Period underwear: This is how femtis period panties work

Period underwear by femtis replaces disposable hygiene products or is worn in addition to tampons, pads or menstrual cups. femtis period panties are reusable and washable like regular underwear, only much better.

The product comparison allows you to directly compare all period panty models.

Protection area

femtis period underwear has a protective area that consists of several layers and is made of special materials. The period panties are leak-proof and protect you during your period, day and night.

1st layer: Moisture transport

This innermost layer of the period panty quickly wicks fluids away from the body. It is made of cotton, soft and breathable and is closest to the skin.

2nd layer: Moisture absorption

This layer has a central function: it absorbs blood and locks it in. The 5in1 protection area of period panty JULE has an extra layer that can absorb blood, thereby increasing the absorbency to 3 tampons worth of blood.

3rd layer: Protective membrane

The protective membrane makes femtis period panties impermeable to water, preventing leakage and staining. At the same time, this layer is breathable, which prevents sweating.

4th layer: Skin-friendly fabric

Depending on the model, the outermost layer of femtis period panties consists of different fabrics. All these fabrics are skin-friendly, breathable, soft and guarantee maximum wearing comfort.


Examples of how you can use femtis period panties:

With tampons or pads

femtis period panties can be used with tampons, menstrual cups, menstrual sponges or pads. In combination with femtis period panties you are always excellently protected.

Without tampons or pads

femtis period panties can also be used without additional hygiene products. The absorbency of the femtis period panties equals the amount of 2 to 3 tampons worth of blood, depending on the model. You can choose suitable models depending on the strength of your flow, then you are always safe.

At night

To prevent leakage and stains on the bedding, femtis period underwear provides optimal protection. Panties like ALWA or JULE with high protection areas at the front and back are particularly well suited for this.

During sports

During sports, femtis period underwear prevents stains and wicks away moisture and sweat. You do not need pads or panty liners, which often feel uncomfortable during sports.

When you are not on your period

femtis period underwear can also be used on days when you have no period to absorb perspiration or discharge. They also work great as a backup if you are unsure when your period will set in.


Wash out directly by hand after use with cold water (not hot), do not rub, then wash with machine at 40 degrees (also with other dark laundry possible). No fabric softener, no bleaching, no ironing, not dryer suitable. Hang to dry. Since the protection area of the period panties consists of several layers, drying takes a little longer than regular underwear.

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