It could probably work without a cup, but then I would probably have to change it several times a day. I am very pleasantly surprised and do not want to miss it anymore.

Works really great for me

Laura M. (25 years) on 11.06.21

"I got my first period underwear for Christmas and I'm still thrilled! It works really great for me and I'm very happy that I can live a little more sustainably with my period underwear.


Christine F. (37 years) on 10.06.21

"I wanted to thank you for the great panties and the great care with my questions! I recommend Femtis to every one of my friends! Thanks for the opportunity to get through the days of your period so easily and comfortably!

Also ideal at bladder weakness

Marion S. (48 years) on 10.06.21

"I have to admit, I was skeptical at first whether period underwear really worked. But I am thrilled. It holds absolutely tight, there is no unpleasant smell and there is also no "diaper" feeling. I feel very good about it. I like to wear Feli when hiking and other sporting activities. The other two on everything else. I'm in my late forties and have had mild to moderate bladder weakness for twenty years (since the birth of my twins). I have used panty liners before, but they start to smell when you sweat. It's very uncomfortable. I find special pads for bladder weaknesses uncomfortable because of the “diaper” feeling (even with the thinner ones). That's why I tried the period underwear for this too to see how it feels for me with regard to bladder weakness all day and night. And I can say: I'm thrilled there too! Nothing smells unpleasant, not even when you sweat. And I feel safe and comfortable all day. I think that's so great because it gives me back a piece of quality of life. I will gradually stock up on my wardrobe - instead of normal briefs - with period underwear for every day (and night).

I regret not having bought these briefs ago

Melina K. (21 years) on 09.06.21

"I've been thinking about buying period panties to avoid waste for a long time. I came across your site while googling, it's all vegan, perfect! So I immediately ordered enough panties for the next period. It's over now, and I have to say, I just regret not having bought these briefs 14 years ago! Amazing, they are super, super comfortable and very comfortable to wear! I have a very light period, so even with "Svea" I got by for a whole day without any other products. From now on I only use your priod underwear! In the evening and in the morning I changed my panties and washed them out by hand. Then I let them dry and after my period I washed all my panties together. Thank you for these great products!

I no longer worry about blood stains on my bed

Nele K. (24 years) on 09.06.21

"I would like to share my feedback on your panties with you. I am more than happy! Since I have your period panties, I sleep much more calmly during my period. No matter how strong it is, I no longer worry about potential blood stains on my bed. I am really happy to have gotten to know your products and I regularly advertise you among my girls. 😉

Thanks for the nice panties :)

Katharina L. (27 years) on 08.06.21

"I received my panties today. Meja, Svea and Alwa in size M. I haven't tried them properly because I'm currently pregnant, or I will only use them for my increased discharge 🙈 later I will also test them in childbed. But I have to say that I am really impressed with the fit! I feel so good in my underwear and I think it fits really well. I've already tried other manufacturers, so the fit wasn't quite right for me. I will definitely order my period underwear from you now. Thanks for the nice panties :) Stay healthy!

Super inconspicuous

Nadine P. (43 years) on 08.06.21

It was the first time I ordered from femtis for my daughter and the delivery was super fast. The briefs are super inconspicuous, which is especially important for teenagers.

Your panties never let me down

Nicole F. (38 years) on 07.06.21

"I've been using your period panties for a year now and I can tell you: They have never let me down! I now have a large selection of your panties. Since I have to wear white pants at work, they make things a lot easier for me and I no longer have to worry about stains! They always keep their promises, even during sport and in everyday life! I wish I discovered you many years ago! Your panties make a lot of things easier!

Super comfortable!

Maria M. (35 years) on 07.06.21

"Dear ones at femtis, I would like to give you feedback on your period panties. I have now tested it and I am very thrilled. I can finally really relax during my days and feel very safe. They have not leaked and are just super comfortable! Maybe you could give more color choices in the future? So far I only have black period underwear, but I would also love red, purple or blue! Warm regards and thank you for your great products

Less abdominal pain

Nicole B. (29 years) on 06.06.21

"I would like to give you feedback after wearing the briefs for the first time: The briefs are the best solution I have ever had for my days. Sanitary napkins and pads always give me a diaper feeling, everything to insert increases my abdominal pain. With the briefs I feel safe and can get through the days comfortably.

New freedom

Sandra I. (34 years) on 06.06.21

"I have ordered two models, and I'm really happy with both of them. The fabric feels comfortable on the skin and I felt "dry" all day. That really gives me a new level of freedom in a certain way: You no longer have to worry about having enough hygiene products with you everywhere and you no longer have to rely on the option of changing them regularly (especially when you are out and about).

Glad I bought it

Berit W. (15 Jahre) am 06.06.21

"Good afternoon, dear femtis team! I am very happy with the briefs I bought. They fit well and feel very nice. I was happy to actually be able to put them on for a whole day (on one of the heavier days) without having to use a tampon or the like. I am glad I bought it. Many Thanks.

Best alternative for me

Karin L. (28 years) on 05.06.21

"I'm super happy with your underwear. Even with heavy bleeding, the briefs stay dry. In contrast to cloth pads, the briefs do not slip or squeeze and handling is easier with the briefs than with the cup. The period panties are the very best alternative for me. Thank you for making my everyday life easier!

Feel safe doing ballet

Lara G. (23 years) on 05.06.21

"I bought your period underwear for the first time last month and have now been able to try them out. I'm really thrilled about how the panties fit. Since I'm a very slim person, most of the other products are too loose or give way when I wear them, so that I don't feel 100% safe, especially when doing sports. So far I have tested the Lene model and felt very safe even during 1.5 hours of ballet lessons. I also find the material very pleasant. In addition to Lene, I also bought the Svea and Kari model. In terms of the cut, I'm particularly happy with Svea that the part between the legs is wide enough so that I can be relatively sure that nothing runs out of the side. I am very satisfied and hope that you will bring many more products onto the market!

Also more relaxed for the environment

Anjuli W. (16 years) on 04.06.21

"I have now tried the femtis briefs for the first time and I am absolutely thrilled. For me personally it was much more relaxed because I didn't have to worry all the time whether something had slipped or something was leaking. I was also very surprised that you don't even notice that the panties still contain a pad. Another point that really impressed me is that the femtis briefs generate a lot less waste and are therefore much more sustainable. All in all, I have a really good feeling because it's not only much more "relaxed" for me, but also for the environment.

Ordered the underwear for my daughter

Brigitte P. (46 years) with daughter (14 years) on 04.06.21

"I ordered your 14-year-old daughter to try out your period underwear. At first she was skeptical and today she is totally thrilled. She says the lingerie is very comfortable to wear and absorbs a lot. Thanks a lot for this. We hope that with this we can make a small contribution to the environment. Now I'll see to it that we order a few more panties so that she is well covered.

Safe through the day

Simona B. (28 years) on 03.06.21

"I am totally thrilled and would not have thought that you could feel so safe and get through the day safely with the panties "without anything else" on the hard days.

Well saved

Tanja D. (31 years) on 03.06.21

"I ordered the Insa, Runa, Lene and Ella with my friends and I am very convinced of the selection and the quality! With your large selection, we have all found a matching panty! We have all previously ordered briefs from other suppliers of period underwear and therefore have a direct comparison. You definitely do best in terms of price-performance ratio! And we also like the selection best! Thanks to the volume discount, we were able to save another 20%, thank you for that!

The customer service is also great

Marta R. (24 years) on 03.06.21

"I am absolutely thrilled with your period panties. I was only able to test it for one menstruation, but by then I was completely satisfied. I find it incredibly comfortable to just wear ordinary underwear without having to worry about other hygiene items. Since my menstruation is rather weak, I don't need any additional protection. Everything stays nice and dry, something I haven't had with previous reusable products. I have already recommended the panties to others and ordered them together with other people. Another plus for me is that you don't talk about women on your website, but simply menstruating people - that's so important! Only the cuffs on the Runa and Meja models cut into me a little, which is the only minimal drawback. I suspect that this will change with the entry. My all time favorite is Blix, especially at night! Customer service is great and exchanges were quick and easy. I definitely recommend you to others and I am finally happy to have arrived at a hygiene method during menstruation.

I feel completely safe

Paula C. (42 years) on 02.06.21

"I love your period panties. I've been wearing them for the third month now and I have to say the panties are just great. Nothing slips, nothing sticks anywhere and you don't have a wet feeling. I feel completely safe. With INSA I get through the day very relaxed, I even ordered a second one so that I can switch in between. Since I have two daughters, I will definitely buy your period panties for them too.

I have been pain-free for 3 cycles

Katrin B. (38 years) on 02.06.21

"Some time ago I ordered 2x Lene and 1x Alwa from you and luckily I was able to test them very quickly. Unfortunately, I have had pain during my period for years, which, retrospectively, was probably due to the tampon. The second problem was that the tampons dehydrated it quite a bit :( Luckily this is over now. I am so glad to have come across your product. Better late than never. I have been pain-free for 3 cycles. My absolute favorite is the Alwa. These look great due to the lace and are also very comfortable to wear and it is not at all noticeable that they are period panties. Lene wears a little too much for my taste and I have the feeling that you are it looks through my jeans. That's why there was now an additional Alwa. I have to admit that it was quite a change for me at the beginning, especially when doing sports or moving, but you get used to everything and when you notice that nothing really runs through or by there, you are reassured. For the night it is actually a total relief. On day I also use a tampon in the morning and then I get through the whole day. Thank you for the great products and best regards from Grasberg

Just great!!!

Sandra K. (50 years) with daughter (16 years) on 01.06.21

"Dear Femtis Team, my feedback is short and sweet: Just great!!! These period briefs are absolutely awesome and I wish they had been around when I was young. You can get around the pads and the pants also fit perfectly. My daughter and I (despite being 50 years old, I still have my period) are just delighted and we are already diligently recommending Femtis to friends. Warm and sunny greetings from Frankfurt

Faster than expected

Eva R. (29 years) on 01.06.21

"I am very happy with the underpants! The delivery was very quick (faster than expected). The pants are very soft and comfortable. I feel good in them and they don't leak. Super quality for a good price!

Thank you for making such underwear <3

Mia S. (18 years) on 31.05.21

"Here is my feedback on my order :) The Blix period underwear fits very well and is extremely comfortable. I can do everything in them carefree. The fabric and the seam don't irritate my skin at all and it doesn't itch even after wearing it for a long time. Thank you for making such underwear <3

I will definitely recommend Femtis period panties

Sarah M. (27 years) on 31.05.21

"I ordered period briefs for the first time because I read some positive things about them on the internet and wanted to get away from the consumption of conventional period pads. I ordered the "ALWA", "LENE", "INSA" and "LYNN" briefs from you. I recently tested this for the first time and I have to say I'm thrilled! Even on my long work days, when I'm out and about for up to 12 hours, the panties keep what they promise. A pleasant, clean feeling, no leakage or fear of something leaking. The briefs are very comfortable to wear and also look good. You don't have the feeling of having "a diaper" on, but of wearing normal panties. Perfect! Washing out is also super easy and after a day the slip is dry again. Great to use in alternation. I will definitely recommend Femtis period panties and only use them!

Comfortable and super tight!

Tabea H. (21 years) on 30.05.21

"My mom and I ordered a package of her period panties a few months ago! And I have to say, I'm really thrilled. I have been able to test it a few times now and I am super satisfied. I started when I was 3, mainly use them for the night, even without an extra pad / tampon and it works great. But I definitely want to get more in order to use even fewer tampons and sanitary pads. In addition, they sit super comfortably - also makes your period a little more relaxed 😊

Alwa and Lene tested for several months

Veronika H. (28 years) on 30.05.21

"I've tried your period underwear models Alwa and Lene for several months now and I'm really thrilled! At first I was a little skeptical whether it was really that comfortable to wear, but I think it's really super comfortable. In addition, it looks visually appealing, even prettier than panties with sanitary pads. In addition, it is absolutely easy to use. I feel sooooo much more comfortable with my period underwear than I used to with sanitary pads, because nothing can go wrong and you don't have all the waste. It is also so much more comfortable to wear than a menstrual cup, because nothing pinches or can slip ... So I really became a fan and I had reordered. :-) I will recommend you to my friends! Thank you for your great product and service!

The tears are over

Peggy O. (39 years) with daughter (10 years) on 29.05.21

"Dear femtisionistas, my daughter (10 years old) and I were surprised by her first period two weeks ago. Sanitary napkins and the associated having to go to the loo at school to change led to tears after tears after tears! Understandable for a small being. I was so sad. Now I have ordered various briefs and was skeptical. But: I love her. And the best part is that my daughter actually felt comfortable with them! From the bottom of my heart: Thank you.

I can only recommend Femtis products!

Sarah H. (22 years) on 29.05.21

"I am totally thrilled about the period underwear! My last menstruation was the first in years that I didn't have to worry about staining or slipping. I didn't have to change them all the time either: at the beginning once in the morning and once in the evening, at the end even one was enough for the whole day. The Runa model completely convinced me with its perfect fit and suction power! The customer service is also great: I received quick and reliable help with my exchange. I will definitely look at other models in the future and I can only recommend Femtis products!

Unbeatable in combination with menstrual cup

Sonja E. (22 years) on 28.05.21

"I ordered your period panties a few weeks ago and recently tried them out for the first time. I have to say right at the beginning that I am absolutely satisfied! Above all, the sustainability factor convinces me and the cosiness of the panties make the period a lot easier. I no longer have to worry about whether something is leaking and my underpants / pants are bloody. Especially in combination with a menstrual cup, the panties are really unbeatable. They are easy to care for, odorless and discreet, which I really appreciate! I really wish I had discovered period underwear a few years ago because it just makes periods more comfortable. My only point of criticism (which may be because I ordered one size too small) is that the waistband could be a little more elastic. Otherwise I can only say thank you and keep it up.

I am overjoyed that I have less pain now

Bianca M. (33 years) on 28.05.21

"Dear Team. When I saw your ad for the first time, I was immediately sure that I had finally found the right thing for my period. I am overjoyed because I am in less pain. I will definitely recommend this option to my friends. Thanks a lot for this.

The research quickly led to you again

Kathrin S. (33 years) on 27.05.21

"Dear Mrs. Barensteiner, this morning the post got me out of bed with my three new Femtis panties, hurray! Like last time: super fast delivery, thank you. I already have three panties, but they were clearly not enough for me. So I am now happy to be able to welcome Meja, Lene and Alwa to Feli, Insa and Kari in my wardrobe from today. Again, the fit is just perfect, all three new panties fit like a glove. I'm looking forward to wearing it! By the way: when I placed my second order, I actually planned to try another company, just out of curiosity. But the research brought me back to you pretty quickly, because I urgently wanted organic and sustainable and already knew how good your products are. The others didn't have a chance! Have a nice short week and with best regards from Augsburg

The INSA model convinced me

Cora J. on 27.05.21

"I was finally able to test the period underwear, namely the INSA model from you, and I'm very thrilled! The wearing comfort is super comfortable, the fabric is soft on the skin and it feels very dry. Thanks to the size chart, I decided on size M and it fits perfectly. I usually wear an S more, but that would probably have been too small. And now to its function: I tested the slip on my hardest days at night. INSA did what it was supposed to do here. Nothing has leaked, nor did I have a feeling that it was "running out". For fear that something might leak, I first bought one of the safest or most absorbent. Since the briefs really convinced me, I'm still thinking about ordering the SVEA and KARI, which I find more beautiful in terms of style and then will wear them during the day. :)

I'm really comfortable with it

Jasmin P. (32 years) on 26.05.21

"I have been wearing period underwear from different brands for two years and came to you because you work without silver chloride. I have 6 pants of different models and especially the high waist (Jule) is incredibly comfortable. I've now worn your pants for two full cycles and I'm incredibly happy with them. No leakage, no diaper feeling, no smell - I feel really good with it!

My daughter is trhilled

Maria K. (42 years) on 26.05.21

"My daughter is twelve and got a Femtis period panty to try on. She is thrilled! Not only the fit is convincing, in terms of sustainability and naturalness, we think your period panties are simply awesome!

Even my period pains are less

Kathrin W. (26 years) on 25.05.21

"I ordered a pair of briefs 2 months ago and I am more than thrilled! It's super comfortable to wear, holds tight and even my period pains are less. I didn't think that you could feel so safe with it. The beautiful design makes you feel twice as comfortable. Thank you and kudos.

Totally comfortable and tight

Nina S. (21 years) on 25.05.21

"I recently ordered the INSA model and I'm thrilled! It's my first period underwear and it won't be my last. The pants fit perfectly, are totally comfortable and, above all, leak-proof. Since the pants close very well, I never had to worry that something could go wrong. Shipping was also quick and easy!

Thrilled about the Insa model

Bettina T. (25 years) on 24.05.21

"Thank you for sending the Femtis underwear. I am very thrilled about the Insa model, it feels very good (like "normal" underpants) and it also looks great. I'm very happy that the material doesn't look synthetic, but feels natural and soft. The washing went really well - so thank you very much for the great product! Thank you and have a nice holiday

A pleasant alternative

Luisa N. (29 years) on 24.05.21

"I recently bought panties from you and I have to say I'm thrilled. I always had problems with tampons and menstrual cups and finally found a pleasant alternative. I am completely satisfied and thank you for your great work.

I like Meja

Nadja H. (33 years) on 23.05.21

"I ordered the Ella, Meja and a Lene a few months ago and have now tested them extensively! You are just WOW! They sit perfectly, are soft and comfortable, do not lie on top and hold tight - even overnight! I'm thrilled and will order more. I especially like Meja, because this panty is really sexy and feels so good - my boyfriend likes her too, thank you very much! Kind regards, Nadja from Switzerland

12 hours without leaking

Lisa V. (21 years) on 23.05.21

"Hello dear ones! I have now tried 2 different panties. Once the Runa and the Jule. I think both are really great and you can travel with a clear conscience. The first few days are always very strong for me and, for example, yesterday I was in the car and on the road in Freiburg all day and I have to say, it held up really well all day because I had no way of changing it due to Corona. 12 hours without leaking !!! Mega, will buy more.

Pleasantly thin

Martina M. (22 years) on 22.05.21

"I am very satisfied with the femtis (KARI). It hugs the skin gently and sits very well. In addition, they are pleasantly thin, so that you cannot see from the outside that you are not wearing normal underpants under the trousers, but period briefs. I am very happy that the panty will be loyal to me from now on. :)

Customer service responds the same day

Juliane S. (24 years) on 21.05.21

"I like the two panties Meja and Lene very much. Meja in particular is very comfortable and the use of the transparent material makes it even better to wear because you feel nice in it. Because the inlay is sewn in very large and wide, you feel doubly secure. It's my first period wash and I'm really grateful for such a thing! It was also very positive that my order was delivered so quickly and that customer support still replies on the same day.

I like the cotton

Andrea F. (32 years) on 21.05.21

"I am totally thrilled and would not have thought that you could feel so safe and get through the day so safely with the panties "without anything else" and even on the hard days. I like the cotton, it feels wonderful in terms of comfort. So I bought another pack of 7 with you.

Fair and without biocides

Jana G. (23 years) on 21.05.21

"I have been looking for a more sustainable alternative to pads and tampons for a long time, because creating less waste is very important to me. Although I basically think it's a good thing and at first got along quite well with it, I now unfortunately have the problem that using menstrual cups increases my abdominal cramps. While looking for another solution, I came across period underwear. It was important to me that production is fair and that no biocides are used - I found what I was looking for at Femtis. I ordered the Insa, Kari and Feli models to try out. It was shipped very quickly, so I was able to try it out a few days later. All 3 models fit and I like them very much. I will definitely recommend Femtis to my friends.

At the beginning, the prices per panty put me off

Karolin H. (30 years) on 20.05.21

"After using reusable cotton pads, I became aware of and curious about the period briefs. The order and shipping went flawlessly! I find the discount for larger quantities particularly praiseworthy - regardless of the variety! At the beginning, the prices per panty put me a little off, because I've never bought such expensive underpants. But the long service life, the promised comfort and, last but not least, the discount (see above) convinced me and I tested four models. At first I was irritated that the protective insert goes all the way to the back and does not end at the bottom (as with sanitary towels). I guess because of the leakproofness and after wearing it, I can say: that's good! Otherwise it would probably also be inconvenient. Now to the models: Feli: + beautiful design, + very comfortable to wear, + great fit, and + really nice color that does not change even when washing with other colors or with blood, -sorry, there is a small spot on the seam some blood has leaked (on the outside of the panty, unattractive but washable), the panty may be more suitable for lighter days. I would still recommend it. Lene: + the perfect period briefs, the classic, + classic black panty, + beautiful cut, + high wearing comfort, + always and everywhere (during the day and at night) Insa: + like Lene, but with a narrower cut. Kari: + sexy period: be protected and feel sexy. I would recommend Lene to every woman without reservation, with reference to Insa's other cut. As already mentioned, Kari has the sexy feel-good effect and I am very impressed by Feli, both visually and comfortably. I had read that some women always wear the period panties, even in the weeks in which they do not menstruate: I thought it was strange before, I can now understand very well, but as mentioned at the beginning, I prefer to wear my cheaper models in the time in between and then I'm looking forward to the days of the PeriodPanties - yes, because of this fashionable appearance I'm somehow looking forward to the menstruation and the stylish panties.

Much more comfortable than sanitary napkins

Marleen J. (32 years) on 20.05.21

"Dear femtis team, I ordered the following period underwear about 1 month ago: Alwa, Lene. I am very satisfied with that. It's not that I don't notice my period, but it's much more comfortable than sanitary napkins. The briefs are absolutely tight and it doesn't feel like wearing a diaper;) I ordered them because I can't cope with the menstrual cups and find it rather difficult when I'm on the go. With these underpants I don't have to worry. I don't have to put in extra toilet sessions, don't think about anything and have a much more relaxed everyday life during my period. Thank you for this sustainable alternative to other products! :)

Pretty and reliable partners

Johanna H. (26 years) on 19.05.21

I want to give you great praise. Both the KARI and the MEJA sit very well and are discreet. They are also chic. That's not exactly something you would expect from period underwear. Especially on the "days" when I am not feeling so well, it is nice to have pretty and reliable "partners" who make you feel good.

Great product

Nadja R. (35 years) on 19.05.21

I tried the femtis briefs for the first time last week, I have the Blix model and find them comfortable to wear. I also use sanitary pads and rarely tampons, I think that probably makes the biggest difference for the wearer or getting used to it. I only have heavier bleeding for the first 2 days of my period, after that one pair of pants a day is sufficient for me. The first two days I have to change my pants 1 or 2 times because otherwise it is too damp for me personally - although in spite of everything there was nothing bleeding through and I couldn't smell anything, only if you actually hold your nose to the panties. It's really great at night! I don't always need to subconsciously worry about how to lie down (side sleepers are very restless), because the pad then slips, just great, no blood circulation, comfortable, pleasant, no more pimples or sore, nothing! I'm looking forward to the next menstrual period :-D THANK YOU - great product.

I work in nursing - the panties are a huge relief

Andrea R. (32 years) on 18.05.21

"I recently discovered your period panties for myself and I have to say that I'm just thrilled. At first I used it in combination with my cup, since 2 days I have been using it "freely". At first I was afraid of accidents, but what can I say: Everything works perfectly. I work in nursing and sometimes it is not possible to empty the cup in time. With the Period Panty I can do my work without having to worry that something will go wrong or the cup will not fit properly. I can't describe what a relief it is! The fabric is very pleasant on the skin, the insert is very discreet and not noticeable, there is no unpleasant smell and you don't sit in the "wet". Thank you so much for this great product. You have made the period a lot easier for many!

Great support for the cup

Anne K. (27 years) on 18.05.21

"I, Anne, 27, am very happy that I discovered the period panties on your Insta account. They are a great addition to the moon cup that I have been using for 5 years. Before that, I used disposable panty liners during my menstruation, which were good, but the aspect of sustainability was simply not present with the disposable products. I am now just so happy that I have the privilege of being able to use 2 of these wonderful period panties, and I would love to give them away to many other girls and women. I will start with the recommendation .... spreading the period power panties!! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm a big fan 😊

No worries in the ambulance service anymore

Christina H. (26 years) on 18.05.21

"I would love to send you feedback on my order! Fortunately, I ordered the panties at exactly the right time and was able to wear them straight away. In the beginning it takes getting used to if you have only been used to tampons up to now. However, I am very happy that I have now been able to reduce the number of tampons significantly. Above all, I feel much safer. Since I work in the ambulance service in 24-hour shifts, I cannot plan my toilet visits (at least at work). I quickly felt uncomfortable there because I was afraid that something would go wrong. I no longer have to worry about that. It is also a much more comfortable feeling with much less pain. All in all, I am very satisfied with the order and thank you for your work!

Don't want to wear anything else

Karina K. (33 years) on 17.05.21

"I'm super happy with your period underwear and don't want to wear anything else during my period. I especially like the look. In the near future I'll be stocking up on my panties a little.

Longer cycling is not a problem

Nadine G. (31 years) on 17.05.21

"What a great idea you came up with! I wore INSA for the first time yesterday on my heaviest period day. The panty fits really well and feels very soft and secure. At times I even had the feeling of not having a period, because everything is absorbed directly and does not smell. Longer cycling is not a problem. I had a great night without slipping or waking up without having to constantly wear a pad because it is about to run wrong. I wrote to all of my friends directly and reported them. Nobody knew this idea before, most of them want to try it out for themselves soon. And finally less waste. I will be ordering more models soon. Thanks alot!

Nice briefs and the great exchange service

Nina L. (38 years) on 16.05.21

"I like the panties very much. However, I first had to try out different models and sizes until I found the right one for me. But that's perfectly okay, because everyone has a different body and taste. I have now decided on the Lynn model for the weaker days and the Ella model for the stronger days. What I particularly like about the Ella is that the drying area goes all the way to the top. You are well protected at night. The Lynn is very comfortable and pleasant to wear. That's why I reordered it again. Thanks for the nice briefs and the great exchange service. I'm really looking forward to trying it out for the first time. I will definitely order again for my three girls at some point when the time comes. 😉

FELI gives me security in the event of postpartum problems

Anne B. (36 years) on 16.05.21

"I came across period panties when I was looking for alternatives in the puerperium. Before that, I had no experience with period underwear. I opted for the FELI briefs because of the cut, not too high on the stomach and not too tight, and the absorbency. In the first few days after the birth, I didn't dare to put on my underwear. I tried it 4 days after the birth and I am thrilled. It is nothing compared to wearing sanitary towels that you would otherwise have to use in childbed. Tampons or menstrual cups are no longer necessary in this situation. It gives you a lot of freedom back, especially freedom of movement. While with sanitary towels you always have to pay attention to how you lie or sit, you can simply move "freely" with the slip. Especially at night, when you keep getting up to breastfeed or change the baby, this is an absolute comfort point. FELI can do something that a classic bandage cannot do in the puerperium: After the birth, it's not just about bleeding, but also about slight bladder weakness, as the pelvic floor is still far from its normal state. FELI gives me security with both "postpartum problems", while a pad immediately overflows and drains if the pelvic floor suddenly cannot hold the bladder. However, it is worth mentioning the length of time it is worn. In my situation I would need about 4 panties a day. You should have at least 8 briefs at home, considering washing and drying times. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

I am overjoyed to have finally found something suitable for me

Julia B. (25 years) on 15.05.21

"So far, menstruation has been pure agony for me. Apart from the strong stomach cramps, I never felt well during my period and was sometimes disgusted with myself. During this time I was always accompanied by the feeling that I could leak out on the way. Sanitary towels and panty liners were out of the question for me because I felt humiliated as a woman due to the "feeling of wearing diapers". I found changing tampons or menstrual cups several times a day to be very uncomfortable and annoying, especially when you were out and about hygiene Not always possible. Quite apart from my panties, which were ruined due to leakage, the high consumption of disposable period products has always been a thorn in my side. I was absolutely dissatisfied. And then I became aware of Femtis period underwear. At first I was very skeptical because the thought of “diapers” immediately occurred to me. I couldn't really imagine that period underwear would be very different from sanitary towels and panty liners in terms of wearing comfort. Panties ”were the same. But in the end I thought to myself“ What the heck? It can't get any worse than now ”and I got the KARI panties represents. The delivery came the next day after my order, which I was pleasantly surprised about. I tested the slip on a 7-hour hiking excursion. At first I felt very insecure and checked regularly to see whether it was really tight. Little by little my doubts disappeared and I was finally able to enjoy the hike and the day to the fullest. What was simply never possible in the past. The slip has a super soft material and is very pleasant and comfortable to wear, and it also looks good. What was pure stress for me before, because you always had to look out for toilets and remember to change the tampon regularly to avoid leaks, just vanished overnight. Even after being washed several times, the panties still look flawless, which speaks for the good quality. The menstrual blood is absorbed quickly, so that you can enjoy a dry skin feeling even after a long time. I am overjoyed to have finally found something suitable for myself and now I feel femininity and well-being even during my period. And the fact that I can make a small contribution to the environment is the cherry on my cake!

Simply eco and reliable

Anja C. (31 years) on 15.05.21

"I've been using Femtis for a few months and I'm very thrilled! I like that I can use the underwear without tampons / sanitary pads they don't slip, are made from organic cotton and I can easily wash them in a washing machine. Simply eco and reliable, great! :)

For yoga training in the park

Stefanie K. (47 years) on 15.05.21

"I am currently working on the subject of period underwear. At first I noticed these panties in a drugstore, then I googled a bit and ended up on your homepage pretty quickly. At first I was very skeptical because I was afraid the underwear might look unaesthetic or feel like a huge panty liner. But then I read the positive feedback from your customers and just dared and ordered directly. I decided on the model with the mesh insert, my package arrived today and what can I say: the pants look great, they feel great, almost like shaping clothes, the material is firm, but not uncomfortable or even closed thick. So the feeling test was passed! After that I went to the park for yoga training, I thought this would be a great opportunity to test the panties directly. Since the birth of my daughters, I have suffered from slight bladder weakness. That's why I always have to use insoles, especially when doing sports. What can I say: I was super excited! The pants were perfect, they endured all yoga exercises and I felt super safe the whole time. I think even if I don't have my days, I'll wear them to exercise from now on. I really regret that it was only now that I had the courage to test it. So you have all the thumbs up for me, I will definitely get more models.

The panties let air into my body

Manuela A. (36 years) on 14.05.21

"I ordered your panties during my last period. Now I've got the next one and was finally able to try it out. I'm really thrilled. After 3 days I always got pressure points from sanitary pads, which are very uncomfortable. The panties let air into my body and it doesn't rub or press anything. To say I'm looking forward to every period now would be an exaggeration. But it makes everything a lot more pleasant. Thank you ☺️.

Much more pleasant than all disposable hygiene products

Elisabeth H. (30 years) on 13.05.21

"I have been using Femtis briefs for some time and I am very satisfied. At first I was a little concerned whether it was really "safe". And yes, it is safe :) I am really happy with it because the material is so much more pleasant than all disposable hygiene products. No scratching, no drying out, no rubbing. Everything is super pleasant and safe. A great alternative and I wish I had switched much earlier. Kind regards and keep it up with your great products!

Thanks to highwaist Jule my abdomen is always kept warm

Sonja Z. (22 years) on 13.05.21

"Last week I ordered the period briefs "Jule" from you. Before, I only used tampons and panty liners when I was on my days. In order to make my period more sustainable, I wanted to find an alternative to the products just mentioned. Now my feedback: The shipping was super fast! The fit of the panties is optimal. During my period, I found the slip to be very comfortable and I will also order other models so that I can fall back on the slip throughout my period. Thanks to the high-waisted fit, my abdomen is always kept nice and warm, which I like very much because I have severe abdominal pain during my period.

It's fantastic that you don't use biocides

Janine W. (27 years) on 12.05.21

"I ordered my period underpants from you for the first time and I have to say that I am really thrilled about the Kari! At first it was a bit strange feeling to walk around “without anything”, but I got used to it quickly! I am absolutely thrilled that something like this exists and is possible! The Kari is very comfortable to wear, sits well and does what it should. I am still amazed at how well and how much it can hold! I also think it's fantastic that you don't use biocides and that women's health is important to you ❤️ Thank you for your work! I will definitely order again! :)

I love your panties

Doris H. (42 years) on 12.05.21

"The other day I came across period panties by accident. Curious, I did some research on the internet and then decided to order a pair of briefs from you and try them out for yourself. After the many positive reports about it, for the first time in my life I couldn't wait to finally get my period. I was finally able to test your period panties full of excitement. What can I say?! I am absolutely thrilled. I couldn't believe how great your period panties work. It is the first time in my life that I more or less hardly noticed my period, it was actually just a marginal phenomenon. It is really unbelievable how comfortable your panties are to wear. You don't have an uncomfortable feeling of having a diaper in your pants, or noticing unpleasant smells when going to the toilet and constantly having to change something. I was really amazed that on my strongest days I only had to change once at noon, on the other days I could wear the panties all day without any problems. Conclusion: I love your panties, I ordered more supplies right away and I don't want to have to go through a single period without you. Keep up the good work so that hopefully a lot of women will become aware of your great period panties and can enjoy them!

No unpleasant odor

Emily P. (32 years) on 11.05.21

"I was looking for period underwear without biocides and I am very satisfied with Femtis after a total of 2 orders of 2 briefs. The wearing and the fit are very comfortable and the sizes are as expected. An important aspect for me is the formation of odors. It should be emphasized that there is no unpleasant odor even after long periods of wear. There weren't any problems with the service either. Thanks a lot for this.

Look really chic on top of that

Heidi O. (39 years) on 11.05.21

"A few weeks ago I ordered my first set of period underwear from you and would like to give my feedback here: I ordered the Kari briefs as a backup for my menstrual cup. They fully fulfill this purpose, they are a good support even on harder days and look really chic on top of that. Without a cup, I would only recommend it on lighter days. I ordered the Insa briefs for heavier days. He convinced me especially at night. No more stains! Thanks for the great products, I'll definitely give them away again.

Great idea 👍

Kerstin M. (24 years) on 10.05.21

"I'm super satisfied with your period panties, a great idea 👍 At first I only ordered the Lene panty once, because during my period on the heavy days I often feel unsure whether everything will stay dry. I also like the aspect that I produce a lot less waste as a result. And when I realized that the panty was still so comfortable and soft, I ordered 3 more. I think this is an investment that is worthwhile.

My girlfriend convinced me of it

Aline B. (25 years) on 10.05.21

"I am absolutely thrilled about the period underwear! My girlfriend convinced me of it, so I decided to give it a try and ordered with her. Since I wanted to get away from Obs, I looked for an alternative for a long time and found it at Femtis. The fabric is very pleasant to the skin and is very comfortable to wear. The period blood is so well absorbed by the panties without it feeling uncomfortable. With the size chart you can easily find your perfect size. I will continue to stock up on more panties at Femtis.

They catch everything

Julia B. (28 years) on 09.05.21

"For several years now, I've been trying to do without OB's. I've been using a Menscup for 2 years now. But since I'm not always sure whether it will catch everything, I looked for an alternative. I came across Femtis underwear through a friend. I'm just thrilled. The panties catch everything and you don't have to worry. Even without a cup, I can use the panties for a day.

No odor

Silke K. (47 years) on 09.05.21

"After the first test, ordered more briefs. So I have 8 briefs and will order more. Despite my heavy periods, I feel absolutely safe with femtis period briefs. It feels dry, not as "disgustingly damp" as with sanitary napkins. Also have fewer cramps, like with tampons. What I still see as very positive, absolutely no odor, which is often the case with sanitary towels. I already convinced a friend. Keep it up! Thank you and nice that you are here! I'm glad to have found you.

I am really happy to have found you

Alina F. (18 years) on 08.05.21

My name is Alina and about 4 months ago I bought the article “Jule” for reasons of sustainability. I wanted to let you know that I'm super, super, super satisfied 😊 !! My bleeding is even stronger than usual due to the copper coil, but the stress factor is a lot less due to the period underwear. The fabric is also very comfortable on the skin. In the beginning I was skeptical as to whether and how I would get along with it, but I have been taught better and do not want to do without period underwear. I especially like the underwear at night; it fits tightly and is safe. What I also found great is that various information was sent with the order and the whole thing had a very personal touch. I am really happy to have met you guys !! All the best and good luck! 😊

You can't beat the price

Nadja S. (29 years) on 08.05.21

"I have to say, you have enriched my life and made it more pleasant. I don't like wearing tampons because of severe abdominal pain during my period. In order to still be more sustainable, I tried one alternative after the other, but nothing was right. Then I heard about period underwear and was initially skeptical. When I saw the high prices, I quickly forgot about it. Fortunately, I didn't want to let that rest and I kept myself informed. And came across Femtis. The price is unbeatable and you also do without fabrics that I do not consider recommendable. Ordered a slip and I was absolutely thrilled. He keeps what he promises. The cleaning works great, the shipping is very fast. What more do you want? Since then I've ordered more. I also think the different fabrics are great and that all information can be found on the page in great detail. Many Thanks! I will be happy to recommend femtis to others!

Even after being washed several times, the panties still look flawless

Sophie S. (24 years) on 07.05.21

"The models KARI, LENE, INSA and SVEA have moved into my wardrobe and I am overjoyed about them. I have already replaced all single-use products for several months and I am super thrilled. The wearing comfort is very comfortable and the fabrics feel very pleasant on the skin. Even after being washed several times, the panties still look flawless, which speaks for the good quality. They soak up the menstrual blood very quickly and leave the skin feeling dry even after a long period of time. Now I even look forward to my menstruation every month! I recommended a few friends to you and they are also very satisfied. Keep it up!

High level of comfort in contrast to panty liners

Verena Z. (32 years) on 07.05.21

"For a long time I have been looking for an alternative to panty liners. Normally I always use a menstrual cup, but since I work in the medical field, I have to wear white pants there and every now and then I can't go to the toilet for a long time and as a woman you don't always feel completely at ease when you have the feeling something could go wrong. That's why I always wore a panty liner to be on the safe side. However, I was never satisfied with that because I actually wanted to reduce waste. Now I came across Femtis and dared to order - and what can I say, the product is convincing. The size ordered is my normal size and fits like a glove, the underpants are very comfortable, nothing pinches or pinches. What surprised me a lot was the very high level of comfort in contrast to panty liners! It doesn't feel thickly padded around the bottom, you don't have a strange feeling when sitting. It lasts all day and is odorless. It's also very easy to clean, and above all I'm happy that it can also be put in the washing machine. I am very satisfied with that. I will now order more so that I have enough to change.

Meja is great

Antonia P. (22 years) on 06.05.21

"I am really thrilled about your products!! A few days ago I ordered the "Meja" briefs and my goodness they are great. It's comfortable to wear, reliably lasts all day with me and still looks good. What convinced me most of all is the price. I also looked at other providers and the prices there are sometimes much higher. Therefore, I will always order from you in the future. Unfortunately I only have 2 briefs so far, but there will be more.

Feel safe and clean!

Maria V. (36 years) on 06.05.21

"I am thrilled about the comfort of your Femtis (is even better than that of many normal briefs). So far I have been using the two briefs for the lighter days (otherwise a cup) and feel safe and clean with them! Let's see how long they last (I can't avoid machine washing), but I think I'll get them again and again. My sister has already ordered. Thank you for the great idea!

Received my third order

Nadja B. on 06.05.21

"I have just received my third Femtis order and I have to say I am thrilled. No more waste and then also comfortable! The panties came with me very quickly every time and after the first test I immediately ordered new ones. Now I have the right panties for all of my days. Thanks for that! And thanks for making the mostly not so nice days of the month easier 😊 Greetings from Austria

More sustainable little by little

Silvia B. (27 years) on 05.05.21

"The order was very easy to place and delivery to Austria was super fast. I want to become more sustainable little by little, that's why I ordered your Femtis panties. The quality and comfort really convinced me. The fabric is soft and thin and therefore inconspicuous. You convinced me. Definitely will speak positively of yourselves. Wish you all the best and have a nice week!

Thrilled about the absorbency

Hannah T. (42 years) on 05.05.21

"I have to say, I am absolutely thrilled with your period panties ... !!! Not only do I feel super safe, but I am absolutely thrilled about the absorbency. My biggest fear was that the panties might feel like you're wearing wet underwear, which has definitely not been confirmed. I have rarely been so thrilled about a product and have already told some of my friends about it. Keep it up, great product and great thought!

Fell in love with the look

Eva K. (36 years) on 04.05.21

"I have now decided to buy a second pair of period panties from you, as I am totally satisfied with the Svea model. Now, however, I also wanted one that offered a bit more protection and so I saw the commercial for the Meja and fell in love with the look, so I ordered one straight away. I wore it for the first time yesterday and I still love it. Keep it up!

A good feeling on the skin

Anne S. (38 years) on 04.05.21

"Hello dear Femtis team, now that I've only just used my six period panties again, I would like to give you positive feedback: Great fit, no unpleasant smell, fair prices and a good feeling on the skin. I am very satisfied, what more could you want?

Nothing stands out visually

Nina B. (28 years) on 03.05.21

"I have to say you really convinced me. Both briefs served their purpose (Alwa and Lynn), but personally I find Alwa the most comfortable. It fits so perfectly that I don't even notice it and still feel completely safe. Nothing stands out visually, a big plus.

Just let it go

Vanessa W. (21 years) on 03.05.21

"I want to tell you, I am thrilled! It's my first bleeding with your panties & I don't want to miss it anymore. Just let it go without worrying about anything happening - a dream. This is how I imagine my period! I will definitely recommend you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Grateful to feel so very safe

Elena H. (20 years) on 02.05.21

"I thank you for the courage and commitment that you as a company show to gain a foothold in the period industry in terms of wellbeing and sustainability. I like to wear my Femtis, day or night, and especially not just at home. It gives me security in my day-to-day work in the radical balancing act between handicrafts outside and dealing with people inside. It adapts to my different work clothes and I am so grateful to feel so safe during my period. Because of my enthusiasm, I have already recommended her to two friends and my sister is also thrilled. Best regards from Central Hesse

Not saved on the high quality of the underwear

Cornelia S. (32 years) on 02.05.21

"I was positively surprised by the quality of the panties! Compared to other providers, femtis is cheaper, but does not seem to save on the high quality of the underwear. The panty gives me a safe and comfortable feeling. The customer service is also very reliable. Definitely a recommendation for my friends! 😊

Quick and easy

Linda B. (29 years) on 02.05.21

"Wow! If I had known about the panties before, I would have ordered immediately! That just gives me back my freedom. Thanks also for the quick and easy delivery.

100 points in the practical test

Annette S. (37 years) on 01.05.21

"Since I couldn't tolerate tampons so well, I came across "period underwear" while looking for alternatives and was initially very skeptical and unsure. After a long research on the Internet, my choice finally fell on you. The decisive factors were the consistently positive feedback from other users, the fact that you do not use silver and the fair price. I then opted for the Insa (2x), Lene, Meja and Alwa models in size M. After I had unpacked the laundry, I was honestly a bit shocked because it seemed so "big" and unfamiliar to me. But kudos to you guys !!!! The underpants are super comfortable, nothing pinches, pinches, cuts, you absolutely do not have the feeling of wearing a diaper! I gave the laundry 100 points in the practical test. It is absolutely airtight, there are no unpleasant smells, you have a clean, dry feeling and on my strong days I get by with two pants a day reliably and safely. I am completely satisfied and, to be honest, I would not have thought that the pants were so great - I am 37 years old now and I think it's a shame that I only discovered the pants for myself now. The washing out may take some getting used to, but actually not that bad either. I own 5 pants in total, but I think I'll buy some more because I don't want to worry about washing and drying too much. I will definitely recommend you to my friends, they are already waiting for my feedback 😊.

Skeptical because I have a heavy period

Celina B. (15 years) on 01.05.21

"Hello dear Femtis team, I was very skeptical about underwear at the beginning because I have a heavy period, but it completely convinced me. I ordered 4 underpants (2xJule, 1xMeja, 1xLene). And I felt really safe and that's not always that easy for me. Thank you for having such a great idea and for implementing it.

An absolute satisfaction!

Antonia W. (18 years) on 30.04.21

"I would very much like to tell you how much I have grown fond of your period underwear in the last few weeks! I got the period panties for my birthday. It was a big wish of mine, but of course I was curious whether I would feel comfortable with my period underwear. When I wore the panty for the first time, I was surprised how comfortable the fabric feels and how light it is. This notion of a diaper that must be put on to catch the amounts of blood is very exaggerated and I am grateful for any myth-clearing that goes on. Personally, I couldn't see that there was much difference between myself and the underwear that I normally wear outside of my menstrual period. A big plus! That day I had an intoxicating feeling: The constant running to the toilet and changing sanitary towels or tampons, hoping that nothing went wrong, suddenly stopped. For a moment I forgot that I was menstruating at all. For the emotional basis, in contrast to the stress that my bleeding usually caused me, an absolute satisfaction! Washing was also less of a problem than I thought. Thank you very much for the enclosed instructions for use with the important information! I've tried different things: hand washing on the one hand, which works great. Nevertheless, in retrospect it took longer until the period underwear was dry again. Since these are my only pair of underpants so far, I put them in a washing net for the second time after washing them out briefly, and then just washed them with the 30 ° wash. The drying went faster, the period panties were like new again afterwards! The ecological aspect must of course also be mentioned at this point: For me, not using any more rubbish through various hygiene products is an enormous advantage of using your period underwear! Another disadvantage of tampons, for example, is the feeling of dehydration in the genital area, as the mucous membrane production is disturbed. Because the period underwear can simply be put on as a slip, this falls Problem also gone, a relaxed feeling is what remains. By using period underwear, I got rid of a lot of uncomfortable feelings and developed a better relationship with my menstruating body. In combination with the menstrual cup, which I also use for heavy bleeding, it is ideal! With your product, I can sometimes almost look forward to getting my menstrual period and being able to wear the panties again! Completely satisfied and not showing any defects, I greet you and your whole team warmly and thank you for these femtis period underwear, which makes my everyday life much easier!

So simple and effective

Elisabeth K. (48 years) with daughter (12 years) on 29.04.21

"Last year I read about you and your panties in the Brigitte issue and was immediately impressed. When my daughter (12 years old) had her first period, it was clear to me that I wanted to make the difficult first start as easy as possible for her. Then I ordered 3 of your panties. Conclusion: So simple - and so effective - they keep their promises, my daughter had a heavy menstrual period right from the start and can wear panties for 24 hours. No piles of waste, no slipping of the sanitary towels, in sport while riding…. She feels good, can move freely ... also no uncomfortable feeling of wetness. EASY cleaning ... Yes, we love it! Yes, we are happy to recommend you! Yes, we would order from you again at any time! Thank you, freedom, greetings from Tyrol

Femininity and well-being during the period

Nina B. (31 years) on 29.04.21

"The name Femtis now stands for me as a symbol for femininity and well-being during the period. This gives a feeling of security due to the pleasant wearing comfort. At the same time, the ecological aspect with regard to reusability and longevity is addressed. I would order this underwear again at any time and recommend it to my friends. Because dealing with your own period and thus also with your own body has changed for the better. Thanks a lot for this.

The quality of the briefs is great

Elsa H. (49 years) on 28.04.21

"The panties are for my 13-year-old daughter, she made friends with them straight away. The size did not fit the first time we ordered. The exchange was easy. The call to the hotline with a very friendly gentleman was excellent. The quality of the briefs is great, great workmanship and great wearing comfort. Please keep it up, it won't be the last order. And the delivery was also quick, I will be happy to recommend you!

No leaks and no stains on the bed

Jana M. (23 years) on 28.04.21

"Hello dear femtis team, I greet you from beautiful Austria. I want to share my first experience with INSA Slip with you. At first I wasn't quite sure whether these briefs were really that great. So at first I only ordered one INSA panty and then tested it at night. The next morning I was really pleasantly surprised, no leaks and therefore no stains on the bed. I've been using tampons lately, but if you want to sleep longer, you have to go out at night. And with your panties I could sleep really without hesitation. I'm so thrilled about that. I will order a few more INSA briefs in the next few days so that I have several for the next period. You are doing a great job, keep it up, all the best.

Pleasantly surprised

Monika F. (79 years) on 28.04.21

"Hello dear femtis team, Today I would like to tell you how I got your underwear. Both my granddaughter and daughter are wearing your panties and they are both absolutely thrilled. My daughter gave me a pair of panties. I should try it because I suffer from mild bladder weakness. At first I was a bit skeptical and insecure. But when I put it on for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised. It feels good and fits very well. I feel comfortable in it and, above all, safer than with the insoles for bladder weakness. Nothing can slip, I feel dry and nothing smells. I am 79 years old and happy about the new experience with your underwear. It has made my everyday life easier and more pleasant. Thank you to your team, my granddaughter and daughter for recommending your panties to me. I will tell my girlfriend about it and advise her to wear it. Thank you again and best regards

Tested it extensively

Elisa H. (35 years) on 27.04.21

"Dear femtis team, a few months ago I ordered period underwear from you, have now tested it extensively and I am super happy with it! Finally I have something that fits well, doesn't slip and catches everything safely. In addition, your undies are super comfortable and real waste avoiders. I thank you for this wonderful concept and I wish more of it!

Find out about an environmental association

Nicole S. (43 years) on 26.04.21

"I recently became aware of femtis through a small report in the NaBu magazine. I've ordered two pair of underpants and have now tried them out and I'm very satisfied. With the help of the underpants, I no longer need any other products during my menstruation, as I simply go to the toilet frequently during my mens and let most of the blood there, so to speak. So no more waste and the pants look good too. I don't have any long-term experience, but so far: great invention, thanks for that!

INSA passed the test

Miriam Ü. (34 years) on 26.04.21

"I ordered the INSA last week and it got to me just in time. :) I was so excited and was able to wear them directly this weekend. INSA had a very active day yesterday (Saturday). I hiked for 3 hours and then I built a closet for 4 hours, which involved sitting on the floor a lot, getting up again, crouching down. So it was a really busy day and quite a rehearsal for my new menstrual underwear. But I am more than satisfied! INSA sat really well and didn't pinch. The wearing comfort is great, even if you think it is quite firm when you unpack it for the first time. But of course, the blood has to go somewhere. It never felt damp to the touch, no odor, no stains on other clothing. After washing (with black clothes) INSA dries very quickly. Many greetings and thanks for the great product.

I don't need any more hygiene items

Diana W. (30 years) on 26.04.21

"I am very happy that I discovered your period underwear. I ordered 3 underpants a few months ago and I didn't expect it to work out that well. I don't need any more hygiene items. I no longer have to worry about whether there is a toilet nearby or whether I have everything with me. I also no longer worry about anything leaking. Now I have ordered 2 more so that I don't have to wash unnecessarily in between. I am super satisfied and have already recommended you to others.

I definitely don't want to miss this feeling anymore

Miriam S. (33 years) on 25.04.21

"Thank you very much for the super fast and uncomplicated delivery of my period underwear. After much back and forth and a lot of research, I decided to try out the period underwear from Femtis. I am not a fan of tampons as I often struggle with cramps and abdominal pain during my periods and therefore often felt that tampons made this worse. However, the alternatives are not exactly groundbreaking either and every period is always associated with uncomfortable feelings for me. That's why I belong to the perfect target group for period underwear and now I finally had to try it out. After the quick delivery the slip came and I had a good feeling the first time I touched it. The underpants (model Alwa) are super pretty and comfortable to wear. At first I was wondering whether the panties felt like a diaper or a pad, but I was taught better and I am absolutely thrilled. The absorbent fabric layer is very generous, which was a definite selling point for me. When you put it on, it just feels like tighter underpants, it doesn't cut anything, nothing runs out. Even without the use of additional period products, I feel really well protected and thus freer and much more relaxed. I definitely don't want to miss this feeling anymore and that's why I give a very clear purchase recommendation to everyone who is still struggling with themselves. Many thanks and best regards from southern Germany


Kim P. (35 years) on 25.04.21

"Your FELI is really a game changer for me! It fits tightly so that it gives me an absolute feeling of security, but at the same time it does not press, which is very important to me as a #endosister. So comfortable not to have a pad on your skin. FELI feels like normal laundry and simply absorbs liquids. I really didn't expect that. In addition, the shipping worked quickly. So far I am very satisfied with your service. Another plus is the economical packaging during shipping. Thanks a lot for this!

Something good for ourselves and the environment 😍💪

Stefanie H. (32 years) on 24.04.21

"I tested the Kari, Ella and Alwa models. And I am absolutely thrilled! No matter how bad the bleeding was, the briefs held super tight and were very comfortable to wear! They are so absorbent that you don't feel uncomfortable like wearing conventional sanitary towels. A super sustainable alternative if you can no longer use menstrual cups or just don't want to produce any more garbage with hygiene products! Thank you for these great products. So we women can do something good for ourselves and the environment 😍💪

Tested also other manufacturers

Mona W. (32 years) on 24.04.21

"After I already have period panties from two other manufacturers and have not been really happy with the fit and workmanship so far, I have now ordered my first panties from femtis. And what can I say ... I'm thrilled! Sits great and also feels soft and natural. So this was definitely not my last purchase from you! :-)

Completely ok in terms of price

Ulrike S. (38 years) on 24.04.21

"After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to try period panties. The vegan and silver-free version from you appealed to me in particular. Your panties are also completely ok in terms of price! Above all, I wanted to test it for the night first, because at the beginning of the rule I sometimes have to set the alarm clock at night to change the sanitary napkin / tampon ... in addition, I forgot to remove the tampon once in the evening, and fell asleep and fell asleep At about 11am I took him out first ... then I thought to myself, it can't be, it has to be different. Now I got the LENE and INSA briefs punctually before my days - ordered on Wednesdays and delivered to Austria on Fridays - TOP !! At first I was a little skeptical about the size and thickness, but after the first night I can only say I'm thrilled! So comfortable and women really feel safe. Next month I will also test it during the day, because I also liked to do without tampons at home before, but unfortunately always with the negative effect of causing a lot of waste and the uncomfortable, sweaty feeling that one has with sanitary towels. I am glad that it will be different now!

A milestone in development

Eva F. (37 years) on 23.04.21

"I am happy to take the opportunity to write my opinion on your product. I agree with all the positive reviews on the website - it is a milestone in development after over 20 years of using pads, tampons and menstrual cups, especially for me on the first days of menstruation with very heavy bleeding. With the Jule model, I feel safely protected and at the same time very comfortable to wear. You don't sweat and don't always have the feeling of sitting in the wet. In terms of looks, I no longer have to do any extra work during my menstruation. I will definitely recommend you guys!

I can really recommend femtis to every woman

Tanja W. (44 years) on 23.04.21

"I have been able to test the LENE period pants for several months now. I use the panties to support the menstrual cup, but also solo on lighter days. Everything was always dry. Not once has something spilled over or overflowed. No itching, no "strange" feeling, but absolute security. Since it takes a day for the trousers to dry again after washing, it makes sense to buy at least 2-3 trousers. For me, the longer drying time is also nothing negative, as it shows how super absorbent the pants are. The price is great compared to single-use products, which have questionable ingredients and create a lot of waste. I can really recommend femtis to every woman.

Compact packed

Cornelia S. (21 years) on 23.04.21

"I am really thrilled about your products. At first I thought "hm, pretty expensive for underpants", but the money was definitely worth it. I think it's great how you look at sustainability. I think I received a box today for the first time that was not 10 times the size of the contents. The zip bins are an extremely cute idea; and of course also very practical. And finally the products: great quality, fit perfectly and also look good. I still have to test the benefits, but I'm pretty sure that this one will blow my mind too! Best regards from Austria

My friend told me about the femtis panties

Nadine U. (43 years) on 22.04.21

"Hello Ms. Barensteiner, hello femtis team, to sum it up in one sentence: "I'm thrilled!" : o) All I've used on my period so far has been what I would call a necessary evil. To save the environment and resources, I switched from tampons to a menstrual cup a few years ago. However, I had to wear either a panty liner or a pad as a backup, depending on the strength. At some point I got tired of the cup and neither did my body, so I switched completely to sanitary napkins again. It was very pleasant for me to let the blood flow, but unfortunately there was the problem of waste again and I always found it annoying to keep an eye on that I was "equipped" for the next cycle. Then a friend told me by chance about the femtis panties and I was thrilled that something like this existed! So I was able to look directly at her panties in real life and touch what immediately convinced me. One of the important points was that the area that comes in direct contact with the body is made of organic cotton. Back home I ordered 7 panties straight away to be ready for a cycle. The information on which slip absorbs how much was a perfect reference point. For the stronger days I ordered 2 Jules and 2 Ellas, for the less strong days 1 Kari, 1 Svea and 1 Vika. When choosing the size, the tables and the advice to take one size larger were great. I was exactly on the border between M and L and decided on L because I don't like sharp cuffs. It was the right choice, because all briefs fit perfectly, no one slips and no one cuts in. Now I have tested 2 cycles and it is just fantastic: o) I am so happy that I got my period briefs, even if I made a detour a little later. It has never been as relaxed as it is now! When it starts, just put on a pair of briefs and go on enjoying life. No more stress, having bought enough, no more tension that something could leak, squeeze or slip. No more restriction in my movements, relaxed sleep and when I'm on the move, just pack a pair of underpants with the bag provided. I'm even looking forward to my period because I can put on my panties, I never thought it was possible! They are all super comfortable and I think Kari is so great that I would love to wear them every day: o) Washing them out is also super easy, then I hang them up to dry in the storage room until the next wash. I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart for developing, producing and selling this gift for us women and I definitely recommend you to others! Lovely wishes

Will order more from BLIX

Annika S. (27 years) on 22.04.21

"Thank you for the quick dispatch. I was looking for something comfortable for the night and decided on the BLIX model. The fit is really great and it's very soft and cozy. Thanks to the high level of protection at the back, I am not afraid that it will leak while lying down. I will definitely order some more of the model. I was also looking for additional protection for the menstrual cup during the day, as it leaks more often. So far I have also used an insert. For this I have now ordered the SVEA model, because you don't have any marks even with thin trousers. Here, too, the model fits very well. For my personal taste, it could sit a little lower on the hip. Here I have to be careful that it cannot be seen at the top of the waistband. For me, this model is also well suited for the last day of my period, when I usually only used a panty liner. I can now avoid the additional waste. Thank you very much and best regards

Your underwear saved us

Julia B. (42 years) with daughter Leonie (11 years) on 21.04.21

"My daughter and I are absolutely thrilled about your underwear. It is super comfortable, holds absolutely tight and is also kind to the environment. My daughter Leonie (11 years old) was always afraid at school that you could see the pads or that the sanitary napkin might slip and something would go wrong. So she didn't want to go to school during her period. Then I came across your underwear by accident and since then I have had a totally happy and relaxed daughter when she goes to school during her period. Your underwear saved us. I was so desperate what to do about the situation. And since my daughter is so thrilled, I also ordered some :-). My younger daughter Maia (10 years old) will definitely get the underwear too.

Ordered 3 pieces of Alwa and I am very satisfied

Anita W. (37 years) on 21.04.21

"I ordered 3 pieces at the end of last week. The delivery was very quick and by the beginning of this week I already had my panties. I tried the Alwa this week as I'm on my days. Normally I always use the Lunette (Menscup), but since I had the days "normal" for my circumstances, I tried it without it. I didn't even feel that it was "damp" or that it might leak. And it also feels very comfortable to wear and you don't look like you're wearing a "diaper" when you wear it. I'm curious how it will hold up when my days are strong. But so far I am very satisfied.

femtis the only period underwear which I can wash with heavy-duty detergent

Michelle T. (23 years) on 20.04.21

"I've been looking for alternatives to tampons and pads lately and finally ordered period underwear from Femtis because these are the only ones (that I found) that I can wash with heavy-duty detergent. So I don't have to wash an extra machine and care is not a problem at all. The ordering process was super easy and my order was there the next day. After a day, a night and a yoga session test phase, I'm really thrilled. No leakage, no unpleasant smell and super comfortable to wear. I am really very happy with the product and already working hard to recommend it to others.

I love Lene

Nicole R. (25 years) on 20.04.21

"I've waited half my life for these period panties. I love her! I'm finally feeling better on my period. I am wearing compression pants because of lipedema. Due to the movement restrictions, this makes changing tampons a real show of strength. But thanks to you, this is over. I wear the Lene model and I think it's great.

Feli fully met my expectations

Silke F. (45 years) on 19.04.21

"I came across your period underwear on the Internet and ordered the "Feli" model because of the great reviews. The delivery was super quick and discreet. Even when unpacking, I was thrilled by the fabric and the color. I was curious to see how the slip would be worn and I have to say that my expectations have been fully met. Finally an innovative slip with which I feel well protected and comfortable on my days. Thank you very much, I wish you continued success, keep up the good work! I can and will gladly recommend you 😊

100 steps closer to a better body feeling

Penelope K. (35 years) on 19.04.21

"Dear Femtis Team, after a youth with tampons and cups, which caused me not only pain but alsoruined trousers, you probably gave me my first menstruation, during which I was busy with something other than whether and where blood appears again. You don't know - or maybe you do already ??? that it was just 100 steps closer to a better body feeling for me, just like that. Thank you very much, really.

Completely satisfied

Elisabeth H. (32 years) on 19.04.21

"At the beginning of the year I bought a set of 5 different panties and would like to share my experiences with you. The quality (material, workmanship) is very good, great wearing comfort with optimal protection at the same time. I no longer need any additional products such as tampons or cups, and I never want to use anything else in the future! The cleaning and washing process works without any problems according to your instructions. Shipping to Austria was quick. I am completely satisfied and look forward to more models.

I decided for you because you work without silver

Nathalie J. (29 years) on 18.04.21

"I recently bought 7 panties from you and after the pinky glove scandal it is all the more important for me to give you my opinion. I decided for you because you work without silver, the panties are 100% vegan and peta verified 😍❤👍 big praise for that. Since I recently stopped taking my pill and then unfortunately the bleeding did not occur (I was really looking forward to testing the panties 😃) I could not test the panties properly yet, but the few drops of blood that came were collected very well and it wasn't a damp feeling. The briefs are very soft and comfortable to wear. The delivery was very quick. I would choose you again 😍❤👍

Price-performance ratio at Femtis much better!

Michèle T. (22 years) on 18.04.21

"I am absolutely thrilled with Blix! About the size I was a bit unsure at first, but a nice guy at customer service helped me a lot and size M fit perfectly right from the start. In addition, I find the price-performance ratio at Femtis much better compared to other providers! Shipping to Switzerland within 3 days, respect! Make sure to keep it up.

Without biocides the most important reason

Antonia P. (32 years) on 18.04.21

"I have to say the panties are really great. Very comfortable to wear and easy to use. I am always happy when I find more sustainable options for everyday products. I use the period panties as a backup to the cup and am completely satisfied. Without biocides like silver was the most important reason for me to buy from you guys and I haven't regretted it. 100% buy recommendation. Greetings from Berlin

My concerns were in vain

Juliane P. (23 years) on 17.04.21

"At first I was really skeptical because the price per panty is a bit higher. "Does it keep what it promises? Does it make you feel like you're wearing a diaper? Does it crackle when you run? Can't you see it totally under tight pants?" And, and, and ... I had a lot of concerns, but wanted to get away from tampons and since I couldn't handle the menstrual cup so well, I ordered five of them. After my first period with it, I feel so comfortable with it! For the first two days I kept going to the toilet to see if everything was really tight. All I can say is that my concerns were in vain. I was only at home during the time, but I can also imagine how carefree the day can be with it, if you don't always need a toilet within reach. Keep it up!

The description corresponds to the product

Katharina S. (32 years) on 17.04.21

"I ordered my first femtis panties MEJA. Here is my feedback: Fast delivery, I like the workmanship, the description corresponds to the product, the description "takes up to 2.5 tampons" fits -> I think it easily takes three normal size tampons :)

I am very happy to have found you

Ramona D. (36 years) on 17.04.21

"I decided a few days ago to give your menstrual underwear a try. I found it hard to imagine that it should be that safe. But I was pleasantly surprised. Since I have recently had my period very heavy and I now feel unsafe with tampons, your product was worth a test. It convinced me so much that I ordered two more briefs straight away. I am very happy to have found you and your product. Thank you 💐

In the mailbox 24 hours later

Yasemin P. (25 years) on 16.04.21

"First of all, thanks for the very fast shipping. You deliver what you promise. I still can't understand that my order was processed within 12 minutes and was even in the mailbox 24 hours later, first of all a big thank you <3 About the menstrual pants: I chose the Runa from you to see if she really is what to me. I have to say you convinced me. I am a very paranoid person who thinks she runs out all the time. When I got my menstruation, I tried it right away. You exceeded my expectations, I was bleeding a lot and what happened? Nothing, the underpants held you, no strange feeling, no wetness, just a safe feeling and a good mood on my part. I am very convinced of you and will definitely get more panties from you and will recommend you to my friends.

Relaxed in the first periods

Antonia H. (36 years) on 16.04.21

"A few weeks ago I ordered panties from you for my 11 year old daughter. This enabled us to approach the topic of the "first period" in a much more relaxed manner, even at such a young age. I think it's very good that you also offer small sizes. My daughter says that at school or at night she finds it much better with the panties and feels more secure than compared to pads. We also very much welcome the fact that significantly less waste is generated. All in all a great thing!

I ordered the panties for my daughter

Stefan L. on 16.04.21

"This is the second time I have placed an order for seven briefs and so far I am satisfied in every way. The ordering process is easy. There are a few pleasant services related to ordering. So is z. B. an exchange is uncomplicated. The fast processing time (both for orders and for exchanges) is very pleasant. It all works really well. I ordered the panties for my disabled daughter. She needs support with some care procedures and I had the impression that the period panties can make everyday life easier for me. The briefs make a good impression. Long-term experience is still pending, but so far I am very satisfied with the quality and handling. It is also nice that the briefs are offered in different designs (cut and color).

Owner of eight of your Jules

Jessica M. (38 years) on 15.04.21

"I am happy to give you feedback. I am now the owner of eight of your Jules. I haven't been able to use tampons since my child was born almost six years ago because they cause pain. I then switched to menstrual cups, which made it better. Not good though. So I used pads last. But they shy away, slip and are all too short, so that it has leaked over the bottom. Not very pleasant with a heavy bleeding. I am now using your panties for the second menstruation and I am thrilled. No leaking, no chafing, wonderful. I'm really happy that I don't have to worry anymore.

An investment that I don´t regret

Carolin S. (31 years) on 15.04.21

"Meanwhile I am the happy owner of Alwa, Ella and Insa. Alwa twice, because I particularly like her appearance. But what convinced me of your products was their performance. I have a relatively heavy period after two births and the underwear lasts more than tampons I used before. I am so happy! Regardless of whether you're out and about by bike, digging in the garden or on the playground, with my panties, nothing leaks, nothing feels unpleasant, nothing smells. Washed and dried quickly after use by hand and ready for the next round the next day. An investment, but a very good one that I don't regret.

Works well for my daughter and me

Liv B. (49 years) on 15.04.21

"After buying Femtis period underwear for my young daughter a year ago (Ella and Lynn), and seeing how well it worked for her, I decided I wanted to try them out for myself! I wanted something a little bit more sexy, so I decided to buy Alwa and Svea because of the lace and I also bought Runa because it is made in cotton and because I really like the high waist and the elegant simplicity of the model. I must say I couldn't be happier with my choice! All three models are absolutely wonderful! I really really love that you you have some beautiful period underwear with lace like Alwa and Svea! They look beautiful and they feel very comfortable! I am also very happy with Runa! I like the high waist and the elegant look and also the fact that it is cotton! Thank you very much for making such nice and beautiful period underwear! They look and feel wonderful! I hope you continue making more models in the future! Best regards from Belgium

They are really beautiful!

Eva-Maria S. (28 years) on 14.04.21

"Since I always had my period quite heavy (and this problem "got worse" after 2 births), my days were always very difficult for me. Since I've been using a menstrual cup, I've felt safer, but never 100%. White trousers are part of my work clothes. This of course increased my insecurities, as I always feared that my pants would "bleed all over". I don't believe in sanitary towels. I find them uncomfortable, they produce so much waste and I also think they get an unpleasant smell pretty quickly. That's why I was pleasantly surprised to hear about "Femtis"! This seemed to solve my problems immediately! For a moment I was concerned that the panties might feel a bit like diapers, but that is absolutely not the case! In addition, they are really beautiful! I love them and have already warmly recommended them to my friends :)

Really great

Julia D. (42 years) on 14.04.21

"I came across your site by chance and via detours and spontaneously decided to just give the period panties a chance. Because I wasn't expecting much, I was all the more thrilled. Jule sits incredibly well, the fabric is comfortable and it doesn't feel like a diaper at all - contrary to what I feared;) I'm almost annoyed that I didn't order more straight away. Really great, sustainable, organic and a future solution. Thank you for this great experience!

I pulled light-colored trousers over it

Mareike K. (45 years) on 14.04.21

"I decided on the skin-colored version of their series and I am really impressed! Fits great, lasts a long time and without hesitation I pulled light-colored trousers over it, which I would never have done with a normal sanitary napkin (where something always goes wrong). It feels super safe and dry and is absolutely recommendable. I would have wished for such briefs before, but I am really glad that I now know about them and will also promote them vigorously, especially because of their sustainability! It's also nice that there are so many different models to choose from.

My daughter is totally satisfied with BLIX

Christiane Z. (45 years) with daughter (13 years) on 13.04.21

"Hello dear Femtis team! First of all, kudos for the super super fast shipping! We were very surprised and very grateful that it worked out as quickly as announced. But we were even more surprised by the quality of the blix we ordered. The underpants are really of an extremely high quality. We ordered them for my 13-year-old daughter, who cannot find the right pads for her body shape and was already very desperate. Without exception, all of the pads available on the market are far too big for them, so that out of desperation they had to resort to panty liners. This is of course an absolutely unsatisfactory stopgap solution and while looking for smaller sanitary napkins (and unfortunately there aren't any!) I came across your site. At first I was very skeptical whether this could really work. The price also put me off a little. But since we urgently needed a solution to the problem, I ordered the Blix in size XXS for testing. Of course, we still have to wait and see how everything develops and whether this can also be handled well in normal everyday life. But so far my daughter is totally satisfied. The Blix fits perfectly and so far serves its purpose much, much better than the panty liners. That's why I ordered 3 more straight away. Thank you so much for your great products. We will definitely recommend them and are so grateful that we have finally found a solution. Keep it up! Lots of love and stay healthy.

Wonderful ❤️

Rada S. (34 years) on 13.04.21

"I am using the period panties for the first time and I am absolutely thrilled. I didn't imagine it to be so dry, it's wonderful ❤️: no feeling that you have blood circulation, everything stays dry for a very long period and you don't have to worry about stains. I have already recommended it to all of my friends 👍

Excellent customer service

Maria M. (32 years) on 12.04.21

"Hello, dear Femtis team, I would like to thank you very much for the excellent and kind customer service. Inquiries regarding the order are answered in a friendly manner and reacted immediately in the event of delays! I would particularly like to highlight the fit of the high waist briefs, which fit me best and protect me from leaks. I also like Runa very much next to Jule. Nothing leaks or slips. I would be happy to receive more high waist briefs in other colors. I really like the environmentally friendly alternative and would be happy to recommend Femtis Slips! Thank you, keep it up!

Finally found the right thing for me

Kirsten S. (42 years) on 12.04.21

"It was a few days ago my order, but I wanted to test the panties more than once before leaving feedback. I ordered ALWA, MEJA and LENE and I am very thrilled. I used tampons for many years and switched to sanitary towels about 2 years ago. I just didn't feel comfortable with tampons anymore. But because so much waste is created, I was looking for an alternative. The cheaper "competition" from the drugstore is no real competition for you. The keyword "silver-free" alone is hard to find. In addition, there is the pleasant wearing comfort, which I think is great about your briefs. Although I am one of those women who bleed extremely heavily in the first 2-3 days and only minimally the remaining days, I never have the feeling that your period panties are not enough. I'm used to not only putting a towel under my bed during my period at night, but also wearing thick pajama pants. At least the pants always got something despite the large night pad. With LENE, ALWA and MEJA even that is no longer the case. You have more than convinced me and I am really thrilled to have finally found the right thing for me. THANKS !

I got through the night absolutely clean

Saskia L. (38 years) on 12.04.21

"I have to admit that I was very skeptical. I always have heavy periods and have to go up at least once at night and freshen up. So I had double and triple coverage the first night. But I was pleasantly surprised. I got through the night absolutely clean! Then washing it out with cold water is of course not sooooo nice, but not soooo bad either. I imagine it to be much more "unsavory" with a menstrual cup. That's why I ordered 2 briefs for strong and 1 brief for weaker days! I can only recommend!

Thanks to the Femtis team

Charlotte H. (22 years) on 11.04.21

"For a long time I wanted an environmentally friendly and yet uncomplicated alternative to sanitary towels etc. I have never made friends with tampons, so the menstrual cup is not really an option for me either. I found out about period panties through a friend and found all the ideals I was looking for in Femtis. First of all, I tried Lynn and Jule and was really amazed at how absorbent and comfortable the panties were. No more sticking, tugging or sweating. I have now also enthusiastically ordered the Ella and Insa models and can only confirm how happy I am to have discovered Femtis. Over time I have become more courageous and have worn the slip all day, even on rather strong days - and lo and behold! No leakage or uncomfortable damp feeling. Even at night I don't have to be afraid that something will go on the sheet. In the evening I quickly squeezed out the panties in the shower, dried them and then washed them every 40 ° C. Sure, you don't have that with sanitary towels, but for the sake of me and the environment it's worth it and honestly it's not that much effort, at the latest after 3.4 cycles it has become routine! The high-necked models are also great for pain, they keep you nice and warm. And the best thing is, the briefs look absolutely inconspicuous, neutral and even chic. So that I can even sit down on the beach with it without loosing the binding wings or dangling tampon strings. The cherry on the icing for me is that the whole thing even has a sustainable aspect. If I had one wish, I would only like a little more choice when it comes to colors ... maybe dark blue or dark green ...? But actually I am perfectly happy. Thanks to the Femtis team! You are doing a great job for a good and important cause that is still too big a taboo! Woman power greetings from Lotte!

I am a cook with a lot of movement

Ilka L. (51 years) on 11.04.21

"I would like to share my experiences with the period panties. 😉 When I discovered the advertising, I was extremely skeptical. I was just thinking of pants like those for bladder weakness. Out of curiosity I still ordered and I haven't regretted it. ;.) When the package arrived, I was very excited. After opening, positively surprised by shape, (got 3 pieces in 2 shapes) size and quality. And now very convinced after the rehearsal, so that I have even advertised. 😉 For testing purposes, I can say that I wore Jule for the first time at night. Because I always have very heavy bleeding and the bed doesn't always look good in the morning. 😣😥 I thought what could be good for the day could also help at night. I was then in a positive mood when I was able to start the day normally in the morning after a quiet, safe night. I would definitely choose it again. During the day I wore my panties at work (cook with a lot of movement) and it was a great feeling that made you feel completely safe. Nothing slips and it doesn't feel strange when you wear it, etc. However, you should “clear” your head, as it is unfamiliar to simply put them on like underpants without a pad or similar. Washing was also a very easy and pleasant thing. Conclusion: Gladly again anytime.

Happy with the purchase

Nicole D. (21 years) on 10.04.21

"I bought INSA underwear several months ago and I am very happy with the purchase. The panty is very comfortable and absorbent. I never felt like I was sitting in the wet. The washing went without any problems and I did not notice any reduction in absorbency after washing. I am very satisfied with my purchase and have now bought another INSA. I can only recommend it!

Good alternative

Ines S. (25 years) on 10.04.21

"Many thanks to your great team that has developed such a good alternative! The fit and the material of the panties is totally comfortable on the skin and also makes me look good thanks to the chic design. I don't have a very strong flow and one panty a day is more than enough. Your period underwear almost makes me forget that I have my days and I can go about my day completely relaxed. Thanks for that. I will order from you more often in the future and recommend you to others.

Quick and easy - great quality

Evelin S. (23 years) on 09.04.21

"Dear Femtis team! Your shipping / handling is really awesome. It is seldom so quick and easy. I am also very satisfied with the quality!

Pleasantly surprised

Melanie C. (34 years) on 09.04.21

"I ordered the Insa panty in size M from Femtis for testing. The delivery was fast and there was a bag for the panty included. I tried it on right away and I like the fit. I tested the panties on the first day of my period. It is usually strongest there and I usually need about one tampon for the day. I wore the panty all day and all night and was pleasantly surprised how little you feel of it. The blood is sucked up immediately and you don't feel any moisture when you sit down, for example. Washing out and washing in the washing machine also worked out wonderfully. The feeling that something "runs into your underpants" is a bit strange, but I think it's a matter of getting used to. Personally, I would prefer the panties to tampons. I am thrilled and would recommend it to everyone!

Much more comfortable

Anna W. (32 Jahre) am 08.04.21

"I am happy to give feedback on my three new period briefs LENE in size S. Ordered shortly before my period and even got it right on time for the first day of the cycle. And I have to say: everything was excellent. Delivery top, size fits like a glove, the cut doesn't make my body look unfavorable either. Had bought another pair of period underwear at a cheaper price for comparison. I have to say the LENE are a bit thicker from the fabric, but also much more comfortable thanks to cotton instead of synthetic material. I don't have to worry that my days might be too strong and that the panty might not make it after all. First cycle and your service TOP!

The nights in particular were a disaster

Sandra T. (39 years) with daughter on 08.04.21

"My daughter got her period very early (when she was 10 years old) and the nights in particular were a disaster. She felt extremely uncomfortable and has always slept very poorly. Then I discovered the femtis briefs. First we bought the 'Lene' to test it out. And it was an instant success. So I had to order 2 more 'Lene's' and am now busy advertising in the circle of friends, because the girls are getting there earlier and earlier .. So thank you very much for this great product, which gives my daughter something on the special days (and especially nights) more pleasantly designed!

Good for the skin, easy on the wallet

Katrin S. (40 years) on 07.04.21

"I'm thrilled! :-) Every woman should have your products in her closet! The briefs are comfortable to wear, are good for the skin, are easy on the wallet and are also good for the environment !!!! What more do you want? Absolute buy recommendation !!!! Many Thanks! Until the next order.

Great product

Anna M. (27 years) on 07.04.21

"First of all, I wanted to thank you very much for selling such a great product! At the beginning I was a little unsure whether I would be ready to let go of tampons etc. at some point. Now I have to admit that the underpants are not only visually beautiful, but also comfortable and I probably don't want to live without them anymore. I will also order one for my sister and give it for her birthday, even if she is not yet as sure as to how she thinks period underwear. I'm curious what it will be like when I have it in action for the first time, but I'm looking forward to simply create less waste and doing something good for myself!

I especially like Kari

Johanna S. (35 years) on 06.04.21

"This is the first time I've tried period panties. After reading through numerous reviews on the Internet, I chose two femtis panties (models Insa and Kari). Since I was unsure about the size, I ordered the panties in two sizes and ultimately decided on the larger one because it was more comfortable. I've never looked forward to my period so much and what should I say? I am thrilled! I especially like the slightly thinner Kari model. I don't have an uncomfortable diaper feeling, it feels much more like wearing really fancy underwear. I have never felt unsafe or uncomfortable while wearing it. These briefs make my period so much more comfortable. I will definitely order again and recommend them to my friends 😊 >

Safe also at incontinence

Julia S. (23 years) on 06.04.21

"A few months ago I ordered your panties and I am very happy with them. Your cuffs are very comfortable and do not cut into the skin and the capacity is great. Unfortunately I have incontinence, I feel safe with your underpants and thanks to the design I don't feel uncomfortable when wearing them. I have the comparison to other mestation panties and your panties fit me a lot better. Thank-you! >

I feel very comfortable with Runa

Katharina H. (34 Jahre) am 05.04.21

"Here is a brief feedback on the Femtis Runa briefs. The order processing was uncomplicated and quick. The briefs were delivered super quickly. In line with testing, I got my days promptly. The briefs are easy to wear and don't feel like an adult Pampers. They keep what they promise and I feel very comfortable with them. Washing out is super easy and I'm happy to have found you on the internet. Best regards and have a nice Easter >

Really pleasant and secure!

Feliz M. (33 years) on 05.04.21

"Hello, I thought I'd share some thoughts about your product. I am anxious when I see that my period falls on a very busy (work) week. I always have to use a combination of a tampon for the heavy flow and a napkin. Evenso, this still doesn't guarantee that there will be no leak. It is also uncomfortable at night. I bought my first period panty from Femtis in February, but it was only last night that I first used it overnight on a very heavy flow. It felt really pleasant and secure! So this morning, I decided to buy two more panties as a birthday present for myself. :-)

The care is easy

Janina F. (27 Jahre) on 05.04.21

"I have ordered 3 of your period panties and I am very satisfied with all models (Alwa, Lene and Ella). The briefs are comfortable to wear, always convey a dry feeling and, in my opinion, care is very easy. Thanks a lot for this!

I tested LENE and SVEA

Linda L. (32 years) on 04.04.21

"I am writing this message to you to share my experience and opinion about your panties. First of all, I think the large selection and variety of briefs is really great. So you can own different briefs and decide which one to wear depending on your feeling and mood. In addition, you do not have the feeling of wearing a "diaper", but the briefs are very comfortable and comfortable. I've "tested" LENE and SVEA - and love them. I put LENE on overnight and SVEA is very comfortable in the home office. The briefs are both definitely to be recommended.

Thrilled about the idea behind

Sarah S. am 04.04.21

"After ordering from you before, I have just ordered the "Lene" model a second time, because I not only like it optically, but also fits perfectly. I am very thrilled about the panties and especially the idea behind them and will definitely order from you more often in the future. Thank you for the quick and easy delivery! I wish you all a relaxing holiday!

More freedom

Naemi R. (26 years) am 03.04.21

"I bought the femtis briefs with full suction power. Personally, I think sustainability is important and that's exactly what femtis offers with its panties. Yes, it is a little more expensive in the short term, but it is always worth it in the long term. I mainly use the underwear on light days and when I suspect my period will start. How often has it happened that one did not take preventive measures. I think almost every woman has experienced this before. Now I don't need to worry anymore and I can also wear white or light colored pants for once :) A little more freedom for us women;) Lg and Happy Easter

Much better for the environment

Anja S. (34 years) on 03.04.21

"Hello! I really enjoy my femtis panties. I decided to go because I find this option much better for the environment and much more convenient at that ;-)

You completely forget the bleeding

Sabrina B. (24 years) on 03.04.21

"Dear femtis team, on the recommendation of my cousin, I ordered two femtis briefs and have already been able to use them ... :) I bought the JULE and SVEA. I have to honestly say that I am very thrilled about JULE. It's just super pleasant that the waistband is a little higher! Especially on days when you just want to hide in bed with a warming pad and tea anyway ... I also think SVEA is great, because I could use it especially for the first and last day of the period. Towards the end of your period you often don't feel like all that clutter and these panties are just the thing, because you completely forget the bleeding and just feel comfortable and "normal"! I am very satisfied with the femtis products and would like to thank you again for this wonderful alternative to single-use products.

Happy with SVEA

Janine J. (28 years) on 02.04.21

"I already ordered from you a month ago and am really happy with your SVEAs. I also use it as a backup to the cup and I just feel so safe with it. I am very happy to have met you and not to create tons of waste like in the past. For this reason, I ordered a second set of equipment this week and received it. Thank you very much for that 🙂 Greetings and a happy Easter

You do something good for the environment

Annika S. (25 years) on 02.04.21

I tried this out for the first time last year and I am absolutely convinced. At first I thought it might feel like a pad or something, but it doesn't. I think you almost forget that you have your days, which is really great. In addition, you simply do something good for the environment, which is a very nice side effect and which is why I looked around for an alternative. You don't feel fat with your panties, you just feel good. Especially when you have your days, it's nice when you feel reasonably comfortable. In the meantime I've tried a few of your panties, so far I've been thrilled about all of them. One would like to order directly again. If I should have a daughter, I think this is also a great alternative for young people. Thank you for looking after such a great alternative. Strictly speaking, such topics tend to be less discussed.

Safer than ultra pads and free of silver

Patricia F. (38 Jahre) am 01.04.21

I haven't been using your period panties for a long time, but so far I am absolutely convinced of them. At first I was skeptical whether this would work, especially on the strong days. But I actually find the period panties safer than the ultra pads for the heavy days, because they tend to slip, lie crooked in the panties, stick and then something goes wrong, especially at night. I almost think that your panties soak up too well because sometimes I can no longer assess how heavy the bleeding is. Because of the black inner fabric, you can't see anything (blood) until you wash it out. But I think I can live with this disadvantage. Thank you for not using silver, zinc and the like. I'm glad I tried something different with the period panties because it's really worth it.

Much better for the environment

Fiona W. (25 years) on 01.04.21

"Hello! I really enjoy my femtis panties. I decided to go for it, because I find this option much better for the environment and much more convenient at that ;-) Happy greetings

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